October 17, 2015

Announcing: Global Oneness Day, Oct. 24, 2015

Global Leaders pick and choose what programs they’ll participate in, and an extraordinary number are gathering on Global Oneness Day, Saturday, October 24th, to celebrate this “Earth Day” for an awakened humanity.

All of the speakers who are gathering are volunteering their time. They include: Iyanla Vanzant, Michael Beckwith, Gary Zukav, Marianne Williamson, Ken Wilber, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Jean Houston, Ervin Laszlo, Neale Donald Walsch, Panache Desai, Nassim Haramein, Dean Radin, Doreen Virtue, Patricia Cota-Robles, Stephen Dinan, Matt Kahn, and a video recording created for this occasion by Desmond Tutu. There are over 40 speakers gathering in total.

Here’s their announcement of that event:

We Are All One. Let’s Live That Way!

Join us in Grassroots Celebrations all over the world and in the Annual Free Virtual Summit Event Open to All, Oct. 24, 2015.

What is Global Oneness Day?

Global Oneness Day is a day dedicated to celebrating Oneness. Similar to Earth Day, which galvanized the global environmental movement, Global Oneness Day has become a catalyst for spiritual activism and the emerging global Oneness movement. It represents a profound new paradigm in human culture. In the late 1960′s the first photographs of the Earth seen from space powerfully impacted humanity. We realized that all life on our beautiful blue planet was deeply connected. This understanding has deepened and expanded as more people recognize that Oneness is Divine, and the very essence of our being. Today Oneness is expressed through many diverse streams – religions, philosophies, mystical and indigenous traditions, and the sciences. These streams are overflowing their banks, comingling, and converging to form a single stream, a universal Oneness movement. Global Oneness Day is our day to celebrate unity in our diversity, as a community consecrated to serving humanity’s collective awakening.

Join us in Awakening the World to Oneness

US Rejects Hospital Bombing Investigation, Instead Smashes into Hospital in Tank, Destroying Evidence - Oct 17, 2015 CET

The Rumor Mill News Reading Room
Posted By: Lymerick
Date: Saturday, 17-Oct-2015 05:51:47

October 15, 2015 by Robert Barsocchini

After changing its story many times, the US now admits that it intentionally threw bombs, for more than an hour, at the now famous Doctors Without Borders hospital, proving accurate the assessment of DWB staffer Meinie Nicolai, who said the US attack was “a premeditated massacre.”

Since initial US claims that the protected DWB hospital was a “Taliban stronghold” and so forth have been debunked as stupid, the US now claims it targeted the hospital because one man, a “Pakistan Inter-Services Intelligence spy”, was inside.

However, Glenn Greenwald points out that the US puppet government in Afghanistan has had it out for DWB for some time because they treat patients indiscriminately, whereas US allies like Israel, for example, discriminate between patients, treating Al Qaeda fighters while targeting members of the UN-recognized Syrian government: “Israel has opened its borders with Syria in order to provide medical treatment to Nusra Front and al-Qaida fighters wounded in the ongoing civil war, according to The Wall Street Journal.”

On October 14th, an “international panel” announced that it was “ready to investigate the deadly US [hospital] bombing”, but would need “assurances from Barack Obama and the Afghan president, Ashraf Ghani, that their governments [would] comply.”



GoldFish Report No. 25 The Ambassador Pays Homage and Gratitude to The Family Elders (The Ambassador Of Dragon Family Suggest there's enough 'evidence' to Arrest Terrorist Leader John McCain, Sarah Palin, George Bush, Cheney using waterboarding as interrogation. CIPS is vying to overtake SWIFT. ) - oct 17, 2015 CET

Published on Oct 16, 2015

The GoldFish Report No 25, The Voice of the Dragon pays homage to the Family Elders for their prudence regarding recent financial matters. The Ambassador also shares evidence of U.S. support of ISIS militants in Syria. The Panel also discusses other financial news and Syrian Refugee update. For more information, visit us at www.thegoldfishreport.com or www.globalmissionofpeace.com.

There Are Now 100 Scientific Studies That Prove Cannabis Cures Cancer - Oct 17, 2015 CET

Cannabis is a Schedule I drug in the United States. That means the government has designated the plant as having no accepted medical use and a high potential for abuse.

No accepted medical use? There are scores of studies that say differently.

Rick Simpson is a medical marijuana activist, and he has been on a crusade of healing. He considers Cannabis to be the most medicinally active plant that humans can use on this planet.
Marijuana has been shown in some cases to effectively treat numerous types of cancer, improve immunity, and fight anxiety and pain.

