Nov 1, 2019

🙏 ~ 💓 Todays Inspirational Spiritual Quotes & Videos (Verdensalt) ~ 💕 |

🛢️ ~ Trump’s Syrian oil truth bomb! (ICYMI with Polly Boiko) ~ | .. The US president publicly admits he only wants Syria’s oil. Now what? .. |

💸 ~ The Obama visit cost the danish police force 800,000 DKK : "It's definitely worth a discussion" (Berlingske Media) ~ | Blogger: [👬The Day the Earth Stood Still. The gay couple, Mr. and Mrs. Barack and Michelle Obama. Price tag for Barry Soetoro = 2.5M DKK for 1 hour of lecture (secret contract). Now, it's Michelle's turn, who represents girlpower and female action heroes, Apr 2019, price = 11.000 disappointing paying fans x 3.000 DKK (top ticket price) = 33 Million🌈} ... |

DID YOU KNOW, that Kolding Municipality, STILL continues to darken the Obama process: Refuses to disclose information despite loss of supervision (the regional appeals boards )... Obama did WARNED Danish authorities, that he would not come to visit, if they disclosed, ANYTHING, about his contract... Even though, you can easily google 'Obama' and result will be round about 2.5 million kroner, to hold this kind of lecture given in Kolding of September, 2018... 
The day when gay Barry Soetoro a.k.a. Barack Obama, had both feet on the ground on the soil in Jutland, Denmark's largest peninsula, the day that a danish special police and military operation, took place and closed the island of Zealand, near the capital of Copenhagen, with hundreds and thousands of people, being affected, by this incident!!! Just like Gotham City in Batman movies...

🔴 ~ (BREAKING ALERT) : Ex-Cop Has 700 Epstein Blackmail Videos (Forbidden Knowledge TV) ~ | Blogger: [💽Check this out : Escaped and exiled in Russia - This Former US Police Officer at the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office, has Foolproof 'Dead Man's Switch'. FBI had raided and confiscated 1.5 gb data and alerted MI6, Officer escaped and a Backup now exist in 10 countries, if they kill him, that covers the MOTHER of Treasure Trove about corruption in Palm Beach, Florida for 15 years, Seth Rich, Epstein and an unknown number of high ranking VIP's, Prince Andrew??💪] ... {The Dark Alliance Cabal with Obama & Trump's war on whistleblowers (supposably) assassinated Epstein, terminated DNC Seth Rich (that's a fact), killed Ronald Bernard, a Former Elite Dutch Banker, the ongoing torture and abuse of Chelsea Manning & Julian Assange, Edward Snowden in hiding, CIA officer John Kiriakou and many many other whistleblowers} ... 😵 Let me point this out - if - this is a true story... Waaaait!... Hold on, hold... wait one goddamn minute... You're telling me, that this whistle- blower and former police officer has in his possession, undeniable proof about Jeffrey Epstein with his (gangsters), that is THE most important "CATALYST-KICKSTARTER", in human history of sexual abuse children, that would end up, taking down THE #GlobalPedoGateNWO and unseal the 127,407 sealed indictments -- The GOLDEN chip in the big GAME, but NOT looked at the evidence (i wouldn't either), NOT naming names and not publishing ANYTHING, because 'Curiosity killed the cat'... Unbelievable... This police officer are probably not as courageous as Dr. Ryan in 'Clear and Present Danger', but god bless his soul and may he be protected, at all cost...💙 |

