Apr 25, 2019

Verdensalt | 💓 ~ Todays Inspirational Spiritual Quotes & Videos ~ 💕 | Blogger: Confused?? When verdensalt is talking about the feminine (and masculine) aspect within us - it's all about the uncorrupted feminine power of Goddess energy and feminine essence, that our Mother Gaia really needs right now with opening up to our true spiritually of balancing out the feminine and masculine aspects... Patriarchy, whether you consider it a social system in which men hold primary power and predominate in roles of political leadership, moral authority, social privilege and control of property, unfortunately, has infiltrated woman, as well... Zen Buddhism believes that if an individual has an imbalance of masculine or feminine energy this energy becomes wounded, the same rule applies to organizations and communities. Wounded masculine energy manifests in Abuse of power, Dominance, Aggression, Control, Unhealthy Competition. We can heal the wounded energy by nurturing the opposing energy in this case – feminine. Which manifests in: Unconditional Love, Understanding, Nurturing, Kindness, Surrender. The concept of masculine and feminine energy is not about men and women. It refers to the polarity of behaviors and attitudes that are distinct from gender. Masculine energy is characterized as pragmatic, goal-orientated, competitive and assertive. Conversely, feminine energy is characterized as expressive, relationship-orientated, collaborative and empathetic. So how do we balance our masculine and feminine energy? Cobra is suggesting by daily decree of Primary Contracts Removal or Spiritual (Soul) Contracts Revocation and Removal of implants creates cracks in the Matrix.. Or we could just surrender to the guidance of pure light, of the Source and the pure light beings and receive the unconditional love from our guides and helpers, if we feel so guided... |

BT Royale, DR & Danish national fundraising 2019 | ~ DKK 71,708,044 was the result of the Danish Collection 2019 ~ | Blogger: [👸There's Something About Mary who Is Crossing The Line: Feminism, George Soros' #Metoo, Fake TV-shows Called "Strength The Girls of The World". A Taxpayer Political Controlled 'Emotional' DR Fund-Raising Cash-Cow Circumcision Prevention 'Fatima' Novo Nordisk Show. 12 Biggest NGO's Gathered For The World's Exposed Girls👧🏿] ... HAVE YOU ASKED YOURSELVES IF ANYBODY SURVEILLANCE THESE 12 PROJECTS & IF ALL MONEY GOES TO THESE GIRLS, BESIDES ADMIN COST & BENEFITS NOVO NORDISK CANCER-INSULIN & 12 NGO'S SEX TRAFFICKING SCHEMES??... 👊Nothing and i mean in N-O-T-H-I-N-G, about boys gender inequality affects men too. Boys are equally like girls targeting as sexualization in the world... When do we see a REAL fundraising show, that benefits 100% of the collected money targeting the 64,500 poor children in DK, existence of female paedophiles, PTSD & stress affected Run-down Kids and Adults, Honor veterans, Homeless, Beggars, Immigrants and Refugees, Lonely & Vulnerable families in Denmark?🤗Mind-controlled danish families with their kids, hugging and sending millions away, while Farnsworth Ministries church cheats the congregation shares crocodile tears with companies tax deducted news crawlers/ticker gets maximum coverage. And Audi cars for free and other gifts and music blasting with emotional scenes from Africa sparkles scenes of horror into the living rooms👉DID YOU KNOW, that NBE has interviewed My Vitriol Frontman Som Wardner of today and his says: The Marxist Left & Men Testosterone Elephant In The Room: 'Less tips goes out to feminine Uber drivers, than men (discrimination issues) but turns to be the opposite case, waitresses also get more tips and UK centrepoint charity for homeless fundraising is like; society feels more sympathetic towards woman, than men. Men die younger, takes more risks, more homeless men and takes low jobs, mens suicide is higher' (listen to more) ... {🎀"Basically, it's about justice, says Protector from the organization "Women deliver", who went beyond neutral in 2016.. 'Why should a girl see her brother going to school, while she stay behind, grinding away at home and her options become zero?, "Crown Princess Mary said in the DR1 feature 2018}👉DID YOU KNOW, that Soros gave $246 million to partners of Women's March, and controls all #LivesMatters Campaigns??🌍WHO REALLY SAVES THE WORLD??🤔.. Danish Refugee Council - Fundraising record 2017 - DKK 15M, but DKK 4M goes to admin costs. Does this NGO organization have a financial interest in inviting "a lot of" people or (ghosts) up to Denmark, to make money out of them? 80 pct. by the Danish Refugee Council (international), takes place in the field round the world and therefore NOT in DK📰Journalist returns from Syria, reveals all she saw, including corrupt humanitarian groups🙉Creative enthusiasts in worldwide Private charities and NGOs will increasingly replace the welfare state's heavy bureaucracy. Otherwise, we will be overtaken by emerging economies that do not have the same sentimental relationship with primary schools, public hospitals, kindergartens and public pensions. It turns out, however, that relief organizations (privatized humanism) and NGOs are cold as ice, 'fussy' government-backed organizations such as (Red Cross) and (Save The Children International), used be runned by Helle Thorning, create money for ALL other purposes than humanitarian aid, in the most vulnerable countries. In the beginning of 2017, the theme of Denmark's fundraising was 'No Child Must Starve'.🏴‍☠️ Verdensalt has mentioned it countless times before, it is a difficult pill to swallow, but fundraising shows benefit mainly to whoever sent in most money (Novo 1M, Novo Fund 2,5M) and bills, salaries, organizers behind the show, tele- com providers, administration, warlords of dictators and others, who hive off the best bits, as multinational corporations... |

