Jun 14, 2019

🙏Verdensalt | 💓 ~ Todays Inspirational Spiritual Quotes & Videos ~ 💕 | Blogger: [🏳️I Surrender to the Guidance of Pure Light, of the Source and the Pure Light Beings😇] ... Before we can help others, we need to do positive affirmations, declare and decrees, to disconnect and nullify all our agreements and contracts to the dark forces... If you feel so guided... 🙏💜😇🤗🐬🦋🦄🌹🌸🌎🌔🌟🌈 ... |

⚖️shippingwatch | ~ Lars Møller skal i fængsel i fem år ~ | (Eng) Lars Møller, the former director of the OW Bunker subsidiary Dynamic Oil Trading, has just been sentenced to five years' federal penitentiary because he caused OW Bunker a loss of DKK 645 million by Denmark's High Court, Vestre Landsret .. | Blogger: Finally some justice, that globalists or power elites, are not bulletproof - not even people who belongs to the race of oligarchs... |


🖖🏼Geek | ~ NASA Spots ‘Star Trek’ Starfleet Logo ‘Dune Footprints’ on Mars ~ |

'Dune footprints' spotted by NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter resemble the 'Star Trek' Starfleet logo. (Photo Credit: NASA / JPL / University of Arizona)

🛸Dr. Steven Greer | ~ Peaceful contact with ETs is more important than ever! ~ | Blogger: [🚀NASA Claims and a Truckful of Baloney🤥: ] -- CNN: "NASA estimates it will need $20 billion to $30 billion for moon landing, administrator says"... 😆... FUNNY, since a secret space program whistleblowers claims Humans have been traveling to Moon, Mars and Asteroids, Planets beyond Milky Way for decades. Interestingly, many former NASA employees and military officials have come forward speaking about the existence of a Secretive Space Program and technology that goes far beyond what society knows. “There exists a shadowy government with its own Air Force, its own Navy, its own fundraising mechanism, and the ability to pursue its own ideas of the national interest, free from all checks and balances, and free from the law itself.” Senator Daniel K. Inouye...|

Here's what Dr. Greer would like you to know.

The mainstream media in the US has been featuring stories about military and pilot encounters with what seem to be ET vehicles.
Most of these articles have a decidedly negative spin. They are saying that the UFOs are a threat and a violation of our national security etc. etc. Dr. Greer predicted this in 1999: The spinning of Disclosure by dark forces to convince the public of a threat as a prelude to war and increases for spending for the military industrial complex.

You may want to watch Dr. Greer’s UNLV workshop re the Cosmic False Flag.
and read his article: When Disclosure Serves Secrecy.

Both will help you understand how Disclosure information can be used for very negative purposes.

The acceptance of ET civilizations visiting the planet makes it all the more important that we reach out to these civilizations in peace.

Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind: Contact. Consciousness and the Human Future will do exactly that.

Via a compelling film we plan to show how to make contact. Why reaching out in peace through consciousness works scientifically and why it is SO very important to do so.


💣RT | ~ Sabotage diplomacy: Zarif says no need to be ‘clairvoyant’ to see US ‘plan B’ for Iran ~ | ~ Pentagon releases blurry VIDEO claiming Iran removed ‘LIKELY limpet mine’ from damaged tanker ~ | Blogger: [💥US/Secret Warfare: Operation Gladio and NATO's Stay-Behind Armies - Devil in Plain Sight? Both Japanese & Norwegian Oil Tankers in Play Here, Part of NATO. Japan - Range of Countries Beyond the Euro-Atlantic Area🛢️] ... {Trump Says the Military Industrial Complex is Pressuring him Into a War With Iran!?} ... It's almost ridiculous obvious that US-MIC/NATO wish for this escalation and ignite a new oil crisis (to be), into a WW3. UN warns against 'Gulf confrontation' after tankers damaged.. Will our benevolent angels and guides accept these terms, no way, but fear-mongering works for Washington DC. to put more oil countries in Checkmate, since U.S wish to dominate energy production over the world, in front of Russia/BRIC countries, taking control of middle east .. |

A handout photo made available by the Norwegian shipowner Frontline of the crude oil tanker Front Altair after the fire onboard the ship in the Gulf of Oman © Reuters/Frontline/NTB Scanpix