✌️ ~ What if... Things Could Happen For The Better Overnight (Verdensalt) ~ | Blogger: [🗺️How Do We Create, as Werner Erhard Quote; A World That Works For Everyone❓💕} ... 🥺WHAT IF -- Trump had a 'dead man's switch' that would activate a live feed to the military tribunals and unseal the 127,407 Sealed Indictments... 💜EVERYTHING WOULD CHANGE OVERNIGHT... 🥺WHAT IF -- former CIA officer, David Steele, have proof beyond a reasonable doubt, that every single terrorist attack in US was a False Flag Attack & NATO's secret armies Operation GLADIO and terrorism in Western Europe had state funding...💜EVERYTHING WOULD CHANGE OVERNIGHT... 🥺WHAT IF -- The truth came out about mind-controlled CIA stooges like Obamas (Bushes & Clintons) SLUSHY FUNDS, could sent them all to jail... 💜EVERYTHING WOULD CHANGE OVERNIGHT... 🥺WHAT IF -- The coming declassification of Spygate documents would lead to massive arrest and We the People, had a way to stop the manipulation in the 2020 election in America & increasing Google censorship...💜EVERYTHING WOULD CHANGE OVERNIGHT... 🥺WHAT IF -- Rothschild had to make a plea bargain to the White Hats / Dragons or benevolent 'controllers', to agree declaring GCR/RV/Gold Standard (announcing of Gold backed currency with a new 'universal spiritual backed' financial system - QFS)... 💜EVERYTHING WOULD CHANGE OVERNIGHT... 🥺WHAT IF... it came out, Angela Merkel (Theresa May, and the Lithuanian president sisters) that has been caught uncontrollably shaking on several occasions and strangely lost time and space at awkward behaviour with Putin at G20, is because she is in fact, Adolf Hitler's daughter, that did had same conditions, in the last year of the war... 💜EVERYTHING WOULD CHANGE OVERNIGHT... 🥺WHAT IF -- The truth about the Rockefeller drug empire, came out and ended them or a full stop leading to total extinction of vaccination and medications...💜EVERYTHING WOULD CHANGE OVERNIGHT...🥺WHAT IF -- clandestine military crimes - war inc. is (only) about war profiteering, money, oil and power. That includes all corrupted intelligence apparatus, like Israel was in lead of 9/11, Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster, 7/7 and tons of other false flag operations... 💜EVERYTHING WOULD CHANGE OVERNIGHT... 🥺WHAT IF -- (Secret Space Programs) Admiral Wilson's leaked UFO doc., corporate reverse engineering of alien tech. Trump & congress briefed on US Navy pilot UFO sightings has a connection to military Space Force & disclosure of 75 years of cover-up... 💜EVERYTHING WOULD CHANGE OVERNIGHT... 🥺WHAT IF -- Human DNA 'was designed by aliens’ e.g. that our species was designed by a higher powered alien civilisation that either wanted to preserve a message in our DNA or simply plant life on other planets...💜EVERYTHING WOULD CHANGE OVERNIGHT... 🥺WHAT IF -- There' a group that is out there in our solar system, right now, which is colonizing space. And this group is run by people on Earth. This group has already done what seems impossible, like in movies such as Star Trek and Star Wars. Portal travel, faster than light travel, is all possible and a well-established reality, that has been kept hidden. What i'm talking about here is a secret space program (SSP) that has been kept hidden from the public. But a program that was paid for by the public... 💜EVERYTHING WOULD CHANGE OVERNIGHT... 🥺WHAT IF... |

.. We can't change anything in a individualistic egocentric world, only by altruistic, collective spiritual awakening or by embracing charity by a philosophical principle of a universal human duty to show generosity...


🙉 ~ Danmarks eneste modstandsbevægelse der bekæmpede faktaresistens i de gensplejsede teknokratiske politikere, er DØD. Hvad er alternativet? ~ | Blogger: [🙈Radio24syv var som en nyskabende version af og - open source italesættende sort plet på den tabubelagte 4. Statsmagt, der 'Turde – hvor andre Burde'. Den blev ihjelslået fordi, at »fri presse« er et ikke eksisterende begreb i Danmark under Operation Mockingbird🙊] ... {Alternativer : "Radio4" - (Dødkedeligt. Intet fungere, ikke engang LIVE knappen.) "P1" - (politisk korrekthed, DR-skandaler, pengefrås, slendrian, propaganda og genudsendelser.) "Det, vi taler om" - LIVE på Instragram? "Radio Loud" - (der lyver og lover guld og grønne skove?)} ... Hvem tør sandheden indpakket i satire? Den Korte Radioavis' sladder, fakta og satiren, leveret i fin indpakning flår de sensitive Socialakro- baterne og det antidemokratiske højre, Dansk Folkeparti's klarsyn og sandhedspendul ud af kurs. Og, du kan råbe (nej, det passer ikke) i ekkodalen så længe du vil, men sandheden er ilde hørt... PS: Til gengæld kan du købe en ægte "Kisser" plakat... |

