Jul 14, 2022

📰🍿❌ ~ ('Obama gave media carte blanche to lie and use propaganda by signing HR 4310.') Resored Republic via a GCR (DC) ~ | Blogger: [👄RUMORS AND GOSSIP REPEATERS👂] ... 🌟🙋🤗⚠️BREAKING NEWS: Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi resigns⚠️🤗🙋🌟... WAAAAUV! C.A.B.A.L.S. most scandalous-banking-crook Mario Draghi resigns after major protests and outcry from the People in Italy with MASSIVE Great Fire of Rome July AD 64! Who's next? This summer is spicy hot HOT [HOT]... 👉At the same time - Twitter is back after a MAJOR outage. Biggest in years Users around the world are reporting login issues with the widespread social news media... 👉The President of Sri Lanka has sent mail and letter of resignation who escaped to the Maldives... 👉Boris Johnson set to step down on September 6... 👉Britain's Northern Ireland minister resigns... 👉Estonian PM Kallas resigns to form new government... 👉Israel's prime minister is stepping down, sparking a new round... 👉Armenian Prime Minister Pashinyan announces his resignation to enable snap polls... 👉Macron ordered to RESIGN as French President faces urgent probe after ‘betraying France’... 👉 Ukraine’s Ambassador to Germany, Hungary, Norway and Czech Republic... 😋Danish Mink-Queen steps down, Pedo-Pope resigns, Queen-Lizzie are declared dead and Mr. Trump returns (just kidding - wishful thinking)... ✊The rest is history as you say... |

(SoTW outside this important report) - 'You've been served: Btw, a Danish "bailiff", lack of a better word, made countless house calls to put me away and finally caught me with an subpoena - he didn't succeed delivering the piece of illegal documents of toilet-paper by Admiralty law or maritime law. The freemasonry runned The Danish Courts had already warned me on sending police. First everything was hunky dory and I didn't have to pay a dime - Boy, was I wrong. The whole issue is a simple old sole proprietorship unincorporated businesses that has NEVER, put in use. Buuutt, the Danish court system MUST make money with lawyers and all the lackeys, whether you create a company or closure. Therefore, after demand from the state to dissolve IVS in 2019 short for Iværksætterselskab (entrepreneurial limited company) and convert into a ApS with a fee or capital requirement for DKK 50,000, I kindly declined. Companies that do not allow themselves to be re-registered will be forcibly dissolved. Remember, my company was never in use and had no legal auditing. But, the court-system didn't believe me, not even, if they have all the digital access and data on me and I personally, have no access to Erhvervsstyrelsen (Danish Business Authority) or anything involved with my IVS. However, if you own the state money aka Gældsstyrelsen (The National Debt Management Agency) they will get very, very FURIOUS. They can even stop you in the airport or block your bank account, stele your salary or bailiff's court can carry out a so-called "bailiff's business" - that means they can take all your personally belongings, including mobiles and computers... Sooo... If I disappear in prison, with no blogposts and communication devices, you know - that I didn't kill myself. I haven't broken any Universal laws or Earth laws, that I'm aware of, in my entire lifetime (perhaps in earlier lifespans). If any spiritual guides are listen to me, please help. I have been working for banks my entire life, with highest security clearance and now this with no money, income and living peacefully, outside the 3-D matrix... |

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Restored Republic via a GCR as of July 14, 2022

Compiled Thurs. 14 July 2022 12:01 am EST by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, Therapist ret, Journalist, Author: “Twenty Two Faces: inside the extraordinary life of Jenny Hill and her twenty two multiple personalities.”

Obama gave the media carte blanche to lie by signing HR 4310, which allowed propaganda to be used on the American people by it’s own government.

