May 11, 2015

SOTT Exclusive: More strange noises in the sky: The best of 2015 (so far...) - May 11, 2015



More video recordings of eerie, groaning, howling, trumpet-like noises that seem to come from the sky are still appearing on Youtube. Many more of these 'strange noise' videos have been recorded and uploaded by people from many different parts of the globe. They have been reported in the UK, Germany, Canada, U.S., Iceland, Netherlands, Brazil, Japan, Hong Kong, France and Russia, to name a few.

The cause of these strange sounds is still unknown. For your listening pleasure, we've captured the best of 2015 - so far.

Strange sounds happening again in Terrace British Columbia - 5/7/2015

Strange Sounds - Noises - Trumpet in Sky - in Kentucky - 5/5/2015

Strange weird trumpet sounds in sky of Iceland 2015 - 4/29/2015

Strange Sounds Heard in the Skies of Japan 2015 - 4/6/2015

Strange UFO sounds heard in Jersey City, New Jersey - 3/26/2015

UK: Strange sounds trumpets sounds dogs going mad - 2/10/2015

Strange sounds in the sky - Minas Gerais/Brazil - 2/1/2015

Strange mysterious sounds in Yosemite's National Park - 1/2/2015

So what is this? Earth changes? Hoax? HAARP? Signs of the apocalypse?

More strange sounds videos below:

Unknown location - 1/9/2015
Strange Sound From The Sky 2015 (the Netherlands) - 1/29/2015
Strange sounds heard in the sky (unknown location) - 3/27/2015
Strange Sounds in Germany - 4/4/2015
Strange weird rumbling sounds in sky 2015 (Colorado) - 4/6/2015
Apocalyptic-like Sky Sounds Heard Over France 2015 Scary!!! - 4/6/2015
San Francisco Loud Strange Noises - 4/15/15
Strange Sounds Regina Saskatchewan - 4/25/2015
Strange Sounds - Noises - Trumpet in Sky - Russia - 5/5/2015
Strange sounds in sky the over Belfast - 5/5/2015

Hilarion: Love Is the Mightiest Force in the Universe - May 11, 2015

Hilarion er Chohan af den femte stråle af healing, videnskab, vision og sandhed. Han er det hierarkiske niveau af Sanhedens templet på det æteriske plan i nærheden Crete, Grækenland. Hilarion var ypperstepræst i "Templet af Sandhed" i Atlantis, og han transporterede flammens sandhed sammen med artefakter af templet til Grækenland kort tid før forliset af kontinentet. Han arbejder med sjæle til at beherske det tredje øje - chakra og grøn-ray kvaliteter, herunder healing og videnskaben om at holde den ubesmittede koncept. Hilarion har ikke kun indflydelse med healing, men også omfatter musik og videnskab og målrettet "vision" gennem opfattelser af tredje øje. En kilde tilføjer, at Hilarion arbejder ofte med Ærkeenglen Raphael, der ligeledes tjener på det femte-stråle.

Kanaliseret af Marlene Swetlishoff
© 2015 therainbowscribe

Beloved Ones,

There are signs everywhere of the changes that are taking place upon your planet.

These changes are diverse and encompass many spectrums of life. The Earth changes reflect the changes within humanity as they strive to cope and to understand what is occurring.

Each tragedy that occurs brings out the best within humanity as they strive to give what they can to assist. Many questions are being asked within all hearts, for it seems as though the world that they knew is crumbling and falling apart.

Humanity is experiencing the effects of their planet shaking off the chains of the past as she moves into her rightful place in the universe. These changes have occurred many times through the millennia but in these times, humanity has an opportunity to rise above and emerge victorious.

It is a time for each person to go within and seek to know self, their divine self. It is a time to achieve and maintain equilibrium in one’s management of their inner and outer lives, to make choice and decision as to the path that they follow.

As the past dissolves, new beginnings are emerging in their glorious potential and possibilities. Many of you are now firmly on the path of your destiny, doing what brings you your greatest joy and happiness. Others are in the midst of challenges that seem too great to bear.

