July 23, 2021

🙏 ~ 💝 ('The Importance of Grounding Into the Heart') Todays Inspirational Spiritual Quotes & Videos (SoTW) ~ 💕 | Blogger: [🌟Inner Insights | The Importance of Grounding Into the Heart🌟] ... Thank you Emy for sharing is caring (ex-girlfriend to SoTW - not that it matters).. Funny, we had a open chat about this heart-2-heart and grounding to Gaia… Not that I talk to her so much anymore, I have let's say, a different approach, and my blog-platform is a bit hash, to most people, because i'm both a grounded REIKI-healer and citizen journalist / researcher aaand truth just hurts. It has perhaps something to do with my 25 years older than her and longer experience in my life and being a male figure. She has just begone her own "spiritual journey" not reached 30 yet (with all due respect she is very wise and has lots of spiritual practice and knowledge). What I mean is, at the age of 27-30 years old, you are entering your spiritual adulthood (Who am I and Why am I here - age?). Hence, a spiritual journey is a process of reconciliation and education through enlightenment. While a spiritual awakening is often considered a journey, it’s not necessarily a journey of physical travel or pilgrimage; it’s a process of going beyond your boundaries and taking the next evolutionary step. And it takes time, and cannot be forced or speeded up, no matter how many spiritual getaway, magic mushroom tea, you take! As the term implies, you “wake up” from the dream of everyday, mundane material-level, ego-based awareness to a higher reality of spirit. And as if emerging from a deep sleep, you can see the dream for what it is—an illusion to which there can be no going back.... |

◯‍◯‍◯‍◯‍◯ ~ (Famous Freemason Baron Pierre de Coubertin & the Masonic origin of modern Olympics) Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 23 July 2021 - 8 August 2021 ~ | Blogger: [👉The Tokyo Olympics are set to be the most expensive Olympics on record. According to officials, the budget is $15.4 billion, but Japanese government auditors have said total spending tops $20 billion, almost three times the original forecast of around $7.4 billion when Tokyo put together its bid for the Olympics. That is equal to DKK 126.382.000.000 Danish Kroner. Estimates of how much money it would take to end world hunger range from $7 billion to $265 billion per year. Alibaba, Atos, Bridgestone, Dow Chemical, GE, Intel, Omega, Panasonic, and Visa are all Worldwide Olympic Sponsors👈] ... I'm sorry to spoil your Sushi & Sashimi dinner, drinking whilst sake or Kool-Aid, folks!... To give you a bit of background on the modern Olympic games, it should first be said that they were revived by a famous Freemason by the name of Baron Pierre de Coubertin. He wished to revive the classical Hellenistic Olympiad in an attempt to unify the participant nations at the time (Australia, Austria-Hungary, Bulgaria, Chile, Denmark, France, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Italy, Sweden, Switzerland, and the United States of America), in a grand-scale international sporting competition. He fashioned the five-ring logo and flag after the common flag colors of the original 14 countries (including the white background), and to represent the 5 continents of participating nations. Blue for Europe, yellow for Asia, black for Africa, green for Oceania and red for America. Seems a bit racist, no? Pierre de Coubertin’s Masonic roots are immortalized in his statue at Atlanta’s Centennial Olympic Park, USA (Read more in the links)... |

Protesters at the Olympic Stadium during the opening ceremony. Photo: Franck Robichon / Ritzau Scanpix

In 2018, CNN reports “an astonishing one in six [people in Japan], or more than 21 million people in a country of 128 million” are living below the poverty line. The majority of these people are single women, the unemployed, the elderly and children... After 2020, more than 10 million people in Japan live on less than US$19,000 (S$25,250) a year, while one in six lives in relative poverty on incomes less than half the national median...


