Feb 26, 2020

💸 ~ Nægter at betale negative renter ~ | Blogger: [💯Folkens! Det kan da ikke komme bag på jer, at Bankerne er en pengegrisk virksomhed, som tjener penge ved at plyndre og forråde med arme og ben til bankbossernes løninger, stakeholders og aktionærene!?🤑] ... JEG SAGDE DET JO!... Hvis, cykelbudene fra GoLDMaN SLaCKS, Rothschild Banditterne og Nordea's Casper von Krudtugle, Frank Klam-Jensen, de fire fede skattefidusejere af Danske Bank-bosser på lukrativ skatte- ordning, går ud i samlet flok og BENÆGTER, at en flok rigmænd i al hemmelighed, underskrev en alliance, kaldet "Federal Reserve System" i 1913 (The Creature from Jekyll Island), så findes den sikkert... OGSÅ, langt, langt, langt, mere avanceret inkorporeret i Finansministeriet og Centraladministrationen, som betaler 'Pantepenge' til Wall Street bankejere, verden over... HELD og lykke med at få kontanter ud af en bank - de har nemlig INGEN - blot digitale KONTO-penge... Mens rige trækker penge ud af banker i Schweiz til egne pengeskabe, lukker danske banker smuthullet for kontante ind- og udbetalinger, filialer, person betjente kasser og har leveret nye regler i samarbejde med Staten. Èn af disse hedder Hvidvaskloven og kontant betaling på 8.000 kr. skal indberettes. Hæver du eller indsætter du 50.000 kr. eller mere i kontanter skal man udfylde en masse formular og du bliver spurgt til hvad de skal bruges til o.s.v., o.s.v. Bankerne ville gå i panik, hvis alle forsøgte at trække Deres penge ud, ligesom i Schweiz eller Grækenland, da de gik bankerot, fordi, de lever og står for deres (falske) gode renommé og image og udlån af digitale overførsler, ikke kontanter... Men det kan faktisk ikke lade sig gøre, at trække 1 million ud af en bank i kontanter... TRO MIG... Har arbejdet for dem i 30 år... |

Kilde (E.B.dk)

Flere og flere danske banker kræver nu penge, for at passe på folks indlån over 750.000 kr. i dag har en bank endda sat betalingsgrænsen ned til 250.000 kr.

"- Bankerne har vanvittige overskud, men de er grådige, skriver Lars K således, og Tonny H foreslår, at staten laver en bank, hvor man kan han sine penge stående uden at betale: - Det er vist tid til at kræve en statsejet bank."

🛡️ ~ ECETI: Coping With The Shift, Discernment In The Days To Come ~ |

James Gilliland is a minister, counselor, an internationally known lecturer, best selling author with the books, Reunion with Source, Becoming Gods, and The Ultimate Soul Journey. James appeared in Contact Has Begun, His Story, The History Channel, UFOs then and Now, UFO Hotspots, ABC, Fox News, BBC Danny Dyer Special, Paranormal State, ECETI Ranch a Documentary, and the new movie Thrive have all featured James and ECETI which he is the founder. He has appeared on Coast to Coast, Jeff Rense, and to numerous other radio shows to mention also being the host of, As You Wish Talk Radio, www.bbsradio.com and Contact Has Begun, www.worldpuja.net. He is a facilitator of many Eastern disciplines, a visionary dedicated to the awakening and healing of Humanity and the Earth and teaches higher dimensional realities from experience

The Latest from ECETI and James Gilliland 

Coping With The Shift, Discernment In The Days To Come

“These are not wars of the flesh these are of principality and spirit”

There are polarity wars now occurring on the Earth which are escalating. They are wars between Love, hate and fear, Universal Law verses Draconian law. Predators, victims, and saviors caught in an endless cycle pulling others into their hamster wheels while the feeding frenzy by unseen negative influences continues. Muktananda once said there are two reasons for every action, Love and lack of love. One cannot profess to be enlightened, operate in Christ or Buddha consciousness and at the same act entirely opposite. I love the saying, “Pull the beam out of your own eye before taking the splinter out of another’s.”

The internet is buzzing with people working out their own victim patterns, wounds, traumas and wrong conclusions through blame and projection. Most are operating from gossip and rumors, viciously attacking others they have never met nor have any first-hand knowledge of who they are attacking and what they stand for or do. They can’t see past their own filters, wounds traumas or take stock in what is motivating them. I might add what is feeding on them and the chaos they create. We also need to ask who is sponsoring them giving them a platform or paying them. Are they being promised a well paying future in Networks funded by well known admitted Luciferians? Have you seen the wave of Satanic, Dark Witch Craft, Luciferian movies pushing decadence? There is war unfolding and that is a war between Satanic/Luciferians and unseen negative influences feeding off the fear, hate, division, and warring, acts of decadence being created by those in “ignorance” or willingly acting as their puppets. I hate to sound biblical but things are going biblical.

