Jun 6, 2019

Verdensalt.dk | 💓 ~ Todays Inspirational Spiritual Quotes & Videos ~ 💕 | Blogger: Lightworkers & Lightwarrios are exhausted and extremely low, feeding negativity from the collective consciousness... It's the FINAL battle in the Astral, we all feel it... The Earth is a living being. It’s starting to vibrate at a frequency we haven’t witnessed before. The frequency of the planet has been increasing very quickly throughout the last 10 years, and has almost doubled. The planet’s energy is expanding. The Earth is basically talking to us through her vibration, from 3D into 5D. Earth and Her beings rises in vibration to begin experiencing a far higher reality than you have seen in eons of your time... |

Health Nut News | ~ Holistic healer Dr. Damond’s family reaches $20M settlement following police officer’s murder conviction for 2017 shooting ~ | Blogger: [⤿THIS is Part of Unintended Holistic Doctor Death Series: Over 90 Dead⤾] ... ⚰️😔💔 ... Sorry to bring this to your attention on verdensalt.dk, but it's so so so important to understand what is going on in the Underworld / illuminati / Medical Mafia Cult that Feeds the Beast... Remember the anonymous & well-known alternative medicine/holistic doctors that has been reported missing or dead due to a coincidental discovery of the enzyme "Nagalase" which inhibits the power of GcMAF to fight cancer and autism?? Lots of posts at my blog. Use the search bar: 'Nagalase' , 'Murdered Holistic Doctors' , 'Holistic Doctors vaccine'... Erin Elizabeth at Health Nut News and her Youtube Channel is a very good way to start. She says 90 is confirmed deaths alone in USA, but many other countries like Germany(2015 - 29 Holistic Doctors and Practitioners Poisoned During Conference) and Japan is coming out and saying, they also have very mysteriously deaths of Holistic doctors... 🛎️PS: ANOTHER MYSTERIOUS DEATH : 'Former State Senator Linda Collins-Smith found dead from gunshot wound – gag order in place' ~ Erin Elizabeth... |

In 2017, the Australian-American holistic doctor Justine Damond was shot and killed by a police officer after she made a 911 call to report a suspected sexual assault behind her building. This week, the city of Minneapolis agreed to pay $20 million to her family in a settlement, just days after the officer was found guilty of murder.

Click here to read our entire series of the nearly 100 holistic doctors killed over the last couple of years. Sadly, many of these doctors deaths are still unanswered for.

“The massive settlement, $2 million of which would be donated to a local charity, comes after two days of negotiations and was announced in a news conference Friday afternoon with Mayor Jacob Frey and the Minneapolis City Council.

The settlement requires that $2 million be donated to Minneapolis Foundation’s Fund for Safe Communities, a program dedicated to fighting all forms of gun violence.”1

The two major reasons behind the large sum are the “unprecedented” criminal conviction for third-degree murder and the fact Noor identified “no clear threat” before he opened fire.1
ABC: Months after holistic doctor shot by police, officers still not interviewed by investigators and family wants answers

GIZA DEATH STAR | ~ The Secret Space Program Implications Of The Jedi Contract ~ | by Joseph P. Farrell |

About Joseph P. Farrell

Joseph P. Farrell has a doctorate in patristics from the University of Oxford, and pursues research in physics, alternative history and science, and "strange stuff". His book The Giza DeathStar, for which the Giza Community is named, was published in the spring of 2002, and was his first venture into "alternative history and science".

This has been a week when my normal routine of blogging and pre-scheduling blogs has been thrown right out the window. I've had to reschedule a couple of blogs, and just throw out a couple (which I've never done before), to blog about things that readers have sent me that had to go immediately to the top of the list.

