February 18, 2017

Rothschild La Mia Famiglia ha Creato Israele - Feb 18, 2017

Rothschild ~ My Family has created Israel

(Translated): Lord Jacob Rothschild has admitted, in an interview with the Times of Israel, that his family was crucial to the creation of Israel.

The octogenarian Rothschild said in a recent interview that his ancestors have helped pave the way for the creation of Israel, forcing the British government to sign the Balfour Declaration in 1917.

Arthur James Balfour
The Rothschilds are commonly believed to have designed the first world war and have waited until

The Zionist family then promised to the British Government that they could convince the US to go to war and to ensure the victory of Great Britain against Germany on the grounds that the British Government would have handed over control of Palestine to the Zionists.

1917, when Britain showed signs of trouble.
So the Balfour Declaration was created, which is actually an official letter from the Foreign Minister of the British Government James Balfour to Baron Rothschild.

It states that:
His Majesty's Government view with favor the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people, and will do everything in its power to facilitate the achievement of this goal.

Rothschild La Mia Famiglia ha Creato Israele. Lord Jacob Rothschild ha ammesso, in un’intervista al Times of Israel, che la sua famiglia è stata cruciale per la creazione di Israele.
L’ottantenne Rothschild ha detto in una recente intervista che i suoi antenati hanno contribuito a spianare la strada per la creazione di Israele, costringendo il governo britannico a firmare la Dichiarazione di Balfour nel 1917.

I Rothschild sono comunemente creduti di aver progettato la prima guerra mondiale e hanno aspettato fino al 1917, quando la Gran Bretagna ha mostrato segni di difficoltà.
La famiglia Sionista ha poi promesso al Governo Britannico che avrebbero potuto convincere gli Stati Uniti a entrare in guerra e garantire la vittoria della Gran Bretagna contro la Germania sulla base del fatto che il Governo Britannico avrebbe consegnato il controllo della Palestina ai Sionisti.
Così la Dichiarazione di Balfour è stato creata, che è effettivamente una lettera ufficiale dal Ministro degli Esteri del Governo Britannico James Balfour al Barone Rothschild.
Essa afferma che:
Il Governo di Sua Maestà vede con favore la costituzione in Palestina di una nazione per il popolo ebraico, e farà tutto quanto in suo potere per facilitare il raggiungimento di questo obiettivo.


Dr Michael Salla Update: CIA Used Remote Viewing to Learn about Mars Pyramids & Inhabitants (Video only -- exopolitics.org -- Page you are looking for doesn't exist or an other error occurred..)

Published on Feb 17, 2017
A declassified Central Intelligence Agency document reveals that in 1984, the CIA employed a psychic “remote viewer” to look at a region of Mars as it was approximately one million years ago. The remote viewer, who was not aware that the coordinates given were on the planet Mars...

Galactic Heart Update ~ Navigating the Quickening of Change ~ February 18th, 2017 CET

A message from Selacia

We now sit in an auspicious time between February's two eclipses, providing a window of
opportunity to reassess and re-empower ourselves to prepare for our next big leaps. Taking advantage of this time is vital to our spiritual progression and being able to adapt to the dizzying pace of changes unfolding.

Quickening of Change

When we look back on these moments, one thing will be clear. Change not only has become our new normal but the pace and intensity of change has accelerated. What we are dealing with here is not familiar. Earlier decades and even earlier lifetimes did not involve this type of quickening of change. It is unprecedented.

When I was preparing my "2017 Predictions" for publication and coming up with some tools you could use to navigate these strange times, I discovered just how warped time had become. And I discovered, too, just how complex our lives are now. My annual forecast, therefore, became a more extended one - with the full "premium" version giving you an in-depth road map to navigating the twists and turns.

Consider now as you read these words how this year feels to you so far. Has it registered within you just how different it is? More importantly, have you sensed that this year can be one of your most significant this lifetime? Continue reading to better understand what these things mean, the current eclipse window, and the quickening of change.

Auspicious Eclipse Window

The February eclipse window is a span of time between the Feb. 10-11 Lunar Eclipse and the Feb. 26 Solar Eclipse. Energies are intense and erratic, with many surprises unfolding. Some are personal, others planetary. The energies of the first eclipse are now rippling out and preparing us for the second one.