These forces have infiltrated the political, religious and business institutions along with the music and movie industries. This includes the UFO and Spiritual communities where they are hard pressed to control the narrative. They are dispensing with anyone who is awake and authentic with the true messages of Spiritually and Technologically Advanced off World Visitors along with our Ancient Ancestors returning. This includes the messages of children who remember where they came from before incarnating and most women who bring a higher perspective beyond the nuts and bolts. Ever wonder why ufology is still stuck in proving ufos are real with 60 to 70 year old stories keeping everything far away, nuts and bolts, confused, in the past. What would Off World anti/counter gravity technologies, free energy, miracle healing technology do to those who enslave us through dependency, big oil and big pharma, the war and disease profiteers?

📯 ~ Simon Parkes: Get ready America! ~ | Blogger: [🔦"Get ready for FEMA concentration camps" ~ SoTW?🏕️] ... Simon also mentioned extremely concerning news has been passed on to him in regard to the virus: Total infected in China around the 250,000. Both his sources agree on this figure.. These are known cases - Who knows how many unreported above this figure? Total deaths in China; Source 1 = 12,000 to 25,000. Source 2 = 25,000 to 40,000. A death rate of between 10% and 20% has been told to SP (read the hole report in full with below link) ... |

Source (Simon Parkes Official )
White House ready to emergency spend 2.5 billion dollars in setting up emergency treatment centres / quarantine camps and emergency aid to all US states that can’t control the virus.
So while the public mood music is “it's ok” obviously it’s not...

🛸 ~ UFOmania: Cylindrical flying object caught on video in Walkden, Manchester, UK ~ |

Source (UFOmania - The truth is out there)

🔊 ~ 💗 Sound of stars recorded by #Hubble 💕 ~ | Blogger: [Wauv. Like the movie "Stardust" and Yvaine with her billions of other Star-friends, looking down on Earth and pouring a tone of love sounds] ... SoTW is a true romantic soul looking for my only Star twin-soul... |

🌀 ~ 💗 FM 144: "OPERATION STORM" 💕 ~ | Blogger: [🌠Teilen Is The Name: Starseed Support Channel for Terra Groundcrew🌌] ... And I would add a Cobra-friendly site, like so may others, "respawning" or "recalibrating" some of the intel or esoteric informations given by Cobra, the only spokesperson for The Resistance Movement, in a more "lighter" way to swallow the red pill. That is how SoTW interpret this stuff, but I could be very wrong... To the readers on verdensalt, please always use your own spiritual discernment... |

Source (fm144.blogspot.com)

Since the last entry has caused some fuss; I'll start with a brief follow-up explanation regarding the pulling out of Soul Parts from surface incarnated Starseeds:

First of all, this doesn’t affect all Starseeds. Primarily it is about the more fragile Souls, who have an extremely hard time dealing with the attacks inside the Grid. It doesn’t affect Soul Parts, which are strong enough to deal with the situation (like in Lightwarriors).

Second, the complete Soul is never in the body anyway (too gigantic). You decide yourself in the consciousness of your Higher Self, which parts go into the Avatar, and the HS also decides which parts, in the sense of the bigger picture, go out or are exchanged.

Third, the ascension of the Soul Parts precedes the Ascension Process into 5D. If the Soul Parts are already on the ships or far outside the planet on a non-physical level, then this will inevitably also lead to the fact that it will manifest itself in the material world ... i.e. Event, First Contact, release from Quarantine etc.

And the fourth, last and most important point, it is a precautionary measure of the LFs, because if, for example, the Earth/surface population would be destroyed/wiped out by the detonation of Exotic Bombs, a World War, or the latest visible attempt, a worldwide pandemic, and the Soul would be still surface-bound to a large extent, then it would suffer extreme damage through such an event, so that only returning to the Source could help to recover, but from there on, the Soul would have to start all over again in its development process.

Billions of incarnations and lives of ones Soul in these and other universes would be in vain in an instant. Of course this must be avoided. That was also the leverage of the Chimera and Archons over the Galactic Confederation to hold this planet hostage for so long.

It is therefore a precautionary measure + it is part of the Ascension Process, in this phase in which the hidden war for the Liberation of the Planet becomes more and more visible through measures like the Cabal’s artificial release of a genetically modified virus.