🤰NRK | ~ Abortloven ~ | Blogger: OPSUMMERING: (DK) Norske kvinder, der er gravide med tvillinger og ønsker at fjerne et eller flere fostre, skal først have det godkendt i et særligt udvalg... | Blogger: [🧺In US Inc. Nothing Is Too Extreme For The Abortion Lobby - The Abortion Lobby Wants Unrestricted Abortion on Demand👶] ... EU - next target or is it already HERE?❓Is it true that Planned Parenthood sells fetal tissue Illegally❓.. "From the pulpit in the Storting, great criticism was made against Prime Minister Erna Solberg. Several politicians accuse her of having left women's rights at the negotiating table to keep power. - The legacy of Erna Solberg is that she is willing to do anything to keep power. - Even negotiating fundamental rights and introducing the first tightening of abortion law since the 1970s, says Labor Vice-President Hadia Tajik.".. |

The Storting adopted a tightening of the abortion law night to Friday. The proposal was adopted with 105 against 64 votes. The decision means that women who are pregnant with twins or multiple births, and who wish to remove some of the fetuses, must have the case dealt with in a committee.


💸Folkets Avis | ~ Her forsvinder 45 milliarder kroner sporløst – og de ansatte går tidligt på weekend ~ | (Eng ) European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF) are not to concerned over €6 billion are going missing each year in the EU system. In the meanwhile, employees go early on weekend from the mirror-windowed "OLAF building" in Brussels .. | Blogger: AS WE SPEAK : "EU finance ministers are discussing all night how the conditions for a new euro budget should be, but still unresolved.. "The question is about where the money should come from and whether non-euro area countries should contribute to the euro zone budget or whether funding should be secured with a special tax. according to Ritzau"... (verdensalt) Soooo. In other words, the BANKSTERS are discussing how a hard Brexit will cost EU countries €40 billion annually, trying to lure other non-EU countries to pay up, to keep EU flooding, since it's already bankrupt? The most powerful family of Europe, the Rothschilds have joined forces with the most powerful family of America, the Rockefellers, in a super-multi-billion-dollar deal that greatly expands the influence of both families. THEY are the ones in charge over EU!?... |

Det er umuligt at se ind gennem spejlruderne i "OLAF-bygningen" i Bruxelles.
Lars Bjørknæs har besøgt OLAF, EU's antisvindel-enhed i Bruxelles. Læs hans beretning her.

Det er fredag formiddag ved 11-tiden i slutningen af maj. Folkets Avis er taget til den centrale del af Bruxelles, for at opsøge nogle af de embedsmænd, der arbejder med at finde frem til mange af de penge, som hvert år noget nær sporløst forsvinder ud af EU's system.

Og for blandt andet at spørge ind til, hvorvidt de gør deres arbejde godt nok, når nu systemet fremstår hullet som en si.

For det er bestemt ikke småpenge, vi taler om. Opgørelser udarbejdet af EU-systemet selv viser nemlig, at der hvert eneste år er 45 milliarder kroner, der ikke kan redegøre for.


💉Healthnutnews | ~ New York repeals religious exemption for school vaccinations ~ | (DK) New York ophæver religiøs fritagelse for skolevaccinationer ~ | Blogger: [😔“The science is crystal clear: Vaccines are safe, effective and the best way to keep our children safe. This administration has taken aggressive action to contain the measles outbreak, but given its scale, additional steps are needed to end this public health crisis.”💔] ... In other recent YouTube banning of so-called "fake news" or "junk news" - 'Black Pigeon Speaks' some say!? (five hundred thousand followers) hmm... I can still locate it in Europe - anyways... |

Hey there,

I have some stories I've been meaning to get to you for a matter of days here listed below. Please be sure to check out the free documentaries and summits just under this note that I'm featured in! All free and so important to watch. They have a WEALTH of information with hundreds of holistic doctors featured in the cutting edge just released films/events.

I imagine with youtube in the news for banning 'conspiracy' and 'fake cure' channels and mailchimp locking health freedom groups that question vaccines out of their accounts, that these docuseries days are numbered. Remember Facebook just took down Natural News' (Mike Adams aka Health Ranger) with nearly 3M followers as well.

These are not easy times. The censorship is real.

Also we're sad to announce this news for the entire state of New York that passed by a narrow margin of one today and signed by the governor.

You can read about that by clicking here.

It passed by one single vote (of a legislator who changed his mind after they tied 13-13.

We'll keep you up to date on all these stories and others too/

For those needing help as affiliates for our line - give our customer service a call at 1 -888-585-ERIN. I'll be doing some google hangouts soon to help answer all your questions with a few of our expert formulaters. so stay tuned.