👸 ~ Mary, Crown Princess of Denmark : Becomes the Head of State (Rigsfor- stander). A step closer to become 'Queen of Denmark', Patron of WorldPride and EuroGames (LGBTQIA), patron for WHO and remains steadfast in her beliefs, not facing any criticism on UN Health 2020, that (ALL) children, MUST be vaccinated (Verdensalt) ~ | Blogger: [🙅‍♀️AND no, I have NOTHING against our beloved Monarchy of Denmark or any free spirit soul, angelic humans or our galactic neighbours🤗] ... BUT... I am not crazy... I am not a nut job... I don't wear tinfoil hats... QUIT Calling me names... If you think is a cartoon character from looney tunes, that's fine by me 🤪... The evil all-seeing eye that understands (nothing), but i don't believe in coincidences... No, (Queen) Mary is neither Maleficent mistress of Evil, but she's been lured into the globalist agenda of (transgender transhumanism) and 3-D Matrix of illusion, that promote and kills beings of Earth, by toxic vaccination and medications... ✋ AS WE SPEAK, a new research shows that measles leaves children with a weakened immune system and an increased risk of infections and today's headline conclusion from MSM media is, that """Measles erases the immune system's memory"" (to promote vaccinations)... Can't you see that?... ANOTHER story (because it's flu season) comes from a bunch of danish doctors, who says and i quote :"Some chronically ill people and people over the age of 65 must have a free pneumonia vaccine"... Please, the medical mafia's aim has ALWAYS and will ALWAYS be, to get and study babies and senior citizen, because babies immune systems are not as strong as those of adults and old people's immune system are worse and then their hospitalized and the medical industry makes money... TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT... |

Mæslinger sletter immunforsvarets hukommelse, viser nye studier

🤖🧑‍⚕️~ Google’s Secret Natural Health Censorship Campaign (GAOG) ~ |

Thanks to Kathleen ~ GoldenAgeOfGaia

Google’s Secret Natural Health Censorship Campaign with Sayer Ji, Zach Vorhies (Google Whisleblower), and Maryam Heinen

October 26, 2019,

Whistleblower Zach Vorhies Breaks Down How Google Set out to Literally Program Our Minds

🤑 ~ JPMorgan, BofA, Citi, Barclays, Deutsche Bank, BBVA, Santander Accused of Rigging Government Bond Auctions in Mexico. Bank of Mexico Implicated (PFC) ~ |

By Nick Corbishley,

Mexico’s antitrust agency Cofece has accused the domestic subsidiaries of JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America, Citigroup, Barclays, Deutsche Bank Santander, and BBVA of colluding to rig Mexican bond prices, in particular treasury notes, over a ten-year period. Following a three-year investigation, Cofece on Monday declared that it had notified “various economic agents” of their likely involvement in a concerted scheme to manipulate Mexican bond prices .

Sergio Lopez, the head of Cofece’s investigative unit, said that the agency’s probe had unearthed evidence that between 2006 and 2016 banks conspired to withhold bond inventories from the market in order to benefit each other. In a summary on its website, Cofece described the banks’ actions as “absolute monopoly practices”. Also implicated in the scandal, according to the financial daily El Financiero, are:
  • Bank of Mexico (Banxico), which conducts the primary auctions of Mexican government treasuries.
  • Mexico’s former government, which did everything within its power to halt the investigation and bury the scandal.
Here’s how the scheme worked: in the weekly auctions of government securities, the seven banks, in their role as market makers, took it in turns to buy up 80% of the amount issued. The bank that bought the bonds would later divvy them up among the other members of the cartel. On the day of the auction, some of the banks would be ‘long’ treasuries while others would be ‘short’, but the price was invariably fixed. The key was to square the numbers at the end of the day and count up the gains.

