Apr 22, 2021

🧿🧸⛑️ ~ (#SaveAllGodsChildren #RaiseYourVibration) 19,000 Children Have Crossed The Border Alone/Sexually Abused at San Antonio Facility? (Ben Swann 8 min video) ~ | Blogger: OMG! WHAAAT!?!... Texas investigating allegations that unaccompanied migrant children are being abused, sexually assaulted in San Antonio, which is understaffed, some kids will go hungry to bed and mixed with covid infected... Texas governor Greg Abbott says; (VP Cloned-Creepy-China) Joe Biden administration MUST SHUT DOWN this facility IMMEDIATELY!!!!... For people who don't know: Benjamin Swann is a well-known American television news anchor, investigative journalist, and political commentator... |

Texas governor Greg Abbott says that his office has received tips from those inside at least one facility in San Antonio that children are in fact being sexually assaulted.


🤙 ~ 💗 ('Aloha BE-YOU-ti-FULL Divine Soul-Star-Light Family') As Planetary Amnesia Dissolves 💕 ~ | Blogger: Long time no hear, Mrs. Lisa Transcendence Brown - globally recognized Author, Transformational Speaker, Teacher, Coach, WayShower/Guide, New Earth Physical, etc.. Thanks to PAO/Galactic Heart newsletter for sharing is caring... Oh man, my biggest wish on SoTW right now is to visit Free-State-Texas with no corona restrictions or/and Hawaii, down the line, if it's gonna be possible in the future, for non-vaxxed European Pleiadian coded HU-man, like myself... Texas, will not be Bush's "axis of evil", but Trump's heaven-to-be, some say... I wish my american bestest-buddy, Jay, could see the day, he was my soul-mate, lost him to cancer in 2006, we always trashed the Bushes and Clintons etc. and everything else, for that matter. We knew back then all the way back to early 90's, that the world was a messed up place, and made jokes and laughed all about it, and I truly miss you Jay and your whole family and friends... |

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Aloha BE-YOU-ti-FULL Divine Soul-Star-Light Family,

I've remained primarily offline since last year for many reasons. It's been beyond important to respect and honor all that needs to occur in order to dissolve heavy duty individual/collective distortions and shift the people of our planet into much higher States of Consciousness through each's own individual new realizations, awareness and experiences now.


Ascension occurs as each experiences what we often refer to as "Expansions of Sacred/Divine Remembrance" that shake/touch/awaken one at/to their very cellular core to be able to see the magnitude of all and to truly comprehend the hologram/illusion/dream that all "is". This Consciousness Expansion creates a cellular awakening/activation of each's Soul-LightBody/DNA to begin the "next phase" (and the next and the next)... Physical Body Ascension, which is a whole new ballgame, literally taking many many linear years for cellular DNA repair/recoding, restructuring and entire body-template-rewrites to occur. It's a continual detox/purge/de-densifying/cleansing and cellular breakdown and purification process of each's whole body and whole life. The restructuring process occurs as fast as it takes for each to open completely up to fully see through each's PURE HEART-MIND-SOUL BODY and start to build/rebuild/create/re-create all new realities in accordance with immense Photonic Light Codes that must constantly be fully merged/integrated and EMBODIED along the way.

The physical body "complete overhaul process" of integrating PHOTONIC LIGHT deep within and throughout our entire body's structures and systems are immense. Our bodies REQUIRE 100% SUPPORT from us in order to constantly and continually accomplish the immensity of all of "this". This is a part of the "overhaul" process that every "reality" goes through as well, as the energetics of all are visible by way of each's higher-heart-mind's-eye (pineal gland) and SOUL BODY emanating out from within. This opens up access to see beyond what the human ego aspect's limited "two eyes" can see, in conjunction with linear brain processing habits/defaults/perceptions of still trying to live the old ways that bind each to fractured/fractaled mentalities-realities still.

Quantum Consciousness Expansion opens up all new natural and organic access and abilities as each hold their own EXPANDED STATE FULLY, even and especially when contraction occurs. As Multi-Dimensional Light BEings we can simultaneously experience and manage/sustain infinite States of Consciousness all at once.