XO Erin

Erin Elizabeth

💉USA Today | ~ Jessica Biel lobbies with anti-vaxxer Robert F. Kennedy Jr., says 'I am not against vaccinations' ~ | Blogger: #standyourground -- You Go Girl 🙇‍♂️... AND don’t be afraid of these thunderclouds ⚡️🌩⚡️ #naive, #fearmongering #provaxxers #freaks out everywhere... #youaredoingtherightthing... |


🦅Mymodernmet | ~ 💗 World’s Largest Bird Sculpture Took Artists 10 Years to Complete 💕 ~ |

The idyllic setting of Kerala, India boasts incredible views of nature that are best seen from Jatayu Earth’s Center. A joint venture between the country’s tourism department and Rajiv Anchal (a film director and sculptor), the nature park has been open since the end of 2017. It has since garnered a massive claim to fame; Jatayu Earth’s Center is home to the world’s largest bird sculpture.

The bird, also named Jatayu, has a staggering set of measurements. It is 200 feet long, 150 feet wide, and 70 feet tall. The sculpture features meticulous details you wouldn’t expect at such a large scale, including individually decorated and layered feathers. Jatayu’s impressive wings splay onto the ground which allows visitors to walk on top of the figure and climb onto his talons and head. They’re meant to go inside of Jatayu as well. The bird’s body doubles as a roof for the Earth Center’s building—making this work of art a functional one. It comes as no surprise that this incredible structure took Anchal and his team 10 years to complete.

Besides being a wonderful feat of design and architecture, there’s also significant context to the massive sculpture. Jatayu is a symbolic figure in the Hindu epic Ramayana. Known as a “noble bird of divine origin,” the legend is that he tried to rescue Sita, the wife of the famed Lord Rama (an incarnation of Vishnu and Krishna). Sita was being abducted by the demon king Ravana, and Jatayu came to her defense.

After battling with Ravana, the king cut off Jatayu’s left wing and escaped with Sita. Jatayu Earth’s Center decided to pay tribute to the noble figure’s’s dedication to women’s safety and honor it with this gigantic statue. The sculpture also symbolically recognizes a “bygone era when humans, animals, and other living forms care for each other and fellow beings lived peacefully on this Earth.”

💧Trending Politics | ~ Trump Drops Bomb, Says “It Will All Start Coming Out Soon” ~ |

On Tuesday, President Trump warned the Obama Administration in a tweet.
"“Someone should call Obama up. The Obama Administration spied on a rival presidential campaign using Federal Agencies. I mean, that seems like a headline to me?” @TuckerCarlson It will all start coming out, and the Witch Hunt will end. Presidential Harassment!" the President said while referring to Fox News host Tucker Carlson.


🔑 Finanz.dk | ~ Russia bringing back the gold standard may kill US dollar & solve main problem of cryptocurrencies ~ | .. The Central Bank of Russia (CBR) is studying a proposal to create a gold-backed cryptocurrency, which could be used for cross-border settlements with other countries .. |


🤯 NN | ~ SHOCK as Trump signs executive order that will end most regulations and oversight on genetically engineered food ~ | Blogger: [🌱“The GMO Streamlining Act.”🚜] ... O-M-G! After a HUUUUUGE win that could break down MonSatan & NaziBayer, a jury in California has awarded a couple $2 billion in Monsanto Roundup cancer lawsuit trial... PS: FAO/WHO Codex Alimentarius Commission - He who controls the food system, controls the world...|

President Donald Trump holds up a signed executive order to streamline the approval process for GMO crops, after speaking at Southwest Iowa Renewable Energy in Council Bluffs, Iowa, Tuesday, June 11, 2019. (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)
(Natural News) GMOs and their related chemical pesticides have long been pushed heavily by establishment Republicans. That’s another important reminder why it’s good to never be swept into a political party. Rather, evaluate each candidate based on their principles and actions.