The Vaccine:

Greatest Unmitigated Disaster in the History of Medicine

The Vaccine has been the greatest unmitigated disaster in the history of medicine. I’m seeing all types of malformations, miscarriages, abnormalities, abnormal bleeding, growth restriction, separation of the placenta. We have millions of complications worldwide.” …Dr. James Thorp

Promises of Liberty

“From Every Mountain Top Let Freedom Ring”

Memorial Day: Promise of Liberty (5/30/2021) | Music & The Spoken Word – YouTube

Judy Note:  

  • Wed. 13 July MarkZ: Iraq contacts say the government will be organized in a couple of days, and then the release will be a day or two after that. They were having major bank meetings today. Any Internet issues with the Ten Days of Darkness will be temporary and in only certain areas as based on Military activities.
  • This morning of Wed. 13 July I was informed by a Bond Holder who was expecting liquidity today or tomorrow, that they were told it would be another week before their account was liquid (around Wed. 20 July). This doesn’t necessarily mean that there has been a change in the payout schedule since Bond Holder payouts were said to be beginning with the smallest accounts and going on up to the largest.
  • The Trustee of the St. Germaine Trust has already released money to certain accounts.
  • Tues. 12 July Bruce: In the last couple of days Bond Holders have started being paid. There were about 20,000 Bond Holders and about 20% have received monies in their accounts. They are paying beginning from the smallest accounts up to the largest accounts. All Bond Holders will be paid over the next three weeks.
  • Coach Jerry: “I’m estimating that the ‘Great Reveal’ Mass Military Action, coupled with us being at our appointments, will happen between now & Sat. 30 July.”
  • Reminder: No one, and I mean Absolutely No One knows the exact time and date that the Global Currency Reset would be finalized, with codes entered for notification of Tier 4B (us, the Internet Group) to set redemption/ exchange appointments – it dependent upon an earth shattering Event such as a global financial crash. The exact time would be decided by the Military out of calculations of their Quantum Computer and based upon concerns for safety of The People. Trust the Plan.

🙏 ~ 💝 (Transmission from IC: 138 Motherships & 1000s of spacecrafts of Nataru Alliance. 550 vessels has entered orbit of Jupiter. 4 near LEO) Todays Inspirational Spiritual Quotes & Videos (SoTW) ~ 💕 |

(3) CONTACT 10 -The Fleets of the Star Nations (July 13 2022) - YouTube

👁️⃤🤘🐐 ~ (Mææættes forkærlighed for Anker Gedeskæg...) Til minde om en helt almindelig helt: Fra lagerdreng til forbundsformand og statsminister. Kjolebærer, borgmesterkæde, frimurer-flittig og snu politisk operatør præget af økonomiske kriser og lokumsaftaler (SoTW) ~ | Blogger: [👉1972-82 og nu 2020-2022 - et Danmark bøjet i ubønhørlige ubalancer👈] ... Nej, nej, nej, vi gider ikke at høre om, at Dannevang, er styret af frimurerne. Jamen så tal du med Knud Jakobsen, fra partiet: Folkets Ret (RettenPaaVrangen.dk) som har hjulpet hundredvis af alm. danskere, fra den rige Bøje Nielsen til alm. husmødre, siden 1975 indtil dato, klædt af til skindet, frataget alt, der udløste selvmord, tvangsauktioner, fratagelse af værdier og børn, eftersom de gik op imod Frimurerne. Hædersmand, Orla Møller, 1916-1979 præst, S-justitsminister, Knud's gamle lærermester, som han tit snakkede med på Christiansborg om grusomhederne der fandt sted og han var rystede, også selvom han selv, var frimurer! Knud mistede selv alt eftersom han fik afsat flere dommere. Det var et decideret hævntogt, gennem 50 år, fra især det brændende Sorø-klanen, som til sidst, fratog Knuds private ejendomsgård og nedlægge et erhverv, på en moms og gældsfri velplejet 15-20 mio. kroner stort og verdensanerkendt “hestestutteri” i Dianalund (heste prinser opkøbte) og efterlod Knud og hustru, uden en krone, med 2 sultne hunde, fordi, man var "imod", Den Danske Frimurerordenen... |