🤥👨‍💼⚔️ ~ (Surprise, surprise! Would that also mean NATO's special troops remains operative to protect CIA's heroin ratline & PedoGate-factory?) Biden isn’t ending the Afghanistan War, he’s privatizing it: Special Forces, Pentagon contractors, intelligence operatives will remain (PFC) ~ | Blogger: [👉Excerpts: "Biden’s claim that he is ending the forever war is misleading. As The New York Times reported, the United States would remain after the formal departure of U.S. troops with a “shadowy combination of clandestine Special Operations Forces, Pentagon contractors and covert intelligence operatives.” Their mission will be to “find and attack the most dangerous Qaeda or Islamic state threats, current and former American officials said.”👈] ... PS: The hidden-agenda-world, never ceases to amaze me... Trump is still President, silly!?!... At least, that is what is said, but in the 3-D matrix of simulation, normal people are still being mislead, like there's no tomorrow... |

2021-04-21 15:00:56 Edward Morgan

JEREMY KUZMAROV, Over 18,000 Pentagon contractors remain in Afghanistan, while official troops number 2,500. Joe Biden will withdraw this smaller group of soldiers while leaving behind US Special Forces, mercenaries, and intelligence operatives — privatizing and downscaling the war, but not ending it. 

On April 14, President Joe Biden announced that he would end the U.S.’s longest war and withdraw U.S. troops from Afghanistan on the 20th anniversary of the September 11th, 2001 terrorist attacks. Over 6,000 NATO troops will also be withdrawn by that time. “War in Afghanistan was never meant to be a multigenerational undertaking,” Biden said during his remarks from the White House Treaty Room, the same location from which President…

👩‍🚀🚀🌌 ~ (Semper Supra SSP News) Nazis and Reptilians in Antarctica – Uncovering the Truth through Remote Viewing (Dr. Michael Salla) ~ | Blogger: [👉Excerpts: The information provided by the team of remote viewers working with Dr. Brown gives rich insights into historical events that took place in Antarctica around the end of World War II, the establishment of a secret German space program in underground locations, and the assistance to the Germans by both human-looking and Reptilian extraterrestrial groups👈]... |


The Farsight Institute has just released the results of multiple remote viewing sessions focusing on the true history of Antarctica in terms of a breakaway German colony established there with the help of extraterrestrials during the World War II era. The remote viewing sessions were conducted using a rigorous blind scientific protocol developed by Dr. Courtney Brown, and the results were, frankly, very impressive.

The consistency of the results with what whistleblowers and insiders had previously revealed, and the additional details they provide about the events that occurred in Antarctica leading up to and including Admiral Byrd’s Operation Highjump expedition from August 1946 to February 1947, makes the remote viewing data very helpful in reaching a more accurate understanding of our history.

Dr. Brown provided two targets to five remote viewers who were not given any details about the targets, so they could not front-load their own biases and opinions about it. Here is how he explains the scientific protocol used for all remote viewing sessions:

Blind Conditions for All Remote-Viewing Data: All remote viewing for this project (as with all projects conducted at The Farsight Institute) was conducted under totally blind conditions. The viewers were told nothing about the project or specific targets while they were conducting their remote-viewing sessions. They were only instructed that there is a target, and that they should remote view it.

In the Antarctica remote viewing sessions, there were two targets that the five remote viewers would focus on.

Target 1. The most advanced Nazi base in Antarctica, circa the end of World War II.

Target 2. The most significant battle between the Nazi forces in Antarctica and US forces, circa the end of World War II or after.

It’s important to emphasize that the five remote viewers were instructed to focus respectively on Target 1 and Target 2 without being told anything about either target.


