Sep 9, 2019

🙏 ~ 💓 Todays Inspirational Spiritual Quotes & Videos (Verdensalt) ~ 💕 | Blogger: [😢Real Men Don’t Cry!? - Real Men Do Cry And It’s Good for Them😊] ... {Balancing Your Feminine and Masculine Energies} ... Verdensalt is bond by a Light Warriors knighty oath: Protect the weak and uphold the good. This code states that knights must defend the weak and the innocent, must protect women and children, must fight fairly and honorably, and obey their lieges. I will hold this energy of protecting the sacred feminine, as well. So be it, and so it is!... ⛨... I'm here to remind you, that the first order of business is always to calm your mental / emotional state, to assure you that you are not alone, to remind you that you have journeyed through other challenging moments in this life, reincarnations and other realms and to move your entire vibration into a state of peacefulness... |

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Matt Kahn is a spiritual teacher, mystic, and intuitive healer. His spontaneous awakening arose from an out-of-the-body experience at the age of 8, and his direct experiences with Ascended Masters and Archangel throughout his life. Matt serves as a bridge between the mysterious empires and the journey of awakening. Many spiritual seekers have experienced amazing, inexplicable physical and emotional healings, and have awakened their true nature through Matt's deep and loving teachings and transmission of holy heart wisdom. Matt and Julie offer their clear intuitive guidance and loving presence, removing all perceptions of obstacles in your life and too energetic to support you through all aspects of the spiritual journey and experience of awakening.

Dear Beautiful,

The power of a person's beliefs can be measured by the compassion, courage, and consciousness of their actions. If anyone's actions lack a depth of compassion, courage, or consciousness, then the beliefs they hold to be true may only limit their ideas and disempower their behavior.
What limiting belief has held you back from being your most compassionate, courageous, and conscious self?
Perhaps this question can expressed as a journal entry, or even as a topic of discussion with close friends. Can we also take the next step of embracing that part of us which cries out for loving attention through unconscious or self-destructive behavior?

No matter how little or how much love we are able to offer our most disempowered aspects of self, may we love ourselves more, and judge ourselves less — every step of the way.

Please enjoy each section of this deeply-healing newsletter, as a companion for your journey ahead.

All For Love,

※🔴Benjamin Fulford Partial Report | ~ U.S. War College study shows 95-100% probability of Khazarian mafia defeat ~ | Weekly geo-political news and analysis |

Who is this Benjamin Fulford? Benjamin Fulford (born 1961) is a journalist, author of Canadian descent, who lives in Japan. He speaks 4 languages, including Japanese. He worked in Japan as a correspondent for Knight Ridder, The International Financing Review, Nihon Keizai Shimbun English Edition, and South China Morning Post, before his days at Forbes Magazine, where he was the Asian office manager from 1998 to 2005. His investigative reports persecuted scandals in the Japanese government and business. After leaving Forbes, he wrote a number of Japanese books, some of which became best sellers, and began to publish on the internet. He surrendered to Japanese citizenship in 2007. He gained some popularity on the internet after he conducted an interview with David Rockefeller in November 2007.

U.S. War College study shows 95-100% probability of Khazarian mafia defeat

Blogger: A far-fetched story!?... Yes I agree... Verdensalt has been following Fulford’s repo- rts for some years, reading them should probably be done with a large grain of salt. There's NOTHING right or wrong in this storytelling, other than some entertainment, some are properly truth or false claims, hard to factcheck. As always, use your own spiritual discernment. BF seems to share information directly from alleged sources within the Pentagon, CIA, White Dragon Society, and so on. Often the data presented is contradictory on the surface, but underneath in the intelligence services apparatus or underworld, more likely. It would probably be more productive to consider his data as one possible perspective on what is happening on Earth at this time. Especially after Cobra and David Wilcock and others latest outbreak of mistrust in BF postings... With that said, the world is unbelievable corrupted and nasty, it's sometimes hard after a man swallowed The Red Pill.....