👨‍🌾 tv2ostjylland | ~ 💗 Nu er det afgjort: Landmænd har fået sprøjteforbud 💕 ~ | Blogger: [💯HVORFOR er denne nyhed ikke plasteret ud på alle netaviser, dagblade og muren af clickbait-dragende og konstant inflows fra mega-bladehuse i hele landet? VIL landets landmænd følge trop og støtte op om denne 'indstilling'? NEJ, selvfølgelig ikke. HVORDAN får vi Aarhus Kommune til at lave stikprøver og uddele dagbøder. HVORFOR får landmændene kompensation på 50.000 kr!? Kan de ikke bare benytte sig af et grønt alternativ til pesticider, så som naturlig biokemi til brug som plantebeskyttelse i landbruget? ER det hele et politisk HOAX?🤔] ... |

En årelang strid mellem Aarhus Kommune og en række landmænd er nu afgjort. Kommunen har nemlig fået medhold i, at de gerne må forbyde landmænd at sprøjte med godkendte giftmidler.Foto: Henning Bagger - Ritzau Scanpix

Miljø- og Fødevareklagenævnet har givet Aarhus Kommune tilladelse til, at landmænd må forbydes at sprøjte med godkendte giftmidler ved vandboringer

De fleste danskere er enige om, at vi vil have rent drikkevand ud af hanerne. Men når det kommer til, hvordan vi sikrer dét, deles vandene.

Det er blandt andet sket mellem Aarhus Kommune og en række landmænd, som har haft en årelang strid om, hvordan der passes allerbedst på drikkevandet.

Læs ogsåLandmand protesterer mod sprøjteforbud: - Er ikke realistisk

Nu er striden slut. Onsdag fik Aarhus Kommune nemlig medhold fra Miljø- og Fødevareklagenævnet. Det betyder, at kommunen nu må gøre det ulovligt for landmænd at sprøjte marker tæt ved vandboringer.

- Det er vi rigtig glade ved som vandværk. Så har vi mulighed for at sikre vores grundvand mod pesticider, siger Anders Kaa, der er driftsleder på Malling Vandværk.

🚢Stiften.dk | ~ Scandinavian Star-branden: Et mylder af mistanker om forsik- ringssvindel ~ | Blogger: [👤Million dollar spørgsmålet: HVEM er forsikrings- mægler Preben Rueda Martin, der hjælp bla. Linse Kessler og hundredvis af andre danskere, med papirarbejdet fra sin virksomhed i Spanien❓] ... |

Branden på Scandinavian Star kostede 159 menneskeliv - nogle af dem blev begravet fra kirken her i Frederikshavn. Arkivfoto: Henning Bagger/Ritzau Scanpix

Københavns Politi ser nu igen på den over 29 år gamle brand på Scandinavian Star - en brand, der kostede 159 menneskeliv. Gennem årenes løb er der rejst et omfattende mistankegrundlag om forsikringssvindel som motiv til at sætte skibet i brand. Det er aldrig blevet efterforsket:


🔴EB \\ Fyens \\ Verdensalt-Arkivskabet | 27. Marts 2018 - 9. Jan 2019 | ~ Politiet dropper Scandinavian Star-sagen - skammeligt, siger pårørende til dødsofre. Linses revisor forsikrede katastrofe-skib ~ | Blogger: (In English:). An extensive and deva- stating case evidence material and sound recordings of 'incriminating' testimonies which the relatives of the victims of the fire sent to the Copenhagen Police toget- her with concrete reviews of a number of people for planning, execution and parti- cipation in arson, were, according to the police, NOT STRONG EVIDENCE, to laun- ch an investigation into 2019. Last year, a 'presumptuous' main suspect in insur- ance fraud of Scandinavian Star, has suddenly re-appeared in the Danish media after living in luxury for 28 years in Costa del Sol, which has helped hundreds of Danes paperwork with company creation. The secret silent business partner, is now assisting the famous reality star, Linse Kessler, which is 'almost' as popular as Kim Kardashian ... ⛵”Splitte mine bramsejl” - Skibets tredje brand, bruddet på hydraulikrøret, skyldes bevidst SABOTAGE ... Norsk Politi har et kæmpe forklar- ingsproblem. Var de under pres fra Nordiske politikere og skibsejere? Norsk politi saboterede egen teknisk efterforskning iflg. Søfartsstyrelsens forhenværende skibsinspektør Flemming Thue Jensen. Politiets pågreb en lastbilchauffør og gjorde ham til syndebuk.' Salgsdokumentet dateret d. 23. januar 1990 var udeluk- kende ment som et pressionsdokument for, at opnå den højeste tænkelige forsik- ringskasko på skibet'.. o.s.v. o.s.v. 🚢 ... Man skal passe på, hvad man siger, siden der findes, én million-milliard, Linseroyalister. Men Linsepigen flygter nu til Costa del Sol-kysten hvor typisk skandinavere, englændere, og et sandt paradis for pension- ister er opstået, der ligger side-om-side under palmesuset, væk fra EU's lange arm og ned til skattegevinsten. 1 time i fugleflugt væk fra Gibraltar, hvor endnu flere, skattesvindlere bor... OG HER BOR ALTSÅ: danske forsikringsmægler Preben Rueda Martin, der hjælper Linse Kessler og hundredvis af andre danskere, med papirarbejdet i sin virksomhed i Spanien. Ned til SolkystKongen, der 'måske' IKKE, er så fin i kanten, som han udgiver sig for... LÆS VIDERE ... |