The first eclipse is catalyzing a deeper knowing of things we couldn't access before. We will see in our outer world, for example, secrets come to light and veils lifted on information that was misrepresented. In our inner world, we have a huge opportunity to access deeper places within ourselves - helping us to get to the core of issues that have blocked our progress.
Dreams are especially powerful now. If you have an insight from a dream or simply an idea coming to you randomly, take note. There could be a gem there for you.

Quantum Approach is Key


With the pace of change in high gear, the universe is nudging us as divine changemakers to step into our full power and do so with a quantum perspective. All of the mundane fear-based chatter we are being exposed to is linear and regressive. It takes people nowhere. We must resist the temptation to get caught up in this negativity and fear.

One practical application of the quantum approach is to keep our focus big picture, with our eyes on the future and what we want to create. We must remember that we are the creators of this world, not victims who can be tossed around like a football.

Message from Montague on Sunday, 12th February 2017

Kanaliseret af Veronica Keen
© 2017 Montague Keen

Hver søndag, bringer Montague et budskab om håb og støtte til alle, derer villige til at lytte. Han snakker tit om Cabal og deres evindelige konstruktive adfærd.

As the Cabal struggles for its survival, it is using humanity to help it to continue to exist on Earth. Your anger and marching produces enormous ENERGY for those that they are using to hasten your demise. Your anger is contributing to the removal of the human race from the Earth. Ask yourselves, is this what you want to achieve? You are being played off against each other, every possible so-called difference is being used to create such anger.

Fear is also used and you foolishly buy into it, again and again. Cancer is a WEAPON that is used to create fear. It is constantly on your TVs and in your newspapers, right in your face, creating fear. CANCER IS A VERY PROFITABLE BUSINESS. They have no intention of producing a cure. It is far too profitable a business to do that. All you have to do is use Bicarbonate of Soda, as it kills all cancer cells. Do your research, it is all there. My dear wife takes 1/3 of a teaspoon of Bicarbonate of Soda, every morning, with hot water and lemon juice, to ensure that cancer cannot occur in her body. That is all you have to do to prevent it. Refuse to buy into the drama of the Big C. It is the 'treatment' of cancer that kills so many of you, not the cancer itself in the majority of cases.

Humanity is being attacked from all directions. The sky is used to rain down chemtrails as a means of mind control over the masses. They are experimenting on you, as they are not sure, as yet, how far they can go. You have to actively use your minds to refuse to cooperate with your oppressors. Take back your power, for without the use of your energy, the Cabal is useless. It cannot stand on its own. It needs you to ensure it can exist on Earth. Money alone is not enough. They must have the energy that you provide through war, fear, and anger.

Endnu en dag med Flid, Fedt & Snyd -- Efter afsløring på Folkets Avis: Socialdemokratisk borgmester lover bod og bedring – nye retningslinjer for udgiftsdokumentation

Man går til den på Vestforbrænding. Masser af vin og andre gode sager. Foto: Modelfoto fra Pixabay

Måske er det nu slut med overforbrug og vin ad libitum på skatteydernes regning hos Vestforbænding

Af Lars Bjørknæs - fre, 17/02/2017 - 12:04

Dyre rejser, fester til 3.000 kroner per kuvert og meget store vin-indkøb. Det skal alt sammen være fortid hos Vestforbrændingen ifølge socialdemokratisk borgmester, som selv har været med til en række af sammenkomsterne.

– Jeg har inden for mit første år som bestyrelsesformand været med til at udpege Vestforbrændings nuværende direktør, Peter Basland, som tiltrådte i marts 2015. Han har under sit virke til dato blandt andet stået for nye retningslinjer for udgiftsdokumentation og implementering af disse.

Sådan lyder det i en pressemeddelelse fra Vestforbrændingens bestyrelsesformand Ole Bondo Christensen, der også er borgmester i Furesø Kommune, i forbindelse med de afsløringer, som Journalista.dk og Folkets Avis har kunnet bringe om det store forbrug af eksempelvis repræsentationskontoen i det kommunale selskab.