Well, that's the case here, when S.H. found an article about the Pentagon's (or as we like to call it here, the Pentagram's) much-hyped JEDI contract. JEDI, in case you didn't know, stands for Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure. And if you've been following all this, you've been breathlessly waiting to see if the US government would award the contract to Mr. Gates - who has officially "apologized" for the Common Core fiasco - or to Mr. Bezos, who wants to burn books, move everything to "the cloud", and let the Clowns In America control it all. In short, JEDI is about moving the defense communications (and, one might add, archives) from "down here" to "up there." Now, everyone knows what I think about ebook platforms and the dangers they pose, so I won't rehearse that again here.

But if you're like me, or indeed, like S.H. who shared the article, you've probably had this uneasy queasy feeling in the pit of your stomach about this whole JEDI contract business, without really knowing why. It's like trying to grab a bar of wet, lathered-up soap with wet hands; whatever "it" is that is disturbing about it, it seems constantly to elude our grasp.

But when S.H. shared this article, something in it popped out, and many things that were blurry and nebulous came into clear focus, so much so that I abandoned my original blog schedule to blog about this one:
Finally, a look inside DOD’s commercial cloud JEDI contract

Metro News | ~ China tests mysterious missile and describes it as a 'UFO' ~ | .. China has carried out a missile test and described the mysterious object it launched as a ‘UFO' .. |


Operationdisclosure | ~ RV/INTELLIGENCE ALERT - "Overlord" ~ | Blogger: [👄RUMORS AND GOSSIP REPEATERS👂] ... |

RV/INTELLIGENCE ALERT - "Overlord" - June 6, 2019

(Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation of the world based on intelligence received from several sources which may or may not be accurate or truthful.)

Today is June 6, the 75th anniversary of D-Day.

D-Day was the the start of Operation Overlord which lasted for 2 and a half months resulting in Allied victory.

It was the day the free world was united against a common enemy.

The commemoration of the 75th anniversary of D-Day with world leaders was a reminder that the free world still remains united (via GESARA) against a common enemy, the Deep State Cabal.

Take a moment to remember those who sacrificed their lives for a war fabricated by the same enemy, the Deep State Cabal.

Daily Mail Online | ~ US Military funds mind-reading helmet that may let soldiers TELEPATHICALLY control robots or drones and could even give the gift of sight to the blind ~ | Blogger: [🧠Back in 2017 Denmark and Scientists had a breakthrough - making brain chips based on light💡] ... When Sacha Stone was interviewed by Simon Parkes, about the Matrix master technology, after talking about his new film on 5G (a-must-see Sacha Stone documentary)... Sacha on 5G: "We are talking about technologies that is being developed within the military-industrial complex (MIC) basement over many years now, that is able to TRACK & TRAIL or LOCK & LOAD and then use 'Super/Quantum-computation', tracking a desired target or people or human genome, anywhere on Earth, at any time (George Orwell warnings = Total Moni- toring = The Surveillance-Industrial Complex = Global Dominance)... Sacha: The cover story about 5G i absolute nonsense -- We DON'T need faster gaming, or download a Bollywood film in seconds, and none of that, is going to be serving people or the planet (China's dystopian dreams: A.I. and “Skynet”, already exist)... Sacha: When the time 5G technology (Skynet) goes live in most footprints, we're talking about a 17-20 TRILLION DOLLAR roll-out globally... Sacha: Desperately serious stuff, if you consider, NONE OF IT, has been subjected to health scrutiny or health testing... And that is the basic rub of the issue... Simon and Sacha did also talked about incredible Star Trek technology capabilities like; Ring Phased Antenna Array for 5G IoT and Sensor Networks, able to see round corners, and RFID Nanotech tagging ID with 'holographic' lenses or lense flare capacity (from Smart City wifi lamp lights), multiple photons and hundreds of IoT-devices which will be able to see in total dark like a hologram...|

  • The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency gave $18 million to the project
  • Researchers will use gene therapy to help human brains interact with a helmet
  • If realised the tech could allow thoughts to be transferred from brain to machine
  • The helmet may also allow for one person's vision to be shared with another
👀 Your Must-Listen Alternative News Broadcast 🙏 | Simon Parkes Special: Sacha Stone - Connecting Consciousness |

