Nov 22, 2018

SOLARA ANANI | ~ An Excerpt from Solara’s November 2018 Surf Report - On November’s Master Numbers ~ | Blogger: I will not tell you in what way the planetary awakening of consciousness or The Shift would lead you for a higher understand of 11:11:11 and who to follow... Go where you're heart will take you... Here is some examples were to look for detail info: Meg Benedicte. COBRA(cobra2012 has many sister sites as well). Solara Anani. ECETI. Galactic heart. Theearthplan. We love mass meditation. SITSSHOW. Innerlightworkers. Shiftfrequency. Aluna Ash- 9D... etc. etc. etc... Use the search function (write in '11:11') at, if you feel so guided...🙏 |

November is a powerhouse month, full of MASTER NUMBERS such as 11 • 22 • 33 • 44. These MASTER NUMBERS emanate from the New True Reality. November's MASTER NUMBERS are reconnecting us with previously undiscovered parts of ourselves by pushing us into the full remembrance of WHO WE REALLY ARE. They are shattering our illusions and breaking apart the old systems while awakening us to what is REAL and TRUE as never before.

Each of the days in November with MASTER Numbers is an OPEN DOOR and since there are so many of them this month we all have unprecedented opportunities for Quantum Transformation. November brings us life changing shifts in perception, Monolithic Shifts and MEGA RESETS on multiple levels. It is Beyond Monumental!


1 November = 11 • 1 • 11 • INFUSION OF THE NEW REALITY OF AN •

7 November = 7 • 11 • 11 = 11 • SHIFTING REALITY SYSTEMS FROM DUALITY TO 

10 November = 11 • 1 • 11 • INFUSION OF THE NEW REALITY OF AN •

11 November = 11 • 11 • 11 = 33 • MEGA RESET ON ALL LEVELS • • ONE BEING IN ACTION • (Taking Responsibility Individually and Collectively for the Well Being of the Whole.)


19 November = 11 • 1 • 11 • INFUSION OF THE NEW REALITY OF AN •

22 November = 22 • 11 • 11 = 44 !! • MANIFESTING THE NEW REALITY INTO THE PHYSICAL •


28 November = 11 • 1 • 11 • INFUSION OF THE NEW REALITY OF AN •

29 November = 11 • 11 • 11 = 33 • MEGA RESET ON ALL LEVELS • • ONE BEING IN ACTION • (Taking Responsibility Individually and Collectively for the Well Being of the Whole.) 

OOM2 \\ awakeandaware \\ in5d | ~ YOU’RE NOT DYING, IT’S THE SCHUMANN RESONANCE! ~ | Blogger: [🌊To use a phrase from The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy - Don't Panic😲] ... Few “Pillars” yesterday, all between 6 and 8 UTC, some stronger like at 7 UTC when it went above 40 Hz. Today more activities, major pikes between 8 and 11 UTC... |

Space Observing System - LIVE



by Michelle Walling, CHLC

By now, there isn’t one person on Earth that has not felt some kind of weird and unexplained physical symptom that makes them feel uncomfortable. Many do not understand why this is occurring, and some go to their doctor to find that there is nothing wrong with them. In turn, doctors are realizing that there seems to be a phenomena of unexplained “psychosomatic” occurrences. There is scientific evidence that something is happening on the planet that is shaking the apple cart up at this time, and this evidence is from a Russian website that tracks the Schumann Resonance.
What is the Schumann Resonance?

The Schumann Resonance is a global electromagnetic resonance named by physicist Winfried Otto Schumann who predicted it mathematically in 1952.

