October 27, 2018

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The Big Wobble | Oct 27, 2018 | ~ Powerful mag 6.8 quake shakes western Greece bringing the total to 13 major quakes this month and the 101st of 2018 ~ | .. A powerful earthquake shook western Greece early on Friday, damaging a port and a 15th-century monastery, but causing no major injuries, officials and local media said. The quake sent out tremors felt as far afield as Libya, Italy, Malta and Albania. Greek authorities initially issued a tsunami warning then withdrew the alert. A series of 20 aftershocks, the highest at 5.6, rattled the island and power was briefly disrupted. According to Reuters, the energy unleashed, based on the angle of the faultline, fanned out towards Italy,” Zakynthos was all but destroyed in a 6.8 tremor in 1953. More than 140 people were killed in an earthquake north of Athens in 1999. The quake was fairly shallow, according to the USGS, just 14 km (8.7 miles) below the seabed, which would have amplified the shaking. This morning's quakes bring the total to 13 major quakes this month and the 101st of 2018 .. |

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🔴RT | Oct 27, 2018 | ~ ‘Whole world is watching’: Russia-Turkey-Germany-France talks on Syria kick off (WATCH LIVE) ~ | 'no other way than diplomatic´: Erdogan, Macron, Merkel and Putin sign join Syria declaration .. | Blogger: Woooooow... This is soooo significant battle lose to CIA controlled and money backed ISIS, operations of agency-backed militias of a proxy arms, to destroy the world. In the meanwhile in the US continent, False Flag Ops is raging like never before, but i will NOT go into that drama. The Cabal will loose, eventually... |

GAOG | Oct 27, 2018 | ~ How will the Recalcitrants Leave the Planet? ~ | Blogger: Soooo positive, reassuring and energetic releasing channeling messages ...👼 Compilations from sources like; Arcturians, Mike Quinsey, Mira of the Pleiadian High Council, Jesus, ... The light will always guide you home. As the world experiences the Glory of the coming Golden Age, the rising energies on the planet are causing a rising of consciousness ... The Galactic Federation, Cobra and our benevolent friends in the sky as in inner earth, the Galactic Light Forces says “THE EVENT IS COMING" and I believe them and in humanity... |

October 27, 2018 By Steve Beckow

We’re watching tremendous chaos and mayhem occurring, such as – according to the Arcturians – we haven’t seen before:

“Some of the major leaders of Gaia are doing much more harm than has ever been done by any human leaders before.”

The reason for this is “because the Dark Ones,” the Illuminati or cabal, “are losing.”

“Therefore, they are pulling out all their worst tricks and tactics to keep humans frightened, under-educated, able to purchase rifles that can kill many people within just a few moments, and leaders who care only for themselves and not for those whom they are supposedly leading.

“Dear brave humans, please remember that ‘The Darkest Night is just before dawn.’” (1)

At some point, the cabal’s free will gives way before ours, according to Divine Plan. At some point, the recalcitrants won’t be able to endure the rising vibrations and will have to leave.

Mike Quinsey’s source suggested in 2016 that a point had been reached in the cabal’s downfall where the major changes were ready to be released:

“The many changes that are waiting to be announced … will not be allowed to be interfered with by anyone. The mold has been set and all is ready to go ahead.” (2)

It’s a new time, the Arcturian Group told us in 2018. Where in 2016 all was ready to go, now in 2018 the train of Ascension has left the station. The energy hitting the planet is making a higher state of consciousness available to us, which hastens the departure of the cabal:

“It has become a new time, a time during which high frequencies of Light energy are making available a higher state of consciousness for all receptive.

“In spite of appearances, everything is proceeding according to plan — ‘the train has left the station.’ Allow the process, dear ones, for all is as it should be as frequencies of Light flow to the world in increasingly intense waves of higher consciousness.” (3)

How will the recalcitrants leave the planet? Many will leave by death. Mira of the Pleiadian High Council tells us that ships are waiting with instructions as to where to take the rest once their free will to destroy no longer prevails against our free will to build:

“The Light Fleet is advancing quickly in on the forces of darkness. There are billions of Galactic ships positioned to remove the most problematic perpetrators of death and destruction from the Earth. …

Caroline Oceana Ryan Newsletter - Excerpts only | Oct 27, 2018 | ~ A Message to Lightworkers ~ | .. The latest guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elementals, Faery Elders, Angels, and Archangels known as the Collective .. |

A Message to Lightworkers -
October 26, 2018

The latest guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elementals, Faery Elders, Angels, and Archangels known as the Collective:

COR: My friends, as you know, it’s not unusual for me to get emails from people who are tired and frustrated with the state of the world. From time to time I come to you with one of these, asking for your wisdom and encouragement for all who are experiencing this now.

Here is a recent email I received from a Lightworker who is always working at receiving higher wisdom and making their Light brighter, yet who feels discouraged:

Lightworker: “I am trying so hard to keep a good thought for the current political situation in this country, but I am having a hard time being secure that we will win the day on November 6.

And now that our highest court has been illegally packed with dark hat conservatives, do we have any recourse even if we do prevail in November? I am so very weary of all this hate and greed. All of us need a break.

I AM intending to manifest enough money to get my own place and take a year off. Any assistance with that would be appreciated.

I just feel that if I do not get some good news/success at something after all this work, I would rather just leave. I am heartily sick of this limited life. The "job," my roommate, my son's broken neediness, political corruption.