Destroying the Illusion 2.0 | ~ The Battle for Disclosure - Contact in the Desert 2019 Presentation ~ | ~ Censored in the Desert? ~ | Blogger: I'm glad i (verdensalt) didn't attend the 'Contact in the Desert' this year... |

Jordan Sather (born 1990) in Bremerton, WA, is committed to empowering individuals through sharing knowledge of self and the cosmos. He is passionate about health, and coaches clients who want to become stronger individuals. He also writes for alternative blogs and news sites about new discoveries in regards to science, history, and geopolitics.

BREAK-IN SATIRE | DKW | Arkivskab | ~ De 10 små cyklistbaroner, 2 går konkurs og hvem hæfter for de 150 millioner? ~ | Blogger: [🚴Lille Lars fra Græsted er blevet til Generalen fra Gribskov. er Statsministerens feriebuddie, Claus Hougesen og cykelven dømt i Danmarks største historiske bestikkelsessag, mens den teknisk insolvente, Statsminister, skaber i panik, #DenPrivateLarsLøkkeSugar-Fondens- PensionsScamUdenRegnskabspligt-der-lever-videre-indtil-Løkke-bliver-smidt-ud-af-Borgen, mens #UdenlandskeFremmede-MagterSvenskeHandelsbanken-har-en-gældslemme-på-Lars-kviklån-realkredit-mens-Venstre-og-skattekronerne-betaler-hele-gildet💸] ... Iflg. DKW, Kisser, ejede 00'ernes Don Ø et Kommandit- selskab, som komplementar og UDEN regnskabspligt, snører Løkke og de 9 kommanditister, bla. med Fitness-konge Palm og Jørgen Glistrup, der går konkurs og man hæfter solidarisk med Don's sommehuse-indkøbs-fidus, tager skraldet, men en lille kæk cyklist, blev Statsminister og gik 'fri', så ham kan vi li’!🤐 ... (Der var en , der var to, der var tre, der var fir’, der var fem, der blev til grin. Der var seks, der var syv, der var otte, der var ni, men den tiende, han var FIN!??🐽🤥 ~ verdensalt) ... |

"Find five errors": 

Do not intend to interfere, but allow me to give a danish perspective: @realDonaldTrump, please, respond to the request of your youngsters who demands gun control. Don’t accept the world record in school shoutings. Make America great and safe again!

Kilder som 'Kisser' nævner (nogle): 👉

    Her er Løkkes kaotiske privatøkonomi

    Lars Løkke Rasmussen tynges af massive renteudgifter

    US News | ~ Arrests at Southern Border Jumped to 144,000 in May ~ | .. The spike was led by an influx of migrant families, with more than 55,000 children among those taken into custody .. | Blogger: [👥STRANGE COINCIDENCES : Bible Code 666 and 144000! Who Are the 144,000 of Revelation 7 and 14? Are Only 144,000 Going to Heaven?🤔] ... {144,000 Lightwarriors:} -- The 144,000 Lightworkers have been predicted by Revelations, The Emerald Tablets, Ashtar Command, Sananda and Native Americans and many others. A great call went out to all lightworkers in the known universes to come here to help and guide this planet through the Ascension process. They are one of the most mysterious groups mentioned in the Bible. Many sects and cults have claimed to literally be them...