🌠 ~ 💗 ('Proof of WM: radar pulse near the city of Kassel, Germany! Floods disasters are to be blamed on climate change') SHORT SITUATION UPDATE (20.07.2021) 💕 ~ | Blogger: [🌠Teilen Is The Name: Starseed Support Channel for Terra Groundcrew🌌] ... And I would add a Cobra-friendly site, like so may others, "respawning" or "recalibrating" some of the intel or esoteric informations given by Cobra, the only spokesperson for The Resistance Movement, in a more "lighter" way to swallow the red pill. That is how SoTW interpret this stuff, but I could be very wrong and do not follow Cobra RM so much anymore... This time, Teilen, talks about the counterwork from the Light Forces and in combination with the Ley Line activation the physical resistance against these plans is rising. You can ask the Pleiadians to intervene energetically to neutralize the side effects of the vakkZine as best as they can, and how natural disasters, such as floods which are occurring all around the world at the moment, are engineered, including the severe flooding in Central Europe, predicted by remote viewers at the beginning of July. And it is not over yet; the water is still on a high level energetically. Many Starseeds also report about dreams of floods as well as seeing and thinking of water all the time. etc. etc... |



The activation of the Ley Lines and Vortices is progressing. Surface operations continue to be performed in this regard. It is not without risk, as the Dark Ones are now physically searching for Key Lightworkers or places where strong Lightworker activity is suspected (using special military surveillance equipment).

But the Light Force operations are covered "from above", so physical detection should be impossible.

As far as the COVID agenda is concerned, on the ethereal planes there was still a negative Octopus entity connected to the surface, which used especially all the media propaganda via radio and television, as a carrier wave to get into people's minds and thus also manifest the idea of compulsory vaccination.

However, there was also counterwork from the Light Forces and in combination with the Ley Line activation the physical resistance against these plans is rising:

🕴️🔀❣️ ~ (**Kejraj Note: Even the clone has memory of what “they” have been doing for millennia') Joe Biden Clarifies That He Is Not ‘Hiding People And Sucking The Blood Of Children’ (EraOfLight) ~ | Blogger: [👉Before everyone is going into a emotional breakdown, asking me to step down on verdensalt.dk, we KNOW, this Character is a bad dude in suit & tie, and it was the Democrats who rigged and stole the 2020 Election👈] ... What's wrong with this picture? How can millions upon millions of Americans and world population think, this is normal?... There's so much proof videos out there, showing sooo many CGI compositing errors, that this 'Biden' character, is either a clone, stunt double or crisis actor with a mask on or simply, a fake digital mirage, and is completely staged using green screens and video compositing - but nobody is talking - some speculate that the (real) Biden may already be dead or arrested... Nothing is what it seems… and this is exactly why you should question everything you think and everything you believe... |


**Kejraj Note: Even the clone has memory of what “they” have been doing for millennia.

The President made a clarifying statement on CNN denying that he and Democrats are “sucking the blood of children.” Joe Biden made a statement clarifying that he and his fellow Democrats are not “hiding people and sucking the blood of children” during a Presidential Town Hall on CNN.

During a CNN Presidential Town Hall, Joe Biden made a strange statement denying that he and Democrats are hiding people and sucking blood out of children. CNN host Don Lemon was initially discussing Democrats being “unprepared” for the events that occurred on January 6 when the President began to ramble about having “faith” in the American people and his Republican critics. However, Biden specifically referenced the Qanon movement, condemning the belief that he and the Democrats could be partaking in wicked and nefarious activities.

I sometimes get myself in trouble for what I’m about to say, not that I ever get in trouble,” Biden chuckled. “As you’ve heard me say before, no one ever doubts I mean what I say, the problem is I sometimes say all that I mean. But all kidding aside, I have faith in the American people. I really do, to ultimately get to the right place, and by the way, many times Republicans are in the right place. I don’t mean that the Repub-it’s always a Democratic point of view, but some of this stuff, I mean Qanon,” Biden said.