CARE Danmark, Dansk Flygtningehjælp, Dansk Folkehjælp, Folkekirkens Nødhjælp, Oxfam IBIS, Læger uden Grænser, Mellemfolkeligt Samvirke, PlanBørnefonden, Red Barnet, Røde Kors, SOS Børnebyerne og UNICEF Danmark.

Kronprinsessens feminisme går over stregen

DAVID ICKE: NBE Talks To My Vitriol Frontman Som Wardner About Brexit & The Grown Of The Marxist Left

Blogger: Just take a country like Africa, where most Danes have never set foot. In principle, we do not know ANYTHING about the developing countries, than we swallow by the same news channels, which also run various fundraising shows. Just think about it!Perhaps we are just a little bit too blue-eyed and naive and have been led to believe that our pity and goodness can help Africa because the continent lacks the capacity to help itself. But the reality is another. 

Because even though many people in Africa are poor, the continent is one of the richest in the world when it comes to natural resources. Figures from a recent study by 12 UK and African development organizations show that while Africa receives annually in the region of $ 198 billion in development aid, more than six times as much, or equivalent to $ 1.2 billion, is transferred from the African countries to multinational corporations and countries in the rich part of the world. 

This money disappears out of Africa primarily as a result of a mix of Western companies 'tax evasion and illegal plundering of natural resources, multinational companies' profit hunting and the cost of climate change caused by the rich part of the world ... 

HAITIANS FEAR CLINTONS WILL 'SCAM' THEM AGAINFoundation accused of looting impoverished nation after 2010 earthquake

Udgivet første gang den 20. Februar 2016 af Verdensalt

Indsamlinger til udviklingslandene og de fattige børn i den tredje verden "Afrika, Asien, Syrien" - TV-shows og internationale donarkonferencer - hvor er tv-indsamling til fordel for hjemløse, ensomme og udsatte familier i Danmark?

Som altid smider jeg nogen boldte op i luften. Giver bud på min og andres alternative forestillinger hvordan verden ville fremstå i lyset af konspirationsteorier eller sandheder, fremhæver egen opfattelse af det parallelle univers som vi lever i –eller rettere hvad jeg kalder vildledelse og manipulation. Tekst og sprog er i store træk mine egen, referencer til artikler afspejler ikke nødvendigvis min egen holdning, men er vinkler som kan nuancere emnet fra eksperter, andre links er fra oplyste individer eller organisationer fra nettets mangfoldige univers. 


NGO'er er som udgangspunkt ikke statslige organisationer, men kan de velgørende organisationer undgå at have en politisk agenda? Morten Messerschmidt har inviteret generalsekretær for Dansk Flygtningehjælp, Christian Friis Bach, i studiet til en diskussion om hvordan en af Danmarks største velgørende organisationer sikrer sig at vedblive velgørende uden at have en politisk dagsorden.   
Der var masser af tunge raslebøsser i taskerne, når godhjertet mennesker stiller op gang på gang hver søndag, som indsamlerne ved Kræftens Bekæmpelse eller når massen af hjælpeorganisationer råber om hjælp. Økonomien - er det mest stillede spørgsmål hos Røde kors som påstolere, at for hver 100 kr. der doneres, går 30 kr. til katastrofer og nødhjælp. Jeg kan ikke modargumenter, lyder rigtigt nok!? Om hvorvidt Røde Kors a/s - Privatiseret humanisme, som staten vil have den - eller andre hjælpeorganisationer har inddraget muligheden for korruption, snyd og bedrag inden hjælpen faktisk når ud til de nødstedte, er en anden snak. Her har vi jo udfordringen, ikke sandt? Lad os lige stoppe op et øjeblik og resonere over essensen i et problem: Kan vi uden tvivl, blive overbevist om, at uanset hvor mange penge vi smider efter landsindsamlinger, private nødhjælpsorganisationer eller humanitære formål i udlandet, vide, at det gør en forskel? Svaret er nej. Men, når vi ser billeder, fortællinger samt nyheder fra hotspots om sult og underernæring blandt børn i de tredje lande, sker der en kemisk reaktion hos os mennesker. Først og fremmest en skyldfølelse, vi gør ikke nok for omverden. Forarget over det overhoved kan finde sted, i vores trygge andedam af overdådig, vestlig rigdom - så handler vi. Vi så det mht. danskere der rejste til Lesbos for at hjælpe flygtninge.

