August 17, 2020

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🙏 ~ 💓 A Trip Down Memory Lane - beyond time and space with my deceased friend, Jay (SoTW) ~ 💕 | Blogger: [💙RIP Patrice Anne (Patty) LONEY: See you 'wheeling through the galaxies'🕯️] ... Another american friend Patrice of SoTW passed away, of St. Paul, the 4/27/19 after a long battle with cancer... My soul-friend, Jay, and his father years later, also passed into the astral plane of 2006, or Summerland, or heaven, or nirvana, or whatever you wanna call it, where souls reside, still imperfect. Here, like the rest of us, stays a while, since we have not yet learned our lessons, that is required to be learned, and so the concept of Samara, is introduced... This story is deep, personally and beautiful that has changed my life, forever... |

In Memory of my best friend Jay, that have passed with leukemia, back in 2006

Posted on December 7th, 2014 by Verdensalt

Hi Jay,

Jay and me (in red shirt) in Sedona, AZ (only pic of me at SoTW)
Been a while Jay since we spoke, more precisely last time in November 2005, when you call me in the middle of the night Danish time, and told me, in your own words, "You have been diagnosed with cancer". I just knew then, even you might had been hidden the truth a while or in state of denial, it was apparent,  i had to come over to Phoenix - ASAP. It was time, so i did.
Searching on the Internet recently, surprising googling your dad obituary from 2011. My condolence!, was surprised, however was aware of his conditions and struggling from cancer as well.... Your properly having a ball in cities of light in heaven right now, I'm sure of that....
Anyways... the weeks ahead was the best wake-up call for me, how fragile life was, the feeling of numbness or total ignorance, what if .. the guy with the Grim Reaper had come to take you away or some miracle would happen and pull the leukemia cancer straight out of your body, like John Coffey did in The Green Mile. But seems you mind was up to something, you had a plan already. Visiting old friends and relations and saying "goodbye" to all. Actually, I was very grateful. Remember we meet up with your old friend, just recently out of prison, special moments .. we had friends over for dinner, did a lot a stuff, just didn't strike me right at that time back in 2005, it was the last time i ever saw you.

Jay, when the devastating phone call came a few months later from your wife  Jeanene, she said with tears in her eyes, "Jay had passed away", things just stopped. You told me, you needed second phase of Chemotherapy treatment in Dallas, Texas after Stem Cell Transplant from Your sister Angela. Well, first of all, You hated that place, particular due to the Bush family's presence. (that's a whole other story ) 

Well, time has passed now and i do regret not attending Your funeral, even if it was explained to me, You really didn't wanted anybody to come and say goodbye at the Hospital in your condition... everything went so bloody fast from there... I was so upset, WHY? Why i was not allowed coming and saying proper goodbye? ....  I could just imagine you Jay, like the humorous guy everybody always felt for, cutting through bullshit and with a loud voice with English accent tell us "It's just a flesh wound" from Monty Python-The Black Knight. It always cracks me up, thinking about that recitation. Another thing, was not there for You at your wedding, was shameful as well, due to work and my girlfriend, at that time. It seems, when somebody is gone, it's hard to make things right again about the past mistakes we did, who would ever foreseen you dying from cancer at 37 years of age, so unfair.....

🙇~ 💗 CAMP DISCLOSURE AWAKENING ASCENSION CONSCIOUSNESS AUGUST 27TH – 31ST, 2020 (ECETI NEWS) 💕 ~ | Blogger: Oh man! I wish I could be there in person at Camp Disclosure... Limiting SoTW from traveling, wearing a face mask and mandatory vaccination with unprecedented unconstitutional emergency laws, is hurting my Freedom, draining my Heart and tarnishing my Soul... Sometimes I ask why the hell I had agreed to "this timely" Soul Agreements or God Source Contracts, when entering into the Earth's 3-D Matrix of Simulation after thousands of reincarnations, before that... Being "alone" with all my thoughts and ideas, impossible to share p2p, not allowed hugging, kissing and laughing in the company with people alike, that have the same vision as I - is soooo hard...If I will leave my avatar of the flesh, from Mother GAIA's planet before the "EVENT" will happen, and have a choice in the Summerland, I would prefer another planet, to incarnate and visit my friends that I miss dearly. I already lost my wife and her daughter, and my own biological daughter, because who I AM (still here on Earth, but choice to not be with me) ... Until then, i'll live my life like there's no tomorrow... So be IT and so it IS!... |

AUGUST 27TH – 31ST, 2020

An Amazing Live-stream from Flat Rock, North Carolina for the entire weekend including all main stage, 2nd stage & 3rd stage events from opening ceremony music by Rachel Farris and keynote presentation by James Gilliland to closing ceremony by Xi Earthstar Healer and Simon Esler and everything in between. Also ‘sneak peeks’ of behind the scenes at camp! Sign up on their website here.

💸💸💸 ~ Hvorfor skal danskerne betale 18.000.000 kroner for et ungdomshus i Ukraine? ( | Blogger: [🤜Kan man stole på en "teenage-predator"? I USA går de virkelig HÅRDT til værks mod sådanne nogle mennesker, men i Danmark, går man fri, og får comeback i politik og besidder nu den mest eftertragtede stilling og betydningsfulde for Kongeriget Danmark's (Grønland, Færøerne, engang Island og Norge) skæbne🤛] ... Hvorfor betaler danskerne stadig millioner i ulandsbistand til Kina som har skabt "conronafrygten og virussen" sammen med W.H.O?... Hvorfor skal danskere betale 112.000.000 kroner i ulandsbistand til is og frossen yoghurt... Hvorfor har Sygehuse købt coronaudstyr for 2,3 milliarder kroner, hvis det hele er FUP og SVINDEL?... Hvorfor forsvinder der årligt, mindst kroner sporløst i EU-systemet?... Hvordan kan det være, at Corona-nedlukningen kan ved et middelskøn koste dansk økonomi 150 mia. kr., men nærmere 500 mia. kr. og HVEM skal betale gildet?... Der er så meget jeg ikke forstår her på verdens redaktionen og åbenbart også over på |

🦠💸🤥 ~ Danish Economy Sees Historic, WWII-Like Drop in GDP Amid COVID-19 Measures (Sputniknews) ~ | Blogger: [🤞What if... Things Could Happen For The Better Overnight🔮] ... How do We, The People, create, as Werner Erhard Quote; A World That Works For Everyone❓... This is the ever increasing ‘gap’ between the wealthy and non-wealthy, the so-called Rich and Poor, The Elite and non-elite, The 1% and the 99%, etc. Whether The Divide be between Nations, inside Nations, or intergenerational, neither its existence, nor its growth can be denied... Hence, when Danes become "Spiritual Awakened" and FINALLY joins the 99% and looks back to see, that they all have been manipulated by 'mind control, predictive programming & occult conditioning' - there will be a reckoning against the 1% of "the powers that be"... NOW, Lebanon's government has stepped down in wake of Beirut blast, but that doesn't help the lebanon people, because govt will be replaced by yet another bunch of corrupted 1% of the DEEP STATE... Largest demonstration in the history of Belarus - demonstrations for freedom and against "dictator" President Alexander Lukashenko and what does he do? Threaten to deploy the military and tells its people, he will not step down, not allow a re-election and issued crackdown on activists and journalists... Thousands of demonstrators joined an anti-government rally in Bangkok, demanding political reforms and calling for the resignation of Prayuth Chan-ocha, the country's prime minister and an ex-army general.... Israeli leaders line up to praise controversial peace deal normalizing relation with United Arab Emirates, to save their fierce dictator and war criminal leader, Benjamin Netanyahu, but it was all Trump and his administration who did make the deal, DON'T FORGET THAT... 🥠THE WORLD is unbelievable corrupted, but in Denmark, anything goes. All things are accepted or acceptable; nothing is off-limits... Danes seem to PROTECT their female leader Mette Frederiksen, like she belong to The Danish Monarchy. But NOBODY has a CLUE about "The money creation deception" or Denmarks Central Bank "Nationalbank" is not a state-owned company and Danish monarchs, which controls the Danish Masonic Order and the Freemasons control all ministries and agencies and public civil services with power elite companies, controls the Prime Minister and all her Minions... |

The swift downturn, never before witnessed in peacetime, was primarily caused by measures to counter the spread of the coronavirus pandemic, including a national lockdown, when all Danes occupying non-essential jobs in the public sector were ordered to stay home for two weeks.

👼 ~ 💗 Earth Intelligence Report - August 2020 (Brad Johnson New Earth Teachings) 💕 ~ | Blogger: [🌐Similar to Tolec's revelations - another amazing report from Brad and Earth Collective, all above and below!🕊] ... |

Source (Brad Johnson New Earth Teachings)

🛸 ~ 💗 (A TIME OF GREAT TRANSFORMATION) Alien false flag attack coming, it is all a lie (Tolec of the Andromeda Council) 💕 ~ | Blogger: [🤜SUMMARY: "As one of the other BIGGEST lies COVID, begins to lose its grip on the Intelligent Free & Sovereign People of this Planet, the POWERS that shouldn't be, aKa, the DEEP STATE (and non-human reptilian leaders / hybrid lieutenants), will make its FINAL play, as part of its coming DEATH, finally revealing themselves coming out from DUMB's, to install even GREATER FEAR and CONTROL over the populace in the developed countries, of this planet, by a Alien false flag and their advanced technologies, that is COMING, not in YEARS to come, but MONTHS. It is all a lie. I CAN SAY WITH ABSOLUTELY CERTAINLY, that the "Benevolent White Hats ET Forces", aligned with the Procyon Star System, and Planet Kana, Andromeda Galactic Council, who has already DESTROYED 15 undersea and 2 underground reptilian bases, they will DEAL with and ELIMINATE, these "Parasitic, Abusive, Manipulative, Neglective, Fear, War and Death Hungry", beings, ONCE AND FOR ALL." ~ Tolec🤛] ... And, not, because SoTW have meet Tolec and had a amazing talk about the Nordic or Pleiadian race, amaaazing guy, really. Got my first intuitive understanding about Nordic Alien Ancestors by Tolec during my visit to Interplanetary Cultural Exchange Summer Conference in Mt. Shasta 2015... 🔭BTW, You don't think that the DEEP STATE MILITARY has that kind of technology, called Military Holographic Sky "BLUE BEAM LASER DEW" War Games" - Guess again... (✨Victory Of The Light🙏)... |

Tolec of the Andromeda Council, of the planet - Dakote, star system - Taygeta, constellation - Pleiades got us all enchanted with knowledge off this world. Not many people know who Tolec is. Meet him at Mt Shasta conference in 2015. Make no mistake, Tolec is very real and very informed and connected person like Alex Collier. Have seen several people on the net trying to frame him as a nutcase or worse - part of Draco or even Cabal. Tolec is one of the good guys, if you ask me. He's on many hosted show like Simon ParkesOpen Your Mind radio. Tolec has lots of information about Nordic aliens or The Tall White Nordics.

Source (TransformationalShiftEvents) 

🎙️🚨⛓️~ BREAKING: Millie Weaver wasn't arrested; she was ABDUCTED by the deep state and is being held for possible interrogation (HAF+Clearnewswire) ~ | Blogger: [🤜"According to deep background sources, Millie Weaver was abducted by deep state operators today and is being held under the false authority of deep state operatives. She was not arrested by any lawful process, and there was no legitimate “grand jury” indictment.." ~ Humans Are Free🤛] ... So @Millie__Weaver might have been arrested because she was about to release the documentary "ShadowGate"???.... |

🔴🧑‍⚖️ ~ BREAKING NEWS: SCOTUS (Judge John Roberts) Implicated in Epstein Tapes! (Steel Truth+Qlobal-Change USA) ~ | Blogger: [🤜THAT is why filthy rich elite people involved in the Epstein scandal is now pooping in their pants🤛] ... AND... Ghislaine Maxwell 'is taken off suicide watch and wants to be moved out of solitary confinement at hell-hole Brooklyn jail', according to Daily Mail... |

⚠️💉⚰️ ~ Vladimir Putin’s daughter DIES after second dose of COVID vaccine (Reddit+Alice Down The Rabbit Hole) ~ | Blogger: [👉TRUE OR NOT - LET ME MAKE THIS CLEAR👉] ... SoTW can't find any confirmation of it googling yet!... But if... IF it is true, Putin and Kremlin will N-E-V-E-R admit it or give you another LIE on how she died.. WHY? Because Russia, has formally began production of the world’s first novel coronavirus vaccine, named the Sputnik V or ‘Gam-COVID-Vak’, tested on more than 2,000 humans already. According to Gamaleya Institute director Alexander Ginzburg told, that MASS VACCINATION using the Sputnik V vaccine should start in Russia in about a month’s time AND available to the Philippines by early November or early December... Russia aims to manufacture 500 million doses of the vaccine over the next year and many countries will buy the vaccine from Russia... |