🤗🏳️🙌 ~ (We are Back) Monthly news & updates: The Art of Division (ECETI Ranch) ~ | Blogger: (SoTW) -- Darn it! Yet another meet-up and conference, SoTW, can't attend at ECETI Ranch in 2021. The World affairs getting worse, by the minute 🔛 CDC has just deleted 6,000 mortalities from their website of COVID-vakkZines 🔛 J.K. Rowling, beloved author of the Harry Potter book series, has been fighting back against the wave of hate from transgender ideologists, as The Rainbow Mafia threatens to Rape, Kill, Bomb her and more 🔛 The British researcher Jeremy Sharser, who is the government's scientific advisor group, believes that Coronavirus is now 'an endemic infection' (ie with persistent occurrence, ed.) And think that 'it will NEVER disappear'. He tells the BBC according to The Guardian 🔛 The Summer of Discontent: 'Pingdemonium' chaos sees ONE MILLION children off school, the pound PLUNGE, bins uncollected and food and fuel supplies running low amid warning England's workforce will grind to a halt if Boris doesn't abandon NHS app 🔛 The main focus is the late sequelae of covid-19; six out of ten corona infected hit by late sequelets, shows Norwegian study (could it be side effects of the vakkzines?)... 😔We're not out of the woods yet, and we mustn't forget the hard truths that this Plan[Demic] ain't over till the fat lady sings... 🙏As James says; If you want to unite around something Unite around Universal Law. It is written into the heart of hearts of all humanity. Universal Peace, Brother/Sisterly Love, Individual Freedom and Prosperity for all... |


James Gilliland is a minister, counselor, an internationally known lecturer, best selling author with the books, Reunion with Source, Becoming Gods, and The Ultimate Soul Journey. James appeared in Contact Has Begun, His Story, The History Channel, UFOs then and Now, UFO Hotspots, ABC, Fox News, BBC Danny Dyer Special, Paranormal State, ECETI Ranch a Documentary, and the new movie Thrive have all featured James and ECETI which he is the founder. He has appeared on Coast to Coast, Jeff Rense, and to numerous other radio shows to mention also being the host of, As You Wish Talk Radio, www.bbsradio.com and Contact Has Begun, www.worldpuja.net. He is a facilitator of many Eastern disciplines, a visionary dedicated to the awakening and healing of Humanity and the Earth and teaches higher dimensional realities from experience 


July 22, 2021| Issue 1
We are Back
We’re back, rising up from ashes of extreme censorship with our new newsletter.  The malfeasant, malicious MailChimp decided to drop our newsletter with no warning thinking we would lose all our data. Saw that one coming and saved it ahead of time. We would strongly suggest anyone using MailChimp to save their mailing list ASAP and find another carrier. 
The Art of Division
So, what is the antidote? Unity, Personal Responsibility for one’s attitudes and emotions. Loving detachment and avoiding the need to be right. Needing to be right pulls you right in to the fight and gathering others around your need to be right for validation also creates division only on a grander scale. Self-righteousness that stems from spiritual ego or narcissism are usually the attributes of the leaders of division. They will gather as many people around them to validate their position yet it all goes back to division, wounds, traumas, spiritual ego, or narcissism.
The division necromancer has many faces but the way to avoid it is to heal the chinks in your armor, the wounds, traumas and wrong conclusions from past experiences, the triggers and doorways used by unseen negative influences to create division. This takes brutal honesty with self and others. 
We are being divided by color, race, culture, religion, governments, let’s not forget the global elite and anyone else desiring dominance and control individually and globally. The more the desire for dominance and control, the darker the forces seen and unseen. This is being expressed now with extreme censorship, trespass on the rights of the individual, social engineering to the point where people will participate in their own enslavement and demise. Many believe they are special, are secure by following the dictates of the dictators, the corporate owned news and social media fully embedded in social consciousness. The Georgia guide stones and the goals and agendas of the global elite clearly state they want 13 out of 14 people dead, gone, off the planet. To think that does not include you is extreme denial.  
Almost all genocidal tyrants were socialistic dictators. Know your history, know the plans of the global elite, know how they divide and conquer. Learn how to heal unseen negative influences and maintain your self- authority.  They are the 1% and it is time for the 99% to awaken, rise up and unite. 
If you want to unite around something Unite around Universal Law. It is written into the heart of hearts of all humanity. Universal Peace, Brother/Sisterly Love, Individual Freedom and Prosperity for all. Let’s put an end to tyranny, the war and disease profiteers. This is a multidimensional war between Good and Evil. Turning a blind eye in denial of these polarities is not enlightenment. Enlightenment is being aware of both sides of the coin, light, dark, good, evil and shades of grey in between.
 Let’s focus our energies on peace, healing and the restoration of Earth. Mend the broken arrows, the sacred hoop and behave as if the Creator in all Creation matters. 
“If it isn’t good for everyone, it isn’t good.”
Ancient Cherokee Wisdom. 
James Gilliland