Mike Axdal har sammen med andre pårørende til færgebrandens brugt adskilige år på at finde svaret på, hvem der stod bag branden - her er han fotograferet inden skibets ophugning på en indisk strand. Han finder det skamfuldt for retssamfundet, at politiet afviser at efterforske motivet om forsikringssvindel. Privatfoto

Nu afviser man på ny at gøre en indsats, samtidig med at vi som forurettede i en historisk stor mordbrandsag er blevet nægtet adgang til bistandsadvokater, som ellers kunne have bidraget med kvalificerede juridiske indspark i sagen. Det er tragisk at opleve sådan noget i et retssamfund ~ Mike Axdal, overlevende fra branden på Scandinavian Star

Forsikringsmægleren, der i maj 2018 var den centrale skikkelse i anmeldelserne for mordbranden på Scandinavian Star, er ikke blevet afhørt - og bliver det heller ikke. Politiet afviser anmeldelserne. Myndighederne bør skamme sig, mener de pårørendes talsmand, Mike Axdal. (fyens.dk)

Skibskatastrofe: Mordbranden på færgen Scandinavian Star, der 7. april 1990 kostede 159 menneskeliv, forbliver uopklaret. Københavns Politi afviste tirsdag at gå ind i sagen, selv om der i maj sidste år fremkom nyt mistankegrundlag med forsikringssvindel som motiv.

Et omfattende dokumentationsmateriale og lydoptagelser af belastende vidneudsagn, som de pårørende til ofrene for branden sendte til Københavns Politi sammen med konkrete anmeldelser af en række personer for planlægning, udførelse og medvirken til mordbrand, var efter politiets opfattelse ikke stærkt nok til at indlede en efterforskning.

Det bekræfter advokaturchef i Københavns Politi Dorit Borggaard over for avisen Danmark... LÆS VIDERE 👉

8. Jan 2019 : Politiet dropper Scandinavian Star-sagen - skammeligt, siger pårørende til dødsofre
Øverst - Preben Rueda Martin. N.venstre - Scandinavian Star. N.højre -
Søfartsstyrelsens forhenværende skibsinspektør Flemming Thue Jensen.
Blogger: OG HER BOR ALTSÅ: danske forsikringsmægler Preben Rueda Martin, der hjælper Linse Kessler og hundredvis af andre danskere, med papirarbejdet i sin virksomhed i Spanien... 

Han har i en årrække assisteret andre entreprenante danskere i Spanien, drevet egen virksomhed i Danmark, og så formidlede han forsikringen af Scandinavian Star, der på tragisk vis gik i brand 7. april 1990 i Nordsøen, skriver EB.dk (1990 - u/ mæglerselskabet Amagerbro Assurance v/ Preben Pedersen).. 
".. Preben Rueda Martin fortæller, at han kendte Scandinavian Stars ejer, Henrik Johansen, gennem sit arbejde som forsikringsmægler, og at han forsikrede færger for Johansen før Scandinavia Star. Desuden havde Preben Rueda Martin gode forbindelser til forsikringsselskaberne Fjerde Sø og Skuld, der stod for forsikringerne af Scandinavian Star (skriver EB.dk) .." 
... Det der fik verdensalt.dk op i det RØDE felt, var denne bemærkning
".. Preben Rueda Martin fortæller, at han har 🤞hørt🤞 om forsikringssvindel, men at han i forbindelse med sit arbejde med Scandinavian Star 👉aldrig👈 bevidnede noget, der kunne antyde det .." 
Efter verdensalt.dk har undersøgt sagenskerne og smidt en del artikler ud om dødsskibet M/S Scandinavian Star i en årrække, springer denne måske ALTAFGØRENDE personlighed, frem i lyset, efter han har været GODT GEMT VÆK, fra danske og norske interesser, i mere end 28 år ... 