Since this virus has now reached Italy, mass meditations continue to be called for in order to harmonise things:

🤲 ~ 💗 PFC: Unconditional basic income made the economy in Kenya’s villages boom 💕 ~ |

Source (PrepareForChange + kontrast.at)

By Marco Pühringer

A charity implemented a massive economic stimulus package for rural Kenya: 10,500 households received $1,000 each. A study examined the effects. The result: the entire population benefited from the package and every dollar invested boosted the economy by 2.6 dollars. We can learn a lot from this.

Economists founded the organisation „GiveDirectly“eleven years ago. They wanted to help the population in particularly poor regions of Africa and at the same time examine the economic effects of their activities. The idea is simple: A selected group of people receives money. Just like that and without conditions. The people were simply trusted to use the unconditional basic income in a meaningful way. The outcome: The local economy grew and everyone’s wellbeing got better – not only the recipients of the money. A particularly extensive study was conducted in Kenya in Siaya County, near Lake Victoria.

$1,000 for those living in thatched-roof communities

“GiveDirectly” distributed about $1,000 to 10,500 households. The money was paid out in eight installments. The only criterion for being part of the project: You had to live in a thatched house. This was the easiest way to identify who was among the poorest in the village. Those who live in modest prosperity in Kenya usually have a metal roof. And indeed, one of the most striking changes made by the project was that the houses suddenly had better roofs.

✅ ~ DR2: Jonatan Spang, kan du ikke lige opsummere 2019 for os? ~ |

🍜 ~ 💗 Natural News: Powerful natural medicine 💕 ~ |

💉 ~ Statnews: Most adults don’t need booster vaccinations for tetanus and diphtheria, new study concludes ~ | Blogger: AND of course “The CDC declined to comment” on a study that undermines their “vaccine science is settled” mantra... |

DTaP vaccine protects against tetanus, diphtheria, and pertussis.
Source (statnews.com)

People who got all their vaccinations against tetanus and diphtheria in childhood don’t need booster shots to remain protected against the two rare but dangerous diseases, researchers conclude in a new study that found no difference in disease rates between countries that recommend adult revaccination every 10 years and countries that say completing childhood vaccinations is enough.

As of 2017, the World Health Organization recommends vaccinating adults against tetanus and diphtheria only if they didn’t finish their childhood immunization series or don’t know whether they did. The guidelines make exceptions for pregnant women, some types of international travel, and tetanus-prone injuries. But in the U.S., the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices, which makes recommendations to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, currently favors booster shots every 10 years for adults.

The CDC declined to comment on this new study, published Tuesday in Clinical Infectious Diseases.

In what the study’s senior author called an “embarrassingly simple” experiment of nature, researchers compared disease incidence over 15 years in 31 industrialized countries in North America and Europe with similar health care infrastructure and socioeconomic status. They analyzed data from the WHO, adding up to more than 11 billion person-years. The paper looked particularly closely at France, which recommends 10-year booster shots, and the United Kingdom, which has never done so.(READ MORE)

🍭 ~ RT: Pedophile allegations against MPs ‘should have rung alarm bells in govt’ but senior figures turned a blind eye – inquiry ~ | Blogger: [🔎Sorry, SoTW need to address something important. Please read before Downvoting or Shadow banning🔍] ... {Why can't we agree on what's true any more? Are there any 'facts' that are truly, certainly, undeniable facts?} ... HOW do we STOP the #RitualAbuse&Secret Societies, #GlobalPedoGate world of Elites?... By exposing them. By naming names and / or let the 1% of true best in-depth independent journalists deliver stories that has been fact checked over and over again, and not afraid of their reputations and money making monster Lame Stream Media outlets. PedoGate & PizzaGate seem too far fetched to be real right?🍕... As SoTW has reported many, many times before, we're a dealing with a INCREDIBLE large global network, which arms reaches into every single corner of society... I mean, just how common is pedophilia today and throughout history❓ Is it celebrated by the entertainment industry and film/animation giants like Disney❓ Do powerful politicians ever perform pedophilia acts❓ Why did Jeffrey Epstein sit on top of it all and could bring down every single V.I.P. on Earth, but was killed, for it❓ Why are Prince Andrew not cooperating❓ Why did Rotherham grooming gangs may have abused more than 1,500 victims and was covered up by UK govt❓ What is Operation Midlands❓ Who is Jimmy Savile and why did he abuse over 1,000 kids❓ And was the author of Peter Pan, J. M. Barrie a sick pedophile and was Walt Disney a gay pedophile❓. Lolita Island Part 2? Why did FBI raid New York HQ of fashion mogul friend of Prince Andrew in sex trafficking probe❓ Why has Harvey Weinstein found guilty of rape, in a sexual abuse mixed verdict, avoiding life by all the other more important changes that has been dropped❓... |

Source (RT.com)

Politicians, including former Conservative PM Margaret Thatcher, police and prosecutors “turned a blind eye” to allegations of child sexual abuse connected to Westminster and ignored victims, an independent inquiry has found.