Arbejdermuseet sætter fokus på Anker Jørgensen, men glemmer at stille helt centralt spørgsmål (berlingske.dk)
Historien, han ikke talte om: Da Anker Jørgensen var koldblodig frihedskæmper | BT Danmark - www.bt.dk
Mette Frederiksens forkærlighed for Anker Jørgensen bliver dyr for Danmark - Liberal Alliance


"Jens Otto Krag, Anker Jørgensen og Orla Møller, alle frimurer. Fleste frimurer er fra rød blok, især S, men blå blok, også. Knud var den eneste dansker, som vidste, Jens, Anker og Orla, gik til frimurermøder. Orla advarede Knud at de var "farlige" og sagde; 'hvis ikke jeg var frimurer, havde jeg aldrig fået min post, som minister."  

Knud på videoen... (og fra andre videoer)  

(Knud Jacobsen fra partiet: Folkets Ret (RettenPaaVrangen.dk)

Optagelse i Christian den Fjerdes Laug af Dronningens soldaterkammerater
Mette Frederiksen optaget i Lauget

Corona hjalp Kongehuset til millionoverskud i 2021

Den første ikke-frimurer der blev lukket ind var Dronning Margrethe i 1993...

Frimurerne i Danmark og Norge De hemmelige ritualene 1

"Kongehuset, styrer Den Danske Frimurerorden og frimurerne styrer alle ministerier og styrelser" 

~ Knud Jacobsen

💎 ~ 💗 (King Solomon, Alexander the Great, Akbar, Templar group and Vril girls with pure Light of...) CINTAMANI SACRED STONE (SoTW Archive) 💕 ~ | Blogger: [👉Cintamani Stone 'Celestial Substance' Precious Out-Of-This-World Rare Sacred Gem👈] ... Thanks to PAO/Galactic Heart for sharing... I'm telling you, these sacred stones are incredible powerful and (alive)... First time it came in SoTW's possession of a stone was at U.S. conference by Rob Potter and Tracy Houghton in Mt. Shasta, California. One of the MOST amazing places in the world and conference, I've EVER attended... 2nd time was THE ASCENSION CONFERENCE in 2016 by Cobra and Isis Astara in Chania, Crete. It was of course, tachyonized. I placed it in my hand it felt like a VERY strong burning sensation... Several other times, I have bought Cintamani stones through my danish contactee at THC (Tachyon Healing Chamber) in Denmark... ALL of them are missing... It's funny, it seems when the energy is no longer needed, 'they' will leave you... I used to talk to Tracy Houghton about that, because as she said, when Rob and her where shipping them to customers, it went to different locations at different post offices, before the stones, finally arrived at their destination.. Anywho, Cobra has once said, that if you have a Cintamani stone, it will be completely transparent and sparkling of enormous light through the hole transition of the EVENT and give you great power (something like that)... I have personally placed or burried Cintamani & other gem grade stones next to the darkest corners in Denmark, especially at the Parliament and in some parks, without CCTV camera caught me (and other places in the world)... PS: besides the small grade stones, regular grade, gem grade stone and large gem grade stones, there's a even rare version now in the form of a 'Pearl' (it's quite expensive)... PSS: the Agartha cintamanis are infused with energies of the Agarthan underground kingdom of Light... NOTE: Be very carefull who you buy them from, since there's so many SCAMMERS out there and it's a Unique gemstone, and expensive. Some comes from deep within the jungle, others from scared places like Sedona, Arizona - I have heard... |


Cintamani Stones | Tachyon Paris 

Source: http://www.cintamani.space/Agartha.html

Cintamani is a sacred stone which came from the Sirius star system. Millions of years ago, during a Galactic superwave, a planet orbiting Sirius A exploded. Its fragments traveled in all directions, some of them reaching Earth after a long journey through interstellar space.