The official description from Wikipedia is-
“The Schumann Resonances (SR) Are A Set Of Spectrum Peaks In The Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) Portion Of The Earth’s Electromagnetic Field Spectrum. Schumann Resonances Are Global Electromagnetic Resonances, Generated And Excited By Lightning Discharges In The Cavity Formed By The Earth’s Surface And The Ionosphere.”
As you can see, the Wikipedia explanation says that we have had a whole lot of lightning lately if you read the charts that I am about to show you. Regardless of whether what is happening on the planet is indeed causing more “lightning” or whether it is causing the equipment to pick up on something else, the scientific evidence proves that something is disturbing or spiking the electromagnetic frequency on the planet. For thousands of year the Schumann resonance has been measured at 7.83 hertz or within shallow spikes of this depending on how many storms are on the planet at the time. A Russian website that can be found HERE is one of the only public sites that releases the daily data on the current Schumann fluctuations. The reasons for this are unclear but seem to point at the control of keeping the data from the public eye.

How does the Schumann Resonance Affect humans?

As a spiritual being merged with a human body, we also merged with the consciousness and energetic makeup of Earth when we were born into a human body. To stay in sync with the planetary composition and frequencies, the human body has an auto correct system that can re-calibrate to the environment when needed. When the auric field of a human is not in sync, however, it is difficult for the emotional, mental, spiritual, and etheric bodies to sync with the physical body and the frequency of Earth.

At the same time, a burst in frequency of Earth’s magnetic frequencies can jostle any energetic blockages in the auric field that can cause the physical body to stay at a low or stagnant ELF (extremely low frequency). Bursts of higher frequencies are a good thing for clearing of the auric field of the human, as long as it is done in moderation. For instance, if a person were to be electrocuted from a household electrical outlet, they may have a better chance at recovering than being struck by lightning.

The spiritual and metaphysical explanation of raising the frequency of the physical body is the higher the frequency, the less dense reality the human will be experiencing. The goal is to transform the dense, controlling reality we are experiencing in a way that unifies humanity in a love based higher consciousness while still existing in the physical body. This can only be achieved by releasing the energetic blocks of the past and of childhood that keep one stuck in creating a recurring illusion of denseness and dis-ease in the physical reality. This will allow the physical body to vibrate harmoniously with the planetary frequency and to have a healthy energy flow within the body which prevents aging and disease.

If a human is stuck in old patterning and beliefs, or perhaps is lulled by complacency into a low frequency, then a burst of frequency can do one of two things. If the person has raised their consciousness enough to realize something is happening and is able to have an open mind and an open heart, then the person will begin to absorb these frequencies as much and as fast as their mind and spirit allows them to. Absorbing these frequencies causes the water in the body to begin to vibrate at the frequency of the spike. This could cause many uncomfortable symptoms but in the end it is also a testament that something is really happening to our planet and to our consciousness.

A few of the most common symptoms of these spikes in electromagnetic frequency are:
  • Hot flashes- as the body vibrates faster it generates heat
  • Blurred vision
  • Vertigo (dizziness)
  • Irregular or skipped heartbeat
  • Unexplained pains that may linger to be acknowledged or may mysteriously come and go
  • Ringing in one or both ears. High pitched frequencies, harmonic tones, and/or sometimes temporary deafening
  • Mood swings as emotional blocks come up to be resolved
  • Extreme fatigue or extreme energy bursts depending on the kind of frequency experienced at the time and how the individual is dealing with it
  • Increased intuition, a sense of knowing or remembering things that guide you through difficulties, and increased sixth sense abilities (beyond touch, taste, feel, hearing, and sight)
  • Nausea
  • Flu-like symptoms
  • Problems with bowels
  • Extreme hunger or lack of hunger- different then usual
  • Anxiety and increased fight or flight mode in the body
For more on high pitched frequencies, please read High Pitched Frequencies And What They Mean. | Nov 22, 2018 | ~ Happy Thanksgiving to ALL. STOP Cabal's Black Friday Earnings, Occult & Illuminati Holiday Traditions, World's Top Tech Giants Trillion Monster Years & Huge Food Retailer's MASSIVE Waste! ~ | Blogger: [🤑2017-2018 SEASON'S BEATINGS🤑] 🛒Shoppers punch and kick; Baby hit with shoe...🛒 One shot outside mall, brawls shut another...🛒 VIDEO: Men squabble over toy car...🛒 Chaos goes global...🛒 Customers wear employee uniforms to sneak in to stores!... 🛒Facial recognition tracking EVERYWHERE...(🛒Three big chains in Denmark are criticized for fake offers on Black Friday and 25 percent price raise) ... 🤘 The richest 1% now has as much wealth as the rest of the world combined. NWO or 0,01% Top Power Elites gets its earnings from crazy shopaholics and serve themselves with pina coladas under palm trees with zero taxation... ⧭Amazon’s Prime Day ⧬ Boxing Day sales ⧭ Singles Day ⧬ Black Friday ⧭ Cyber Monday ⧬ post-Christmas sales ⧭ St. Valentine's Day ⧬ Mother's Day and Father's Day ⧭ Summer Sales... etc etc. All meant to please the richest people in the world with petrodollars, people will buy from useless 'made-in-china' & 'use and throw away' culture and tendencies.. In Denmark, we throw away over 700,000 tonnes of food each year, which could be eaten... 😟 |