The 173-page report compiled by the independent inquiry into child sexual abuse dismissed claims of a conspiracy involving an “organised Westminster pedophile network,” but did reveal serious cover-ups by British institutions. The review was published on Tuesday following hearings over the past two years.

The investigation, which went into allegations dating as far back as the 1960s, concluded that “political parties showed themselves, even very recently, to be more concerned about political fallout than safeguarding.” It goes on to say that the honors system “prioritized reputation” over the welfare of victims of the nominated persons.

The findings may prove to be uncomfortable reading for PM Boris Johnson. As recently as March last year, Johnson told LBC radio that money was being "spaffed up the wall" on historical child abuse investigations. (READ MORE)

Notable incidents

💚 ~ Nyhedsbrev fra Biodynamisk forbrugersammenslutning ~ | .. Biodynamisk nyt i 15 pkt .. |


1 Vejret 2020
2 Danskernes intelligens
3 Støt op om Chris og hans biodynamiske gård
4 DK fået EU til forbud mod 2 sprøjtegifte
5 Oplæg til norsk seminar
6 Fødevare-allergi 3-dobb. siden 2006
7 Demeter vokser i Tyskland
8 Det er alvorligt – 5G forfærdeligt
9 Ultralyd vandmålere – skidt
10 Biodynamisk Jordbrugs Nyt
11 Om Aurions situation
12 Om Venus så smuk
13 Saduko - sposorering
14 Apokalypsen, foredrag
15 Vegetariske på Christiansborg.
Følg de røde tal i venstre side nedad
(Opsætningen driller mig igen - håber I kan finde ud af det!)

1. Vejret i 2020?

Jeg er blevet spurgt om emnet.
Jeg synes, det var svært i 2019.
Nå, men så kikkede jeg nu for alvor på 2020.

Jeg går ud fra Såkalenderen med antal planeter i de 4 elementer.
Dette er kun nogle af de kræfter, der virker i naturen og i vejret.

Dybest set sagde Steiner, at meget i vejret stammer fra os mennesker.
Han talte om det 5. lag (sjælelaget i vor klode) af 7 eller 9 lag – som man nu ser på det.
Det med CO2 kan jeg ikke direkte se har nogen reel indflydelse.

En meteorolog har sagt, at man ikke ved, hvorfor der opstår et lavtryk.
Og altså heller hvor det vil opstå. Men når det i gang, kan det følges og medvirke til en vejrudsigt.
Men kun over de nærmeste dage, da det så svinder væk.

Kan man ved specielle evner starte et lavtryk? Regndans o.l.? Det er ikke helt utænkeligt for mig.

Jeg har lavet mig et skema over årets Såkalender. Den regner med stjernebillederne – ikke med tegnene i astrologien.
Disse billeder er ulige lange. Jomfruen er størst med 45 gr. og Vægten mindst med 19 gr.
I hver måned i Såkalenderen står i øverste linie, hvilket billede hver planet står i. Datoer under viser billede-skift.

Solens billede er vist hver den 1. med i hvilket billede, den der står i. Længere nede står så skiftet til næste billede.
(I år er der en fejl i sep. Der er angivet Mars i Tvilling. Der skal stå Fisk (som i månederne før og efter).
I år mangler i januar skiftet fra Skytte til Stenbuk (er ca. 28-1). (Ingen kan vel være helt ufejlbarlige).
Pluto ser jeg bort fra. Månen skifter 4 gange pr 9 døgn (skifter angivet med time-klokkeslæt og ca. hver andet døgn).

