Aug 7, 2015

The David Icke Videocast: Where Wisdom Begins - We Know Nothing - Aug 7, 2015 (We're All Living In a Matrix Simulation, Human Suffer Of 'Arrogance Of Ignorance' Which Is The Biggest Bloc To Human Understanding)

NYtimes: Donald Trump and Bill Clinton Chatted by Phone Before Trump Announced Candidacy (Bushes & Clintons, Now Trump - One Big Family) - Aug 7, 2015

Donald J. Trump, in red hat, and Bill Clinton, center, at a golf tournament at Briarcliff Manor, N.Y., in 2008. Also there were Rudolph W. Giuliani, Michael R. Bloomberg, Joe Torre and Billy Crystal
Shortly before Donald J. Trump kicked off his presidential campaign, he had a genial phone conversation with former President Bill Clinton, but the two apparently did not discuss the race itself or Hillary Rodham Clinton’s bid for the Democratic nomination.

The May call was confirmed by two people with knowledge of it, both of whom spoke on the condition of anonymity in order to discuss a private conversation. The call was first reported by The Washington Post.

The conversation was initiated at Mr. Trump’s request, according to one person briefed on the call, who said the real-estate developer tried Mr. Clinton’s office a few times before the former president returned the call.

According to the Washington Post account, some people privy to the call described Mr. Clinton, who is often typically solicitous of whomever he is speaking to, as suggesting to the candidate-to-be that he was “striking a chord” with the Republican base.

Worth a million likes: Pic of baby kangaroo hugging teddy bear melts hearts worldwide (PHOTO) - Aug 7, 2015

A tiny orphaned kangaroo from Australia holding tight to a teddy bear has won hearts everywhere, "showing the value of a good hug." The man who shared the picture on Twitter said he was surprised it was of interest as far away as Russia and the US.

Read more: b311866-kangaroo-teddy-bear-hug/

LandaChinaGlobal - Landa, Audio of Conference Call

Aug 05, 2015

Been tracking them for some time now on my blog, Landa Global normally follow any legal & officiel announcements, close to the (officials) or insiders like Dragon Society (Families) , ZAP Office Of Poofness and similar light forces, however i'm not sure how they operate more precisely. All i understand, they are important ambassadors to Prosperity & humanitarian funds e.g. The Historic Bonds, and will most likely be the organisation (144 women) that are major candidates to be beneficiaries or assisting the actual disbursement of the huge amount of money to any Consortium humanitarian projects in the World. 

Read also: Landa Global 15. December 2014: "General Currency Reset, and Global Reset of the financial systems"

Finansielle Akronymer

Global Updates: Many has come to Landa to provide good projects, within August the formal fundings will begin and primary projects will get on the way. Tremendous tries to identification of technologies that will remediate the time bomb of Fukushima. Identification team has already begun to selections of trust & bond submissions, however since very large quantities of storage assets in bunkers and caves contains massive amount, things takes time...


June 24, 2015 -Conference Update -MP3

RV is coming..... EarthPort ongoing with 23 Ports/Landing Pads & advanced technology has passed for public display, Landa as company exist in 'Denmark', Canada & Arizona. Talking to the Familiy (Dragon?) Bonds Compensations will be on the way - hope is for week 27.

The Secret Space Program Built with Alien Technology - Aug 7, 2015

"We now have the technology to take ET home." – Ben Rich, CEO of Lockheed Skunk Works, 1993

The story behind this quote is an interesting one. At a lecture held in 1993 at the UCLA Alumni center, Ben Rich, the former CEO of Lockheed Martin Skunk Works held a speech about the advancements in space engineering during the previous 40 years.

He concluded with the quote about taking ET home while the final image in his slide presentation showed a “black disk zipping out into outer space.”

Over the years, the Skunk Works division of Lockheed has designed and built a number of high-tech aircraft such as the U-2, the SR-71 Blackbird, the F-22 Raptor and the F-117 Nighthawk.

Taking this into account, some have drawn the conclusion that Rich alluded to advanced technology being secretly developed and it might be responsible for some of the flying disks we see today.

Seems too far-fetched? We’re on the same page but wait, it gets better.

Særligt sensitive mennesker - Frygt er glæde i forklædning - 7. August 2015

Udgivet første gang den 25. Juni 2014 af Verdensalt

Er du et meget følsomt menneske?

  • Reflektere du over ting mere end alle andre?
  • Bekymre du dig over, hvordan andre mennesker føler?
  • Foretrækker du roligere, mindre kaotiske omgivelser?
  • Har du en ivrig fantasi og livagtige drømme?
  • Er tid alene hver dag så vigtigt for dig - som mad og vand er ?
  • Er du "for genert" eller "for følsom" ifølge andre?
  • Er du ofte meget følsom, anspændt, nærtagende, utryg?
Hvis dit svar er ja, kan du være en særligt sensitiv menneske (HSP - Highly Sensitive Person)
Er det en velsignelse eller forbandelse?

Jeg har hentet inspiration fra egne oplevelser fra familielivet som ligger mig på sinde at have forståelse for hvordan man omgås sensitive mennesker, samt fra Lise August som er autoriseret psykolog - specialist i klinisk psykologi. Hun har i samarbejde med Jette Harthimmer , clairvoyant og spirituel rådgiver, udgivet en fantastisk podcast omkring særligt sensitive mennesker. Test dig selv

Hvad er "særligt sensitive mennesker"?

Personlighedstræk som er nedarvet -  11 gener forbundet til personlighedstrækket, dvs. allerede når et barn bliver undfanget, er man på godt og ondt mere modtagelig og kan blive påvirket af moderens stress og humørsvingninger. Samme gælder påvirkninger fra lyde, kulde & varme, lys.

Kendetegnet med sensitive mennesker er tit en mere intensitivitet og følelse ved f.eks. ved naturen og smukke ting end andre mennesker oplever. Hvad enten det er tidspres på jobbet eller parforholdet der i vores tid er præget af præstationsræs, kan man ikke bare trykke stop til alle de ting som den sensitive akkumulere af indtryk. Alt kommer i princippet ind til vores følelsesregister, hvor mange ting skulle have været reflekteres ud fra kroppen. Dvs. sensitive mennesker tager på godt og ondt imod mere end andre mennesker gør som er det vilkår de lever under.

F.eks hvis man opholder sig et sted med en masse mennesker omkring sig, så lægger sensitive mennesker mærke til 10 gange så meget, end andre, ikke sensitive, mennesker gør.

Undersøgelser med hjerneskanninger viser hjernen registrere mere, ikke nødvendigvis via hvad øjnene ser, men på højere niveauer end nervesystemet, hjernens måde at håndtere indtryk på og systematiske undersøgelser viser, at sensitvie mennesker oplever verden lidt anderledes.

Lad os kode det om til den virkelige verden. Tit er det sådanne, at sensitive mennesker oplever sin partner på en måde som let kan misforstås, enten verbale kommunikation, men især synsindtryk, løftede han nu øjenbrynene, grinede han nu for meget på det forkerte tidspunkt, fik jeg "øjnene"... Den sensitive går nu i forsvar og bliver utryg, "jeg kan se der er noget i vejen, er det mon mig?" og hvis svaret ikke falder ud som det ønskes - så er himmel og hav i bevægelse. Derimod kan det falde godt ud hvis ens partner har dyb forståelse eller god kommunikation for den sensitive.

"Sensitive skal huske at afstemme sine forventninger til andre mennesker, så det er realistisk. Man skal ikke tro andre forstår een, man skal ikke forvente andre forstår hvordan senstive ser på verden"

De indadvendte- og udadvendte sensitive mennesker

$60 Trillion Of World Debt In One Visualization - Aug 7, 2015

Tyler Durden's picture
Today’s visualization breaks down $59.7 trillion of world debt by country, as well as highlighting each country’s debt-to-GDP ratio using colour. The data comes from the IMF and only covers external government debt.

It excludes the debt of country’s citizens and businesses, as well as unfunded liabilities which are not yet technically incurred yet. All figures are based on USD.

Courtesy of: Visual Capitalist  
The numbers that stand out the most, especially when comparing to the previous world economy graphic:
  • The United States constitutes 23.3% of the world economy but 29.1% of world debt. It’s debt-to-GDP ratio is 103.4% using IMF figures.
  • Japan makes up only 6.18% of total economic production, but has amounted 19.99% of global debt.
  • China, the world’s second largest economy (and largest by other measures), accounts for 13.9% of production. They only have 6.25% of world debt and a debt-to-GDP ratio of 39.4%.
  • 7 of the 15 countries with the most total debt are European. Together, excluding Russia, the European continent holds over 26% of total world debt.
Combining the debt of the United States, Japan, and Europe together accounts for 75% of total global debt.

The New Earth Times ~ Wednesday, August 7, 2015 CET (Sananda: cabal media and the channeling circles that has said there is a major economic event coming in September. Depending upon the source, it is billed as an end-of-the-world disaster or as the major shift you have all awaited eagerly. I can reassure you - it will be both)

It's Time to See Your World as We Do 
By Sananda

Community Corner: "The Blue Avians: Unite As The One Human Family"
Ute Possega-Rudel

Last night on the BlogTalk Radio program we talked with you about the rising energies as we approach the Lion's Gate.  The time between July 4 and August 8, 2015 will reach a glorious crescendo in the coming two days.  Hold on, Beloved Brothers and Sisters, you are experiencing new heights of vibrational assistance to help carry you ever higher in your personal Ascension.  (link below)
It has been a time of intensive training for those of you who have asked to release all old patterns.  As Mother God told you, your higher dimensional teams, in consultation with your Higher Self, have been working diligently to arrange the most effective and efficient circumstances to help you uncover the persistent attitudes and patterns that are carry-overs from childhood.  It is impossible to live a life on Planet Earth in recent years without having to contrive strategies for survival based on the particular kinds of threats and imbalances you had to navigate in your early life and beyond.
Each style is different, based on individualized feelings of inadequacy, fear of being rejected, annihilated, punished, disrespected and so on, depending upon the severity of violence or danger you may have experienced.  This is where it is very helpful to have read Who Needs Light?, Kathryn's book that was designed to prepare you for just this moment.  It is carefully designed, with editorial help from Mother and Father God, to walk you through from childhood to the present, examining all remaining feelings and thoughts that hold you to the lower dimensional Matrix.  Those who have read it and done the personal exploration it inspires will find these current challenges a familiar extension of previous trainings, and you will move through them with a comfortable momentum.

Sublunar Operations Update: August 7, 2015 CEt

Hvem er Cobra: Stifter af bloggen ; Denne blog er den officielle formidler af kommunikation fra modstandsbevægelsen.

Eftersom jeg for længst har givet efter på disse højst usædvanlige fænomener og trosberetninger for vores forfædre samt galaktiske venners færden, er det en god ide som nybegynder, at læse eller slå tingene op via (google søgeord og vælge dette site) eller ( for at forstå hele sammenhængen.

Sublunar operations continue. Most of the plasma generators and plasma strangelet bombs on man-made satellites have been disabled, including those on the thirteen NROL-39 »octopus«

Something is beyond your reach, indeed!

This has effectively loosened the Matrix control over the surface population to the point that intel about advanced spacecraft propulsion system designs have been released both into the mainstream and the alternative media:

This intel release has additionally secured the positive future timeline for humanity and brought us one step closer to the stars. The future is bright:

Sublunar operations will now extend closer to the surface of the planet through the ionosphere and the stratosphere.

First, they will begin to disrupt the scalar weather modification programs and mind control programs of the ionospheric heaters:

Then they will extend into the stratosphere, disabling the plasma generators and plasma strangelet bombs inside the radiosondes:

The Breakthrough is near!

The Trump phenomenon explained by the Health Ranger - Aug 7, 2015

The Health Ranger
Donald Trump is surging in approval polls... but what does it mean, really?
In my view, many people in America are pushing for a wholesale political revolt, and every revolt needs someone at the helm who's driving for radical change.
That's what many people seem to see in Trump. But he remains a total wildcard... a volatile personality...
I don't yet know what to think about Trump, but at least he's the ONLY candidate so far willing to go on the record with concern about vaccines and autism! And believe it or not, Donald Trump eats organic!