Nov 24, 2018

Messages from Ann & the Angels | Channeling through Ann Albers | Newsletter - Excerpts only | ~ A Happy Honest Holiday! ~ |

(Ann Albers:) I started channeling weekly messages from the angels after 9/11/2001, in an attempt to reach as many people as possible with the angels' words of hope and inspiration. I didn't realize at the time that we would become an international community of lightworkers dedicated to expanding our capacity to receive and share God's love in the world.

Each week's newsletter contains an angel message, a message from me explaining how I put the angels' teachings to work in my life, and various other announcements about classes, events, and new products. I would love to help you experience the love, wisdom, and guidance that are available to us all.

Message from the Angels

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

As so many of you embark upon your holiday preparations, remember that your life, even at this busy time of year, can be easy, joyful, graceful, and fun. Furthermore, if you allow yourself such joy in the moment, then the next will be even better.

Can you buy your holiday presents with joy? If not, skip the shopping and write love letters to your loved ones, make something for them, or offer them some help. Can you decorate with joy? If not enjoy the decorations that others love to share. Can you write your holiday cards with joy? If not, call, send emails, pray.

Dear ones you are under no obligation to anyone upon this earth whatsoever, no matter what you – or they – believe. Your singular obligation is to the Divine Presence within you, to your heart of hearts. The Presence of Love that gives you life wants you to love your life, and it knows that in allowing yourself to honor your own heart you will, by your very loving nature, care about the hearts of others as well.

In filling your own cup, you desire to spill it over. By giving yourself the time you need to find peace, you bring peace to others. By honoring your own finances, you will give gifts that have meaning rather than just "buying to buy." Those of you who have children will become better parents if you honor your own heart. Those of you who teach will share by example. Those of you who take care of others will come with a loving, compassionate presence if you share compassion with yourself first.

So this holiday season, ask yourself, "What gives me joy?" "What is truly in my heart?" "Which traditions resonate with me this year and which do not?" "Which gatherings do I truly feel like attending?" Be honest with yourself. And then be kindly, lovingly, honest with others. This dear ones, is Love – an authentic sharing of the Christ-light and Presence within your own authentic hearts.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels

Humans Are Free | ~ Weaponizing Frequencies: The Coming 5G Tidal Wave ~ | .. (Could these unusual fires be the result of lasers from Directed Energy Weapons?) .. Secret testing of 5G emissions made its debut during the 2018 Olympics, and then again at the 2018 Super Bowl where over 67,000 people were part of a stress-test without their consent. Soon, the 5G antennae networks will be beta tested in nineteen U.S. cities including San Francisco, Los Angeles, Jacksonville, and San Jose. High frequency 5G signals travel shorter distances and are easily blocked by buildings and trees. What is the point? Why create new technology that takes humanity in reverse? No time for answers. It’s full steam ahead to remove the obstacles that block the signals .. |

Psychotronic millimeter wave weaponry is coming to a street near you, with the potential to unleash disease on a mass scale. Welcome to the new fifth generation of wi-fi called 5G, where the speed to send full-length, high definition movies to your iPad is ten times faster.

The Consequences

The need for speed has the consequence of going from moderate to severe health effects in record time. Note that 4G operates at 2.5 GHz or oscillates about 2.5 billion times per second.

This frequency mimics water molecules in your body, and was chosen specifically for broadcasting services and equipment under government license. This means that all company products must meet this frequency or be deemed illegal.

Veritas Galactic Sweden For Gaia's Rebirth | by Therese Zumi 10/01/2012 | ~ Who Is The Person Known As Cobra And What Is His Connection With 'The Event'? | Blogger: [🔩COBRA is a codename for compression breakthrough. The surface of planet Earth is compressed in a sandwich. Light forces of the Galactic Confederation are advancing from the sky downwards toward the surface of the planet. Light forces of the Resistance Movement are advancing from the underground up towards the surface of the planet🌐] ... ⚠️Please notice, this article has been made available through the eyes and ears of Therese Zumi, and two interviews with Cobra. One of these was on In-Light Radio (Stephen Cook) and the other was an interview with Alexandra Meadors in 2012.. .👼🕯️💔 PS: "Isis Astara, my beloved soulmate, has left the physical plane. She was often brutally attacked with directed energy weapons and the attack on January 25th 2018 was one attack too many. We could not protect her, her heart could not make it. The Resistance could not intervene directly otherwise toplet bombs would be triggered. She has successfully transitioned through plasma plane and is now with her spiritual guides, surrounded by Love, joyful that she is finally free. After the Event, she will return in a cloned body that will look exactly the same as her physical body looked in this lifetime. She will be living in an area of Light, anchoring energies of the Goddess and living a joyful life in the Golden age she always wanted to live" ~ COBRA... |

Who is Cobra: Founder of the blog; This blog is the official provider of communication from the Resistance Movement.