🧑‍⚕️ ~ 💗 Nyhedsbrev: Læge klager over manglende evidens, Sundhedsstyrelsen finansieres af medicinalindustrien, naturligt middel mod coronavirus 💕 ~ | Blogger: [🤜Marts 2020 opdatering fra oplysningsforbundet MAY DAY🤛] ... {🙌Hallelujah! Praise the LORD from the heavens. Stor fanfare🎺} ... 🤗HOLD da op, hvor jeg har sagt det i mange, mange år, at vores elskede Sundhedsvæsenet, er opbygget via medicinalindustriens evidensbaseret viden, grundet pengedona- tioner, mens ikke-evidensbaseret viden, er blevet fortiet og slået IHJEL. Nu ser det endelig ud til, at MASSERNE er vågnet op til dåb. Ihvertfald kritiserer flere sundhedseksperter medicinalfirmaernes finansiering af Sundhedsstyrelsen og kræver at systemet laves om, ifølge Berlingske.dk... Kan også berette om, Lars Mygind, som er en af landets førende terapeuter inden for tankegangen metasundhed siger; Alle sygdomme – også kræft – skyldes traumer... Metasundhedsguruen, Martin Hejlesen, blev også HÅRDT angrebet fra alle vinkler, da han påstod, at solcreme giver kræft, mens solbadning beskytter. At HPV-vaccinen fremmede udviklingen af kræft – i stedet for at forhindre den og at Martin Hejlesens påstand om, at gulerodssaft, kan kurere kræft. Senere, er Martin Hejlesen blevet i medierne og sundhedsapparaturet, dømt som værende, en FARLIG mand. Verdensalt har både været på kursus eller seminarer hos Lars Mygind og Martin Hejlesen, og de er HELT harmløse medmennesker, som gør et KÆMPE stykke arbejde for, at være med til, at HELBREDE og bringe SANDHEDEN, frem i lyset... |

Så blev det februar og lige straks marts. Mere lys og forhåbentlig mindre efterår!
May Day drager til Kassel i kommende weekend, hvor borgerinitiativet skal sættes i søen. Vi skal have stoppet 5G-udrulningen, og vi skal have hele EU med til at samle 1 mio. underskrifter mod det stads. De skal afleveres til Kommissionen, som så skal tage stilling til forslaget. Vi må håbe, de stiller sig positivt, når den tid kommer.  I vil høre mere om underskriftindsamlingen, og hvornår den helt præcist bliver skudt i gang i næste nyhedsbrev. Flere og flere rapporter om skader fra mobilstråling dukker op til overfladen, og flere og flere byer rundt om i verden stopper 5G pga. manglende sikkerhed. Bare de gjorde det samme her! De omtaler det ikke engang.
Vi ønsker jer god læsning!

Overlæge: Vi mangler evidens
Indenfor nogle af de sygdomme, som slår flest mennesker ihjel, mangler der solid forskning bag mange af de behandlinger, som lægerne tilbyder. Det er et kæmpeproblem, siger overlæge.
Kun ganske få – otte procent - af behandlingerne anbefalet i kliniske retningslinjer for hjerte-kar-patienter beror på solid, klinisk forskning. Det viser et nyt studie publiceret i JAMA. Det samme gælder inden for andre områder - eksempelvis kræft og blodforgiftning. Industrien investerer i de behandlinger, hvor de kan tjene penge...
Sundhedsstyrelsen lever på medicinalindustriens penge
Over halvdelen af Sundhedsstyrelsens indtægter kommer direkte fra den medicinalindustri, som styrelsen ellers har til opgave at kontrollere på danskernes vegne. Det bør ifølge Lægeforeningens formand, Mads Koch Hansen, laves om.
Naturligt middel mod Corona
Et godt gammelt middel, som de fleste har i skabet, eller også er det lige nede om hjørnet på apoteket eller i helsekosten, hvor det findes i rigelige mængder. (Desuden skriver Dr. Sircus, at et godt valg uden bivirkninger er magnesium, bicarbonate, jod og selen, såvel som A-vitaminer, D og C. Et næringsstof, der kan bruges intravenøst, hvis det virkeligt er overhængende, er glutathione.)
30 års jubilæum
DSOM (Dansk Selskab for Orthomolekylær Medicin) har haft 30 års jubilæum, og i den anledning er der udgivet et festskrift med mange fine artikler om bl.a. ulighed i sundhed, det "onde" kolesterol, stærke knogler, cancer, mad som medicin og mange andre spændende emner. Alle artikler er til gratis download.
Peter Gøtzsche modtager pris
I sin tak fremhævede Peter, hvor meget det betød for ham at få en pris fra patienterne, fordi han via sin forskning har erkendt, at patienterne som oftest har ret, og det er for dårligt, at hans kolleger ikke har lyttet til dem. Indtryk her fra prisoverrækkelsen.
Vidensråd om alternativ behandling
Lægeforeningen og Danske Patienter har den 20. november 2019 foreslået, at staten opretter et vidensråd om alternativ behandling. Lægernes pludselige ”interesse” er dog næppe tegn på en kovending, og faktisk har befolkningen slet ikke brug for sådan et vidensråd. Men det har Lægeforeningen tilsyneladende.