Banxico was apparently happy with this arrangement since it ensured that the money market did not spiral out of control and that interest rates did not suddenly soar. The fact that seven of the world’s biggest banks, all with cozy ties to Banxico, were making easy, risk-free profits along the way was no doubt an added bonus. As Dário Celis writes in El Financiero, the apparent knowledge and complicity of Banxico in the cartel’s activities, whose “fixing of treasury rates robbed savers and the government” itself of huge sums of money, is a “scandal.”

In Mexico’s treasury market, all primary market operations, such as weekly auctions and special auctions, are susceptible to collusion, as are all secondary market operations carried out by telephone or through brokers, according to Cofece.

📶~ China officially launches ‘one of the world’s largest’ 5G networks, with plans available for as low as $18 (RT) ~ | Blogger: {🔔OMG! So it begins...😞]... |

.. The superfast service is now available to consumers in 50 Chinese cities, including Beijing and Shanghai. Prices for monthly plans start from 128 yuan ($18), providing users with 30GB data and 500 minutes of voice chat. 

A recent report from an international association in the mobile industry GSMA projected that China will lead the global 5G revolution with more than 600 million 5G subscribers by 2025...


📉🔴 ~ The Copenhagen Stock Exchange is down due to technical problems (Finanswatch) ~ | Blogger: 😲 Wouldn't it be sight for sore eyes, if the downtime for CSE, all Nordic countries and Baltic, really meant installment of a (new) Quantum Financial System, that would kill the Corrupt Fiat Financial System?... Sooo what is QFS?? -- It's suppose to be the new hack-proof, super-conscious, Quantum Computer Global Financial System... NESARA/GESARA - the secrete GESARA Treaty (disguised as the 2015 Paris Agreement on Climate Change)... Unfortunately, i've heard, that the Cabal with IMF, BIS, World Bank etc. etc. is trying to manipulate it or come first, by introduction their own version, based on Wall Street 'private' proprietary applications or protocols of crypto and blockchain... Recently Chinese government supports development of ‘Blockchain City’ in Malaysia, but at the same time, Russia, India and China's new gold rush could shake up the International Monetary System... Something is about to happen soon... Let the The New Quantum Financial System (QFS) win the race... |

 .. There are technical problems with Nasdaq OMX, which operates the stock exchange in Denmark as well as the Nordic and Baltic countries .. 


🤣 ~ A Quick Burn - A Failed Trump 2020 Campaign Ad - IPOT Presents - 11.1.19 (In Pursuit of Truth) ~ | Blogger: Satire at its Best...👍 |

💛 ~ Cobra Interview by International Golden Age Group on Silver Trigger Activation & Taipei Ascension Conference ( ~ | .. 【地球盟友】【柯博拉Cobra】2019年10月30日國際黃金時代團隊主持的柯博拉【白銀致富冥想與台北揚升會議】訪談節目 .. | Blogger: [🍜"The Pot Calling The Kettle Black"🖤] ... PS: (Cashless society) -- This has nothing to do with Cobra, SilverDoctors, Collin Plume, Central banks or Greg Hunter on USAWatchdog etc. etc. Buuut... I've (verdensalt) have been in banking for more than 25-30 years or so, and one thing that i've learned working for danish GoLDMaN SLaCKS, Wall Street bankers is, that when they panic over negative rates and raise their fees over 50% in the last 10 years on all loans, with a hell-bent try to corner the market with government funded blockchain-based technology (fintech), that means trouble... They have rigged the price of gold, silver, foreign exchange, interest rates but it's soon over for them... People are laughing at me on verdensalt, when i tell them, to buy VAT-free silver coins / mint from the nearest guaranteed (mining) place at your disposal. Most people still have this notion, that GOLD is the new black, but buy it, if you can afford it. Nooo, SILVER is the new black, and affordable, just think about it. Silver trigger activation or not, the Silver will rise at a sudden explosive rate, and your NOT gonna be overnight millionaires buying bitcoin or through this unsound guru Dinar-Iraq-IQD-Dong feber, either... |