Cobra is a Pleiadian contactee and has been in contact with the underground for over 35 years. He has been told to remain anonymous by The Resistance and has ongoing communications with beings from Planet X that assist The Resistance Movement. As an earthly representative of the Agarthan network and the light forces, he strives to prepare humanity for the up and coming event horizon.


Who Is The Person Known As Cobra And What Is His Connection With 'The Event'?

This new page is dedicated to giving you information from cobra and the light resistance movement. i will also introduce you to his beautiful wife isis, by also giving you very important goddess information that she provided in los angeles in november 2012 at the cobra conference. i want to show you that this person who has dedicated himself to helping us to liberate this planet, is a very well rounded individual with a total balance of both female and male energies.

Because the person known as Cobra had and still has to remain anonymous, at first we did not know
if Cobra was male or female but when he started holding conferences worldwide we discovered he is male and his partner Isis is female. Cobra is a Pleiadian Incarnate. He has been connected to the Light Resistance Movement on this planet for a very long time. Along with the LRM he works for the liberation of our planet. The codename Cobra is explained in detail on my Recommend page. {found under heading Ascension above.}

The information in this article comes mainly from two interviews with Cobra. One of these was on In-Light Radio on the 13th of June 2012. The other was an interview with Alexandra Meadors on her new site on the 3rd of July 2012. Alexandra’s site is called Galactic Connection

The Resistance group is small but very powerful and consists today of about 20 million people. 10 years ago there were about 70 million but in the past 5-10 years many have returned home, as things have improved and not as many are needed now. The main group consists of 300 individuals. All of these are physical beings. Some have incarnated here after lives on other planets but they are mainly of other origin.

Cobra and his relatives have suffered tragic attacks earlier and have been forced to hide. Now there is great protection created around him. He lives a normal human life. His decision to be a part of the liberation of this planet is very old.

The LRM will never allow nuclear weapons to be used here. 99% of the nuclear devices on this planet have been “Knocked out” and Cobra said in June this year that he was 99% sure that nuclear weapons were now risk-free. He may not speak out in detail until “the Cabal” has been removed. He reckoned (in June) that they could be removed before the 21st of December.{In November at Laguna Beach we were told there is now 0% risk of a Nuclear war}

Cobra says that the Ascension process e.g. we becoming 5D human beings along with Gaia who is becoming a 5D planet, will happen gradually. BUT life will change so much it will be a MULTIPLE LEAP unlike anything we have ever known before.

When Alexandra interviewed Cobra she mentioned that, at the beginning of this year 2012, it felt like the Lightworker Community had reached a place of total Exhaustion. I recall how I felt in total agreement with her when she said “I was so grateful when you started your blog and came on the scene “out of nowhere” so to speak with encouragement etc.” Personally although I was grateful for many great channelled article’s, it was such a relief to hear someone speak, like they knew exactly what was going on, and had REAL inside information based on facts.

Cobra has spent 10 years at least preparing for this time. Cobra explained that the fact that he started writing the blog is a very good sign, because he never wanted to do that, before he was completely sure that the Light will be victorious. He was asked by the Resistance Movement to start the blog and the reason specified was “ that now is the time that the Light Forces will win, so start this blog and inform the population so that everybody gets ready” A VERY GOOD SIGN.

Space Observing System | Nov 21 - 24, 2018 | ~ 💮Why am I seeing white flashes? It's Beginning to look a lot like Christmas 🎁 ~ | Blogger: You may ask yourselves what’s going on... last 24 hours (and last weeks time) the SR energies have been all over the place... huge spikes and white went above 40 hz... like a briskly stirring or something big has touched the center of The Force...|

Alunajoy | ~ The Great Splitting ~ End of Judgments 11-23-18 ~ | .. So as we gather with family in these holiday-days, understand that you and others might be on one side or the other. We are past the age where we judge anyone’s life choices. We are past the age where we try to convert another to our belief system. Let everyone BE just who they are and love them. Use your energy to love one another, not to judge or try to fix, because the choices have been made. This is a better use of your energy. Being in acceptance, compassion, and love is the only way that we will anchor peace as this process plays out .. |

The Great Splitting and End of Judgments

Thanksgiving and full moon - 11-21-2018

I know many of you are feeling this out there ... A strange need for a disconnect from our current world, and the observation of a challenging 50/50 split of humanity.