In the last 25,000 years, the positive Agarthans were guardians of Cintamani stones. Throughout the history, they have given pieces of Cintamani to some of those individuals who had the maximum potential positive influence on the human history. King Solomon, Alexander the Great and Akbar were in possession of a piece of Cintamani stone.

One piece of Cintamani, previously in Templar possession, was given to Edward Bulwer-Lytton, who revealed the existence of Agartha to humanity in his famous novel The Coming Race.

Later this same piece was given to a certain Templar group near Untersberg and then to the Vril girls (die Vrilerinnen) who channeled the technological know-how for first working space program on the surface of the planet since the fall of Atlantis.

🎁 ~ 💗 [GAVE] Smuk healende online ceremoni (Sofie Rose) 💞 ~ | Blogger: Og der er ikke et øje tørt, som man siger og naturligvis er SR en forretning også, ligesom Janine Morigeau m.fl. Normalt reklame-advisere verdensalt.dk, ALDRIG noget ud, der kan clickbaites til sponsor-nyheder eller andre former for fælder til sider, hvor man skal betale, fordi, jeg aldrig selv, får en krone, for det jeg, laver. Der findes jo næsten ingen i dag, som ikke er startet sin spirituel forretning / alternativ behandlertilværelse, uden en REIKI-uddannelse. Er selv uddannet hos Marzcia Techau, og hun er bare så sød or rar. Virkelig og åbenbart nu, også blevet en kendis, og været på landsTV. Uha da da. Kan også huske anden kendis, ejendomsmægler, Pernille Sams, på et af REKI-kurserne, der pludseligt dukkede op og så fik jeg nok. Falder ikke i svime over nogensomhelst idoldyrkelse, fankulturen og Kongehus-fantasme. Kender/kendte også til familien "Damsgaard" og det billede jeg fik at Preben, er ikke for børn.... Puhaaaa!... Med al det, 'drama' (ond moralitet, manglende etik, pengegrådighed, magt og egoisme) fra vores såkaldte 'autoriteter' og samfundsnormer, har vi brug for (gratis) englemagi, healing samt fuldmånemeditationer, med SR... Selvom jeg er vokset ud over SR; "Det er ikke fordi jeg har lyst, men jeg trænger" - som fru murermester jessen, ville ha' sagt det... Desværre har Gaia TV og Vita Storborg, stoppet med at udsende Fuldmåne astrologi siden juli 2018, men så er det godt, at SR, kan hjælpe os på rette vej med en kærlig omfavnelse. Og jeg eeelsker, gratis ting 👼... |



🔦✨🧞🤦‍♂️ ~ (Joe Biden C'mon Man REMIX - WTFBRAHH) “What am I doing now?”. “YOU. WALK. ON. THE. RED. CARPET.” I wanted to shout at my computer screen (SoTW) ~ | Blogger: [🤜NEW LOW-POLL: 18% wish Biden to Run in 2024. Approval rating sinks to historic low of 29%🤛] ... Will Joe (“Super-Creepy” Hair-Smelling Pedo-type) Biden be next to be "falling"? This is when I was asking my Higher-Self last month through my holistic ND - 🙋 Will there be public revelations of a larger scale this month June 2022? A YES - the person or president Joe Biden, will be revealed with a BREAKING-NEWS !. YES! Either president declared "deposed", declared "demented" or "sick of Corona" YES! (sooo it's coming)... Last week, I can't remember, I saw some of the "nasty" stuff that was leaked from Crackhead Hunter Biden AKA The Devil's Advocate's iCloud account with him and his Satan prostitutes and much more. Jesus Christ how disgusting, nauseating and even repulsive that was... As (Cosmic Light Force) are saying; 📑"You are literally watching a scripted movie, based on real life events. Yes it’s a bad & ugly movie, but necessary to break the broadcast spells & the mass formation psychosis grip. This was part of Operation Wake Up."📑... |

Shawn Leege på Twitter: "Notice anything? https://t.co/eHleFBYOVf" / Twitter

Telegram: Contact @DongaldTrunk

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