Dec 10, 2019

🛑 ~ STOP Chemtrails : 1st Day out of the Storm & Clearing and Sunshine In 14 days in Denmark - What Do They Do - Use Chemtrails to Block The Sun Again (SoTW) ~ | Blogger: Blocking the sun and other vibrational radiation sources has multiple deleterious effects. Coincidentally, knowledge of the sun's life-giving energy is something held dear in secret societies and occult orders. The very same ones behind the secret cabal ruling the planet. Getting the picture?... |

Northern Zealand, Denmark - 10-12-2019

⚰️ ~ A Boston Artist Was Arrested for Writing “Epstein Didn’t Kill Himself” on the Art Basel Banana Wall (bostonmagazine) ~ |


👯 ~ Lawyer David Boies says Prince Andrew must testify in Jeffrey Epstein accusers' court cases (BBC) ~ | .. Five women who allege they were abused by Jeffrey Epstein are calling on Prince Andrew to testify in their court cases .. |

Spencer Kuvin, a lawyer who represents many of Epstein’s alleged victims and once questioned the billionaire a decade ago, has urged the prince to come forward, saying on BBC Radio 4’s Today:

“Be a man, stand up for what you believe and what you’re saying is the truth and come forward.”


🙊 ~ “Undeniable Evidence”: Explosive Classified Docs Reveal Afghan War Mass Deception (TheMINDUnleashed+ZH) ~ | .. Secret documents reveal decades of lies from Obama and Bush in Afghanistan .. |


(ZH) — In what’s already being hailed as a defining and explosive “Pentagon papers” moment, a cache of previously classified documents obtained by The Washington Post show top Pentagon leaders continuously lied to the public about the “progress” of the now eighteen-year long Afghan war.

The some 2,000 pages of notes from interviews of senior officials who have shaped US strategy in Afghanistan confirm that “senior US officials failed to tell the truth about the war in Afghanistan throughout the 18-year campaign, making rosy pronouncements they knew to be false… hiding unmistakable evidence the war had become unwinnable,” according to the bombshell Post report.

The internal interviews and statements were unearthed via Freedom of Information Act request and span the Bush, Obama and Trump administrations. The trove further confirms that US leaders knew vast amounts of money was being wasted in a futile attempt to “Westernize the nation”.

Watchdog groups commonly estimate total US spending on the war has hit $1 trillion by end of 2019. More importantly, America’s ‘endless war’ has cost at least 2,351 American lives and over 20,000 wounded.

The internal Pentagon project conducted by the Office of the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR) had sought to get as honest assessment as possible as to the status of America’s longest running quagmire panning multiple administrations. It was to be a classified “Lessons Learned” assessment of sorts to prevent future missteps.

“What did we get for this $1tn effort? Was it worth $1 trillion?” one retired Navy SEAL who had advised the Bush and Obama administrations observed in one of the documents. “After the killing of Osama bin Laden, I said that Osama was probably laughing in his watery grave considering how much we have spent on Afghanistan.”

🛡️ ~ Despite A Series Of (Devastating) Errors In The Ministry of Defense, Thomas Ahrenkiel, The Spy Boss Who Took Over As The TOP Head of Department At The MoD, TOP Secretary Of Defense Ministry & Director Of The Danish Intelligence Service, Has Been Acquitted In Nepotism Case And Fraud In The Ministry of Defense Property Agency (SoTW) ~ | Blogger: [👉The first Chief of the Defense Intelligence Service without (any) military experience. “Very, very skilled, intelligent and with a sense of the political game. The perfect official" ~ says the elite 'Establishment'. The Permanent Secretary of State for Defence Thomas Ahrenkiel The Permanent Secretary of State for Defence is the highest-ranking employee and administrative head of the minister's combine👈] ... WHO THE HELL IS THIS GUY? and why is he being (protected) by Deputy Prime Minister, Martin Rossen and Defense Minister Trine Bramsen???... Well, first and foremost, Thomas Ahrenkiel, is a (Bilderberger) and befriended former CIA director David Petraeus, Henry Kissinger's associates, Deutsche Bank, Santander, AXA Group, JP Morgan, HSBC, BlackRock and Goldman Sachs, oil firms Royal Dutch Shell and BP, manufacturers Siemens and Airbus, media groups Bloomberg and The Economist, tech titans LinkedIn and Google and others, during the Bilderberg meeting of 2015 in Austria (And 2016). And like Thomas Ahrenkiel, Lars Findsen, Director, Danish Defence Intelligence Service was at the Bilderberg in 2019... BESIDES THAT, he is also being linked to pro-Israel false flags with Nato General Secretary Jens Stoltenberg, who is linked to the 'false flag' attack on Norway.... Is, Thomas Ahrenkiel, a member of The Danish Order of Freemasons? (unknown), he's not listed by (WikiMili The Free Encyclopedia) but Ekstra Bladet - a Danish tabloid newspaper, published by JP/Politikens Hus in Copenhagen, has had a extended coverage about this secrecy and Ole Dammegard, from lightonconspiracies, has just released (a list) of ALL Swedish Freemasons.... |