I am finding the 3D world increasingly more difficult to deal with. I just don’t want to be a part of it anymore... and maybe this is a clue for me and those feeling this, to give some deep attention to. I find our world oddly antiquated, out of date, and immensely over complicated to the point of threatening implosion. Something deep inside my soul says all this complication is completely unnecessary. This triggers a superficial angst... and a deep soul-knowing ... in the possibility of being totally free. None of these feelings make any sense at this time, but it is the way I am continuing to feel. Are you feeling this?

So these insights are triggering major questions. Are we in the process of bailing out of a mind-based, highly complicated world? Are we bailing out on a huge system that evolved into something corrupt, that we didn’t envision, that harvests our divine energy in uncountable ways? Are we being set free from the constraints of human programming so we can be our authentic selves? Maybe it is time for this to happen at this point in our evolution. This is something I am watching and pondering at this point in time.

I also wonder how this could play out in our physical world. We are in a “wait and see” mode right now, while staying fluid and flexible. And as the Star Elders have said, what will unfold will be a big surprise (sounds nice), or what I call life unexpectedly coming out of left field (a little more ominous). I know what is now manifesting is not what most of us had envisioned over many years... but I think there is a bigger picture emerging now. Our eyes have been opened further, and now we can see this bigger picture, at least part of it.

“An authentic life well lived should never be weighed down by the mind.” (The Star Elders)

I was having a conversation with a good friend Melody the other day. We begin talking about the great split in humanity that we were seeing. We joked about how humanity has separated now into two very distinct and nearly equal races. This has nothing to do with genetics, social status, popularity, wealth etc.... | ~ 0010110 Decree to speed up THE EVENT ~ | Blogger: [💜Thank you Cobra or/and Untwine🙏] ... Daily decree meditation (2:20 PM UTC) by video, saying out loud or in silence... Since this Decree was meant for Operation (Omega) Phoenix a more ongoing and active Operation; Mjolnir since November 2017 (MJOLNIR - Hammer of Au/Thor/E.T [ᛞ ᛁ ᛟ ᛚ ᚾ ᚱ]) ... Operation Mjolnir is a special operation of the Light Forces to enforce implementation of the Galactic Codex within quarantine Earth ... 💡 PS: Delta Option plan is the newest of its kind and covers only certain aspects of pre-Event operations according to COBRA. Delta Option plan will be activated ONLY as a last resort when all other more peaceful options have failed ... |


  • I call upon the Highest Aspect of my I AM Presence to send a Heart-felt Clarion Call to Source and the Pleroma/Galactic Central Sun! 
  • As part of the Collective of the 144,000 Starseeds on Liberation-Earth Mission I command and decree action to be taken to speed up the Phase Transition Event and trigger it as soon as possible. 
  • As a Starseed on Earth, I now decree from my Heart-Center my readiness to graduate to a Higher Dimension of LOVE, JOY, PEACE and ABUNDANCE, ON THE MOST POSITIVE TIMELINE FOR ALL BEINGS IN THE MULTIVERSE. 
  • Collectively, we ask Source to speed up the Activation of Operation Phoenix by the Light Forces and to assist in removing all negative energies, entities, exotic weaponry, and dark beings from all planes of existence, thus ending the planetary occupation of Earth by dark forces forever! 
  • I ask for this transition to happen as swiftly and peacefully as possible, freeing ALL beings and Shifting us unto the Golden Age of the new Atlantis I ask to manifest a world with Abundance of FREEDOM, JOY, FOOD, WATER, HEALTH, WEALTH OF ALL KINDS For EVERYONE.
  • I ask to manifest the release of free energy devices, medical devices, and all suppressed technologies to assist humankind. 
  • I ask to manifest First Contact, to become part of the Galactic Confederation and take our rightful place as a Spacefaring Race. 
  • I ask to be reunited with my Soul Family and Brothers and Sisters, Ancestors of the Light
  • With Deep Gratitude, I ask that ALL requests be answered swiftly. 
  • So BE it, and so it IS, I AM!

RELAX MUSIC CHANNEL | 🧘‍♀️ ~ Music for Healing female energy 👸 ~ | .. When femininity has withdrawn and shrunk to a smaller version of itself no one will be able to benifit from her powerful loving and nurturing energies. When masculinity is unable to sense itself from the loving perspective of the creative feminine powers, it is unable to see and love the feminine in her true majestic, divine presence. It is now time to reacquaint ourselves with the actual strength of feminine energy. In actuality all healing starts with the feminine energy. Thus, the balance can be restored, allowing Life to heal. It is time to return to the feminine energy.. The beautiful music on this clip incredible deep voice carries the frequencies of the feminine in a very profound and touching way for healing female energy. The (video picture) for this music is written by Annelie Solis. Please enjoy .. |