Jun 2, 2017

INFOWARS | The Alex Jones Show - June 1, 2017 | Megyn Kelly To Interview Alex Jones Next Week. Kelly will be coming to the Infowars studio for an exclusive interview -- sure to be a historic moment!!! | Blogger: Megyn Kelly interviews Putin, Alex Jones and then Trump... |

Alternative BIO:

Rationalwiki.org: Alexander Emerick Jones (b. 1974—imminent FEMA takeover) is a batshit crazy radio entertainer and legally certified[3] self-proclaimed "performance artist"[4] who specializes in making up conspiracy theories to amuse his audience. He is the world's most powerful conspiracy pusher: his shows draw millions of views daily.[5] Any time anything interesting happens anywhere on Earth, there's a 100% chance that Jones has found "proof" that it is either (1) a false flag operation by the New World Order (NWO) or (2) a "massive coverup operation" run by the New World Order (NWO). No exceptions. 

Rationalwiki.org: Megyn Kelly is a former lawyer[2] and Faux News anchor babe-in-chief, essentially. She obtained her job at FOX, in no small part, because she was a more attractive Ann Coulter and being fed lines by Roger Ailes. (There's a reason Megyn was in the center chair at the Republican Presidential debate and Greta Van Susteren was relegated to the sidelines.)
She identifies as a careerist mercenary "Independent" and a "feminist who won't actually call herself a feminist". (Uh huh.) Like most news babes, she has parleyed her Faux career into modeling for, essentially, girlie magazines on the side.[3]
However, Megyn has been known to call out the GOP's bullshit more than other Fox News pundits. It’s no coincidence that Kelly left the Eye of Sauron to go work for NBC.

Daily Mail | June 1, 2017 | What's inside the 'pit of Mars'? Satellites spot strange 'Swiss cheese' area of the red planet next to a giant hole |

bizarre pit in Mars’ southern hemisphere has left scientists baffled as to how it formed. The feature, which resembles the home of a fictional Star Wars beast that could swallow a person whole, may have been created from an impact with a rogue space rock – or, it could be the result of a collapse at the surface
  • New image from the HiRISE instrument reveals strange circular formation in Mars' southern hemisphere
  • It also shows a look at the 'Swiss cheese terrain,' with shallow pits dotting the carbon dioxide ice
  • Experts say the bizarre Martian pit could be either an impact crater or a South Polar collapse pit

Ancient Code | June 2, 2017 | German oceanographer states: Pyramids and technology found under the Bermuda Triangle are unknown to modern science | .. Also known as the “Devil’s Triangle“, the Bermuda Triangle consists of a region in the western part of the North Atlantic Ocean and is defined by points in Bermuda, Florida and Puerto Rico. It stretches across less than a thousand miles on any one side. The triangle does not exist according to the US Navy and the name is not recognized by the US Board on Geographic Names .. | Blogger: Originated from an Bosnia article in 2015... |

Is this the news everyone has been waiting for in regards to the Bermuda Triangle?

According to an oceanographer, the technology that lies hidden beneath the ocean in the Bermuda Triangle is anything but ordinary and is very likely to have not originated on Earth.

Also known as the “Devil’s Triangle“, the Bermuda Triangle consists of a region in the western part of the North Atlantic Ocean and is defined by points in Bermuda, Florida and Puerto Rico. It stretches across less than a thousand miles on any one side. The triangle does not exist according to the US Navy and the name is not recognized by the US Board on Geographic Names.

This mysterious body of water is filled with incredible stories and rumors that if not supernatural are otherworldly. Is it possible that this imaginary triangle is evidence of extraterrestrial activity on our Planet? One thing is for sure, over the past century, the Bermuda Triangle has been “swallowing” vessels and disappearing airplanes and is blamed for the loss of hundreds of lives.

Two mesmerizing giant pyramids made of some sort of thick glass were discovered in the center of the Bermuda Triangle. The technology that is found underneath the vast ocean is a mystery to modern science. The anomalous structures located at a depth of 2,000 meters have been identified by Dr. Meyer, a German oceanographer and his team using sonar equipment.

According to reports, the army has stopped all further research

Meyer firmly believes that the discovery of the secret, strange pyramidal structures at the center of the triangle could shed light on the mysterious disappearances of ships and planes associated with the Bermuda Triangle.