Det tog mig et splitsekund, men har også været inde i sagen før, at finde bevis for, eller en proklamation om, at SolkystKongen, Preben Rueda Martin, 'måske' IKKE, er så fin i kanten, som han udgiver sig for ... 

Følgende er hentet fra: "Krav om kommisionsundersøgelse. Scandinavian Star / Mike Axdal imod den danske stat. D.2. august 2006, Sandheden om Scandinavian Star skandalen." og et lille udsnit fra punkt 11 via Transcript fra Jesper Damgaards (kommentarspor): 
"..(..).. Salgsdokumentet dateret d. 23. januar 1990 var udelukkende ment som et pressionsdokument for, at opnå den højeste tænkelige forsikringskasko på skibet. Derfor var den ikke underskrevet af en sælger. Salgsdokumentet blev brugt overfor mulige kaskoforsikringsselskaber med en oplysning - se her, kunne i være interesseret i at tegne forsikring på Scandinavian Star, vi sælger eller vi køber skibet for prisen USD 21,7 millioner under forudsætning af, at vi kan få skibet kaskodækket i deres selskab. Dvs. det har således været mæglerselskabet Amagerbro Assurance v/ Preben Pedersen, i dag kendt som Preben Rueda Martin bosiddende på solkysten i Spanien, opgave at finde kontakter som kunne skabe kaskodækningen. Aftalen dateret. d. 23. januar 1990 er, som jeg og andre sagkyndige kun brugte som pression for, at få tegnet en urimelig høj kasko på skibet og siden er den aftale kun brugt som et dokument uden anvendelse..(..).."
Jeg vedlægger dokumentation ... "krav om kommisionsundersøgelsen" og "Transkript fra  Jesper Damgaards (kommentarspor):" 

💭 PS: ud af de mange, mange, mange skandalesager som den danske regering har efterladt sig i kølvandet, lige siden venstreregering under I.C. Christensen blev i 1908 ramt af en skandalesag, da justitsminister P.A. Alberti blev dømt for bedrageri og Tamilsagen i 1993, hvor en rigsretssagen imod daværende justitsminister Erik Ninn-Hansen, blev søsat, HVORFOR, sørger man for, at den catalanske ekspræsident Carles Puigdemont, går planken ud, mens Preben Rueda Martin, som har skiftet navn fra Preben Pedersen, går FRI sammen med medsammensvorne i London, advokater, Norsk politi, danske og andre regeringer, o.s.v.? 

💉Sundhedspolitisk Tidsskrift | ~ Praktiserende læger får nej til at bruge sikker metode til at diagnosticere hjertesvigt ~ | .. Trods faglige anbefalinger og god evidens har mange danske læger ikke mulighed for at diagnosticere hjertesvigt med en blodprøve. Patienterne må i stedet stille op i køen til en ekkokardiografi .. | Blogger: [📇Er Sundhedsstyrelsen i lommen på medicinalindustrien!? Lidt ligesom Jesper Bay-Hansen, der er kendt som læge og ekspert hos DR, viser sig at få løn fra syv medicinalvirksomheder (hpv-vaccine-info.org).. Det er vores øverste sundhedsfaglige myndighed i Danmark der er stopklods for disse blodprøver, uvist af hvilken årsag?💸] ... PS: VIDSTE DU, det er ikke kun store virksomheder, der er interesserede i at bruge de data, som en smartphone indsamler i lommen på sin bruger. De små personlige databanker kan også få stor betydning i hænderne på det danske sundhedsvæsen. Med dét i sigte har Danske Regioner og Dansk Industri (DI) besluttet sig for at undersøge mulighederne for at få adgang til borgernes personlige data -- ERGO, Sundhedsvæsenet vil suge data fra mobilen - men nogle er helst fri (dknyt.dk)... |


🦠Hashem Al-Ghaili | ~ Giant Viruses Are Coming Out of Melting Ice ~ |

⛔The Anti Media | ~ Raytheon to Merge With United Technologies, Creating a ‘Military-Industrial Behemoth’ ~ | .. (CD) — In a move that immediately sparked concerns among anti-trust advocates, weapons manufacturer Raytheon and aerospace giant United Technologies agreed Sunday to a $120 billion merger that was described as one of the largest-ever combinations of two defense contractors .. | Blogger: [⚠️President Dwight D. Eisenhower famously warned U.S. citizens about the "military–industrial complex" in his farewell address🙅‍♂️] ... |

The merger, if approved by the government and the two companies’ shareholders, would create what the Washington Post described as a “military-industrial behemoth” with the power to rival Lockheed Martin, the world’s largest defense contractor.