Hello Everyone. Today is Oct. 30th, 2019. My name is Anthem. I am the founder and leader of International Golden Age Group. This November is very special to many lightworkers around the world because we are going to hold two major events this month: Sliver Trigger activation on November 11 and Taiwan Ascension Conference on November 30th-December 1st.For the sake of clarification and promotion of these two important events, our dear old friend Cobra,the contact person of Resistance Movement would like to share his insight via this interview. Now, I would like to invite my co-host, Patrick and Cobra. 

Cobra: OK, we have received many questions about Sliver Trigger activation and Taipei Ascension Conference. We have even heard some rumors about this activation. Let’s answer all of them one by one.

【Q&A For Silver Trigger Activation】

Q1:What is the exact reason for people to buy silver for this activation rather than gold or platinum?

Cobra:There are many reasons for this. The first reason is that silver has a very specific energy and is connected with Goddess energy. This is one of the reasons. The other reason is that the price of silver is not so high so more people can join these excavations much easier to people buying silver than buying gold or platinum.

Q2:Why do you specifically suggest people buy silver coin or silver bar?

Cobra:silver bars are pure silver and there are also some other energetic are reasons that I will not go into but basically it’s better to buy bars or coins.

Q3:If a person only buys gold or platinum on Nov. 11th, would this purchase be counted as one of critical mass?


Q:So only silver?

Cobra:Only silver.

Q4:You once mentioned that the minimum weight of abundance seed is 3 gram. What is the minimum weight of purchase for silver trigger on Nov. 11th?

Cobra3-5 grams at minimum.

Q5:Should we set a strong intention that we will free human society from debt financial slavery by means of buying sliver when we make our purchase?

Cobra:yes this is very much recommended.

Q6:If a person has no idea about silver trigger activation but coincidentally buys silver for good luck or other reasons, will such purchase be counted into critical mass?

Cobra:No because there will be no conscious intent behind the purchase. Actually, there are millions of people buying silver everyday.

Q7:For people who are not interested in reserving precious metal, can we encourage them to join our movement by persuading them to buy silver houseware such as silver spoon, teapot or comb?

Cobra:Yes of course. They can buy those objects also. It will be good as long as they buy objects made of pure silver.

Q8:We have a question from an artist of metal work: can I join this silver purchase movement by buying silver clay, metal/industrial silver and create a silver art piece on 11/11?

Cobra:Yes that’s an excellent option.

Q9:For the sake of reaching critical mass, is it wise to encourage silverware shop owners, silver dealers and silversmiths to buy silver materials on 11/11?

Cobra:This is actually a very good idea because you can get more people. And the amount of silver bought on that day will be larger But they need to be aware of the purpose of this activation. At least to a certain degree.

Q10:According to Universal Time Zone, what time will light forces start to count the number of people buying silver?


⏰ ~ 💗 Time to Change (Lee Harris FB) 💕 ~ |

Your body, as a sensitive soul, feels the ripple effect of this emotional movement taking place on the planet.

And for those of you who have already understood and started to recognize it is time for you to change in these times - as well as simply watch the world around you change - you will be doing quite well much of the time in allowing these new frequencies to come into and through your body.