According to reports from several websites among them this one, the number of mysteries surrounding the pyramids is something no one has been able to answer. The pyramids located at a depth of about 2 kilometers are said to be made of some sort of crystal that could be one of the main reasons why the area has had anomalous disappearances. According to sensationalistic claims by Ufologists and paranormal researchers, we simply do not have the technology and means to explore the area accurately and conclude whether there are or not anomalous pyramids located at the bottom of the Bermuda triangle......[READ MORE]

Kendte.dk | 2. Juni 2017 | Afdøde Mopper sender besked til Linse - En af Linses mange følgere (Linse har mere end 400.000 følgere) på Facebook fortæller, at Mopper har en hilsen til Linse | .. – Jaaa ved godt det er crazy…. Men har en besked fra en meget insisterende Mopper, som vil fortælle dig at hun har det skønt og ved nu at man ikke skal frygte døden. Hun snakker om en stor ring som ingen kender til og at du derved ved at det er en besked fra hende. En ring med en stor, som i virkelig stor diamant i – Aner ikke hvorfor det er med i beskeden, men hun siger Glæd dig, men bliv hos de andre så længe du overhovedet kan, skriver Trine Willadsen blandt andet i opslaget i Linses Facebook-gruppe .. |

Afdøde Mopper sender en besked til Linse. I hvert fald i følge en af Linses mange følgere på Facebook. Foto: Camilla Rønde/Scanpix (Arkivfoto)

The MIND Unleashed | May 19, 2017 | Radical New Therapy Heals Deepest Layers of the Brain | Blogger: Had a shamanic dreaming last night solving others emotional problems, showing the male energy symbolic to life’s force.. Dreaming of a shaman or medicine man shows you have pierced the bubble of the rational world we often live or are trapped by and have entered a more basic and extended world of ancient people.. Been through the grinder, reincarnation machine, 5 generations back fighting white guys as shaman, native american spirituality...|

It isn’t very often that mainstream scientists, particularly psychotherapists, resort to the use of shamanism and power animals to cure the “incurable,” but a radical new therapy said to heal those suffering from the most profound types of trauma does just that – using ancient tools in a clinical setting to cure depression, anxiety, and deep emotional scarring.

A Departure from Traditional Psychotherapy

For those who have tried traditional talk-therapy and still suffer from debilitating depression and anxiety, a therapy called the Comprehensive Resource Model (CRM) has been developed by Lisa Schwarz, a licensed, 30-year veteran of psychology. Schwarz is a little a-typical in that her therapy uses spirituality, neurobiology, psychology, shamanism, and power animals.

She has taught the integrated therapy to more than 1,500 therapists around the world, all of whom have found some pretty amazing success. Therapists in Scotland are using the therapy to heal patients with deep trauma, including rape and sexual abuse. Britain’s top PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) specialist uses the therapy to run a clinic which serves more than 400,000 people – so you could say that it’s been test-driven effectively.

Most of us are familiar with the notion of traditional talk-therapy, even if we haven’t seen or talked to a behavioral therapist ourselves, and though this type of therapy is not without its own merit, it often leaves many with deeply held trauma reeling in the wind.

For many, talk therapy keeps people in their heads, and allows the trauma to keep recycling. Allowing memories of the trauma, after all, to surface, is only part of the solution. People also have a tendency to hide their deepest feelings even from psychotherapists – guilt, shame, fear, anger, etc. are left lurking in our shadow selves, unable to be freed by the light of truth. This is possibly why CRM is successful. Let’s look at what shamanism, spirituality, and power (spirit) animals can do for us to see why this therapy is offering such a unique experience for those who partake of it.


Why Shamanism Works

Many cultures around the world have used shamans to help heal trauma for centuries.
A shaman believes that healing must happen on the spiritual level for it to trickle down into the physical. A shaman understands that a sickness will show up in your spirit or energy body well before it manifests as physical symptoms. They also understand, as a stark contrast to most western medicine, that a cure that works for one person will not necessarily work for another person. There is no “magic pill,” because every person is dealing with their own spiritual crisis when healing is required. A shaman helps a person to unmask the spiritual ailment so that it can be healed. Physical healing is just a positive by-product of that root-level healing.

Verdensalt | June 2, 2017 | Blogger: The Paris Agreement (French: L’accord de Paris) is an agreement within the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) dealing with greenhouse… That's the official statement... But is it a hoax? Here's some alternative interpretations: | Benjamin Fulford: The accelerating plans to escape from the Khazarian controlled Western financial system? | Mike Adams: Any attempts to lower CO2 are a form of genocide against plants, forests, food crops at ecosystems planet-wide. The Paris Climate Accord is a genocide treaty and a declaration of war against Mother Nature and planet Earth | Dave from the X22Report: The Paris Climate Accord has nothing to do with climate, keep the earth green and reduce our carbon footprint, NO! These are bankers, and they don't care about the climate. If EU and the Banksters are NOT able to fit this Paris agreement, into their model, with billions of dollars puring into their accounts, it dosent work for them, they only deal in absolutes, they dont bargain, no negotiations. TheDeepState are in trouble now, but will NEVER lay down their arms and proceed with wars and false fake attacks. Same thing with BREXIT, NAFTA and now Paris agreement. One world goverment, one world currency.. | Lisa Heaven: Trump Just “Trumped” The Globalists—Makes Brilliant Move That’ll CRIPPLE Their “Agreement” | TheStar: Donald Trump, who calls climate change a hoax, pulls U.S. from the world’s plan to stop it Trump’s decision, which isolates the U.S. from virtually the entire world, deals a blow to the global effort to fight the catastrophic impacts of sharply rising temperatures... |

President Trump Makes a Statement Regarding the Paris Accord



During the address that took place at the White House and in the Rose Garden, President Trump stated the following:

“I am fighting every day for the people of this country: therefore, in order to fulfill my duty to protect America and its citizens the United States will withdraw from the Paris Climate Accord, but begin negotiations to reenter either the Paris Accord or an entirely new transaction.