🕵️🧧🤪 ~ ('Konspirationsteoretikere' er på listen over truede arter fordi alle teorier er nu fakta!) Når memes ikke engang er nok til at vise Coronakrisen også er en global menneskerettighedskrise og alle danske regeringskommunister skal retsforfølgelses i Haag, via Gitmo og Nürnbergprocessen (SoTW Arkivskabet) ~ | Blogger: [👉Mens vi venter på revolutionen: memes hentet fra Fjæsens "Rød Blok Indefra"👈] ... {Professor Eskild Storm P: Hvad gør vi til vinter med den smitsomme indiske Delta-variant som rammer Danmark?} .. 😮‍💨AV FOR SØREN -- Gratis vakkZines for grønlændere og færinger: Hilsen Rigsfællesskabet og Mette-Mickey-Mouse-Parlamentet... 😮‍💨AV FOR SØREN -- I tre af landets fem regioner har hver tredje mellem 12 og 15 år taget imod vakkZine-tilbuddet... 😮‍💨AV FOR SØREN -- det er W.H.O.- og SS(T) læge-general-commie Medical Corps Søren Understrøm aKa "Gynækologen" aKa "SB" idé, at vi skulle beholde den møgbeskidt mundble bakteriebombe, på ståpladser juni 2021, ifølge LA Ole Birketræ, det store røvhulshul (Kisser-slang)... 😮‍💨AV FOR SØREN -- SS(I) Medical Corps Kåre Møllarve, blev isoleret af SB og (sendt på pension), ifølge ATS?... 😮‍💨AV FOR SØREN -- lige nu, render SB på Tingbjerg med sprit, hætteglas og kanyler og pisker en stemning op, for at vakkZinenere unge fra 16 og 24 år - HVAD FANDEN SKER DER!!!.. 😮‍💨AV FOR SØREN -- SB er HEEEEELT sikker: Gravide og ammende kan være trygge ved at blive vakkZineret... 🤔Man kan jo ikke lade være med at tænke på, om det var, Sørens Mini Me, Dr. Evil Fauci's ‘Gain of Function’-forskning i Wuhan og CCP-kommunister fra Kina, der forårsagede COVID-19 pandemien?... 🤔Ej, heller, om en virus overhoved eksistere, eftersom en aktindsigt, der tilsyneladende beviser, at Statens Serum Institut ikke kan bekræfte eksistensen af den nuværende coronavirus, florerer i stor stil på sociale medier i 2020 (PerBraendgaard)... 😮‍💨FOR AT DET IKKE SKAL VÆRE LØGNICKE, så er der ikke KUN stor glæde at spore hos Manden-Med Leen, Sundhedsaggregated, han JUBLER, i et tweet, at Die Dumme Dänen tilsyneladende er meget velvillige til at modtage vakkZinerne... 😱DET STOPPER IKKE FØR 100% vaxx-tilslutning, så THE GREAT RESET kan skydes i gang samt CORONA CORPORATION har vundet!. Man kan jo ikke have anti-vaxxers og konspirationstosser, til at rende FRIT rundt og især ikke, Vivian Anita Alexandru, til at dele ting fra konspirationsbevægelsen QAnon, nu slettet Facebook-konto, uden nærmere begrundelse... |

Børnemishandling og omsorgssvigt????: I tre af landets fem regioner har hver tredje mellem 12 og 15 år taget imod tilbuddet om at blive vaccineret. De har enten allerede fået mindst et vaccinestik eller har bestilt tid til coronavaccinationen, viser tal fra regionerne Nordjylland, Midtjylland og Syddanmark.