Published by Benjamin on Sep 9, 2019

The international military and legal campaign against the Khazarian mafia is “95-100% likely to succeed,” according to probability models tested by the U.S. War College, say MI6 and Pentagon sources. This week’s anniversary of 9/11 is followed by a Friday the 13th and is a good time to push hard for their inevitable final defeat, the sources say.

The key to the Khazarians’ defeat was handed over to the military by a group of Swiss mathematicians who analyzed 43,000 transnational corporations and traced their control to a group of 700 individuals, mostly bankers, MI6 sources say.

This is “a Ponzi scheme called the Global Network of Corporate Control (GNCC), which is in an interlocking or bowtie corporate structure,” the sources say. Military forces do their best work when they have a clear target, and this list of 700 individuals gave them that target, Pentagon sources confirm. The U.S. War College ran a series of “probability models” to come up with a plan that ensures “the Global Coalition for the Rule of Law” (i.e., The People) will ultimately prevail, the sources say.

This doesn’t mean the war is over yet, since the Khazarian mob is literally fighting for survival as it stirs up trouble in the U.S., UK, Hong Kong, Iran, etc. However, these are just futile rear-guard efforts by a defeated, albeit extremely rich crime gang.

One key date that is coming up is the September 17th Israeli election, where top satanic leader Benjamin Netanyahu and his fellow gangsters are using every dirty trick in the book to stay in power. The Jews must now either confront and defeat their satanist rulers or else face a combined Turkish/Iranian/U.S./Russian/Arabian coalition that will force them to remove their criminal leaders.

It’s not going to be an easy fight. Even the Mossad-linked information/disinformation site Debka is saying Netanyahu is planning to start a war in order to postpone the election and stay in power.

Furthermore, the Israeli newspaper Haaretz is reporting that Netanyahu is taking a page from the book of the U.S. Democrats’ “Russian” election-stealing scam to try to claim that “the Arabs” stole the election.

By the way, the “Russia did it” scammers in the U.S. might like this photo sent to me by the Russians of Senior Lieutenant Olga Orlif of the Soviet Army—Melania Trump’s grandmother. Orlif was a Yugoslavian fighting with the Soviets against Nazi Germany, the Russian sources say.

In any case, another key date is the October 31st Brexit deadline in the UK. Here, judging from the bizarre antics of politicians, the Khazarians have called in every bribery and blackmail chip they have. Just one example: opposition Labour Party shadow foreign secretary Emily Thornberry said on TV she would seek the “best deal possible” with the EU, then campaign against it.

The Parliamentarians “lead the country into a state of chaos and panic when the decision is already made. In or out does not matter two hoots—in the end the EU will no longer exist,” MI6 sources promise. Staying in the EU would mean a loss of sovereignty and “is in effect High Treason and nothing else,” they say. “The Monarchy and senior generals of the British Army are all aligned to Sovereignty” and not the compromised politicians, they add. Public opinion in the UK is also against the politicians, despite the propaganda campaign by the press, who are agents of the mega-conglomerate controlled by the 700 bankers, they note.

It is also interesting that while the Western corporate propaganda press rants on about places like Israel, Hong Kong, and the UK, they are completely ignoring a major and violent revolution that is unfolding in …

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🚼 ~ Jager Radio24syv den forkerte mand med satireballon? (TV2 Fnys News) ~ | Blogger: [✊Vi må ikke kritisere Centraladministrationen, maskinrummet og politikere👊] ... {”Genialt” - sådanne betegner jeg dagens og fredagens udgave af DKR med KBSKH Journalist & jernlady! Vært på Den Korte Radioavis. Har aldrig grint så meget🤣} ... Meeen det, syntes Danmarks mest magtfyldte politiske organ, Socialakrobaternes Martin Rossen allerbedste ven, Rasmus Stoklund, ikke (og en del andre også)... Det er lidt ligesom Generalen fra Græsted, LillePrivatLars, som ikke kan tåler nogle former for kritiske spørgsmål, danskerne revser Lars: 'Han er en kylling', mens erhvervslivet eeeeelsker vores (tidligere) statsminister for, at beskytte Danmarks Guld 1000 største virksomheder... Har man fulgt med på sidelinjen i mange år, så er der sket et væsentlig skred i og omkring hvad vi må og ikke må, i dette offentlige rum i det, forjættede land... Det skete da især Google, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram samt AI-algoritmer på Facebook-Cambridge Analytica mejetærskede sig gennem millioner og atter millioner af metadata og censurerede ikke-politisk korrekthed... Efter GDPR, de nye persondataregler, kom frem (som er en politisk trojansk hest), forsvandt,, og holddinkæ ( og hundredevis af politisk-kritisk offentlige kendte hjemmesider. Så kom EU-Parlamentets omstridte copyright-direktiv - artikel 11 & 13... Narcissister kan ikke tåle negativ omtale eller kritik og vil gøre alt for ikke at blive fremstillet negativt... Og det bliver meget, meget værre endnu, bare vent og se... |