Hr. og Fru Jensen kan slet ikke begribe de aftaler og hemmelighedskræmmeri hele denne branche er styret under. Alle kan huske showet og shitstormen omkring Melodi grand prix i 2014 der kostede 334 millioner kroner og efter massivt pres, udleverede DR hemmelige kontrakter.

Men hvem har indkodet det selvevaluerende destrueringsprogram i vores hjerner? Hvordan kan vi redde andre, når vi ikke engang kan redde os selv uden afhængigheden af det danske sociale sikkerhedsnet? Start med at hjælpe vores hjemløse, ensomme og udsatte familier, asylcentre og flygtninge i Danmark! 

Vi kunne starte med mediebranchen og de som tjener på disse underholdningsshows. Det viser sig nu at en It-fejl hos TDC opkrævede en million for meget i sms-donationer der fik ud over 3.301 kunder, som i sidste weekend donerede til indsamlingsshowet via sms. MEGA Pindeligt! 

Uden tøven, poster vi penge via ind via SMS og internettet hjemmefra via Indsamlingsshows som er omgivet af god energi. Vores elskede statsminister, den lille fede svindler Løkke, sidder og tager imod kald fra borgere og virksomhederne får masser af reklameplads via reklamestriben på skærmen. Kendisser og TV-værter med tåre i øjnene, moser os igennem et tæt pakket program, som primært består af underholdningsindslag og intimiderende indslag for, at få flest mulig penge indkasseret. Efter showet går vi alle i seng og føler, vi har gjort en forskel. Der er dog ingen som ANER hvor pengene ender henne... 

Det er ingen hemmelighed, flere Shitstorm har ramt TV 2 og DR'I er snart værre end de IS-banditter' var en af kommentarne, tilbage i september 2015. Danmarks Indsamlingen (Når mor kalder) i 2014 blev der samlet 87 millioner ind, men 15,5 af disse gik til at dække indsamlingens udgifter. Det fremgår dog ikke af den pressemeddelelse, som DR sendte ud efter showet. Bertel Haarder om indsamlingsshowHolder øje med DR. 

Fik et flashback til min ynglings film "Fletch Lives" hvor Farnsworth Ministries church snyder  menigheden, bliver stopfodret med informationer omkring folks synder og helbreder derefter. Hvorfor smider vi penge efter 'shows' som 'føder' medicinalindustriens (farmaceutiske industri's håndslangere ligesom Kræftens Bekæmpelse) forskning via lægemidler, som igen levere os kræftmedicin som er det rene gift for vores kroppe?

Red Barnet fik en ny CEO, tidligere statsminister Helle Thorning-Schmidt i den verdensomspændende NGO. Årsløn på $39.931 USD / DKK 2.301.638, det et mere end 100 pct lønforhøjelse fra hendes tid som statsminister. Hvordan fik hun lavet den studehandel? Version2 anbefaler direkte Boykott Red Barnets indsamling tilbage i 2012RedBarnet har en smuk "formålsparagraf"der lyder nogenlunde sådan "Vores mandat og værdigrundlag er FN’s børnekonvention, som skal sikre, at alle børn har rettigheder på lige fod med voksne." - smukt og ingen kan være uenige. Jeg er ikke uenig i at børn skal have rettigheder, og vores egne børn i huset har det efter min mening godt. Børn i resten af verden har det mindre godt, og RedBarnet mener det godt. Desværre er RedBarnet 100% inkompetente når det kommer til bekæmpelse af børneporno på internet.