Here’s the full list of studies:

Cannabis kills tumor cells
Uterine, testicular, and pancreatic cancers
Brain cancer
Mouth and throat cancer

Trump takes a shot at George W. Bush over 911 - Oct 17, 2015 CET

Donald Trump is clearly no fan of George W. Bush, and in an interview released Friday, the Republican presidential front-runner slammed the nation’s 43rd president for the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks happening on his watch.

Speaking with Bloomberg, Trump was asked to explain “who Donald Trump is as a man” and how he would make the nation “feel safe” and “proud” — as Bush had after 9/11 and President Obama did after the Dec. 2012 Sandy Hook school shooting in Connecticut.

“I think I have a bigger heart than all of them. I think I’m much more competent than all of them. When you talk about George Bush, I mean — say what you want — the World Trade Center came down during his time.”

Bloomberg’s Stephanie Ruhle then interrupted and said Trump couldn’t blame Bush for the attacks that left nearly 3,000 Americans dead.

Not surprisingly, Trump’s critique drew a sharp rebuke from one of his rivals. Jeb Bush, the former president’s younger brother, tweeted that Trump was “pathetic” to attack Bush over the terror attack, adding that “my brother kept us safe.”
How pathetic for @realdonaldtrump to criticize the president for 9/11. We were attacked & my brother kept us safe. — Jeb Bush (@JebBush) October 16, 2015
Bush offered a similar defense of his brother at the second Republican presidential debate at the Reagan Library last month.

Trump fired back on Twitter Friday night, calling the former Florida governor “pathetic” as well. He also said he “wanted to be nice” in the Reagan Library debate by not making the argument about George W. Bush and 9/11 then.
No @JebBush, you’re pathetic for saying nothing happened during your brother’s term when the World Trade Center was attacked and came down. — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) October 17, 2015
“He was president, OK? Don’t blame him or don’t blame him, but he was president. The World Trade Center came down during his reign. If you look at Sandy Hook, those people are still begging for help. It’s a disaster.”
.@JebBush, At the debate you said your brother kept us safe- I wanted to be nice & did not mention the WTC came down during his watch, 9/11. — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) October 17, 2015
This is hardly the first time Trump has criticized the Bush presidency. In an interview earlier this month with Fox News, he called Bush “a disaster” and described the decision to go to war with Iraq in 2003 as “one of the worst decisions ever made.”
Hookup Now!
Source: http://webrounded.blogspot.dk/2015/10/trump-takes-shot-at-george-w-bush-over.html

SaLuSa from Sirius (Galactic Federation of Light ) via Mike Quinsey. Oct 17, 2015 CET (updated)

Kanaliseret af Mike Quinsey 
© 2015 TreeOfTheGoldenLight

Update 18-10-2015: The mysteriously-missing paragraph in SaLuSa’s message has been restored and appears in italics.

Matters have suddenly taken a turn that signifies the end of the Cabal’s influence, as far as its ability to dictate the manner in which future events manifest. Their plan has been put back partly by the extraordinary response of the people, who have galvanised themselves into groups that are devoting their time to the Light of Truth.

The full extent of the power of the Illuminati may not be known to them, but instead of confrontation they have realised that giving more strength to the Light more than balances the scales. Indeed, with the help of other forces of Light they can speed ahead with the changes that are destined to ensure their victory.

There is a way to go yet, but what you will see are the signs that clearly confirm the direction you are going in. The energies for change are growing all of the time, and as the old ones fall away the new ones will bring about desirable changes. It will clearly signal that you are taking bold steps to ensure that Ascension is not delayed and continues approaching.

With the introduction of the Plasma Reactor Unit it has so to say set the first stage of real change into action. It remains to be seen how the information will be received and if any attempts to delay it can be overcome. Certainly the manner in which it has been made public through the Keshe Foundation ensures that it will be introduced through many, many different sources. This alone will make it difficult for anyone opposed to it to, to completely halt its progress.

India Won’t Suppress Tewari’s Free Energy Generator (First Keshe Foundation as a Company, Now India as a Nation - What's Next?)- Oct 17, 2015 CET

India considers its own free energy program a matter of national pride, and is very much willing to risk antagonizing Petrodollar countries with its support on Reactionless AC Synchronous Generator (RLG) invented by its own Paramahamsa Tewari, an electrical engineer and former Executive Director of Nuclear Power Corporation of India.

Years ago, Tewari has also proven the theories inside Bruce de Palma’s homopolar engine which first exposed this writer to the world of free energy technologies.

Obviously, a country cannot implement its own free energy program without considering all possible consequence including a military response from Petrodollar countries, e.g. Saudi Arabia, UK, US. That’s why India has been aligning its own military program with that of Russia which at present is standing up, together with the BRICS countries, against the Nazionist cabal imposing all sorts of sanctions to destroy it.