Mediechefer i åben strid - Radio24syv går efter en forkert mand, når radiokanalen jager statsministerens højre hånd Martin Rossen, mener Børsen.


🎟️ ~ The Mega Cascadia Earthquake Is Overdue and Could Strike the US West Coast At Any Moment, Creating Huge 30 Meter-High Tsunami Waves Within Seconds – Please Prepare For This Apocalyptic Event (StrangeSounds) ~ | Blogger: [🎲Jalla! Jalla! Jalla!. We're All Gonna Die! Maybe!⚰️] ... {The super rich are preparing for potential apocalypse} ... The rich and famous (and military might, conservative preppers) has ALWAYS been looking at luxury doomsday survival silos or “survival condos”, deep underground- or doomsday bunkers, collecting canned goods, and stocked with power generators, solar panels, gold- & bitcoins and ammo (just in case).. AND for what❓❓ IF, the Great Atlantis flood or cascadia tsunami (earthquake) would hit Earth again, will there be any survivors and would you like to be isolated inside a steel or tin can❓. A better question to ask, would properly be, are you a AFRAID of dying and why❓ Do souls live forever❓ Can you come back after you die❓ Can you choose another life on another planet❓... You cannot take an average to calculate the amount of lifetimes. The higher evolved a person is, the longer he lives. There are lives of less than one year, and there are lives longer than a thousand years. And a person who fulfills his reincarnation cycle within 40 million years, will have to use less incarnations than a person who needs 60 million years to get rid of his material body. All of this depends on the motivation, the learning and the evolution of the individual.. IF, you believe in (one or thousands or millions of) reincarnations, it doesn't matter, but trust your inner guides etc.... |

The Cascadia earthquake is overdue. It’s now time to prepare for the Big One. Picture via Getty Images

What people are already calling the “big one” is a M9.0 impending earthquake that is set to destroy most of the northwest region of the United States with huge 30 metre-high tsunami waves.