The Red Pill Redux | ~ Chapter 5 – The Bankster Scam in Europe, Haiti, and Else- where – Charities, NGO’s, Mafia, Corruption, Currency Manipulation and Sex Trafficking ~ | .. An anonymous researcher has compiled an incredibly well-researched and documented account of how western banks, governments, and NGO’s conspired to turn southeast Europe into a mafia-run hell-hole where children are sold and women forced into prostitution. It’s remarkable he was able to piece it together from so many disparate online records. Here is the summary in his words: ... | Blogger: [🚸How missing unaccompanied migrant children, parental / International child abduction and runaways in US and EU, are sexually exploited children🏫] ... {⏳Giveaways, Sweepstakes, and Contests: verdensalt can't escape the all-too-common criticism and lost the popular vote a long time ago, but it's about the all-seeing Eye of Providence of God's truth - vs - Satan's lies, nothing more and nothing less⌛} ... "Oxfam, Christian Aid, Save the Children, and the Red Cross are some of the major British charities that have admitted to dealing with sexual harassment or abuse scandals as part of a growing net of sexual misconduct cases unraveling in the sector" ~ christianpost ...🚩DID YOU KNOW, that former CEO of Save the Children International, Former Helle Thorning-Schmidt, has been investigated by a danish lawyer, Klaus Ewald, and Italian Admiral, Enrico Creden- dino, Commander of the EU Anti-Migration Operation Sophia, has reported Helle Thorning's organization to the police, believes that the former PM uses collected funds for the particularly serious type of human smuggling? (newspeek.info)... 'After losing the election to Lars Løkke Rasmussen (V) and the wreck as chairman of the EU Commission, Helle Thorning Schmidt was appointed as head of the Red Barnet International (Save The Children). Here, she ran human smuggling for some time by letting Save the Child's ship ( the Vos Hestia) sail illegal migrants from North Africa's coast to Italy. Following Italian police search of the boat and a number of revelations brought in ia. NewSpeek, Helle Thorning Schmidt stopped her organization's boat taxi service' ~ (newspeek.info is ONE of the newssites danish goverment wish to close permentaly) ...🚩 (B.T.) - "Secret sex scandals... Leaving a organisation in chaos.... CEO of Save the Children International, Former PM, Helle Thorning-Schmidt, is stopping and has accepted Vestas offering (wind turbine solutions and services) to enter board of directors in many high powered elite international companies and think tanks.. Accusations of sexual abuses by employees, top-level men in the organisation 'Save the Children', who protect each other, and lots of resignations, have characterized the organization that former Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt, is leaving" ~ BT.dk ...🚩 (verdensalt comment to video by Black Pigeon Speaks:) - On a side note, once again, observe how the NGO's 'seems' to run a big enterprise business of people smuggling from (some of them - extreme hostile cultures) one country to another, in this case Italy - in dire economic straits, to absorb more than 600.000 migrants in the past 4 years... 🛑 PS: We KNOW as a FACT, that Nigerian gangs (organized crime), join forces with mafia to run vice rings in Sicily and that's perhaps why Pamela Mastropietro had to die? (i don't know a lot about the case). But it seems to me, that the NGO's plays a dangerous game, if they're part of a human trafficking ring, to make a quick buck and create FEAR among italians?? ... 🤐 DID YOU KNOW, that it was EU, who created the refugee & immigrant crisis, in the first place... Year after year after year, The Standard Eurobarometer, that was established in 1974, annonce Denmark and danish citizen a true WINNER of EU, since 75 percent says, EU is SOOOOO GREAT, with absolutely no clues, whatsoever, what EU present and who rules it (behind the scene)... 🛡️Rothschild - Red Shield - Red Army - Red Cross = Rothschild: Red Shield, Templars, Swiss Army Knife, Swiss Logo = Switzerland... 🚩Johanne Schmidt-Nielsen: the new queen of Denmark's political left? NOPE! The new head of Save The Children. Yet another danish politician, embraces a billion big front company, with million big salary, like many other charities, are fronts for the CIA and its friends... You be the judge... |

Links: 👉

Chapter 5 – The Bankster Scam in Europe, Haiti, and Else- where – Charities, NGO’s, Mafia, Corruption, Currency Manipulation and Sex Trafficking

3,000 Trafficking Victims Were Rescued In SA - QANON Jan 11, 2019
Haiti is a “playground” for pedophiles, and #Qanon exposed the real motives behind the
Red Cross operations in Haiti during the aftermath of the earthquake…we do not know the full picture of the trafficking involving the Clinton Foundation and the Red Cross.

Southeast Europe

... Communist countries get overthrown by Soros-backed globalists that install puppet heads of state. The IMF blackmails these now-broke countries into accepting many laws, namely privatizing and decentralizing every sector (including child care). The puppet president accepts this aid which is akin to a payday loan scam. This action promptly sends the economy into a downward spiral and people become poor. These same globalists (many of whom are likely pedos) sit aboard “charities,” who then accept tons of aid money to overhaul the local laws. Once all of the marketable healthy babies are sold at a high price, the foreign heads of these “charities” then wine and dine corrupt, low-salaried local officials with who are dying to make extra money, and both parties squander a shit-ton of aid money, (little of which ultimately goes to the kids). They also send local government officials on lavish trips to Italy, and invite “businessmen” from the community to “come and spend time with the kids.” In tandem with said local officials, they develop a “de-institutionalization scheme,” which really means introducing a foster care program and building small “family-centric” homes where one person watches 10 or so kids. In conflict regions, the Trusts manages reallocating the refugees...

