August 09, 2014

We are Anonymous - "The world is ready and waits no more!"

Forestående udnævnelse en ny Irakisk PM, ny valuta i USA - TRN, nyt finansiel system som afventer i baggrunden. Spørgsmålet er hvem som tænder for knappen og "tør" annoncere det via de officielle censureret nyhedsmedier.  

 Anonymous wrote: (

There is so much smoke and distraction flying about these days past. Many have become distressed and discouraged. Have faith that the end is upon us.

At this present moment, right now, there are 80 groups in the US who are extremely excited and positive as they are on the highest of alerts and are expectant to progress shortly.
There is a definite timeline and we're on it and at this very moment the USA and Iraq are adhering to the timeframe laid out by their Secretary of State, with its deadline, of today!

The deployment of US forces is to ensure that everything gets done by Saturday evening 9pm est. their Sunday, if all goes well we should see the PM position announced in their official Gazette, which in turn will force the international release of their currency (on Sunday).

It is envisioned that at this point we will be well prepared with the 800 # issued. Our banking and orderly exchange, should then begin. The rates are very high for all concerned, even when the public rate is announced the high value will be reflected and all shall share in the high exchange.

Whilst we must add the proviso that situations can change, however, even that is becoming highly unlikely.

Even though there has been lobbying and skirmishes in Washington today, the final stage has been set!

The world is ready and waits no more!