Nov 28, 2014

Interview with Danimal from RawBrahs - Teal Swan.... - Nov 28, 2014

Elsker at lytte til Teal Swan, det virker som om, hun indeholder et helt liv af erfaringer, en rummelighed og begavelse indenfor den spirituelle verden som jeg ikke har set før. Hun går nødvendigvis ikke med strømmen, har helt selv sin egen opfattelse af tingenes tilstand og giver forklaringer som er præcise, nøgtern og virkelig rammende for vores livsaspekt og giver et meget større perspektiv end så mange andre.

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Danimal deltog i et af Teal Swan's seiminar og her er hvad de i store dele taler om i hans videocast:

- Aiming on highest vibrations to the source...
- Finding the Inner child experiences, resolving the wunds and see the transformations explode to a    

  higher vibrational state   (Soul retreval work)...
- PSTD, inplesident memory or traumers....
- consciousness restrictions where ebola exist - like in Africa or other extreme places with poverty, taken an Overview of the world has pockets of super dark energi, where freqency and vibrations are very low with low density exist.....
- Skiing Olympics /sports and competing nature - We have a master plan before we get on earth, You cannot want something that is not meant to be yours..
- your passion and your joy is absolute synonyms..Keep doing to thing in life, that makes You happy, and obseve the time will disapear and life is a joy.. (cut of the Middle man)
- Most succesfull people, discuss and talk about their state of mind, like jealousy, shameless, and all emotions and feelings to bring front and center and accept the person you are unconditionally .
- Teal Swan - At First of here career, everybody treated her like a goddess, but it was more and more like a separation cause everyone where putting their problems on her, until she exposed her inner very traumatized problems from her own experiences ..
- Teal Swan attending psycholog sessions and badly advice was given to her about "be forgiven and move on" over and over, she had a super bad torture as childhood etc..- literally a jam pack of 13 years of every issue that woman goes through world wide... healing went on and forgiveness
for the trauma who has inflected to her and learned the way instead of being hatefull and revengeful
- Spiritual drugs...
- Homosexuality.. Both soul contract and serious issues between parent and child i na very young age.
- bipolarity.. none beliver
- Depression - Is self-hatred and angering turn in against oneself. Spressing Yourself with these types of energies.
- Sleep - is a reset, body also integrate a lot of memory, Your consciousness retreat to source energi and in that state can heal itself and other tings can happent..
- Dreams - Out of body, experience multidimision realaty 5D and 6D mostly..
- Jesus - jesus is ultimate empath - seious teacher leader,
- ruva recognizing, understanding, validating, acknowledgement...

Scientists discover Earth protected by invisible shield

"Mad science" eller er de kloge hoveder begyndt at tage tingene lidt seriøst nu! Dan din egen mening.

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Published on Nov 26, 2014

An invisible shield, some 7,200 miles (11,600 km) above Earth, has been found blocking ‘killer electrons’ from bombarding our planet. These electrons can whip around the planet at near-light speed and have been known to threaten astronauts, fry satellites and damage space systems.

If they hit Earth on a large scale, they could knock out power grids, radically changing the planet’s climate and driving up rates of cancer.


If you see an old Biplane circling the airport for a landing, that be OAKIE OILMAN coming in for a landing. Everything has been done in Reno for the people to get their Blessings. The GOOD GUYS have finally won. Next are the announcements and your turn at the blessings banquet.

Thank you Good Guys including the Gurus, Oakie, the Admirals, Generals and all you wonderful patriots.

AND Thank You GOD for Blessing Our Republic Again!

Posted by John MacHaffie

Danish govt 'paid' welfare benefits to ISIS jihadists -

Published time: November 28, 2014 12:41

Rebel fighters in the northern Syrian Aleppo province. (AFP Photo/Mohamed Zeen)
Rebel fighters in the northern Syrian Aleppo province. (AFP Photo/Mohamed Zeen)
Over two dozen jihadists were receiving unemployment benefits from the Danish government while fighting for Islamic State in Syria, local media report, citing the Danish Security and Intelligence Service (PET).
According to PET, out of the 28 Danes identified by the national security authority as having received benefits, 15 have already been ordered to pay them back, eight people are still being investigated, and five cases had been dropped due to insufficient evidence, Denmark's BT daily reported.
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"It is highly important that we are not naive," Justice Minister Mette Frederiksen told the daily, saying that while PET's main task is to prevent terrorism and extremism, the data concerning people who fought for Danish money was tracked down by merging records kept by different authorities.
READ MORE: Danish mosque openly backs Islamic State's campaign of terror

PET has previously announced that, according to its assessment, up to a hundred people have gone to the Middle East to fight as jihadists. Of those, 15 have been killed in Syria fighting for the Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) in the civil war, while 50 have returned to Denmark.

A recent report from the Economist calculated that when measured by Denmark's total population of just 5.6 million, it has the second-highest number of foreign fighters in Syria. Only Belgium has a higher quota per million residents.
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Danish PM has announced earlier this year that Denmark plans to dispatch seven F-16 fighter jets to Iraq to aid in the struggle against Islamic State militants. Helen Thorning-Schmidt pledged that the F-16s would be limited to flying in Iraq and would not be targeting any areas in neighboring Syria, however.

In early September, a mosque in Denmark’s second-biggest city, the port of Aarhus, openly declared its support for the IS. The announcement came less than a week after a Danish-Turkish jihadist, who was born and raised in Denmark, told local broadsheet Politiken that the IS "has become very international and Denmark is high up on the list."

"Denmark is not my country. The Muslims’ country is the caliphate and inshallah [God willing] there will soon be an attack here. Denmark should prepare itself,"
the Local quoted the militant as saying.

Shop Amok "Black Friday" udvidet til Thanksgiving - illuminati's største indtjeningsdag

Hvad er Thanksgiving og Black Friday.

De første fejringer, som minder om Thanksgiving, var amerikanske nybyggere, der takkede Gud for en god høst tilbage i 1800-tallet. Fejres primært i USA og Canada. Kalkun er en vigtig bestanddel af amerikansk Thanksgivings fejring. Den var dog ikke på menuen, da Thanksgiving blev promoveret af den amerikanske journalist Sarah Hall og gjort til nationaldag i 1867.

Thanksgiving var oprindeligt tilknyttet kristendommen, men er i dag en overvejende sekulariseret helligdag, hvor man almindeligvis er sammen med familie og venner uanset religion, samt deler ud af sin rigdom til andre som er dårligere stillet. Her kommer dilemmaet ind, Black Friday er altoverskyggende den største dag på året inden juletid, for indtjening på især Gadgets og elektronik så som (bestbuy), men har udvidet sig andre non-food butikskæder og supermarkeder.

I USA ledes early-bird shoppere til butikker på Thanksgiving dagen, som er blevet til en ny Helligdags-/højtidstradition. Det svarer til, at vi i Danmark fejrer vores juleaften den 24. December og 1. Juledag går Shop Amok, mens vi stadigvæk har familien siddende til bords til julefrokost.  

Blot en lille tanke, alene i USA, total salg på Black Friday 2013, fra butikker og internet-sider løber sig op på 57 Milliarder Dollars eller 340 Milliader kroner. Hvem tjener i virkeligheden på salget? Hvem er bagmændene og aktionærerne til de store varehuse og varekæder rundt omkring... Jeg vil vove den påstand, at Illuminati eller Cabal høster en rigtigt STOR bid af kagen, ligsom Valentines day samt Halloween.

Vidste i der dør folk på denne vanvittige Black Friday?  2006-2013 har 7 døde og 90 kvæstede.