**UPDATE – 4/19 The voat server went down. I’m updating blog links to the wayback machine.

EveryChild is a Child Trafficking Front Part 18 (Links to parts 1-17)

Part 19 – need links


The scary thing about the last section is that it was not only about Eastern Europe. Section 6 explained how this is a pattern that occurred in waves: “The first wave of trafficking was Thai and Philippino; second, Ghana and Nigeria; third, Columbia, Brazil, and the Dominican Republic.” Eastern Europe became the fourth wave, and it seems that Haiti was next up on the list. From the Overview:

In fact, Save the Children is another big fish: It ties in more with the American establishment… but given its size, there was too much “noise” in the data despite running identical objectives and missions as Everychild. But if you believe anything of what I write here, this is THE next place to look—it’s who Clinton tied up with for their children-related work in Haiti, which we all know stole tons of money (and I argue, children).

For anyone that missed Peter Schweizer’s Clinton Cash in 2016, it’s time to catch up. Of course, every American should know that the Clintons sold our foreign policy and Uranium to the highest bidder. Of relevance here, it documents how they never built the homes they raised money for.

Thirdphaseofmoon | ~ These Events Still Can't Be Explained? 2019-2020 ~ | Blogger: WPO: How angry pilots got the Navy to stop dismissing UFO sightings. A recent uptick in sightings of unidentified flying objects (UFO) - or as the military calls them, "unexplained aerial phenomena" - prompted the United States Navy to draft formal procedures for pilots to document encounters, a corrective measure that former officials say is long overdue. "Since 2014, these intrusions have been happening on a regular basis," Mr Joseph Gradisher, spokesman for the deputy chief of naval operations for information warfare, told The Washington Post on Wednesday (April 24). Recently, unidentified aircraft entered military-designated airspace as often as multiple times per month. "We want to get to the bottom of this. We need to determine who's doing it, where it's coming from and what their intent is. We need to try to find ways to prevent it from happening again."... |

B.T. NEWS | ~ Per Brændgaard frifundet for voldtægt 'Retfærdigheden er sket fyldest' ~ | Blogger: [🤦‍♂️Dramatrekanten: Er du offer, krænker eller redder? Søren Pind blev engang anklaget for at have gloet sultent på en kvinde på trods af, at han var blind på det pågældende øje...🤣] ...{Per glemte sin samtykkeerklæring og blev et lavere kasteobject, men blev reddet af stjerneadvokaten, Mette Grith Stage, den urørlige i højkastesamfundets øjne} ... Her skal vi tilbage til 'Offerbevidstheden'. For, at blive det modsatte af et offer, en krænker, giver du også din magt væk. Det er kun, når du justerer med din indre sandhed, din indre kraft og hellige visdom, du skaber det, som du ønsker at se, føle og få erfaring med at bruge dit stærke sind, følelser og energi, vil du tage ansvar og se de ændringer, du ønsker at se på Jorden... Det er ikke længere korrekt etikette for mænd, at gå på opdagelse og spotte kvinder eller insinuere, om et kys, nøgenyoga eller erotisk massage.. Gud forbyde... I takt med at feminismen har fået overtaget den ideologiske styring af samfundet er det opstået et kastesystem. Her, i det feministiske rum, er manden en lavere rangerende race, altså, indtil andet er bevist eller en samtyggeerklæring er underskrevet. Derfor er hans eventuelle blik på kvinden også en form for overgreb i sig selv...Uha, da-da.. De lavere kaster må ikke se på de højere kaster. Det har feministerne udviklet en hel teori omkring som de kalder the male gaze. Altså, det hanlige blik. Ja, som vi alle ved, er kvinder i en højere livsform end mænd, og mænd bør slå øjnene ned ved møde med disse pragteksemplarer af den menneskelige art.. Spørgsmålet om mangfoldighed ændrer sig i disse år til et intolerant krav om etisk mangfoldighed for alle. Er vilkår og rammer givet på forhånd, eller skal de dannes og formes af den enkelte selv igennem livet? Selvom vi lever under et 'Empire'-familiens patriark, er kvinderne i flertal, og mandekulturen hersker stadig, ja, dog fremelskes den feminisme bevægelse (stemmeret til pussy power og #metoo), selv Barbie's nye feministiske dukker forstyrrer alle og kvinder, udnytter situationen, maximalt.. Helt uden at tænke på vi alle, er forprogrammeret - mænd har sin seksuelle energi åben, men lukket i sit hjertechakra - kvinder, lukket til for neden, men heeel åben i sin følelsesmæssige hjerte... Måske skal vi så småt begynde at dyrke vores indre sandhed, egokammer og krænkerkultur, for at forstå den spirituelle, logiske sammenhængskraft??... |