issuu - Karrierevejviser 2012
  1. Spørgsmål: Hvorfor skal sagen ikke have konsekvenser for Thomas Ahrenkiel?
  2. Spørgsmål: Men det fremgår af redegørelsen, at svindlen for måneder siden har været på dagsordenen til et møde, han har deltaget i, og at han har fået en e-mail om sagen, som han bare ikke har læst. Har du stadig tillid til ham?
  3. Spørgsmål: Da du blev opmærksom på sagen, sendte departementschefen straks et rejsehold til ejendomsstyrelsens hovedkvarter i Hjørring. Til at lede rejseholdet udpegede Ahrenkiel i første omgang den chef i departementet, som du nu har valgt at fjerne. Hvad siger det om departementschefens dømmekraft?
  4. Spørgsmål: Sidste år viste en undersøgelse, at Ahrenkiel havde været inhabil, da hans kæreste, som arbejdede i ministeriet, blev tildelt en bonus. Han forklarede dengang, at han ikke kendte reglerne. Nu læser han ikke sine e-mails og har ikke sikret et system, hvor han får de væsentlige oplysninger. Hvilket indtryk efterlader det?
  5. Spørgsmål: Har I talt om, at det ikke er første gang, at han bringer en minister i fedtefadet.

🗿 ~ 💗 Ancient mysteries unveiled - 2020 (AlunaJoy) 💕 ~ | Blogger: Excerpts only (from newsletter) ... | Blogger: BTW - besides the mystery of Wales, Glastonbury, Stonehenge, Avebury, Chalice Well etc., Aluna also mentioning Mt. Shasta (the plumed serpent ley line) and Sedona, Palenque (major artery), both Mt. Shasta & Sedona, i have visited, and it was a fantastic experience... |

Wales insights from author Shellie Enteen and her upcoming book “The Five Seeds of Light”. She mirrors so many truths that we have also uncovered in Cornwall and in Caledonia. She gave me yet another confirmation to why we are called to Wales at this time, and we hope you hear the call and make the journey with us as well.

We strongly feel that the year 2020 we will begin to manifest the dreams we envisioned back in 2012. It is the year 2020 after all, and all the clues point to big opportuinies to fully live with eyes wide open. More about this coming soon in a new article. 

Keep a look out for it. We will post it ASAP!

Shellie posted this to me, and with her permission she shares this ...

“I'm very aware of what happened back at the time of the 5th century through the information channeled to me by a woman living at that time. Very wisely, incredibly so truly, the Druids created energy shields to protect their sacred places until such time as they would be understood.... They left no trace of their own beliefs and practices, not even an oral tradition. Many of those practicing Druidry today will tell you they are trying to do what they imagine those ancestors did. So the church would not incorporate and distort them (Druid traditions), ... they preferred being demonized as this would keep their traditions a mystery. They knew one day seekers, such as yourselves, myself and many others would uncover them. There is only one real way to get to this truth and that is to connect with the ancestral energy which is in your bones.”

I rarely know why I plan a sacred pilgrimage, the reason why I am called to do this work, or why it is important to us now. In the summer of 2018, while in England, I heard the call for our next UK pilgrimage to include the dragon lands of Wales in 2020. These lands have always felt unreachable and quite guarded to me, like a mysterious enigma. After much work has been completed by our groups in England and Scotland, now the door is finally open for us to enter Wales. I never thought it would happen. It seems that Wales is now on the radar of others as well and I have seen it highlighted in Ancient Aliens episodes and in the series the Crown. I feel this area is going to offer a new energy frontier for us outlander spiritual travelers.

