May 13, 2024

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👁️⃤𓂀🧬🤢⚕️ (Novo fortærer mens Sanders begærer?) Fra en brun dyresubstans til genteknologi: Novo er blevet så gigantiske store og virksomhedsovertagende altædende, at de snart kan vælte, den danske regering (som Pia Dyhr aka 'Beast'). Lidt à la CIA, der kan både vælte regimer, spionere på venner og fjender og myrde modstandere ~ 13. Maj 2024 ~ |

SoTW; Crazy Bernie påstår der vil ruinere den amerikanske offentlige sundhedsforsikring som Medicare og Medicaid (og han kan have ret)

Ozempic, Novo’s $1,000 Diabetes Shot, Can Be Made for Under $5 a Month:

Novo's såkaldte "genteknologi og human insulin" (forårsager kræft) var ikke så giftigt engang. Først blev brun oprenset ekstrakt fra en kalvs bugspyt­kirtel brugt som insulin og sidenhen udvundet fra bugspyt­kirtlen fra svin.
Editor's Note: Mange ved ikke, at for 100 år siden gjorde forskere i Canada en epokegørende opdagelse som August og Marie (tyvstjal) grundopskriften på og sammen med diabeteslægen H.C. Hagedorn, gik de i gang med at udvikle en brugbar insulin og en produktionsmetode. 

Den første insulin­behandling i 1922 skete ved injektion af en brun substans frembragt ved et oprenset ekstrakt fra en kalvs bugspyt­kirtel. Sidenhen blev insulin udvundet fra bugspyt­kirtlen fra svin. I dag er det ren genteknologi og human insulin hvor man indsætter DNA fra menneskelig insulin i en gærcelle. 

Alle snakker om at diabetes- og slankemedicin har alvorlige bivirkninger i form af kræftfare (som Novo selv har undersøgt og pure har afvist). 

Et nyere studie publiceret i JAMA Oncology finder, at antallet doser af insulin ved type 1-diabetes over en 30-årig periode er koblet med højere risiko for kræft. Dem, der havde fået flest doser, havde fire gange så høj risiko for at udvikle kræft, som dem der havde fået lavest antal doser insulin.

Betændelse i bugspytkirtlen (pancreatitis) er en ikke almindelig, men potentielt alvorlig bivirkning ved Wegovy®... |

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👨‍👩‍👦‍👦🌍🤝 (KM owners of WHO wish HU like "The Island" - genetically unable to resist their rule) Benjamin Fulford's' Preview Weekly Report ~ May 13, 2024 ~ |


Benjamin Fulford May 13, 2024

The white hat victory in the battle for the planet Earth is now becoming obvious in multiple ways. For example, as Reuters reports: “Talks to draw up a global pact to help fight future pandemics have ended without a draft agreement by the expected deadline…the World Health Organization said on Friday.”

We also now confirmed from Pentagon sources that the millions of military-age male illegal immigrants who came into the US since 2021 were brought in to enforce the planned implementation of the (now failed) Khazarian Mafia WHO pandemic treaty. These men will now be rounded up and sent home.

There are many other signs of KM defeat we will discuss below. The implications of this are far bigger than most people realize. A good metaphor for what is about to happen is the movie “The Island.” In this movie, people were living in an underground bunker and were told they were sheltering from a natural disaster. However, lucky people would be allowed to go soon to an “Island paradise.” The reality is these people were clones whose purpose was to supply organs to rich clientele. Traveling to “The Island” meant organ removal and death. At the end of the movie, the clones were set free to live out their natural lives.

😇 ~ 💗 (Prepare for Cleansing) Mike Quinsey - Channeling his Higher Self ~ May 13, 2024 ~ |

 Mike Quinsey - May 10, 2024

Your authorities realise the dangerous situation that is building up on planet Earth, but refrain from mentioning it for fear of causing untold reactions. Clearly there is no need to worsen the situation but nevertheless you must in part be warned of the possible outcome of threats from the dark Ones. You need to be prepared for a very testing time as the threat of a World War already exists. However, be assured that the situation is being closely monitored by us and we are ready for action if the worst scenario should occur.

The possibility of a World War cannot be dismissed and in that event we will be present to ensure that it does not develop into a Nuclear War. Planet Earth is being prepared for a cleansing as is indicated by the earth changes taking place. The dark Ones will do everything within their power to keep you from succeeding in your actions to stop them in their tracks but it will be to no avail. The intent and plans are already in place that will ensure the Light is victorious. It will clearly be a very unpleasant experience for many souls, but bear in mind that they knew well before incarnating upon Earth what the potential outcome was likely to be.

Freewill has allowed the Human Race total freedom to experience in whatever way their actions dictate. For many it will be a time of enlightenment, and an opportunity to overcome the negative forces that abound upon Earth at present. However, some souls will deny what is taking place before their very eyes and will continue to live in darkness. Even so there is still help there for them immediately they turn to the Light, and they will not be abandoned.

🌀🌏〰 (Dream of Moonfall. Luke Skywalker = Double Agent) SKY EVENT SPECIAL REPORT with JANINE & JEAN-CLAUDE ~ May 13, 2024 ~ |


🐛💫🦋 ('Everything we manifest in this material world must be created in spirit first.') We Are Experiencing Massive Physical Transformation ~ May 13, 2024 ~ |


This next step in our process began with the epic total solar eclipse on April 8, 2024, and it has not let up. With the first week of May, along with accelerated solar activity, we have begun to land into the physical world. We now have boots on the ground.

Over centuries, we have created a sanctuary and safe haven for ourselves in the spiritual world. We have raised our frequency, awakened our spirits, and dreamed, envisioned, and held space for a positive, unified new world. It is time for us collectively to bring our divinity into physical reality. We are beginning to anchor spirit into the material world while still in our human space suit. We are the pioneers of this process.

As we begin to anchor, we might feel like we are reversing or digressing, which might feel like a heavy process. We might be questioning many things once again. We might feel more fragile, vulnerable, and unsure. This is part of the natural process. We are bringing who we are as eternal spirits and anchoring this frequency into an unmapped world within a new cycle with new laws and codes of nature. It's like we are being asked to move forward on a wing and a prayer, and maybe blindfolded as well! What a crazy trip we all decided to do together!

Everything we manifest in this material world must be created in spirit first. I am told that all the necessary spiritual groundwork has been properly anchored. Good work! This means YOU reading this message right now. Give yourself some credit for surviving thus far through a shift of an age. Most of this work has been done within enough souls in the collective to begin to tip the balance toward anchoring higher frequencies and our inspirations and visions into the physical world. Now, the material world must come into alignment with the new cycle.

Our bodies are the last step in this ascension process, and the body's natural intelligence is feeling that it is crunch time. This is a significant tipping point that could take months, but most likely, it will take a few years. Now, don't go saying, "I can't wait a few years!" I'm with you on this. But we must take this step gently to maintain our human space suits. After operating in the ethereal realms, it might feel like a slog, but our bodies will retaliate if we rush or skip steps.


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