    A young child is seen as she along with other migrants are processed by Border Patrol agents after being detained when they crossed illegally into the United States from Mexico. The number of arrests at the border continued to surge in May. (Joe Raedle/Getty Images)(GETTY IMAGES)

    GAOG | ~ Masterpiece of Satire: Risk of Dying Laughing ~ | .. This is a masterpiece of political satire. Whether you agree with it or not, I predict you’ll die laughing. No further comment. Thanks to Len, (says Steve Beckow) .. | Blogger: [🛡️Trump; The Antidote To The Deep State/Cabal or World's Worst Enemy?⚔️] ... Verdensalt will not censor anything on this blog, not even the elefantastic incredible american popular spiritual site 'Golden Age Of Gaia', with Steve Beckow, a founder and editor-in-chief (formerly the 2012 Scenario, lives in Vancouver, B.C., Canada), in which verdensalt has been followed for many years... GAOG truly believe, that former Pres. Barack Obama is still and has always been, their saviour🙄(quotes from Matthew Ward, Archangel Michael and many others)... 🤭But yes, Trump may be laughable, but he's also do not (seem) taking orders from The Deep State, and negative military might, as other presidents has in the past. 🇺🇸Trump may be laughable, and we know that there was exposure of Saudi-Israel alliance' with proof of protectionism supports from US inc. Riyadh responsible for murdering dissident journalist Jamal Khashoggi, Trump has argued that punishing the kingdom hurts the US more as it would alienate the key Middle East ally and jeopardize billions of dollars in arms sales. In accord with these facts, verdensalt finds it absolutely repulsive, but nobody knows the real truth behind the scene, except i truly believe, that Obama, Bushes, Clintons, Netanyahu, Macron, Merkel and other wordly Deep State players, is the worst barbarians of the Earth (sorry, my language). 🎰Trump may be laughable, Qanon (could) still be a CIA Psyop and the lobbying swamp of GoLDMaN SLaCKS, Rothschild banking is flourishing in Trump’s Washington, but Trump is NOT like ANY other presidents and (perhaps) Donald Trump is the only one that has the balls to hit a home run for the American People?.. I've seen enough evidence for a lifetime, The Three Stooges are Obama, Hillary & Bush, most dangerous species on Earth, if you ask me. But, every soul on the planet is working through some kind of karma. Whether you were the perpetrator or the victim, it’s inevitable that you’ll have experienced traumatic past life events that created karma. In this life your soul will seek to heal from the consequences of those actions. Karma is simply the universe seeking balance, and an opportunity for the soul to achieve profound spiritual growth by healing the events of the past. Karma and your soul are inseparable!.. 🤓Yes, Trump may be laughable, egocentric behaviour or narcissistic personality and breathtaking self-admiration, but like Obama, entered office when divisiveness, bigotry, greed, deception, corruption, violence, impoverishment and war mentality still were rampant.🤪 Trump may be laughable, verdensalt still thinks Obama became a slave of the 'system', keeping that third density pot boiling, the Illuminati were able to derail or dilute everything he wanted to do for his country and the world, and he made compromises or complied with their demands because of death threats to his family and primary supporters.🛐Trump may be laughable, no Christian Messiah, like Obama and other presidents, however, he has pushed the Cabal/Illuminati up into a corner, whether you like it or not, supported by benevolent souls, who wants to see the world change, to a peaceful place in the universe...|

    Steve Beckow: President Obama... Staunch Lightworker or Cabal Stooge?

    This is a masterpiece of political satire. Whether you agree with it or not, I predict you’ll die laughing. No further comment. Thanks to Len.

    British Writer Pens The Best Description Of Trump I’ve Read


    (Caricature of Donald Trump is by DonkeyHotey.)

    The following was found at LA Progressive:

    Someone on Quora asked “Why do some British people not like Donald Trump?” Nate White, an articulate and witty writer from England wrote the following response:


    A few things spring to mind.

    Trump lacks certain qualities which the British traditionally esteem.

    For instance, he has no class, no charm, no coolness, no credibility, no compassion, no wit, no warmth, no wisdom, no subtlety, no sensitivity, no self-awareness, no humility, no honour and no grace – all qualities, funnily enough, with which his predecessor Mr. Obama was generously blessed.

    So for us, the stark contrast does rather throw Trump’s limitations into embarrassingly sharp relief.

