September 11, 2015

SaLuSa from Sirius (Galactic Federation of Light ) via Mike Quinsey. Sept 11, 2015 CET

Kanaliseret af Mike Quinsey 
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All of a sudden after waiting for some considerable time for positive news about Ascension, you are finding that a number of sources are receiving positive information.

You are now repeatedly being informed that September 28 is the high point of the month, as the day on which the photon energies peak. Not only that, but to a level that has not been previously experienced. If you ever had any doubts about the progress being made towards Ascension, they have surely now been removed. You will now begin to realise that so much has been happening “behind the scenes” that you were not aware of previously.

As you have often been told, that has been in the interests of keeping our plan secret for as long as possible. Different civilisations have been involved in the action, not least of all the Shelves** from the 6th dimension who have suddenly made themselves known to you. They are of the Light and will ensure that you succeed in making your way through to Ascension, and they will not allow the dark Ones to carry on interfering with your progress.

As you look back you will realise that since 2012 there has been steady progress made, until suddenly you have found your place in the New Age and nothing can stop your completion.

As many of you may have already found out, the Shelves** have arrived in your Solar System with their “home planet” that is now helping to deflect some of the powerful energies reaching you. Otherwise some of you may become overwhelmed by the full force of such powerful energies. These are all signs of the progress being made on many fronts that will soon lead to Ascension.

“Mother” of All “False-Flags” – Yet to Come! - Sept 11, 2015

Before the USA got involved in WWI they had to wait until the false flag sinking of the Lusitania.  
On the morning of May 1, 1915, the Lusitania set sail from New York carrying more than 2000 passengers, 197 of which were Americans.  The ship also contained cargo that consisted of food, metals, machinery, leather, and roughly “4200 cases of small-calibre rifle ammunition and somewhat 100 cases of empty shrapnel shells and unloaded fuses.”
Being kept out of mainstream media – huge containers allegedly full of aid for refugees have been discovered on the 8th September 2015 in a port in Greece with thousands of cases of ammunition and weapons.
Before you entered WWII, you had to wait for the false flag of Pearl Harbour. 
Before you went to war in Vietnam, you had to wait for the false flag of the Tonkin incident in the Gulf. 
Before you went to war with Spain, you had wait for the false flag operation of the blowing up of the Maine.
Image result for 9/11 attack
Before the “War on Terror”, the world had to wait for the false flag attack on 9/11.
Before the “War on Terror” could commence, you had to wait for the false flag and lies created about WMD with less than a 20 minute warning – to start the war in Iraq and foot in the door to the middle-east.
Before all the uprisings and turmoil we now see in the middle-east, “they” had to create Al-Qaeda and ISIS.

Spirit Week - Wave-X "The Frequency Shift Into September 2015" Edition #11 - Archangel Michael via Michael Love: September Cosmic Wave Increasing Exponentially!- (Absolut Must-Read To Understand Ascension Process and Wave-X of Gamma Photon Light pouring down on earth, starting in September, first wave affecting approx. 2.3 billion souls)

Optræder både i Toraen, Biblen og Koranen og kendes altså af både jøder, kristne og muslimer. Mikael har flere opgaver, hvoraf den vigtigste er at han er leder af den himmelske hærskare I Johannes åbenbaring er det ærkeenglen Mikael, som på Dommens Dag skal lede den himmelske hær mod Satan og hans engle i den sidste og afgørende kamp mellem godt og ondt. En kamp, som Gud og det gode vinder. Mikael har endvidere til opgave at frelse de trones sjæle fra Satans magt - navnlig i dødsøjeblikket og at være beskytter for Guds folk. Derfor var Sct. Mikael blandt andet skytshelgen for mange kristne ridderordner i middelalderen. Endelig er det Mikaels opgave at bringe menneskenes sjæle frem for Guds domstol.

NEW Spirit Week (frontpage) 

Kanaliseret af Michael Love 
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Dear ones,

Many of you are aware of a great shift that has occurred inside of you which is now entering the phase where it will manifest outwardly as your perceived reality.

Over the next 21 days the powerful wave of gamma light coming in from the Galactic Core (The Pleroma), will continue to impact Earth and its beings! The power of this incoming gamma light wave as measured by German and Russian scientists recently was discovered to have doubled over the last 2 weeks and is now increasing exponentially!

This super wave of gamma photon light has the power of one hundred million nuclear reactors and had to be diffused using advanced satellite technology by a group of star beings known as the Earth Alliance to turn down the power level to be safer and easier to integrate by the Earth and its beings.

Some of the after effects of this streaming down of Wave-X was seen in every country of the world as large blue/white column beams of plasma measuring up to one mile in diameter striking the ground.

As we have now entered the densest area of the Photon belt, the power of Wave-X is increasing each hour and each day.

This great point in humanity’s evolution is known as “THE EVENT HORIZON”.

September 28th, 2015 is when this Super-Wave peaks and is the highest energetic frequency ever measured in the cosmos in modern history.

The Schumann Resonance of the Earth and the entire cosmos has reached an astounding level of 33 Hertz now with no other explanation for the sudden leap other than you are pushing it higher and higher at an exponential rate by your internal vibration and divine intention. This is 12 Hertz above the 5D New Earth Level so Gaia is more than ready to receive the first wave of love beings at Tetrad 9282015.

These ascension pioneers well deserve the first entrance into The Kingdom of 5D Heaven because of their sacrifice and their desire and dedication to this whole ascension project! Most of you reading this message will be included in this first wave of approx. 2.3 billion souls.

Anonymous - Public Service Announcement [Ray Jingle] - Sept 11, 2015

1960's MKULTRA Subliminal Government Mind Control....product placement ads... brainwash...photoshop models...etc... System keeps us stuck in an endless cicle of consumerism obedience.... 