JP.dk | ~ EL: Samtykke før sex kan ske ved kys, berøring eller et nik ~ | Blogger: [👯#Bryd-et-tabu og Amalie Have modefænomenet: "Se-Mig-egoismen", krænkels- esparatheden og krænkelsesdiktaturet🕺] ... {NOW THE PLOT THICKENS} ... EL i valgkamp... Ahhh... nu faldt tiøren!... Mens Enhedslisten udpeger vikar for sygemeldt borgmester, fører de valgkamp på, at det, den nu sygemeldte Ninna Hedeager Olsen fra Enhedslisten, har oplevede og mistænkt som en voldtægts- episode i hendes hjem, var allerede et valgkampsslogan og skal stemmes igennem, som værende den mest latterlige LOV, i Danmarkshistorien (og den svenske)... 'Meget tyder på, at Folketinget i den næste samling skal stemme om en ny voldtægtslovgivning. Ændringen skal føre til, at der skal være samtykke før sex. Det er en absolut nødvendighed. Det mener Enhedslistens politiske ordfører, Pernille Skipper.'... Vidste du, at Pernillle Skipper kunne have heddet 'von Platen-Hallermund'. Hendes morfar var nemlig Greve og Enhedslistens nye 8 takkede tatoverede røde ⭐, har haft en privilegeret opvækst, selvom hun er skilsmisse- barn... Enhedslistens mangeårige, karismatiske frontfigur Johanne Schmidt-Nielsen nåede knap nok at underskrive købsaftalen og betale 6.415.000 kroner for en stor villa i Valby, mens Skipper lige har købt bolig på Nørrebro i København til i alt 8,5 millioner kroner.... Tale om dobbeltmoralskhed og Skipper Skræk vil være statsminister... Enhedslisten ønsker både at nedbryde EU og gøre det klimagrønt, haft et overforbug af ekstremt Folkemøde-frås, forbyder mænd på partiets talerstol – og angriber Trump: "Han tramper på kvinders rettigheder og ligestilling" og desuden ønsker Pernille Skipper at de skulle have væltet Thornings regering... Så mens Enhedslisten politianmelder Venstre-folk i donationssag, Venstres Britt Bager og Marcus Knuth, så agere de brodne kar, som alle andre på Borgen... PS: Desuden er Johanne Schmidt-Nielsen ny generalsekretær for Red Barnet og får samme millionhyre som den kvinde, Thorning og Socialdemokratiet, Skipper, ønsker hen, hvor peberet gror. Hold da k*ft hvor er de alle hykleriske. Hvis du sætter dig ind i hvor korrupt denne hjælpeorganisationen Red Barnet er, ville du får mavekramper... |

I dag er det ifølge Skipper op til ofret at sige tilstrækkeligt fra. Og det er det, som retssagerne ofte drejer sig om, mener Skipper. Altså har ofret sagt nok fra. Arkivfoto: Jens Dresling/Polfoto

Diane Canfield | ~ Massive Frequency Upgrade In Effect/Time Slows Down ~ |

By Diane Canfield

Blessings Light Tribe,

For the past 2 days a Frequency Upgrade has been taking place. I have been feeling NON Stop Bliss coming in and many puzzle pieces that needed to be placed together now fitting in to the puzzle.

Amazing, I also remembered something that happened over 40 years ago that I have never thought of since it happened. This brought new insights into my consciousness because NOW I can see what happened from a different perspective. It sheds light on the situation in the past, that I have NEVER thought about since it actually occurred.

This is what being fully Awake/Mutidimensional is like. To be able to now put everything together that was missing and see it from a COMPLETELY HIGHER PERSPECTIVE. This is what being connected to the CREATOR IS LIKE, when we can solve situations from our past, without ever having to do anything except remember what happened and why it happened the way it did. We can HEAL anything once we know why it was done and the reason behind it. Knowledge is the key to self empowerment and healing.

This Bliss I have been feeling is incredible and out of this World! It’s very difficult to describe except to say, it’s FEELING THE CONNECTION TO ALL THINGS at a MASSIVELY HIGHER level of awareness! Exciting ! This is the most Extreme Bliss I have EVER FELT.

Last nights sleep was scattered and bizarre dreams are back again too.

OOM2 | ~ Fascinating phenomenon, Heavenly beings in the sky? And Apocalyptic Sound ~ |

The Rumor Mill | ~ Tweet w/ short video: "What a brilliant young man." ~ | Blogger:... 💟|


timeofthesixthsunlaunch | ~ Time of the Sixth Sun: Movie and Docuseries ~ | .. Hello and welcome! Please watch the video below to find out more about the Movie and 8-Part Documentary series launching online 24 April 2019 and how you too can watch it for FREE. International Visitor? The movie will be subtitled in 16 languages: Brazilian Portuguese, Czech, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Lithuanian, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Slovenia, Spanish and Swedish! .. |

Information.dk | ~ Man kan blive tvangsbehandlet af læger i Danmark ~ | .. Hvis man er afhængig af overførselsindkomst, har man ikke ret til selv at bestemme, hvilke lægelige behandlinger man vil underkaste sig .. |

Herhjemme kan socialforvaltninger tilsidesætte vurderinger fra en patients læge og specialinstitution og kræve, at patienten underkaster sig en medicinsk behandling, som vedkommende ikke kan tåle og derfor ikke vil udsættes for.