    Plus, we like a laugh. And while Trump may be laughable, he has never once said anything wry, witty or even faintly amusing – not once, ever.

    I don’t say that rhetorically. I mean it quite literally: not once, not ever. And that fact is particularly disturbing to the British sensibility – for us, to lack humour is almost inhuman.

    But with Trump, it’s a fact. He doesn’t even seem to understand what a joke is – his idea of a joke is a crass comment, an illiterate insult, a casual act of cruelty.

    Trump is a troll. And like all trolls, he is never funny and he never laughs; he only crows or jeers.

    And scarily, he doesn’t just talk in crude, witless insults – he actually thinks in them. His mind is a simple bot-like algorithm of petty prejudices and knee-jerk nastiness.

    There is never any under-layer of irony, complexity, nuance or depth. It’s all surface.

    Humans Are Free | ~ Heavily Censored by Facebook: Growing List of Articles That Will Never Again Be Allowed on Facebook ~ |

    Facebook is now using a new trick of shadow-banning my page and website (HumansAreFree.com) / purging my posts from their platform: 

    Several of my posts have been labeled as "spam" and purged from Facebook entirely. How do I know it's Facebook and not an individual? Because my latests posts that were flagged as spam and removed were "scheduled" posts, hence not yet published!

    Since only Facebook can see my scheduled (unpublished) posts, it can only be them. It is random too. As soon I schedule several articles, a couple of them are randomly flagged as spam. What it means is that these articles will never be allowed on Facebook (this applies to both new and older articles).

    How is this legal? We need laws to protect the Internet and we need big corporations to respect the existing laws that protect the freedom of speech, or pay the price.