Grinte min røv i laser, da det gik op for mig, hvad der "menes-memes" med denne hyggefætter!

👃🦨🤑 ~ (2. kvt. 2021 vækst på 20% 2,8 mia. kr.) Seks private banker og kreditforeninger der ikke må ikke gå ned: DB'-kunder var forbundet til narkokarteller, terrorister og våbensmuglere i sin filial i Estland, der er blevet brugt til at hvidvaske 1,500 plus milliarder danske konge-kroner af euro og dollars. Not-an-idea's Christian Snausen 140-mio-hold-kæft-bolche kapitalforvalteren Blackrock og J-bank med hvidvaskdømt Assad-onkel var kunde i Gibraltar i 12 år og alle andre danske banker har været ramt af korruptionsskandaler👉 (SoTW) ~ | Blogger: 👉👉Disse kunder hos DB er stadigvæk hemmeligholdt. Ingen danske bankfolk er anklaget, sigtet, og i fængsel, fordi loven var anderledes, da det foregik i 2014, men i virkeligheden måske fordi, at DB, er en infrastruktur bank og brugt af hele centraladministrationen og det halve Kongerige. Der er udpeget seks banker og kreditforeninger, der ALDRIG, må ikke gå ned. De seks er DB, Nykr., Nord., J-Bank, BRFkr. og Syd-B. Hvis én af disse banker kommer i alvorlige problemer, SKAL staten hjælpe. Med andre ord, i en ny recession eller europæisk krise, der vil ramme danske banker så hårdt, at regeringen må ind og bruge Bankpakker, betalt af skatteyderne... Hvem ejer Nationalbanken, Danske banker og Staten?... Det britiske finanshus NM Rådenschild er den danske stat en rigtig god kunde og eneste reelle finaniselle rådgiver, vidste du det? Rådenschild fik størstedelen af de 100 mio. konge-kroner, som staten betalte for rådgivning i forbindelse med Bankpakke 2, og forundersøgelsen af Dongs børsnotering, som de også stod for i 2007, kostede 70 mio. kr. Det hele startede med Tele Danmark i 1997, men måske har Rådenschild været der siden Danmark gik konkurs i år 1813, i år 1814, tabte Danmark Norge til Sverige ved Kiel-traktaten og siden, Den Danske Frimurerorden, blev til i Dannevang. Syntes du ikke det er mærkeligt, at DDFO har udpeget den dømte tidligere bankdirektør i den krakkede Tønder Bank som ny tilsynsmester i ordenen? Lige under stormesteren og overlægen, 'Walter' med den store 'Schwartz' (Berlingske.dk har lavet en lang række af artikler om Rådenschild emnet).. |


"Danmark gik konkurs i år 1813, i år 1814, tabte Danmark Norge til Sverige ved Kiel-traktaten. Danmark har tvunget til at tage (enorme) lån fra generationen efter, den tyske jødesøn, Nathan Rothschild, og derfor, stod Danmark i (gæld), til Rothschild-familien. Den jødiske London-baseret investeringsbank, N.M. Rothschild & Sons Ltd., som bl.a. er hovedentreprenøren af finansieringen af alle krige og industrialiseringen af hele Europa, der ejer alle centralbanker og stadig kontrollerer halvdelen af pengene i verden, har fungeret som den enerådende finansiel rådgiver for den danske Stat (Finansministeriets finansielle rådgiver). Det anslås, at de har tjent et 3-cifret millionbeløb på, at rådgive den danske stat om planlagte privatiseringer. (Officielt) har de konsulteret den danske stat, siden 1997, da den ville sælge ud af sine aktier i Tele Danmark. Siden har Rothschild været brugt til rapporter om den danske gas- og elsektor, til overvejelserne om at privatisere Post Danmark, til fusionen af DONG og Elsam, forundersøgelsen af Dongs børsnotering (holdt skadesløse) og senest til Bankpakke 2. Hertil, er der en masse, som ligger i det (mørkelagt) Statsministeriets særlige sikkerhedsarkiv, hvor kun topfortrolige dokumenter af en helt særlig karakter bliver opbevaret. " ~ SoTW

Blogger: HVAD SKAL VI GØRE???... (How to deal with the situation?)

  • I fængsel med Borgen, tjente knap 50.000 kroner om dagen i 2017, nu med 20 mio. kr. for super godt udført arbejde i gyldent håndtryk, fra Danske Bank. Når han bliver smidt i brummen, så skabes det precedence for andre bankdirektører og ledende medarbejdere i Bankerne... Ellers ser vi det gentage sig igen, som med Birgitte Bonnesen fyret som Swedbank-direktør, fik 30 millioner og et skulderklap..   
  • Optrevl hvorfor Christian Clausen fik 140 mio. for at holde kaje.  Thorleif Krarup 110 millioner danske kroner i hånden. Alle kan vel huske gode gamle Christian Clausen, der forlod Nordea og kriserne?. Old news, som man siger, men det er måske her, hunden ligger begravet. Undersøg selv denne sag, der er meget mere end øjet ser og disse nyhedshistorier fortæller os. Hvis det ikke er grelt nok mht. penge grådighed, frås med privatfly og gourmetmiddage, vanvittige bonusser og hold kæft bolche af Clausens pension, panama papers samt manglende reformer, gennemsigtighed og manglende rutiner mod hvidvaskning af penge. Jeg har personlig set et hemmelig serverrum, hvor der blev sendt et 2-cifret millionbeløb til ukendt adresse i udlandet, foranledig af CC, som Project leder, opdaget af én af mine teknikere..
  • Gennemse samtlige kontrakter og forbindelser på samtlige GEM's (General Executive Management) i Banker, pensionsselskaber, realkreditinstitutter o.s.v. o.s.v. til lyssky virksomhedsstrukturer og hemmelige bankaftaler, der har noget at gøre med Staten Danmark.
  • En ny recession eller europæisk krise vil ramme danske banker så hårdt, at regeringen må ind og bruge Bankpakker. Ifølge den endelige opgørelse af regnestykket for bankpakkerne 13 år efter finanskrisens udbrud er nu offentliggjort af Erhvervsministeriet. Med et overskud på 17 milliarder kroner er enhver snak, om at bankpakkerne har kostet skatteyderne milliarder af kroner manet i jorden. Dog kan man sige, Danske bank undgik at lave en betinget upsidemodel, dermed blev Danske Banks aktiekurs tredoblet i tiden efter vedtagelsen af bankpakke 2 og de har tjent KASSEN på STATEN.
  • Skil os af med Finanstilsynet som er så indspist, inkompetent og nederdrægtigt, at de anser som en del af korruptionen. 
  • For ikke at snakke om Finansministeriet, som er det mest magtfulde organ i embedsværket og foruden en medspiller, hvem der får ledende stillinger i det offentlige samt private af den mørke stats Elitenetværket. 
  • Og se for f*** at skille os af med søsterorganisationen, det britiske finanshus NM Rothschild, udvalgt til at rådgive staten om finansielle forhold. 
  • Til sidst, nullifying det u-folkeejet Nationalbankens råderum, for at spille på alle centralbankers heste og Wall Street imperiets mekka.
  • PS: Med den rette strategi samt tid, engagement og en smule held kan du få en større aldersopsparing ud af at droppe pensionselskabet og i stedet selv investere i enkeltaktier, fast ejendom, forældrelejlighed, sommerhus, guld og sølv eller hacienda i Spanien...