PFC | ~ America’s Fraudulent Organics Industry: 40% of All Organic Food Tested Positive for Prohibited Pesticides ~ |

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By Alliance for Natural Health,

We thought the problem was limited to fraudulent overseas suppliers; but fake organics are also grown in the US, and the USDA is clueless. Action Alert!

A Missouri farmer has been charged with ripping off food companies and consumers by falsely marketing more than $140 million worth of corn, soybeans, and wheat as organic.

Observers have called the scale of this fraud “jaw dropping” and likely the largest case of its kind involving US farmers.

The level of deception in the organic industry has reached epidemic proportions: a USDA study found that 40% of all organic food sold in the US tested positive for prohibited pesticides.

This is an outrage, but the USDA shows no signs of deviating from business as usual.

The long-running scheme started as far back as 2004, when the Missouri man, Randy Constant, allegedly recruited three Nebraska farmers to supply him with crops. The Nebraska farmers turned a blind eye to Constant’s false marketing because of the premium prices their crops were fetching. The Nebraska farmers pleaded guilty last October.

This episode highlights what we’ve been saying for months now: the USDA, who is responsible for ensuring the integrity of the organic label, is absolutely inept.

First, we had fake organics flooding in from overseas. We were told the problem was with foreign certifiers and that more oversight over the supply chain would reduce the fraud.

Presstv | ~ Jabhat Fateh al-Sham, White Helmets preparing for false flag chemical attacks in Idlib, Hama ~ | .. Militants from the Jabhat Fateh al-Sham Takfiri terrorist group, formerly known as al-Nusra Front, together with members of the so-called White Helmets civil defense group are reportedly making preparations to stage chemical attacks in Syria’s northwestern province of Idlib as well as the west-central province of Hama in a bid to implicate Syrian government forces and invent pretexts for possible acts of aggression on army troops .. | Blogger: [Alert: ⏰Google has "disabled" the official accounts of Press TV and Hispan TV without prior warning ~ acc. to Presstv📰] ... |


Paul Craig Roberts Official | ~ Where Is The World Headed? ~ | .. Since 2016 the United States has been in the Russiagate box, a hoax created by the US military / security complex to prevent President Trump from normalizing relations with Russia. Normalized relations would devalue "the Russian threat", an orchestration that protects the $1 000 billion annual budget of the military/security complex .. |

Paul Craig Roberts

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts was Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy and associate editor of the Wall Street Journal. He was columnist for Business Week, Scripps Howard News Service, and Creators Syndicate. He has had many university appointments. His internet columns have attracted a worldwide following. Roberts' latest books are The Failure of Laissez Faire Capitalism and Economic Dissolution of the West and How America Was Lost

The Democratic Party, which most certainly is not democratic, supported the hoax hoping to do Trump in for their own reasons and pulled the presstitute media into the conspiracy against Trump.

Now that all the assurances from the Establishment that Trump was a traitor to America who conspired with Russian President Putin to steal the election from the killer-bitch in order that America could serve Russian interests have been exposed as lies by the Mueller report, American attention is free to take up some other nonsensical campaign. The succession of these stupidities is destroying America’s reputation.

True, some of the most crazed of the Democrats and media whores cannot let go of Russiagate. The presstitutes are saying that Trump would be impeached for his non-crime except the unworthy Democrats had rather go back to the business of spending other people’s money. A crazed professor or two have declared that Mueller was part of the “Trump coverup” and that Mueller needs to be investigated. But these claims simply underline that the United States wasted three years of its existence.

Meanwhile, other countries moved on. The Russians, for example, discovered that Washington’s sanctions had a silver lining. Russia became more self-sufficient economically and moved out of the box of being an exporter of raw materials to the West, a box into which the Americans and the American-brainwashed Russian economics profession had put the Russian government.

The fulminations and threats from Washington against Russia brought forth new Russian weapon systems for which the US has no match or defense, weapons that demote the US to a second-rate military power.

On an adjusted basis, China now has the world’s largest economy and increasingly ignores Washington’s blustering. As does Iran.

Even Venezuela stands up to Washington.

The world is concluding that Washington is not the power it thinks it is.

Nordjyske | ~ Bombetrussel mod skoler i Aalborg ~ | .. On Thursday morning, North Jutland Police received a notification of a bomb threat aimed at TECHCOLLEGE in Aalborg, including Aalborg Technical College .. | Blogger: [🏴‍☠️Govt Funded Fear Warmongering & Gladio False Flag Muslim Terror Hoax = 'Nothingburger'🍔?] ... |