- From The Way of the Sensitive MP3

⚔️ ~ TRUMP FORCEFUL REMOVAL FROM OFFICE!! WHAT WILL THE CIVIL WAR LOOK LIKE? (AMTV) ~ | Blogger: [🌡️Q - The Calm Before the Storm. True True?🌪️] ... Besides the upcoming America civil war and some say, Directed Energy Weapons (DEW) ignited California wildfires ravage state as 2 million face looming blackout, US has been hit by arctic blast and tornado warnings as storms batter homes: Severe winds strike across America and cold front howls in as Chicago gets earliest snowfall in 30 years and tornado warning is issued to 20 million... |

6️⃣6️⃣6️⃣ ~ Vis dine børn Danmark (Scandic Hotels) ~ | Blogger: [🏨Uskyldig børnereklame fra Scandic, promovere toppens nummer 2 af 10, af Illuminati signaler, som støtter Beyoncé Triple 6 eller djævelens tegn, dødens mærke🤘] ... {“Let him who has understanding calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man: His number is 666.” ~ Revelation 13: 18 New King James Version (NKJV)}... (Verdensalt Arkiv) - NO.2 - TRIPLE 6 - 666. 666 hand sign, Six Six Six, Circle Eye, OK Sign, Okay ... (Verdensalt Arkiv) Gennemtrawlede fake nyheds- strømme i går på min Ipad, og stødte på denne reklameblok, som tydeligvis, 'ubevidst', formår at promovere eller fremmer, illuminati agendaen... Jooooo. men det er bare uskyldige børn, som spejder efter det danske Kongeriget og skal lokkes ombord på Scandic Hotellerne, siger du... 🤔Men på en meget uheldig måde, ville du ikke sige det!? ... 📍PS: Det er INGEN tilfældighed, at man kan blive bachelor i Beyoncé på Københavns Universitet. Vi må ikke være for blåøjet..".. ”Hun bidrager med et indspil til, hvad feminisme er, eller kan være, men fortæller om feminismen uden for det akademiske miljø og universitetet,” siger underviser Erik Steinskog om det nye, meget populære fag på København Universitet."... 🐵Prøv at hør - Beyoncé - er DEN frontfigur, for én af de største og mest magtfulde P2 Freemasons Illuminati fraktioner, som findes i verden. Så må du tro, hvad du vil... Lidt ligesom, den mest efterspurgte og eftertragtede skuespiller, Tom Cruise, engang 'born-again Christian,' nu købt og flyttede ind for millioner af kroner i Scientology dynastiet's hovedsæde, Florida... Det er heller ikke tilfældigt, at Benjamin Fulford siger, at Hilton Hotellerne, er en global hvidvaskningmaskine til mørke penge... (“As you know, Deutsche Bank is a George H.W. Bush-Sherff Fourth Reich establishment,” a CIA source explained.) ... You Be The Judge ... [READ MORE - LÆS VIDERE]... |

👁️ ~ Symbolic Pics of the Month 10/19 (The Vigilant Citizen) ~ | Blogger: [HIDDEN EYE : All-Seeing Eye, Eye of Lucifer, Hidden Eye of Lucifer, Eye of Horus] ... The sign is made by covering the other eye with the other hand with only one eye remaining visible. The sign represents the evil eye floating above the pyramid. The single eye, or the eye of Providence originates in Egypt with the eye of Horus. In conspiracy theory lore, it represents allegiance to Satan and the Illuminati... |

Source >>

Fernanda Montenegro is considered to be the “greatest Brazilian actress of all times”. She recently appeared on the magazine Quatro Cinqo Um with the headline “Sobre livros e bruxas” which means “About books and witches”. Appropriately enough, the entire photoshoot is all about witchcraft and occult elite symbolism. On this pic, she has eyes on her hands – a symbol associated with magick.

Burned at the stake with books about witchcraft. The magazine features an article about the link between feminism and witchcraft. As seen in previous articles on this site, the promotion of black magic as a potent tool for “empowerment” is an important part of the Agenda today.

The one-eye sign proves that, despite claims of “empowerment”, the push for witchcraft is actually about submission to the occult elite.

This is a bag distributed by the restaurant Temple of Seitan in London. First, notice the same exact “magick” symbol as the pic above. Second, notice the play on the word “seitan” (the name of a vegan ingredient) to make the restaurant an all-out Satanic experience.