Læs videre: https://www.folkets.dk/ce/bod-bedring-ole-bondo 

Endnu en dag med Flid, Fedt & Snyd -- Selskab omsatte for under 50 millioner – chef kræver bonus på 30 millioner

Endnu en dag med Flid, Fedt & Snyd -- Politi i Thailand jagter abbed - har nu opdaget hemmelig tunnel under tempel (".. Den tidligere abbed grundlagde en version af Buddistordenen i 1970 og har ledet den lige siden. Han beskyldes for hvidvaskning af penge og at have modtaget 230 millioner danske kroner fra den nu fængslede ejer af en kooperativ bank..")

Matt Kahn Update ~ All Is Well ~ February 18th 2017 CET


Matt Kahn er en spirituel lærer, mystiker, og intuitiv healer. Hans spontane vækkelse opstod ud af en ud-af-kroppen-oplevelse i en alder af 8, og hans direkte erfaringer med opstegne mestre og ærkeengle hele sit liv. Matt fungerer som en bro mellem den mystiske riger og rejsen af opvågnen. Mange åndeligt søgende har oplevet forbløffende, uforklarlige fysiske og følelsesmæssige helbredelser, og har vakt til deres sande natur gennem Matts dybe og kærlige lærdomme og transmission af hellige hjerte visdom. Matt og Julie tilbyde deres klare intuitive vejledning og kærlige tilstedeværelse, at fjerne alle opfattelser af forhindringer i dit liv og for energisk, at støtte dig gennem alle aspekter af den åndelige rejse og oplevelse af opvågnen. 

Elsker at lytte til både Teal Swan og Matt Kahn, det virker som om, de indeholder et helt liv af erfaringer, en rummelighed og begavelse indenfor den spirituelle verden som jeg ikke har set før. De går nødvendigvis ikke med strømmen, meget selvstændigt, egen opfattelse af tingenes tilstand og giver forklaringer som er præcise, nøgtern og virkelig rammende for vores livsaspekt og giver et meget større perspektiv end så mange andre. Både den spirituelle verden også blandt (almen) psykologi. Tillige har Matt Kahn en virkelig god lun humor og logisk tilgang. 

Matt Kahn Update ~ All Is Well

For video, click image below

Lawful Money -or- Private Credit: Why You Should Learn How to Redeem Lawful Money - Feb 18, 2017 CET (Excerpts: ".. If GOLD is the currency of Kings, and SILVER is the currency of Gentlemen, and BARTER is the currency of peasants, THEN debt is currency of SLAVES! So then, MANY people have indeed chosen by their actions to be a SLAVES rather than a King and/or Gentlemen, because they are unwilling to OVERCOME this world and learn what they need to apply so that the physical world no longer holds power over them. And, like it or not, or, agree with this or not, all things happening in this physical world has a direct connection to spiritual matters. So then, learn how to STOP ENDORSING PRIVATE CREDIT and DEMAND LAWFUL MONEY! And, by doing so, you will also be declaring that you indeed are REDEEMED WITHOUT MONEY, but by blood, so that your faith is now with works that back up your claim to having faith..")

This is an excellent starting point. FEDERAL RESERVE NOTES in their default form is an invitation to endorse private credit and slides one down the slippery slope into financial hell. However, there is always a way to correct a mistake. But, remember, the first time it is a mistake, the second time it is a choice, and the third time its negligence. So choose wisely.

By Onlashuk.WordPress.com

If you knew that you have always had a choice to either endorse the private credit of an International Banking cartel, which would then lead you straight into financial hell, or to elect to turn the fiat currency note into Lawful Money by making a demand to have it redeemed for lawful money… which would you choose to do?

America has a history that is not taught which reveals that a Central Bank has always lead the people into disaster. Just ask the people of Iceland. Oh, that’s right, they got rid of the bankers, didn’t they? Now, why haven’t American’s learned the same lesson yet?

I will be honest here and state for and on the record that Americans are not looking to intelligent for not learning by their example. Therefore, this complaint is not without good cause in relation to what a Central Bank is verses a National Bank. There IS a difference! The question is, do you know what that difference is, and if not, then why do you not know? Lets get on the ball here people! The Federal Reserve Act was passed into law on December 23rd of 1913 at 11:30pm at night. HELLO!? Does this fact cause any kind of question to stir-up in your mind? I certainly hope so.