Most of all, I am sick of the empty promises that it will be better. Even though I would like to believe differently, I now think that the "Law of Attraction" is b.s., and that it’s all about the luck of the draw.

One way or another, I'm taking a break, here or over the Rainbow Bridge. It truly makes no difference to me anymore.”

Photo by Lynne Newman

The Collective: We are glad that you have come to us with this question, dear one. Because what you are experiencing now is being felt by many millions around the planet.

You are correct in your perception that things have reached a dire state in the United States and in other places in the world.

Yet we assure you that much of this is Appearance, and that is never the whole story.

Far from seeing a resurgence of shadow-filled thought, feeling, and action upon the Earth, what you are witnessing now is the end of the old regime.

It is so that humanity was once programmed to view life as a matter of fear-based self-protection, sheer survival, competition for resources, ego-driven desperation, armed conflict, chaos, and sacrifice.

None of this need describe life on Earth now. It does not describe your life and principles, nor the life and principles of many millions of others.

And that is the hard part, at the moment, dear one.

For as you are moving forward into a new day, in which your understanding of how life can be—one of Peace, prosperity, renewal, cooperation, compassion, intuitive understanding—as you are moving into that beautiful New Earth, the old power structure is exerting its last desperate efforts to hold back from your consciousness the Light that you came to absorb, and to beam out into every aspect of Earth life.

It is not your role to take on the depth of their darkness and density, any more than it is their role to encourage you further into the Light.

Release the need to either understand their machinations or to supersede them by using their old form of using purely outer action to change things.

Your power now is utterly within, and those feelings, thoughts, and beliefs you must guard powerfully.

You speak of an election, and it is indeed important to participate in such.

Yet who is elected in any election is not anywhere near so important as the active involvement of millions of people in the act of voting itself—the forward movement that says, “We are here, and we are using our collective Voice to declare our own political reality.”

That is the power of unified human consciousness—when people get together and decide, as you have, that they are stepping out of a limited life.

And it is that, among other breakthrough moments, that you are asking to see now.

You are asking for inspiration, for a reason to keep going. You are asking for the grace needed to see the Light at work, and to disregard the shadows.

You are asking to feel good about your life, to stay present and aware in it, and to remember why you have come here. And that is beautiful, and as it should be.

Yet in order for you to experience what you are asking for, we would ask that you take your eyes off of the intentionally chaotic mismanagement of so much public life now, and concentrate on the beauty of any good thing you can find . . .


Copyright 2018, Caroline Oceana Ryan

If you repost, please maintain the integrity of this information by reprinting it exactly as you find it here, and including the link to the original post. Thank you.


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TRMNRR | Oct 27, 2018 | ~ INTEL Update (Real News) via email - "Current Intel" 10/26/18 ~ | 💭Oh... psst!... I don't have to remind you, use your own spiritual discernment...🙏 |

The Rumor Mill News Reading Room 
Posted By: Mr.Ed [Send E-Mail]
Date: Friday, 26-Oct-2018 03:56:04

(Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation based on intelligence leaks received from several sources which may or may not accurate. Other confirmed sources may also be included in this overview.)

The Saudi Crown Prince was responsible for the killing of Mr. Kashoggi and the U.S. knew it...so Treasury Secretary Mr. Mnuchin flew to that country against Trumps orders to pick up $2 Trillion to keep the matter quiet.

The Saudis gave the Secretary fake Gold Certificates labeled Manna World Trust which were worthless.

Mr. Mnuchin has been fired. (He was cabal)

While 'The Caravan' of mostly 'Male Fighters' approaches our borders to start insurrections...Hurricane Michael was steered into Florida to drive away residents and take over the land by the bad Military and cabal operatives and bring in terrorists.

Those who refused to evacuate were shot.

Katrina and Hurricane Florence were similar False Flag Operations.

Caravan people were paid between $1500 and $2000 to invade America...and be further trained in secret camps.

The corrupted military...foreign bankers and cabalists want the U.S. destroyed financially and politically. (they are failing)

Cabalists in the Military have shipped a fleet of F-22 Raptors from Tyndall AFB at Fort Walton Beach, Florida to Israel to defend against a Possible Russian attack on that Nation.

Israel is the last hold out by the cabal before GESARA compliance is complete.

HSBC tried to hack into the Manna World Trust and had their computer systems destroyed as a result.

The mail bombs were a stupid stunt by the democratic cabal who used a number of operatives in Florida and other states to frame the republicans.

It was sloppy and it has failed.

Secureteam10 | Oct 27, 2018 | ~ Total Satellite BLACKOUT Of This Area For 8 Years.. WHY? ~ | .. Tonopah Test Range is located about 70 miles (110 km) northwest of Groom Dry Lake, the home of the Area 51 facility .. | Blogger: [🛸The Secret S-4 Site??. Verdensalt.dk & Area 51 - 'been there, done that'👽] ... Did You know that, Robert Scott "Bob" Lazar, claims to have worked on reverse engineering extraterrestrial technology at a site called S-4, near the Area 51 test facility, and that the UFOs use gravity wave propulsion. His is powered by the (as of then undiscovered) element 115. He further claims to have read US government briefing documents that describe alien involvement in human affairs over the past 10,000 years. Lazar's claims resulted in bringing the secret Area 51 site to the attention of the public (Public Knowledge)... |

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