Aug 20, 2022

👁️⃤ 🏳️‍⚧️ (Boy/Girl. Girl/Boy) Sabrina - Boys Boys Boys (1987) (SoTW) ~ | Blogger: ⚤⚥⧬웃 I really HATE all the LIES... The Danish govt as first-movers, had accepted "Free porn" in 1969 and in 2022 they try to propose (force) a bill (new LGBTQ+ plan) in parliament removal of age limit for legal gender change... WHAAAT?!? Please do not force a CHILD to have a sex change or be identified as another gender. Adults over 15 or 18 should be able to do that by themselves... I do not care if you are a woman, man and LGBT+ people, that is, among the 72 other genders... One of my best and oldest friend is "gay". I was furious after a blatant lie by a polish "girlfriend" was born a boy and lied to me about it. And 2 times in my life, I was "almost" seduced by sociopath "gaymen", because I have balanced my female and masculine spiritual aspect. I AM a heterosexual guy and will never change that - EVER. Why is it necessary to have secrecy, lies and deceit in which most people take to the grave?... YOU need to understand one thing - #me-too movement, the sex offending culture or not. WE have ALL experienced all GENDERS. We have lived many lives before this and we will live many lives after this. As such, we consist of many personalities from the different lives we live. You and me, have been males and females from thousands of lifetimes, we've been different races, religions and genders, lived under different cultures. You and me are loved - the strongest and most powerful force in the entire universe love and therefore is your "cool" weapon! Use it with intent as you send it out. Be WHO you ARE and don't lie about it... |

[👉Fun-Facts about the HM Queen Margrethe II: The BEST children's books was "Winnie the Pooh" - Transgender or Intersex? Another fun fact is The Queen 'Daisy' got another nickname after she (officially) "Entered Apprentice" and accepted into Copenhagen DDFO in 1994 same year they removed her "identity" after cancer surgery. Tarot by Janine told us 2 separated times she's a babyboy👈]

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