We have made plans to walk on the Earth just as if she was a temple. We are called to work the energy grids radiating out from the massive center node point in Glastonbury, England including Stonehenge, Avebury, Chalice Well, and Archangel Michael’s Tor, etc.... Then we will extend this energy throughout Wales and out through the Holy Isle of Anglesey. We will encircle Wales, encompassing the Preseli Stone hills, where the puzzling blue stones of Stonehenge come from. We will also work with sacred landscapes filled with many stone circles, and holy wells ... and even possible portals to other worlds. We will even dig into controversial stories of young Merlin, the Lady of the Lake, King Arthur, and places where odd lights in the sky and UFOs have been reported. But it is not these things why I am called to Wales. But... they ARE clues, or signs that say “Come here and see what mysteries we have hidden for you to uncover”. Enduring myths are always clues that point to where the deeper truth is held. And I am just a sacred site, addicted, spiritual archaeologist who just can’t stop digging into the past and the myth to hopefully find the truths.

📣 ~ Biodynamisk nyt i 14 pkt. (Lars Mikkelsen's Nyhedsbrev | Biodynamisk forbrugersammenslutning) ~ |

1 Lysrodspulver sælges
2 Over 200.000 Nkr. til Steiner-institution fra basar
3 Mobil-begrænsninger i Stavanger
4 Økologi i andre lande
5 Gift i citrusfrugter
6 Kritik af pesticid-overvågning
7 Flere pesticidfund i drikkevand
8 Rullende gårdbutik kører rundt
9 Frydenlunds kurser
10 Sanduko – Steinerbørn i Afrika
11 Om ældre og død
12 EM-problemer – god oversigt
13 Mediciner i miljøet
14 Hormoner i grundvandet.
Følg de røde tal nedad i venstre side.
1 Lysrodspulver sælges
Så er vi nået til den store mærkedag hvor det første danske Lysrodpulver er klar til salg…
Etiketterne er helt dugfriske og er ved at blive rullet på glassene.
På fotoet nedenfor ses etiketten:

På den nye premiere etikette, introduceres også Foreningen Artemisias logo, som er tegnet af Rose Marie Blauenfeldt Kühl.
Logoet ses yderst til højre på etiketten.                                      (En let råhvid farve vil komme på Artemisia gudinden senere)

Lysrodspulveret kan bestilles på eller direkte på mailen
Et glas koster kr. 155,- + forsendelse.
Høsten af årets lysrødder sker som bekendt i weekenden lørdag d. 30. november og søndag d. 1. december fra kl. 11-17 begge dage.
Alle interesserede, både børn og voksne er meget velkomne til at komme og hjælpe med høsten. Måske bare et par timer en af dagene.
Gartneriet ligger adressen: Vidarslund Gartneri, Vindbyholtvej 6 C, 4640 Fakse.
Husk handsker og madpakkeJ
De bedste ønsker om en fredfyldt juletid for alle!

2 Mere end 200.000 Nkr til institution
Der sker tilsvarende julebasarer i DK, men jeg ved ikke, hvor meget der kommer ind der.

25.11.2019: Haugesund: På fem timer fikk de inn flere hundre tusen kroner. Det var rene folkevandringen og stappfullt på parkeringsplassen. – Vi ser det øker for hvert år med folk som kommer hit, sier Bjørn-Erik Davidsen, daglig leder ved Steinerskolen. Søndag arrangerte FAU ved skolen og Soria Moria Steinerbarnehage sitt tradisjonsrike julemarked. – I fjor fikk vi inn 220.000 kroner. Det er jeg ganske sikker på at vi passerer i år. Pengene brukes på elevene på skolen. I fjor brukte vi en del på uteområdet til SFO. I høst kjøpte vi inn skolegensere til alle elevene. Både lærere og elever kan søke om midler til ting de trenger. 15 ansatte og 60 foreldre fra barnehagen var i sving denne dagen. Bjørn-Erik Davidsen begynte å jobbe på skolen i 2003. Han sier julemarkedet har hatt en veldig fin utvikling. – Før så vi at det var et toppunkt midt på dagen med masse folk, men nå er det mange fra start til slutt. Det er en dreining til flere stasjoner med opplevelser nå. Lederen av julemarkedskomiteen, Karine Stuve, sier de starter forberedelsene allerede i januar. Komiteen består av sju personer. Vi ser at interessen for å binde kranser og å lage nisser er stor. Det ble lagd nærmere 140 nisser, ca. 50 bjørkehjerter, 70–80 grønne kranser. Samtidig med julemarkedet er det også innskriving av nye elever. – I år ble 17 barn skrevet inn til 1. klasse. Det er veldig mange så tidlig på året, sier Davidsen.