🔴 TV2 FNYS NEWS | ~ Farligt giftstof fundet i dansk grundvand ~ | Blogger: [🤪Det er uden tvivl løgn og latin.. Valgflæsk med stort FLÆSK! Alt handler om clickbaits, Lix, lixtal og læsbarhed😜] ... MENS pandaepidemien raser om storpolitisk spil om magt, penge og om at bløde et brutalt styres image, kan vi konstatere, at vi alle skal leve i FRYGT... Stoffet Chlorothalonil-amidsulfonsyre, som er kræftfremkaldende, ud af 75 NYE giftstoffer, der blandt andet er brugt i landbruget og i maling og formodes at være SUNDHEDSFARLIGT!.. Noget de genmanipuleret politikere, har været bevidst om i '33' år. Dog uden, at miljø- og fødevareminister Jakob Ellemann-Jensen har nogle penge oppe af LOMMEN. Det er kommunernes ansvar og vi VED, fra erfaring, at Centraladministrationen, der varetager forvaltningen i Statsapparatet, ikke gør en fløjtende fis, ved disse type af problemer, uden, penge under bordet (TÆNK; 70.000 tons giftigt kemivirksomhed FMC Corporation a.k.a. Auriga Cheminova-affald blev deponeret ved Limfjorden & Risø's 5000 tromler radioaktivt affald) ... På vej mod den 'falske' KlimaHoaxRejse, står også den kromosom-fejlbehæftet Downs syndrom ramte, "deep state" i USA, FN, EU, og KABALEN's nyindkøbte Greta Thunberg, og råber om, at 'mennesker' har skabt klimaforandringerne og vi må aldrig rejse mere, vi skal spare på kød og el, og ikke aner, hvad Parisaftalen 2015, endeligt, går ud på (i virkeligheden).. Hun står helt stille og forsøger at finde en grimasse, der kan passe, mens hun desperat forsøger at forstå, den muterede til et kæmpestort misfoster, gigantisme eller kæmpevæksten, fra hulk til skurk, energi-, forsynings- og klimaminister Lars Christian Lilleholt, der netop har underskrevet en gigantaftale hos hans medsam- mensvorne oligarker i Polen, og påstår hårdnakket, at Gasprojektet Baltic Pipe, gavner grøn omstilling (sn.dk). Pudsigt nok, har Polen og Belarus-Hviderusland, stoppet transit af russisk råolie til Polen og videre til Europa, citerer kvalitets- problemer (RT.com). Det alt imens, debatten om den russiske gasrørledning Nord Stream 2 er omgærdet af skræmmescenarier og frygt snarere end fakta (kan du se det? eller skal jeg skærer det ud i pap?). 5G bøffen fra heltegruppen i LøkkeLandets højborg, har svært ved at holde balancen, med sin unormale store krop, efter 1 minuts stilhed, sammen med Superhelten over alle, EUParateLarsLokum, for Sri Lanka, som helt klart var et Falsk Flag begivenhed, med tragiske 'virkelige' dødsfald (ingen crisis actors denne gang)... For hvad er det Løkke vil sige omkring denne mindehøjtidelighed? At 'vi skal stå sammen' om Sri Lanka og Notre Dame, LØGNEN?? Mens, Statsministeren med garanti, forsøger at flygte fra Andedam- men, ned til EU, hvor han kan smide endnu flere håndgranater i korruptionsbålet, der er smedet sammen af spindoktorer fra 'Kartellet' fra Khazad-dûms ovne, Tolkien's dværgeborg, som den lille mandsperson, han er... Sandhedstimen er kommet for at blive, og endnu en historie er dukket op i dag, at radioaktiv aske siver ud fra varmeværker, uden de ved det. 'Bioaske fra danske fjernvarmeværker kan rumme det radioaktive stof Cæsium-137. Det skyldes, at man anvender træ fra bl.a. Baltikum, der er ramt af nedfald fra ulykken på Tjernobyl-atomkraftværket i Ukraine tilbage i 1986 for i disse dage '33' år siden (sn.dk)'... Hvorfor går nummeret 33 igen i denne artikel (33rd degree Mason?)... Dog, er der INGEN som snakker om katastrofen på Fukushima atomkraftværket i Japan, eller Chemtrails, GMO fra Monsanto, pesticider i grundvandet og økologiske fødevarer o.s.v... Lad mig citere fra JFK21, under Mads Palsvig... 💬"Vi er mange, der arbejder hårdt for at komme igennem den massive dyne af løgn, disinfo og censur, der ligger over Danmark. Fake news i mainstream medier er reglen snarere end undtagelsen. Pengeskabelsen, 5G, vacciner, storpolitik i form af Clinton, Haiti, Putin, "Russian collusion" og ulovlige krige, naturmedicin, pesticider, multinationale virksomheder for blot at nævne nogle af de emner, den danske befolkning systematisk misinformeres om . (Og så fik Paludan, Riskjær, Nye Borgerlige og før det det falske Alternativ fik/får non stop mediedækning INDEN de nåede de 20.000 vælgererklæringer)"... ⚠️PS: Verdensalt er ikke politisk aktiv af nogen art, ønsker bare at finde frem til SANDHEDEN... |