    Valg & Verdensalt | ~ DF er STØRSTE taber og LA med mystisk afbud til Publicistklubben og K's 'Vikar fra himlen' er KNUST. Riskær, nedlægger sit parti, Å's tilbagegang er en total bummer. V, B & EL går frem - Lille korrupte PrivatLars fra indremissionske Græsted er blevet til Generalen fra Gribskov. Yngste nye statsminister, Skrigeskinken og vendekåben. PaluDansk : Vil udrydde islam i hele verden, koster politiet 41 mio. kr. og får 1.5 mio. kr. om året, med 66.093 stemmer og kommer (ikke) ind i Folkestyret ~ | Blogger: [🤨"VERDEN ER AF LAVE". Danmarks valgsystem (Smartmatic - DXC) der styres fra Venezuela, blev det brugt til at fremme Venstre og Konservatives fremgang!?😮] ... {Lad jungetrommerne lyde - har hørt en fugl synge om, at JFK21 med Mads Palsvig som formand, går under jorden i 3 måneder}... OG verdensalt sidder måbende tilbage og tænker; DANNEVANG, er ikke parate til et nyt gyldent spirituelt paradigmeskift, når alle vælgere, stemmer konservativt, af vane og frygt for, hvad fremtiden bringer...⌛ DEN helt store magtfaktor er de censurhungrende CIA Mockingbird, den 4. statsmagt - mediernes magt over danskerne. Vi "suger" os ind i en "Fake News" dystopisk verden, hvor parasitter lever af negativ energier fra digitale konventionelle medier, mobile enheder og IoT eller skam, stolthed og 'alders-shaming' (kvinde-man-shaming), der propagandereover og sabotere børn, mænd og kvinders opfattelse af Transgenderisme, som Transhumanisme - bare for at tage et eksempel 🇩🇰..DANSKEREN er åbenbart ikke parat, til at træde ud af sit eget 3-D Matrix af illusion og KÆMPE for (hele) menneskeheden, ikke blot den europide / kaukaside menneskerace og den manglende forbindelsesled eller ubalancen, mellem det feminine og maskuline aspekt..🧠Vi er et "social experiment", hjerne-kontrolleret, hvor underbevidstheden hallucinerer hele tiden - en form for avanceret gætværk, der bygger på informationsprocesser og erfaring fra den verdensorden (NWO), som vores autoriteter, levere til os (ukritisk).. 🤔TÆNK over det, hvis (vi) virkelig aller inderst inde ønskede, at moderniser og forbedre den nuværende verdensorden, uden værdipolitik til big business, globalister og pengegrådige Banksters, som styrer Jorden, er vi nødt til fundamentale forandringer..👯Det hele er ikke EN stor konspiration af et generaliserende #me-too samfund, der bryder det krænkende, patriarkalsk affald, som os MÆND levere, men vi skal finde sammen, til en stor ONENESS og forenes, både mænd, kvinder og transgender generationen (ja den findes desværre)..🚧DER er ikke andre udveje og kan gøres ved masse-demonstrationer eller masse-meditationer for sympati- og antipatierklæringer til aktuelle hændelser, som at ændre magtstrukturen (helt) inde i maskinrummet af den 800.000 store centraladministration... Skide være med politikerne og partisoldaterne, de er blot talerør og frontløbere for dem som VIRKELIG, bestemmer, bag scenen. OG så længe vi ikke kan gennemskue eller ønsker status quo og er så evindeligt bange for at miste sin sociale naivitet, så sker der INTET..👑Vi må huske på, at DEM som stadigvæk regere, uanset valgets resultat, er embedsmændene (som er Danmarks vigtigste lobbyister), Finans- ministeriets jødelobby, interesseorganisationer og magfulde fagforeningsbosser, landsbrugsorganisioner, kvotekonger, den danske forsvarsmagt, Monarkiet og VL-grupperne osv. = Magteliten – hvordan 423 danskere, styrer landet?!. "DE" kommer sgu ikke og hjælper os, ej heller vores spirituelle guider, nedstegne mestre eller venner i de højere galaktiske hierarkier og lignede..🦁Vi skal selv hive sejren hjem og det gør vi, ved at "træde i karakter” og et ønske om fundamentale ændringer; en sondring i Fysikken og Metafysikken mellem det ubevidste og bevidste sind og krop, intelligente celler, selvindsigt og højere bevidsthed, og det der skaber balance mellem krop, sind og sjæl... 👼FØRST her, når vi er KOMP- LETTE guddommelige ENGLE igen, detoxificerede og PARATE til, at være noget STØRRE, end os selv, kan vi bringe FRED og HARMONI, til hele verden... 🎭At pege fingre, bruge blaming-game eller forsøg at uddrive soldaterdæmoner, men ikke kigge på sig SELV først, hjælper jo af gode grunde ikke.. 🤗Der FINDES kun "ubetinget kærlighed / glæde" og andre højere rangerende mekanismer fra menneskets bevidsthed (Hawkins scala), som hjælper os væk fra fremmed- fjendskhed, betinget kærlighed og vi burde, søge efter "utroskab" mod vores eget EGO-FORSVARSVÆRK, der "kun" tænker på, individets overlevelse... 🙏|

    🔴 Erin Elizabeth at Health Nut News | ~ URGENT: YouTube is banning thousands of “conspiracy” and fake “cure” accounts ~ | Blogger: [⚒️HAMMERING DOWN : Margrethe Vestager Fine Google + Trump Threat To Take On Google & Amazon -- 1st Time In History Concerted Attack To Take Down The Global Cabal With Antitrust Actions, Criminal Indictments ~ Wayne Jett⚒️] ... {⚔️COUNTER-ATTACK : (BILDERBERG-DARPA-GOOGLE-YOUTUBE-ALPHABET) -- Bans neo-Nazi and Sandy Hook (Elementary School shooting) & Holocaust-denial videos in push against hate speech. Removes advertising from account accused of homophobic abuse. Blacklist 'hateful,' 'supremacist' videos. YouTube cracks down on pundits, conservatives, journalists, demonetizing, and even black metal musicians and so-called fake “cure” accounts, 'and other "harmful" users⚔️}... |