The BRICS alliance has in the past promised to release all suppressed technologies, e.g. free energy, for our responsible utilization. It looks like they are keeping their word.

Breaking News: Over-Unity Reactionless Generator Invented In India

“Ere many generations pass; our machinery will be driven by a power obtainable at any point in the universe.” – Nikola Tesla

(Collective Evolution) A Reactionless AC Synchronous Generator (RLG) has been invented by Paramahamsa Tewari, electrical engineer and former Executive Director of Nuclear Power Corporation of India. His background includes engineering project management for construction of nuclear power stations. The efficiency of models he has built, which have also been independently built and tested, is as high as 250%.

In November 2014, I made one of many visits to the laboratory of Paramahamsa Tewari. I had seen the basis for the RLG design in September of 2010. Mr. Tewari showed me a stiff conductor about a foot long which was allowed to rotate at the center and connected at each end with small gauge wire. A magnetic circuit was placed under the conductor. When a current was allowed to flow through the conductor it rotated, due to a torque induced on the conductor according to Flemings Left Hand Rule and standard theory, verified by experiments at the dawn of the electrical age. With a simple rearrangement of the magnetic circuit, the same current produced no rotation – the torque was cancelled. I later duplicated the setup and experiment on my workbench. It is ingenious and lead to his breakthrough, the invention of a reactionless generator with greatly improved efficiency.

Read more: http://myeclinik.com/india-wont-suppress-tewaris-free-energy-generator/

Dr. Michael Salla: Is Russia using weapons developed with extraterrestrial help in Syrian Civil War? - Oct 17, 2015

On October 14, Dr. Preston James, a columnist with Veterans Today, made startling claims about Russia using advanced weapons system developed through a secret agreement with extraterrestrial visitors in an article titled, “Putin’s Wild Card in Syria.”

James’ article analyses the game-changing nature of Putin’s military intervention in Syria, and the nature of the extraterrestrial inspired weapons systems used to devastating effect:
What exactly do the Russians now have as far as ultra high-tech weaponry? The list is long, but includes supersonic torpedoes, which create their own ability to travel through matter surrounding their path using inter-dimensional cloaking. Russia has missiles which, after launch, operate as if they are “hived” and use inter-dimensional entangled communication to evade interception, to regroup and to re-target, taking strange flight patterns which can change from straight to spirals to semi circles and more. Some insiders believe that the Russians now have the ability to generate inter-dimensional cloaking of some of their stealth aircraft and missiles, making them for the most part undetectable in flight and even shut-off spy satellites.
James’ analysis has some remarkable similarities to the claims of Corey Goode, whose whistleblower testimony concerning multiple secret space programs has been the focus of a recently published book, and an online television series.

James begins “Putin’s Wild Card in Syria” by distinguishing the sources he used from those making up the military intelligence community associated with Veterans Today:
Even though some of the Veterans Today Directors may have Beyond-black Secret Space War clearances, none of the Secret Space War material in this article was sourced by them or through them and comes from independent outside sources.
James does not name his outside sources, but they do not include Corey Goode, whose information differs in key ways. Yet when it comes to Putin’s role in dealing with an elite control group manipulating humanity and suppressing information about advanced technologies and extraterrestrial visitors, James’ and Goode’s information align closely. This is either a remarkable coincidence, or important corroboration that Putin has indeed reached agreements with extraterrestrial visitors, which have supplied advanced weapons technologies to the Russians.

James describes the elite control group and its influence in the Syrian Civil War as follows:
It is now clear to the whole world that ISIS, ISIL, Daesh, Al Qaeda and Al Nusra and the like are little more than paid mercenaries of the Israeli-American Terror Machine, and are synthetically-created, engineered and deployed Gladio-style terror, all done to further the NWO Globalist Agenda of the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia (*RKM).

Cosmic Vision News - Oct 17, 2015 CET

Cosmic Vision News: CVN vært, Geoffrey West tilbyder nyheder, kommentarer og lejlighedsvis diskussion om de senestebegivenheder, der udspiller med hensyn til, hvad der formodentligt er den vigtigste begivenhed for at forbedre den menneskelige og planetariske tilstand: AFSLØRING. CVN fremmer og tilskynder til modig dialog på verdensplan, mens de forbereder alle til re-introduktion af vores galaktiske familier. CVN omhandler også aktuelle begivenheder, der understøtter et skift til en fredelig planet. Geoffrey West er en del af det team som står bag: GoldenAgeOfGaia.com, kan lyttes til direkte/downloades/MP3, smides på en USB nøgle/iPhone og lyttes til på din vej. Husk tidsforskellen på udgivelsen. Direkte Link her (blogtalkradio

Cosmic Vision News - Show Summary: