Dec 9, 2018

Verdensalt | ~ Dialog med mit Højere Selv ~ | Blogger: [🎱Channeled through my holistic doctor and higher self, that February of 2019 will be epic... Arrests and corruption takedown... Many patients of my own naturopathic doctor, has also reacted to this particular month, by ending their illnesses and personally addicted attachment issues... Let it be a cleansing period, a happy New Year wishes and greetings for the EVENT to take place be it... 💪🕺🤗💋😎👐] ... (Law of Manifestation. The method can be summarised in 3 steps. 1. Make your decision 2. Dedication to your decision 3. Physical Action ~ COBRA) ... Got some help from my holistic doctor to ask for major events that (might) affect us globally. And no, i'm no Nostradamus, but listen and trust my intuition, gut feeling and what my guardian angels and Higher Self tells me... and remember... Always use your own spiritual discernment... |

Udgivet den 9. December 2018 af Verdensalt
Højere selv er et begreb forbundet med flere trossystemer, men dens grundlæggende forudsætning beskriver et evigt, almægtig, bevidst og intelligent væsen, der er ens virkelige selv. Blavatsky formelt definerede det højere selv som "Atma den uadskillelige stråle af universet og en selv....
Dit Højere Selv er dig. Dit Højere Selv er den virkelige dig, din samlede sjæle-bevidsthed. Den del af DIG der lever her på Jorden er blot en projektion af bevidsthed i dit Højere Selv. Dit Højere Selv er den mere komplette del af dig, den ene, der ikke bliver frustreret over sløret, der trækkes ned over os, når vi inkarnerer, der får os til at glemme, hvor vi kom fra. Det højere selv er den ene del i din besiddelse af din åndelige kontrakt, den plan du har lavet for dig selv, før du inkarnerede. Dit Højere Selv besidder den guddommelige plan, selve brugsanvisningen over dit livs plan, i sin hule hånd.
Dit Højere Selv er som en tilbagetrukket bevidsthed, der tilbyder sin visdom og anvisninger om, hvor flasken peger hen. Sommetider kan disse retninger tage lang tid at komme igennem ind til dit underbevidsthed. Men der er måder at få adgang til visdom og dit Højere Selv direkte ved at omgå ens underbevidsthed.

Din Højere Selv er ikke "derude" i æteren omkring dig. Dit Højere Selv er dig, din bevidsthed, i din krop.

Det er kun dig, der sætter gang i hjulene og oplever, det du kom her for at lære, før du blev inkarneret, igen og igen. Det er dig, der har dine egne følelser, som reaktion på dine tanker, der skaber din virkelighed. Det er dig, der sætter det op som en mekanisme og kan bruge dem som en 
"spiritual" feedback om, hvor du er på vej hen, i dit liv.

Drudgereport | ~ Schiff: Trump may face ‘real prospect of jail time’ ~ | Blogger: Re-he-he-heally?... and what about the Sealed Indictments? Now reached an unbelievable 63,000. We're hearing some insider chatter that arrests will begin to take place, SOON... |

Verdensalt \\ COBRA | ~ ASCENSION PROTOCOLS: Primary Contracts Removal Decree or Spiritual (Soul) Contracts Revocation ~ | Blogger: From Budapest 2018 and Brazil conference and more... |

Background - Burning Man Night - flower of life art 
To come here you had to accept terms with the dark forces. An agreement that your consciousness will be limited and programmed. You have all signed this, but we have arrived to a moment of free will where we can choose to cancel them.

Those of you who have attacks have contracts from the past, if you cancel these contracts, attacks will stop.

In the name of my I AM That I AM
In the name of my Soul Presence
In the name of all the Light Forces

I now cancel and nullify all my agreements and contracts with the dark forces.
All these agreements and contracts are now null and void, regardless of their content, consequences and my sub-conscious programming
I now release all belief systems that I no longer need or do not serve my higher purpose.

With my free will, I now declare myself free from all influences of the dark forces, now and forever.
I now decree and command full conscious cooperation between myself and the Light Forces.
I now decree and command that my life is guided in full alignment with the Divine Plan.

I now decree and command that miracles manifest in my life in a way that will manifest happiness for me and everyone involved.

I declare and decree that I AM a Sovereign Being of Light.

So be it, and so it is!

Every time you do this you remove…

If you release past contracts, you will be protected and have more freedom of movement, but you have to go through this period of awakening, awake now to who you are, what life is about, sincere and honest, what your mission is and understand the planetary situation.

Destroying the Illusion | ~ [12.8] Huge Q+ Proof / Scaramucci Confirms Q? / Pole Shift / Solar Storms / Sound Levitation ~ |

Jordan Sather (born 1990) in Bremerton, WA, is committed to empowering individuals through sharing knowledge of self and the cosmos. He is passionate about health, and coaches clients who want to become stronger individuals. He also writes for alternative blogs and news sites about new discoveries in regards to science, history, and geopolitics

A Message from my Higher Self | Dec 7, 2018 | Channelled through Mike Quinsey | .. It cannot be emphasized enough that you should seize the opportunity that has now presented itself to clear your old liabilities that you incurred and brought with you from the previous Age that ended in 2012. You were in effect given a clean sheet to commence the New Age with and as a result should find that life becomes a lot smoother and less troublesome. In fact by now you should be able to acknowledge the change and agree that it is progressing much better than before. The vibrations are continuing to lift up and that alone will make your life move along more smoothly .. |

Channeled by Mike Quinsey
© 2018 treeofthegoldenlight

The realisation that there is an undercurrent of change taking place is becoming apparent to many more people on Earth. It is also being noted that there seems to be more compassion for those souls in need more than ever before.

The Human Race is going through a difficult period at present as those who see the greater picture understand the need for action now. More souls than ever are awakening to the needs of the Earth and her people, but struggle to get the support they need. It is a position from which they will emerge victorious but not without a fight.

Some still desire to remain in the old energies and all that they are familiar with, and are reluctant to let them go. Yet the new energies are gaining more power all of the time and it will be impossible to stop the changes from taking place. They will precede the greater changes that will herald the coming of many promised advances that are needed to move out of the old energies.

With the dire warnings of an ever-increasing warming of the Earth, people will expect or even demand immediate action to prepare for the resultant changes while there is still time. They are taking a lead to get things done and not prepared to wait years for Governments to take worldwide action.

It cannot be emphasized enough that you should seize the opportunity that has now presented itself to clear your old liabilities that you incurred and brought with you from the previous Age that ended in 2012. You were in effect given a clean sheet to commence the New Age with and as a result should find that life becomes a lot smoother and less troublesome. In fact by now you should be able to acknowledge the change and agree that it is progressing much better than before. The vibrations are continuing to lift up and that alone will make your life move along more smoothly.

Of course there will be outer problems for some time as much is still in a state of change as the old is finding it has no place in the new vibrations. Focus on your own needs and try not to get involved in negative issues that do not concern you.

Dr. Steven Greer | ~ More information about the Space Force ~ |

Meg Benedicte | ~ 12:12 Stargate Infusion ~ | Blogger: (Excerpts only from newsletter) ... |

We are still integrating the recent 11:11 Gateway Ascension upgrades into our personal lives and into the planetary collective. As the global Matrix control program unlocks, more and more layers of oppressive patterns and trauma release from your energy field. It is a gradual unveiling of your authentic divine self. It is centuries of enslavement code releasing from your bio-energetics. As the waves of control consciousness dissolve and erase, your body, heart and mind are liberated to explore the vastness of the universe.

This is the Awakening so many have been waiting for, the true unveiling of all mind control and emotional manipulation. This is the moment of freedom for humanity and Gaia that the prophets predicted. It is such a shift in consciousness so grand, so monumental, so immersive it will reshape our world for years to come.

Not only did the 11:11 activations peel away more layers of entrapment, but it also ignited more of the merkabic light body. The heart center is morphing into a cosmic stargate of alchemical co-creation. The Soul Star is shimmering in the inner mind/3rd Eye. The physical body is untethered from time and accessing multiple timeline opportunities.

The Soul Family is preparing all of the Light Bearers, Earth Keepers and Wayshowers for the coming bifurcation of the earth plane in 2020-21. We are the stabilizers, the balancers, and the keepers of the ley lines/sacred sites. It is our role to smooth the way as Gaia shifts into higher dimensional frequency planes. We are the midwives of the New Earth.

In just a few days the 12:12 – 12:21 Gateway will open to the Great Central Sun at the Galactic Core, which is located at 26-27 degrees Sagittarius. 12:12 is the sacred day of attunement with all 12 dimensions of our Universe….and ignites the sacred geometry of Union! 12:12 is a universal ascension code that signifies attainment of 12th dimensional divinity. On this day the cosmic portal opens throughout the galaxy for access to higher dimensional realms of consciousness and the activation of all 12 strands of DNA.

When you step into this magical Gateway, you are blessed with the bounty of the divine Christed Consciousness. As you breathe in the Light codes of 12:12, more dormant crystalline DNA will ignite and activate within the merkabic light body. The 12:12 – 12:21 Gateway is aligned with pure creative force at the Galactic Center – it is source manifestation. This is a power moment of infinite possibilities.

Englemagi v. Sofie Rose | ~ 🎄9. låge: Stilhed ~ | Blogger: Check også Sofie Roses' webinar: 'Lys Englene kalder - måske på dig?'... |

I dag er det den 9. december i Den EngleMagiske Julekalender <3

Håber du har haft en fredfyldt nat med englene.

I dag vil englene gerne hjælpe dig med at invitere stilheden ind i dig.
Det eneste du behøver er 1 minut.

Vil du høre, hvordan englene gerne vil hjælpe dig- find dagens låge her

Stateofthenation2012 \\ SITSSHOW \\ David Icke | ~ NWO VIP's GEORGE H.W.BUSH, BARBARA BUSH, JOHN McCAIN, ZBIGNIEW BRZEZINSKI, DAVID ROCKEFELLER GONE....WHO'S NEXT? HENRY KISSINGER OR GEORGE SOROS? ~ | .. Submitted by the Armchair Geopolitical Analyst .. |

You have to admit: there’s a changing of the old guard…especially the one that guarded the secret plan known as the New World Order (NWO).

The past two years have seen a major die-off of the primary pitchmen and high-profile decision-makers within the NWO globalist cabal.

With the death of these powerful proponents of One World Government, the NWO agenda loses steam; for it was these principal pillars who zealously held up the temple of globalism.

Each of these movers and shakers was a key cog in the machine that operates like a cold-blooded juggernaut running roughshod over nations large and small.

They relentlessly pushed for a One World Government as though it was a foregone conclusion.

With only a few more 20th century icons of “Ordo ab chao” remaining, the energy which animates so many covert schemes to achieve total world domination inexorably dissipates.

For it’s the power and influence of well-positioned people in places of great consequence — like these NWO frontmen — that determine the destiny of nations and civilizations alike.

Therefore, once these titans of globalization leave the planet, the likelihood that their collective vision will manifest diminishes considerably.

This is also why there is so much chaos in the world in 2018: the power vacuum created by the demise of so many NWO heavyweights has thrown the whole multi-decade conspiracy into complete disarray.

The resulting pandemonium has broken out into the open like never before, giving all of humanity a glimpse into the inner workings of the matrix—the Global Control Matrix.

Globalist cabal in chaos



Something Very BIG Just Happened at the Bush Memorial Service in 

D.C. (Graphic + Video)


David Icke Exposes George H W Bush

NN | ~ TERRAFORMING has begun: “Global dimming” is a plot to EXTERMINATE humanity by terraforming the atmosphere with SMOG pollution, killing Earth’s food crops and unleashing ecological collapse ~ | .. “Stratospheric aerosol injection” now the new name for chemtrails / geoengineering .. | Blogger: [⛈️Minister for Climate and Energy Lars Christian Lilleholt (V) want to SAVE the world and methods to bind CO2 from the air in farmland, forests, subsoil and cement!🌫️]... In other wordings, the Minister of Energy, Utilities and Climate of Denmark, who controls the use of HAARP from Norway over danish territories, Chemtrails, pollution in the major cities, pollution on a disastrous scale from environmental cost of Wind Turbine Manufacturing, Maersk Oil maritime pollution etc. wish to PULL the CO2 and then Chemtrails of known toxic spraying (unknown numbered) USAF/CIA planes into Danish soil. In the same time, atomic waste in Denmark is still a hot potato - both politically and as far as the public is concerned (nuclear fuel rods, depleted uranium). But the Minister don't see any issue on this matter... |

(Natural News) Now we come to the end game for humanity. This is it, folks: They have a plan to collapse global food production, kill off over 90% of the human race, devastate natural ecosystems and pollute the Earth’s atmosphere… and it’s all being sold to you under the banner of “environmentalism.”

The scheme is called “global dimming,” and it’s a dangerous geoengineering plot to spray billions of tons of smog into the atmosphere so that pollution levels would block sunlight and halt global warming. This is literally what the mad environmental scientists are now proposing — the very same people who have, for years, claimed that “chemtrails” are a conspiracy theory and don’t exist. Now, all of a sudden, they want to chemtrail the entire planet in order to “save” us all from global warming.


Klimaet er en brændende platform. Vi når kun Paris-målet, hvis vi binder CO2 i jord og skov, mener minister.

Tæt på sandheden med Jonatan Spang (10) | Dec 9, 2018 | ~ Lightworkers & Lightwarriors Being Sensitivity and Vulnerability Is A Strength and Not a Weakness. Because We Shine More And More Light, We're Open For Attacks ~ | Blogger: 🔭A highly advanced electromagnetic frequency fence, called the Veil, has power to program and re-program our crystal implants/imprints in the Etheric (physical) energy body and Astral (emotional) energy body〰️... |

 ... "There are three implants in the etheric body auric field of each incarnated human. They are small etheric black holes which are put into a rotating etheric scalar electromagnetic field with a rotational frequency of 6.666 Hz. This is a resonant frequency which tends to suppress human emotions and free will initiative ~ COBRA"... 
🔮" Crystal implants are actual crystals that have been grown and programmed in laboratories in eras past (examples – Mu, Lemuria, Atlantis, etc.).  They were programmed to limit you and block you from reaching your full potential.  The crystals were physically put in your body.  As you died in that lifetime and reincarnated in another lifetime, the crystals became imprints that are located in the etheric body.  The etheric body is the layer of energy next to your skin.  The crystal imprints carry on their mission of limiting you and blocking you as you go through life and will continue to do this until you have them removed.  A person can be implanted in many lifetimes, each time a person dies, the implanted crystals don’t die or disappear, instead – they become “lodged” in your etheric body.  This can happen lifetime after lifetime. Again, they will remain there until you have them removed.  Your angels, guides, etc. cannot remove them since they were implanted by a 3rd dimensional be-ing, they must be removed by a physical 3rd dimensional be-ing.  You can’t compare this form of crystals (man-made programmed crystal) to your body changing from carbon based to crystalline based cells.  They are two entirely different things." (drsmick)... 
✍️ Everyone needs a pep talk every now and then. Especially if you're feeling lost or unfulfilled in your current role and mission, whatever it is, you feel down, low energy, fatigue, feelings of worthlessness, or feeling “numb” etc... This weekend was tough on me... After my missions in Italy and Brazil, going home was tough... Some of us are doing missions, burying stones (in the soil) around the planet right now (fortifying the Light Grid)... It's no secret, i did my part in Copenhagen in the weekend, near Royal Library of Denmark, Hotel were Bilderberg meeting took place in 2014 (and near parliament tower copenhagen)... Then hell broke loose and maybe before that... I know that Archons grid has been attacking us, me, it was my heart chakra, to break my love connections (separation scheme) and when i talk to our groups, EVERYONE is under attack!... You don't know what i'm talking about? ...

Looooong story short: -- Etheric Archon Grid a.k.a. The Matrix: The archons have been sustaining their control with a special technology that is called the Veil in 5000 years of perfection. It is an electromagnetic frequency fence on the lower astral and especially on the etheric plane, extending maximally 13 km (8.6 miles) upwards and downwards from the surface ground level of our planet, that to a great extent prevents the Light from coming into the quarantine Earth. The Veil is being operated by the non-physical archons. This technology could be best described as etheric HAARP... (What can we do? Protection, Protection, Protection!)... This technology distorts the time/space structure on quantum level and thus creates big difficulties for UFO propulsion systems of the positive ET forces. In the past, this has hindered the progress of the positive ET races towards this planet significantly. Apart from keeping the good ET’s at bay, the Veil has a function of programming/reprogramming the human population and keeping it in the reincarnation / cycling process ~ PFC ...
Small 'black dots' are implants. The third one is placed at your neck (fear & survival)

Removal of implants (or programming) that creates cracks in the Matrix

Angel Eyes

Simple techniques such as imagining a golden orb surrounding you that prevents detrimental objects, beings and energies from interacting with you, can be very beneficial in preventing further implanting. The more you practice maintaining this golden orb around you the stronger the protection will get. Using vision, sound and feeling senses rather than just one alone to create your orb again will make it stronger. Make sure that you check your orb several times a day to start with so that it is not thin, cracked/damaged in any way and simply imagine recreating it completely if needed. You may like to experiment with multiple layers on your orb with different colours of light, though gold, white and violet are generally the better colours due to their higher frequency...

READ MORE: By Grant Podesta

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  • Visualise placing your body in a hexagonal crystal, the shape of which is shown above.
  • The top of the crystal would be where your Soul Star Chakra is, while the bottom point is the Earth Chakra.
  • The top horizontal "line" aligns at the Heart level, while the bottom horizontal "line" aligns with at the Sacral level.
  • Visualise each crystal point as electric blue lights, these 14 points are portals. They create a vector equilibrium. **You could also visualise the 3 main implants as points of electric blue lights**
  • Keep this visualisation for about 10 - 15 minutes.....

  • Visualise placing your body in a hexagonal crystal, the shape of which is shown above.
  • The top of the crystal would be where your Soul Star Chakra is, while the bottom point is the Earth Chakra.
  • The top horizontal "line" aligns at the Heart level, while the bottom horizontal "line" aligns with at the Sacral level.
  • Visualise each crystal point as electric blue lights, these 14 points are portals. They create a vector equilibrium.
  • Keep this visualisation for about 10 - 15 minutes........