📉 ~ Nationalbankdirektør afviser redningskrans til bankerne (FinansWatch) ~ | Blogger: [👉FAKTA : En bank er ikke blot en (privat) virksomhed som har ejerrettigheder over deres egen forretning. Nej, det har (privatejede) central- banker, der har kørt i 1300 år. I dag er stort set alle 'penge' digitale KontoPenge. Banker i dag låner stort set kun ud imod fuld SIKKERHED👈] ... {Stop bankernes pengeskabelse ud af den blå luft} ... Man siger kærlighed koster monetos, men det gør, at låne og eje (kontanter) og digitale KontoPenge, også... (“Little did I know) - En lang historie, kort : Tag ikke fejl - du betaler for at sætte KONTANTER ind på din Bankkonto i 2019, som ikke længere har en VÆRDI og bliver omdannet til digitale KontoPenge i banken. Omkring 5% af pengemængden af mønter og sedler, skabes i Nationalbanken (Finland faktisk). Resten, de 95% af pengemængden, skabes af de PRIVATEJEDE banker, når de laver UDLÅN... SÅ LANGT, så godt... I 2015 og førhen, var 'negative renter', ikke omfattet privatkunder. Dengang hævede NB's foliorammen, fra 37 til 145 milliarder kroner, og i dag helt op til 175 milliarder. Eksempel har den højtråbende bølge af småbanker, Lokalbanken, en Foliorammer / Current-account ceiling på 80 mio. kr., mens mastodonten, Nordea AB, har 6315 mio. kr.... ALTSÅ, Foliorammen er rammen for, hvor mange penge bankerne kan sætte ind i Nationalbanken til nul procent i rente. Det er en fordel for bankerne, så længe der er NEGATIVE renter på indskuds-beviser. Det betyder, at bankerne i princippet betaler for at have penge stående i Nationalbanken, og den regning bankerne får, kunne ryge videre til kunderne i form af MINUSRENTER. Når foliorammen stiger, får bankerne nul procent frem for minusrente på flere af pengene, og den besparelse freder indirekte privatkunderne.. ERGO, når NB, nægter forøgelse af foliorammen, så går det igen ud over kunderne. Hvis bankernes indtjening bliver MINDRE er der en risiko for, at de vil tjene penge på mere risikovillig ADFÆRD og kunderne, bliver ALTID, dem, som skal betale, i sidste ende... PS: Renten på en tysk 30-årig statsobligation er røget i minus, noget som ALDRIG, er sket før. MENS, Præsident Trump, ville degradere centralbankchef Powell grundet manglende stimuluspakker, men skal danske banker til at tigge om Bankpakker igen af regeringen, for at tjene penge? Bankerne tjener stadigvæk masser af penge på gebyret også på gebyrer fra realkreditinstitutionerne, så helt galt er det nok ikke. Pengeinstitutterne tjente i 2017 40 milliarder kroner. Samt 27 milliarder, alene på gebyrer. Det er det største overskud i nyere tid... PSS: CIBOR (T/N-RATE FIXING) derimod, er den rentesats, hvortil et pengeinstitut er villig til at udlåne Danske kroner for en periode af xx løbetid til en primebank på usikret basis... |

Havde bankerne håbet på en redning fra Nationalbanken i form af en forøgelse af foliorammen, kan de godt sænke forventningerne igen.. Lokalbankernes formand skyder tilbage : Når nationalbankdirektør Lars Rohde afviser at hæve foliorammerne, er det måske fordi han ønsker samfundet mærker konsekvenserne af minusrenterne, mener Lopi-formand Claus E. Petersen ... 

Nationalbanken griber ind mod minusrente
Mads lavede 465 mio til sin chef: Nu vil han forære 80 milliarder væk
Præsident Trump ville degradere centralbankchef Powell
Trump applauds Germany's negative yields, slams Fed again
Bankerne lander største overskud i nyere tid: Tjener 27 milliarder på gebyre
Foliorammer pr. 1. juli 2019/Current-account ceilings with effect from 1 July 2019

👲 ~ Hong Kong protesters cozy up to US, ask to ‘liberate’ city amid ongoing violence (RT) ~ | Blogger: [☮️ #2019HongKongAntiExtraditionBillProtests #TrumpLiberateHongKong #JewelOfTheEast #156YDNABritishHongKong #99YLeaseBritishHongKong #JapanWWOccupiedHongKong #1984Thatcher- FromBritishColony2SpecialAdministrativeRegionOfChina #2047ChinaEnds- OneCountryTwoSystems #NativismProtectionismIsolationism🤲] ... |



History of Hong Kong - From British Colony to Special Administrative Region of China

This video on Hong Kong history will discuss the following topics: 
  1. Ruling Colonial Hong Kong: Organization and administration of the crown colony of Hong Kong 
  2. Transforming Hong Kong: Influence of western ideas through education and the expansion of its population and economy
  3. The Toll of War: Hong Kong through the conflicts of WW1 and WW2
  4. Post War Chaos: Communist revolution and the start of the Cold War
  5. Post War Recovery: Economic miracle that transformed Hong Kong into a jewel of the east
  6. Final Days of British Empire Rule: British Colonial government implements many changes to improve the colony and solidify their influence
  7. Transfer to China: Talks about the future of Hong Kong with the Sino-British Joint Declaration in 1984 and the passing of the Basic Law in 1990
  8. Special Administrative Region of China: Handover ceremonies to transfer Hong Kong to China and its status as a Special Administrative Region