Corey Goode: Keeping Your "Reality Bubble" Permeable - Sept 11, 2015

This appeared yesterday at by Corey/GoodETxSG 

Please use one’s own discernment always when reading any of the postings I make here, about this or anything else. You will know what fits for you.

[SSP = Secret Space Program; ICC = Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate; LOC = Lunar Operations Command; IE = Intuitive Empath; AI = Artificial Intelligence] 


During this time of massively conflicting information, misinformation and disinformation we must make sure our "Reality Bubbles" are permeable to new information

Every one of us have developed belief systems based on certain data-sets from Guru's, Channelers, Contactee's, "Whistleblowers" and Researchers. All of these people are fallible human beings who's info is only as accurate as their chosen sources.

If we say we are discerning, but basing or comparing information to our ensconced belief systems (rejecting anything that conflicts), we are deceiving ourselves. For our discernment filters to work correctly and truly they must also be permeable and allow new information to pass through to be filtered. Do not get caught up in enlightenment traps of the theologies and philosophies of others... No matter how well-intentioned they may be. You are responsible for your own growth and journey. Locking yourself into a belief system and then defending it from anything that conflicts with it, or makes you uncomfortable, will prevent you from evolving any further and make you dependent on another human or being who may have been mislead.

The bitterest truth is better than the sweetest lie.

That being said, many now have decades of beliefs and research into the data put forth by others to UNLEARN.
This is a very important time for us all and the opposition/dark forces are heavily invested in keeping us off of the path of Love, Forgiveness and developing our Co-Creative Consciousness.

Do not look to saviors in people or other beings (Ascended Masters, ET's or Higher Densities including the Blue Avians that people are focusing on instead of the message.) to come and rescue or save us. We are tasked to awaken and save ourselves! As I have stated, both the Ufology Field and Esoteric Communities have been completely infiltrated by the opposition for quite a long time. It has made many of us very bitter, fragmented and closed minded.
This was all done by design.

There are operatives even now that are exploiting the ethically, spiritually and psychologically weak to push their agendas of disinformation. They are desperate as their gods have betrayed them and their control over the awakening masses is slipping from their grasps. They know of the mass data gathered against them that will someday be released in a Full Disclosure Event and are doing all they can right now to hijack the narrative.

Discern and meditate on all data put out (Including that coming from myself).
Good luck on this journey during this time of heavy disinformation and tsunami's of high energy that are testing us all.

Thank you,
Corey Goode

MAJOR UFO Sightings - Sept 11, 2015

OVER A HUNDRED WITNESS FLYING SAUCER in South Bay CA. The Stevens family shares UFO video and photos of an Incredible Flying Saucer! Notice The Speed Of the Craft! Enhanced Footage and Interview with Eyewitness! Epic VIDEO!

Published on Sep 8, 2015

29 Holistic Doctors and Practitioners Poisoned During Conference, Some in Critical Condition - Sept 11, 2015

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10th September 2015

By Carolanne Wright

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

“Police suspect foul play after 29 delegates at an alternative medicine seminar in Germany started staggering suffering from violent convulsions, delusions and hallucinations.” ~ The Telegraph
Over the past several months, a rash of deaths and mysterious disappearances of holistic physicians have taken place in the United States. And now, a new report has come forward where 29 alternative and homeopathic practitioners have suffered poisoning from a synthetically-produced psychedelic drug during a conference in Handeloh, a small town near Hamburg, Germany. Members of the group were found in the garden staggering, doubled over in pain. A number were experiencing hallucinations, breathing problems and life-threatening conditions. Barely able to speak, they were rushed to the hospital.
“The patients, aged between 24 and 56, were found suffering from delusions, breathing problems, racing hearts and cramps, some in life-threatening conditions, according to the public broadcaster NDR… Some were suffering delusions and even psychoses. Some patients were administered sedatives en route to hospital, said the emergency response physician who headed the rescue operation, Dr. Kai Rathjen.” [source]
The local government said 160 emergency personnel in 15 ambulances and a helicopter responded to the crisis and swiftly took the patients to medical clinics in the Hamburg region.

Fire service spokesman Mathias Köhlbrandt told public broadcaster NDR (Norddeutscher Rundfunk, or Northern German Broadcasting) that he had never experienced this kind of situation. He described “men and women lay with cramps in the garden and in front of the building”, and added that they did not seem to have knowingly taken a drug.

A criminal investigation is underway. “The questioning begins as soon as the persons are coherent and their statements are useable,” a police official told the news agency DPA.

According to the The Telegraph:

“There must have been a multiple overdose,” Torsten Passie, a member of a German government commission on narcotics, told NDR television. “That argues against the people being aware what they were taking.”
The drug in question is 2C-E (4-ethyl-2,5-dimethoxyphenethylamine), a psychedelic phenethylamine first noted by chemist Alexander Shulgin in the book “PiHKAL: A Chemical Love Story.” Normally administered orally or through a nasal spray, 2C-E is exceptionally dose sensitive — a small increase can trigger negative reactions.

The drug is also known as Aquarust, which Germany outlawed in 2014.
  • According to Drugs-Forum, the effects of 2C-E include:
  • General change in consciousness (as with most psychoactives)
  • Pupil dilation
  • Visual patterning, closed and open eye visuals
  • Confusion, difficulty concentrating, and/or scrambled thoughts
  • Change in perception of time
  • Slight increase in body temperature
  • Slight increase in heart rate
  • Muscle tension and aching
  • Jaw tension
  • Increased perspiration
  • Gastrointestinal discomfort, nausea and vomiting
  • Dizziness, confusion
  • Over-awareness & over-sensitization to music and noise
  • Paranoia, fear
  • Unwanted life-changing spiritual experiences
  • Possible difficulty integrating experiences
Holistic Doctors Under Attack?