🙏 ~ 💝 (Afvis det medicinske Tyranni, "Faucisme", Bill og Co. Helvedes Porte, eller forbliv Eugenik KZ-lejrenes ufrivillige forsøgsperson for altid!) Dagens Spirituelle Motivationscitater eller Livets Sandheder (SoTW DK) ~ 💕 | Blogger: [👉Hvorfor kalder vi ikke en spade for en spade og korruption for korruption og corona-krisen, den ny fascisme og opstandene, som bliver neutraliseret med den nye epidemilov?👈] ... 😓Vi er vel alle sammen trætte af politisk magtmisbrug, hykleri og apati over for et demokrati, som i forvejen, er ituslået mange generationer tilbage?... 👮🏼‍♀️MMM sagde det jo tydeligt forleden dag, noget jeg har nævnt overfor min familie siden 2020, at vi kommer ikke på ferie til Mallorca i juni, og ej heller af med mundbindet, uden for ens private hjem, mens 8.000 flere vaccinedoser vil kunne gives dagligt, hvis restvacciner måtte blandes og MMM, nægter at give slip på 30-min bordbestilling, festivaler må vente længere på svar (kontrol, kontrol og atter kontrol)... ✍️Medmindre, vi alle sammen accepterer de 'medicinske handelsbetingelser'... 🧪Næste fase for Statens Serum Institut og regeringen er, at få implementeret spildevandsovervågningen, som på testøen, Bornholm, så Danskerne kan blive testet uden podepind til efteråret...🧪​Forskere fra Rigshospitalet vil i det hidtil største forsøg af sin art sammen med kollegaer i Region Hovedstaden undersøge om spytprøver kan blive et effektivt supplement til den danske smitteopsporing. En spytklat i et plastikrør kan blive et våben mod corona-virus... 🧪Forskere ved Chan Soon-Shiong Research Institute i El Segundo (i LA, Californien) tester, om en række kapsler måske fungerer så godt eller endda bedre end eksisterende COVID-vacciner... 🧪Kina, er i gang med kliniske forsøg med Inhalationsvacciner. De bruger en Adenovirus Type 5 viral-vektor-vaccine - eller Ad5-nCoV - naturligvis endnu et forsøg, og igennem ethvert middel til, at syntetisk DNA udskifte og via genterapi, menneskets celler. Gik det godt for AstraZenecas viral-vektor-vaccine og alle blodpropperne?... 卐 卍ꖦ Militærmedicinske og epidemologiske forsøg på kz- og krigsfanger har eksisteret, det er en kendsgerning, siden anden verdenskrig, måske langt før... 💉Danmark og Statens Serum Institut, har været involveret, ifølge historikeren og nazijægeren, Henrik Tjørnelund, i sin bog fra 2007, om Anden Verdenskrig, der dengang, med voldsomme beskyldninger mod den danske regering og SSI’s motiv for at udvikle bl.a. en vaccine mod plettyfus, primært, for at tjene penge på salg til Tyskland... [LÆS VIDERE] ... |



📺TV 2 og Susanne Krüger Kjær, der er forskningsleder i Kræftens Bekæmpelse og professor ved Rigshospitalets gynækologiske afdeling og Københavns Universitet, kalder resultatet epokegørende med en artikel i April 2021, der skamroser, HPV-vaccinen, der har været en del af det danske børnevaccinationsprogram siden 2009 og nu, kan livmoderhalskræft, være på vej mod at blive en yderst sjælden sygdom i Danmark.. 

🔨Kendsgerningen er bare en anden.. 

🤒De fortæller ikke om hvor mange gode eller ondartet kvindesygdomme i underlivet, der var før HPV-vaxx kom frem for 12 år siden og hvor mange der er nu under 30 år for de dengang, 12 års piger, der har lidt af livmodershalskræft. 

🤔Dvs., der mangler en masse svar, og fortæl mig, hvorfor drengebørn, skal have et HPV-skud? 

🤮Men, til gengæld, er der rapporteret, kronisk træthedssyndrom, POTS - en sygdom, hvor kroppen har svært ved at styre puls og hjerterytme, hvilket kan føre til besvimelser - og kronisk regionalt smertesyndrom og et hav af andre ting...

😞AT TÆNKE sig, allerede dengang, var Allan Randrup Thomsen, der forskede ved Københavns Universitet, også en "medspiller" og afviste de mange bivirkninger, som blandt andre pigerne fra Frederiksberg Hospital i TV 2-dokumentaren berettede om. ART forklarede, at pigerne fra Frederiksberg Hospital ikke kunne kategoriseres som et videnskabeligt studie. 

✌️Se ham nu under COVID-19- Agendaen i 2020/21, der agere som en verdensmand, som hele regeringen lytter til og har fået én af de mest betydningsfulde erhverv, i den medicinske mafia... 

🥼Er det uetisk at bruge data fra nazisternes eksperimenter?. 'Videnskab.dk og en australske forsker, syntes det åbenbart er helt okay!. Resultaterne blev brugt helt op til 80’erne. Nazisterne havde uhindret adgang til mennesker, de kunne bruge til medicinske eksperimenter. Eksperimenterne var endnu en slags massetortur og folkedrab, så vores moralske fordømmelse af dem er oplagt', hentet fra en artikel...