“We’re getting out, but we will start to negotiate and we will see if we can make a deal that’s fair. If we can, that’s great. If we can’t, that’s fine.”

But that’s not all he had to say! All that and more in this report…....


C-span: Obama announces the Paris Climate Agreement | Benjamin Fulford Oct 3, 2016: "...new financial system that is will replace the fraudulent and defunct Federal Reserve Board, possibly as early as this month. The voting rights in the new system will be allocated as follows: with China getting......20.09%, The Republic of the United States of America 17.89%, the EU 11.61%, Russia 7.53%, India 4.1% and Japan 3.79%. These are the same proportions as the carbon rights issued by the COP21 agreement which was more about a new financial system than it was about carbon. The agreement will become law when 55 countries accounting for at least 55% of global carbon emissions ratify. That threshold will be passed when the EU ratifies which their government promises to do by the end of this month. “The new October fiscal year coincides with the Jewish New Year, China’s national day, and the collapse of Deutschebank as the yuan becomes a gold-backed, convertible international reserve currency in the new financial system,” Pentagon sources say....[READ MORE]

Natural News: Everything you've been told about climate change by the lying mainstream media is false. Any attempts to lower CO2 are a form of genocide against plants, forests, food crops at ecosystems planet-wide. I've just released a powerful new science video that explains why abundant LIFE, food and ecological recovery needs higher levels of carbon dioxide and ocean warming which makes the planet wetter, greener and more full of life. The Paris Climate Accord is a crime against our planet and all life it support. Click here for the full article and videos.

X22report: The Main Agenda Of The Bilderberg Secret Meeting, Trump - Episode 1295b

HAHA—Trump Just “Trumped” The Globalists—Makes Brilliant Move That’ll CRIPPLE Their “Agreement”

TheStar: WASHINGTON—President Donald Trump says he will withdraw the United States from the historic Paris agreement on combating climate change, a move that damages the international effort to address a problem he calls a hoax and isolates the world’s superpower from almost every other nation.Trump said he would try to negotiate a new deal on “terms that are fair to the United States.” But he did not say what kinds of changes might satisfy him, and the leaders of France, Germany and Italy said there would be no more talks. Trump, though, described the agreement as environmentally insignificant and economically harmful......[READ MORE]

Nyhedsbrev | Biodynamiskeforbrugere.dk | June 1, 2017 | DK - Svampegift i grundvand bekymrer ekspert | US - Big Pharma is contaminating nearly all the water in America with toxic drugs that alter biology, fertility and even gender expression |

Svampegift i grundvand bekymrer ekspert

28. april 2017 I december 2016 fandt man rester af svampegiften Tebuconazol i grundvandet. Ifølge grundvandsekspert Walter Brüsch er fundet ”alarmerende”, fordi koncentration er høj, og at giften kan være hormonforstyrrende. Giftfundet er blot det seneste i grundvandet.

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Kilde Økologiske nyheder.


Big Pharma is contaminating nearly all the water in America with toxic drugs that alter biology, fertility and even gender expression

(Natural News) America has become the luxury playground for pharmaceutical company moguls. As trillions of dollars trickle through the economy, all those physicians who peddle their poisons, along with PR and media account executives, are paid millions for mind-numbing advertising campaigns promoting a daily dose of “ask your doctor.” But your doctor may not need to play middleman anymore. As reported by Scientific American, trace amounts of many pharmaceuticals have been found “in the drinking water supplies of some 40 million Americas.” Need your ADHD medicine? Just take a sip of tap water.

In 2013 and 2014, Dr. Sylvia Lee, along with her team from The Cary Institute of Ecosystems Studies based in Milford, New York, collected water samples from six different streams surrounding Baltimore, Maryland. ARS Technica has reported that the researchers found 14 different drugs in the samples, with two drugs, amphetamines and methamphetamine, discovered at all six sites with varying levels of concentration. The amount of amphetamines, the drug well known for its use in Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), was the highest ever recorded in surface waters, beating earlier saturation levels as measured by scientists in Spain.

Dr. Lee took the experiment a step further and created a method to test exactly how the amphetamines would affect aquatic life. Her group built artificial streams, clean of any toxins, and filled them with living bacteria, algae, microorganisms and aquatic insects. Gradually, the researchers introduced D-amphetamine, the same substance found in the ADHD medications and their six samples, and added the exact amount they had previously discovered into their artificial streams. Within a week, algae were down 50 percent and the aquatic insects reproduced like “they were on speed.” Additionally, the diversity of diatoms and certain bacteria, so essential for aquatic life, were greatly diminished.