Samlet smider vi i Danmark hvert år over 700.000 ton mad ud, som kunne være spist. Husholdningernes madspild udgør 260.000 ton pr. år. I servicesektoren er der et årligt madspild på 227.000 ton, heraf 163.000 ton fra detailhandlen, 29.000 ton fra hoteller og restauranter og 31.000 ton fra institutioner og storkøkkener om året. Madspild fra primærproduktionen udgør 100.000 ton pr. år, mens fødevareindustrien står for et årligt madspild på 133.000 ton.

Thirdphaseofmoon | ~ "Video They Don't Want You To See!" Bob Lazar Secrets Exposed! (2018-2019) ~ | .. WORLD PREMIERE / DEC 3rd, 2018 @ THE THEATER / ACE HOTEL LOS ANGELES .. | Blogger: [🎥BobLazarArea51 Narrated by Oscar Nominee MICKEY ROURKE🛸] ... Bob Lazar Quote: “I know there are alien craft here from another planet. I saw nine, but I was INSIDE one. I know it was not made on Earth. I know it was made with materials that we cannot fabricate, and we can not duplicate… we’ve never been able to. It’s noting I would have ever expected to see. I also know that we have examined bodies of alien creatures. I know this for a fact, and that’s the bottom line.” - Bob Lazar, Former Government Physicist...|

Tulsi Gabbard Update | ~ Tulsi Calls on Congress to End U.S. Military Support of Saudi Arabia’s Genocidal War in Yemen ~ | Blogger: [😘 Meet Tulsi Gabbard, Future President of the United States (I wish). Finally, someone has the guts to tell the truth - just loooove her! - "I grew up with the Aloha Spirit,” says Congress- woman Tulsi Gabbard. “We try to treat everyone with respect. Like family.” 👼] ... Did you know... According to the UN and other sources, from March 2015 to December 2017, 8,670–13,600 people have been killed in Yemen, including more than 5,200 civilians, as well as estimates of more than 50,000 dead as a result of a ongoing famine due to the war (wikipedia) ... The conflict in Yemen has taken a devastating toll, particularly on the most vulnerable members of society: children. Even before the outbreak of conflict in March 2015, Yemen faced challenges from widespread poverty, food insecurity and lack of health services. But now, more than 22 million people – and nearly all children – are in desperate need of humanitarian assistance. The country’s infrastructure has been destroyed and its health services crippled. Although the actual numbers are likely to be much higher, the United Nations has been able to verify that more than 6,500 children have been killed or injured in the violence since the conflict began. Even after the conflict ends, the effects of malnutrition – stunted growth and delayed cognitive development – may linger. In the worst cases, it is fatal (unicef)... |