3 Norsk kommune om mobilforbud m.m.
Kilde norske Nyhetsdryss
28.11.2019: Stavanger strammer inn digitaliseringen for skolebarn. Kommunestyret i Stavanger innfører mobilforbud i skolen, og de minste får ikke lenger egne PC-er. Politikerne mener digitaliseringen har gått for langt. Kommunen innføresr felles retningslinjer for en mobilfri skole i hele grunnskolen, altså fra 1. til 10. trinn. Det kommer fram i budsjettet til koalisjonen Ap, SV, Rødt, MDG, Senterpartiet og Folkeaksjonen nei til mer bompenger. I budsjettet går det fram at elevene i første til fjerde trinn ikke lenger skal få private PC-er. Disse erstattes med klassesett som kan hentes fram når læreren mener det er behov. Tiltaket sparer kommunen for tolv millioner kroner over fire år. Gruppeleder for Rødt i Stavanger Mímir Kristjánsson sier til avisen at han er bekymret for kombinasjonen av privat PC, nettbrett, smarttelefon og andre digitale verktøy barna utsettes for i hverdagen, gir de minste en overdose av digitalisering. – Det er lite forskning som gir klare svar på om det er bra å utsettes for så mye skjerm så tidlig. Men det er helt sikkert at ungene ikke har vondt av litt skjermfri, sier Kristjánsson.

4 Økologi i andre lande

👼 ~ 💗 Video og gave: Derfor spænder du ben for at få det bedre (Sofie Rose) 💕 ~ | .. I slutningen af videoen er der en julegave til dig, og du ved, hvorfor du spænder ben for din lykke, og hvad du kan gøre ved det ♥ .. |

TaknemmelighedsTirsdag: Derfor spænder du ben for din lykke

I dag får du både adgang til en video, og du får også en julegave.

I videoen fortæller jeg om, hvordan det kan være at du (og alle andre) ofte spænder ben for at få et bedre, og hvad du kan gøre ved det.

Du finder videoen lige her: klik her


🧟 ~ Lønundersøgelse offentliggjort : Så meget tjener topembedsmændene i din kommune (cand. jur. & markedsøkonom Lars Bjørknæs) ~ | Blogger: HOLD da K* - Verdensalt's egen kommunale Direktør for Socialforvaltningen tjener over 2 millioner kroner og Kommunaldirektøren, lidt under... Langt over gennemsnittet end alle andre embedsmænd og jeg ved, at min kommune, har så SINDSSYG mange negative sager på sig - lige fra pædagoger, som blev suspenderet efter at have glemt barn på en strand, haft mange alvorlige udfordringer med det private plejefirma, ukorrekt medicinhåndtering og doseringsfejl, frås med midler, fakturaer for pleje af afdøde borgere og ældre, der forlængst var flyttet fra kommunen. Styringen af økonomien på skoleområdet er så kaotisk, at flere og flere børn ekskluderes fra folkeskolerne i min kommune, udgifterne eksploderer, og børnene i almenområdet betaler prisen med mere eller mindre skjulte besparelser😥....✊ OPSUMMERING :🌆 GRIBSKOV: Tidl. Borgmester Kim Valentin ('Jeg gider ikke magtkampe') har holdt et møde med plejegiganten Attendo i kølvandet på det seneste røde påbud. Mødet er dog så hemmeligt, at borgmesteren ikke kan gøre os klogere på, hvad der reelt blev snakket om... 🤔Tænk dig godt om inden du flytter dertil med børn eller skal finde bolig... 👉Først var Buster ved at blive kvalt i sandet, og så blev Christoffer glemt på stranden.. 👉Så smed skolebussen et børnehavebarn af uden for hjemmet uden opsyn. Dernæst ville de spare skolebussen væk, indtil de blev sagsøgt.. 👉Lige efter gik Prebens Minibusser konkurs...👉På Gilbjergskolen blev 12-årige Viktor holdt tilbage af fem lærere - beskyldte drengen for ADHD.. 👉Børnesagerne steg med over 300% i Gribskov kommune. Så fik BUPL nok, pædagogernes fagforening rettede stærk kritik mod det politiske kaos på børneområdet. Men det stopper jo slet, slet ikke her.. 👉Over 10 år har man ignoreret, at en livsfarlig mobilmast, er placeret direkte inde i Ramløse Skolebygningen.. 🌆TISVILDE: Behovet for bedre mobildækning trumfer ødelagt udsigt. Det er konklusionen efter seneste udvalgsmøde i Plan- og Miljøudvalget, der tirsdag besluttede at give en landzonetilladelse til masten. Det behager ikke de nærmeste naboer... Sidste skud på stammen: 82-årige Ejvind som blev nægtet en ny bolig, kommunne granskes om ansattes ytringsfrihed. Alle er tvungen digital post, mens 14 ud af 23 byrødder har fravalgt at få dagsordenerne leveret i papirformat. Kommune gav privat opgave til egen chef... Det er en skandale. Sådan lyder flere facebook-kommentarer til historien om det nytårsmåltid, som ældre i Gribskov Kommune har modtaget til nytårsaften... Direktør om kritik af Parkvej: Ingen problemer med PCB og asbest.. 🌆GILLELEJE: Der er hverken problemer med asbest eller PCB i skolen på Parkvej lyder det fra kommunens tekniske direktør, der ikke genkender kritikken fra forældre og skolebørn, der mener, at skolen er i langt værre stand, end det fremgår af de politiske udmeldinger... og jeg kunne blive ved og ved og ved. Vi kan tage en hvilken som helst anden kommune og finde lignede sager... |