The interesting thing is that there had to be a remedy left in the Federal Reserve Act. Why? Let me put it to you this way. There will always be people who are intelligent enough and Spiritually in tune to figure out that something is wrong and then seek a solution; but then, there will also be those who will know that something is wrong and do nothing about it for whatever lazy-azz excuse they select to justify their unwillingness to study to show themselves approved. Approved for what, you say? How about understanding how to walk on the waters of the commercial world of capitalism commanding and controlling their own vessel, rather than being commanded and controlled by and through the use of a vessel created by another man, which volunteered them into a form of financial slavery.

"Shadow government" targets NN for destruction... breaking news

"Shadow government" targets NN for destruction... breaking news
Mike Adams
In a whirlwind of developments over the last 24 hours, I have been threatened by the "shadow government" to destroy Alex Jones or they will destroy me.

After some additional digging, I found out that Obama is running a "shadow government" that's targeting Natural News and the independent media for a barrage of defamation smears and "fake news" attacks.

Brace yourself for a massive onslaught funded by Media Matters and organized by "sleeper cell" Obama. They want to silence us for lots of reasons, including our vaccine truth reporting, opposition to GMOs and support for many of Trump's policies.

Or read this article for more details about the "shadow government" that's now targeting us all.

Pray for my safety. They are going to try to silence me by any means possible, for all the obvious reasons.

BREAKING: Vaxxed - Brussels, Paris, London, and International Streams! (Blogger: Newsletter excerpts only...)



Vaxxed has finally made it to Europe! Vaxxed was initially scheduled to be screened at the European Parliament in Brussels on February 9 as part of a conference on vaccine safety organized and hosted by French MEP Michèle Rivasi. Some Members of the European Parliament decided to censor the film and prevent it from screening there. Both the screening and this unprecedented vaccine safety conference moved locations and still took place on February 9th at Espace Lumen with a discussion following that included the film’s director, Dr. Andrew Wakefield, Nobel Prize winning virologist Luc Montagnier, MEP Michele Rivasi, and the Italian nanotechnology researcher Stefano Montanari.

An additional debate on vaccine safety was also hosted at Espace Lumen later that same afternoon. Open to the public of Brussels, this second debate lined up several major experts on the question of vaccine safety from different European countries, including Ms. Senta Depuydt, Journalist and Whistleblower from Belgium, Professors Stefano Montanari and Maria Antonietta Gatta, specialists of nanoparticles in vaccines from Italy, Dr. Kris Gaublomme, President of the European Forum for Vaccine Vigilance from the UK, Ms. Sophie Guillot, whistleblower and speaker for Info Vaccin Prevenar organization from France, Mr. Augustin de Livois, Whistleblower from France, Dr. Stefan Schmidt Troschke, Pediatrician and director of Hedercke Hospital from Germany and Dr. Srecko Sladojlev, Immunologist and whistleblower from Croatia. This second debate was followed by an additional screening of Vaxxed with 300 people in attendance over the entire day.

Vaxxed was also scheduled to screen in Paris on Monday, February 13th, by the same MEP, as part of a vaccine safety debate to take place at a City Hall venue in the 2nd arrondissement.  That screening was cancelled by the Mayor of Paris and her cabinet who never even saw the film. The screening and vaccine safety debate, with Wakefield in attendance, was moved to the Elysée-Biarritz cinema, with 155 people in attendance and a clear “Stop the Censure” message by the public.

Vaxxed finished its first European tour of the 2017 season in London, where a premiere at the Curzon Cinemas was also cancelled due to a phone campaign organized by the same opposition group. The February 14th London premiere of Vaxxed, co-organized by the European Forum for Vaccine Vigilance (EFVV), was moved to an alternate venue and continued with director Wakefield in attendance.

Three hundred fifty people attended the London premiere of the film which was followed by a Q&A and panel on vaccines with various speakers and specialists, such as Dr. Andrew Wakefield, Ms. Brandy Vaughan, Merck Whistleblower Dr. Jayne Donegan, Dr. Kris Gaublomme, MD from Belgium and president of EFVV in the UK, and Ms. Jackie Fletcher, founder of JABS organization (Justice Awareness and Basic Support).

The Q&A and panel started with Andrew Wakefield receiving the 2017 EFVV award from its President, Dr. Kris Gaublomme.

Stay tuned for more news on new screenings in Europe soon!


In London, a premiere at the Curzon Cinemas was also cancelled due to a phone campaign organized by the same opposition group. The February 14th London premiere of Vaxxed was moved to an alternative venue and continued with director Wakefield in attendance.