Tulsi Gabbard has served as the U.S. Representative for Hawaii's second congressional district since 2013. She was born in American Samoa but moved to Hawaii at age 2. At 21, Gabbard was the youngest state legislator ever elected in the history of Hawaii. Gabbard enlisted in the Hawaii Army National Guard in 2003, and in 2004 she was shipped out to Iraq with the 29th Support Battalion medical company. As a native Hawaiian and military veteran, the congresswoman’s voice holds a lot of weight in her home state.. Gabbard resigned as DNC vice-chair on February 28, 2016, in order to endorse Senator Bernie Sanders for the Democratic presidential nomination. She was the first female U.S. Representative to endorse Sanders. At the 2016 Democratic National Convention, Gabbard gave the nominating speech putting his name forward.

U.S. Representative Tulsi Gabbard is calling on Congress to stop supporting Saudi Arabia's war in Yemen. She calls it genocidal. With tens of thousands of civilians killed and millions facing starvation and disease, Gabbard's pushing a bipartisan measure to block U.S. military sales to the Saudis. But Republicans blocked the measure. Tulsi Gabbard: "Don't be fooled. If Congress and this Administration truly were concerned about the plight of the Yemeni people and peace, all U.S. support for Saudi Arabia's atrocities would end now. Instead, last night, on the Rules Committee Republicans voted to shutdown debate." The House Speaker said he blocked the measure because the U.S. already stopped refueling Saudi coalition aircraft. But critics point out the Trump Administration is still providing arms, intelligence and political support.

Message from Saul | Channeling through John Smallman | ~ Live today with love in your hearts ~ | Blogger: [😇'You are One with Source, Mother/Father/God, the supreme Intelligence, the infinite Wisdom that is All That Exists, and during those quiet moments that you spend within your knowing of this will strengthen, and your doubts will fade away. Just KNOW that you are eternally and infinitely loved, just as you are, despite all the failings and inadequacies for which you so often negatively judge yourselves' ~ Saul🙏] ... Saul is an ascended Master just like Jesus, Buddah, Mother Mary and many many more. BTW, you are all on your ways to becoming ascended masters so STAND UP and celebrate your greatness... |

Channeled by John Smallman
© 2018 johnsmallman

Humanity is on a roll! Yes, I have said that before! Nevertheless, as you attend to the news media, you mostly find news of disasters and catastrophes of various kinds, and mostly ones that do not directly affect you. Don’t focus your attention there, because it just drains your energy, allowing guilt, anxiety, fear, and anger to fill your minds. If you can help with your presence, or by making donations, then do so; but just sending love to those who are in need and who are suffering is very powerful. Then get on with living your lives lovingly and consciously, because that is what you are in form to do. And humanity is on a roll, because it has collectively made the decision to awaken, and that is what is happening.

The pain and suffering that many are undergoing is as a result of the decision to awaken, and is happening as “stuff” arises within them to be released. It is an enormous and ongoing planet-wide releasing of all the attitudes, behaviors, and beliefs that stop people from being only loving.

Resentment, bitterness, hatred, judgment, and the desire for restitution are all blocks to Love. Love is always unconditionally accepting and never judges, but humans in form have been trained to judge and to seek restitution for their hurts – and indeed many have been very badly hurt – but focusing on those hurts is to live in the past and replay endlessly from their memories the occasions that were so painful. And doing that just brings those memories back into the present for those doing so, and repeats within them now the pain and suffering that they underwent, even though it is over.

There is absolutely no need to do that! Dwelling on past pain and suffering totally blocks your ability to enjoy life in the now moment, the only time there is. Let go! Live today with love in your hearts and enjoy the experience of being alive – a smile from a stranger, children playing happily, a caress from a loved one – and be aware of the world around you, whether it be a view of city streets, mountains, lakes, oceans, or your own backyard. There is always something in your environment in which to delight and for which you can offer thanks – even a brief respite from the pain of physical illness that you may be experiencing, or the comfort and loving attention in that situation that another offers you.