Hvad tjener toppen af embedsværket i din kommune? Det kan du få svar på i den undersøgelse, som vi netop har offentliggjort på

Gennemgangen opstiller ikke kun den seneste årsløn for embedsmændene i hver enkelt kommune, men også hvad de tjente i 2016 og 2017.

Derved bliver det eksempelvis muligt at fastslå, at en lang række af landets kommuner, har givet store lønstigninger til sine ledende medarbejdere. Det på trods af, at en række af selv samme kommuner fast klager over problemer med at få de økonomiske ender til at mødes.

Undersøgelsen kan du finde her

Det er en historie, som vi følger op på den kommende tid...'


Test: Find en tilfældig dansk kommune som er pletfri. Findes ikke, vel?

👒 ~ Obituary: Former Spiritual Seeker, Pureheart Designer, Supermodel and Professional Royal Jetsetter, Henriette Zobel, is Dead. Let the Pre-Birth Cycle Planning begin (SoTW) ~ | Blogger: [🕉️Did she manage to neutralize her Karma or fulfill Dharma, by deep-delving Siddha Yoga, Meditation, Mindfulness and Spiritual Retreats with her indian teacher, Gurumayi? Only she knows, in the afterlife of Summerland (Nirvana). She's back with her beloved husband in father sky😇] ... {H. Zobel died of "Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder (COPD) - KOL" - a disease that affects over 320,000 danes, but only half know they have the disease according to The Danish Health Authority (Danish: Sundhedsstyrelsen)} ...😔May she rest in peace! A good heart has stopped beating, a good soul ascended to heaven. We part with Denmark's beloved open hearted spiritual soul in pain. I wish that our Lord / God / Jesus Christ (Source) brings the Zobel family the much-needed peace during this sad time🙏... Once that has said out loud - SoTW is NOT trying to be 'mean', personally or disrespectful of the so-called "spiritual or alternative healer community" of Denmark, many are desperating "trying" to (heal) or (cure) others, but can't (save), themselves... Buuutt, the Zobel family and especially, Henriette Zobel, had a hell of a ride (VERY turbulent life) during her stay on Earth (this time)... Just before she died, The Danish Business Authority has sent her company Henriette Zobel ApS to compulsory resolution for cheating with 2 million unpaid taxes from her spiritual retreat center... From an outsider perspective, since i didn't know her or went to any of her workshops and retreats - for me, (people will be upset now) for me, H. Zobel, was a bankrupted, alcoholized condemn, traumatized, depressed, heart-broken, glamorous, mysterious, spiritual self programmed jet-set adventurer - yet another innocent spiritual 'figurehead' (pretender) like so many, many other hollywood wives (forsidefruerne)... AND of course, there is no recipe - everyone has their own spiritual path and that makes us unique and special. No one can be better in being you then you, because no one has your history, your genes, your parents, experiences or failures. It is up to you what you make of it... All i'm saying is, be authentic, be honest and truthful to yourselves and others, and just follow the path in this life-time and the next one, because we all, have a clear destination and karmic cycle to fulfill, a continuous Round Robin learning mechanism with our divine contracts, which we signed, before we re-entered Earth... ☝️PS: COPD (KOL) - what to do? There's many, many reasons why people suffer from this disease - main reason is Air pollution, Chemtrails, Tobacco- Drugs and Alcohol Additives, Chemistry in or Food, Toxin Medicine etc. etc... If we look at (Metaphysical causal relationships) by Debbie Shapiro or Louise L Hay ("Your body mirrors your mind") - "Chronic Diseases" or "Lung Problems" - it's about being depressed, feeling sad. Grief. The ability to breathe (receive) life. Fear of to accept life. Not worthy to live life to the fullest... AND, if it is true that 85% of all diseases - even if the number is smaller - are due to attitude and lifestyle, then these require very careful consideration??... |