“The company should be expected to make a strong play for the Defense Department’s emerging hypersonic missiles programs,” the Post reported. “It also will give Raytheon a sizable foothold in the commercial aerospace market for the first time in recent memory. Before the combination, the lion’s share of Raytheon’s revenue came from the Pentagon and U.S. intelligence agencies.”

On Twitter, anti-trust advocate Daniel Hanley said the United Technologies and Raytheon merger “should be dead on arrival.”


🚼The Daily Caller | ~ Fired Pinterest Whistleblower Speaks Out About Big Tech Censorship That Protects ‘Abortion Lobby’ ~ | Blogger: [📰I apologize in advance for the horrific nature of today's featured news😞] ... Okay! Sooo.. Verdensalt see two very, very dangerous and disturbing trends from 'political' campaigning or industrial lobbying from our Deep State 'controllers' that moves quietly into EU: 1:) -- They seem to protect and therefore censoring anyone who is against “the abortion lobby.” - Pro-Planned Parenthood heads are claiming (killing) unborn babies is a 'basic human right' and is in fact, century of brutality (if you ask me)... 2:) -- Censoring anyone who tells the truth about the rampant child abuse, child mutilations and child murder now being carried out by LGBT “progressives” around the world (The mutilation of babies in the name of "progressivism") as mentioned by Mike Adams from NN ... |

Former Pinterest Engineer Eric Cochran made his television debut Wednesday speaking out against Big Tech censorship during an appearance on Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”...

🖖 Cosmic Agency | ~ 💗 Holographic Society - Extraterrestrial Model (Direct Pleiadian Contact-Taygeta) 💕 ~ | .. This is chapter 25 of Chats with Swaruu, an extraterrestrial young woman of Erra from Taygeta (Pleiades) (fifth density) with whom we have been in contact in writing, talking about all kinds of topics that deal with our reality, spirituality, metaphysics, ancient history , extraterrestrial life, health, soul, technology, and much more .. |

This is chapter 25 of Chats with Swaruu, an extraterrestrial young woman of Erra from Taygeta (Pleiades) (fifth density) with whom we have been in contact in writing, talking about all kinds of topics that deal with our reality, spirituality, metaphysics, ancient history , extraterrestrial life, health, soul, technology, and much more.

In this series I am sharing with you what we learn, and so, little by little, together we can get to understand more about who we are, where we come from, why we are here, and who our cosmic families are. We learn about how the reality that surrounds us works, and also, we become more familiar with the mechanics of the 3D Matrix.

And above all, we learn a lot about all the limiting beliefs that maintain the human population in the artificially placed Matrix, the 3D reality in which we are immersed. The key to becoming free is in you!

In this episode me and Robert talk with Swaruu about the Holographic Society, the social - ¨political¨ model that Taygeta, and other 5D races follow in their cultures. 

I want to give my eternal thanks to Swaruu and Aneeka for having patience and enthusiasm to spend time with us and explain so many topics of reality. It is the dream come true, and a great honor, to have been able to meet them. If you also want communication with star families, be patient, dreams are often fulfilled, and what we project, we attract!


🌳 EARTH FIRST JOURNAL | ~ 💗 El Salvador Legislative Assembly Declares “Forests Are Living Entities” 💕 ~ | .. (Ahuachapán, El Salvador) – On June 5, on World Environment Day, the Legislative Assembly of El Salvador approved a pronouncement deeming that “forests are living entities.” The pronouncement also states that each person must commit to caring for, preserving, and respecting forests, and to promoting concrete actions that expand forests in El Salvador. This historic recognition was part of a larger pronouncement in support of a healthy environment .. |

Forest in El Salvador

📱TV2 FNYS NYS | ~ Disse partier kunne være på stemmesedlen herhjemme, hvis reglerne var ligesom i Sverige ~ | .. Med blot 1500 underskrifter, kunne partiet Jorden Frihed Kundskab, som demonstrerede mod udbredelsen af mobiltekno- logien 5G i valgkampen eller Veganerpartiet, som ifølge partiprogrammet kæmper for dyrerettigheder, bæredygtighed og folkesundhed, for at få lov til at stille op til et nationalt valg .. |