They are learning to have strength, determination and persistence. Those are very important soul qualities to have.

Benjamin Fulford Update - May 11, 2015 CET

Hvem er så denne Benjamin Fulford? Benjamin Fulford (Født 1961) er journalist, forfatter af canadisk afstamning, der bor i Japan. Han taler 4 sprog, herunder japansk. Han arbejdede i Japan som en korrespondent for Knight Ridder, Den Internationale Financing Review, Nihon Keizai Shimbun engelsk udgave, og South China Morning Post, før hans dage på Forbes Magazine, hvor han var den asiatiske kontorchef fra 1998 til 2005. Hans efterforskningsmæssige rapporter forfulgte skandaler i den japanske regering og erhvervslivet. Efter at have forladt Forbes skrev han en række bøger i japansk hvoraf nogle blev bedste sælgere, og begyndte at offentliggøre på internettet. Han overgik til japansk statsborgerskab i 2007. Han fik en vis popularitet på internettet, efter at han gennemførte et interview med den sky David Rockefeller i november 2007.

Til tider, kommentere David Wilcock på Fulford's blog. Virkelig spændende nyhedsstof, en vinkel, som bliver mere valid eftersom de begge har informanter og indgange til den virkelige agenda, uden censur, der aldrig når ud i de officielle medier.

Engineered collapse of Western financial system looms

Udgivet af Benjamin den 11. May 2015 (Full Story)

To summarize: Re-elected Prime Minister David Cameron and his EU masters in Brussels was fixed. Unavoidable Greek default. US chaos and possibly even civil war or with US Military and Khazarian mercenary and dismantled their big banks. Trouble in the Korean peninsula with cabal hold-outs. Zionazi submarine base in New Guinea where the 311 attack hit four times last week with major bunker busting weapons. Cabal's Prime Minister Abe is only being kept in power because no suitable replacement has been found. Russia staged a big parade on May 9th to celebrate its victory in the Great Patriotic War against Nazi Germany. soldiers from China, India, Serbia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Mongolia, Armenia, Tajikistan, Kirghistan and Azerbaijan also participated in the parade

 The world is headed for some turbulence over the coming months as part of the final removal of the Khazarian mafia from control of the Western financial system, multiple sources, including Japanese government, MI5 and pentagon officials say. The world missed a recent window of opportunity for a peaceful settlement of the financial war, they said. As a result, several stubborn hold outs of the cabal, like Israel and their Washington DC stooges, will have to be removed through war and through the engineered collapse of most of the large cabal financial companies, the sources say.

This will result in chaos in Europe and several regional wars notably in the Korean peninsula, the Middle East and the US.

The situation in Europe might be the first to blow up as a result of a financial chain reaction expected to be triggered by an unavoidable Greek default, the sources agreed. German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s recent visits to China and Japan were aimed at......

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Message from Montague on Sunday May 11, 2015 CET

Kanaliseret af Veronica Keen
© 2015 Montague Keen

Hver søndag, bringer Montague et budskab om håb og støtte til alle, der er villige til at lytte. Han snakker tit om Cabal og deres evindelige konstruktive adfærd.

Mankind must put an end to war before war puts an end to mankind. - J F Kennedy

My friends, the real reason for war is always kept hidden from you. The cabal understands fully the structure of the Earth, the Underground Tunnel System that connects and is of great importance to them. To the cabal, what is underground is more important than what you are aware of overground. The fact that this knowledge is hidden from you is what keeps them in power. They cannot hold this control without your assistance. Look at the emphasis that is put on armies. In actual fact, they are hired assassins who are prepared to destroy humanity for money.

Why do you think the cabal kept all evidence of the past, the sacred sites, ancient scrolls and tablets, hidden from you? They fear the man in the street ever finding the truth of his origins and his true history. You are fed propaganda of the glories of war; how brave the armies were, when all the time it is a game to ensure that man destroys his fellow man.

Notes from Cobra and Isis Conference in Konstanz, 21st-22nd March 2015 - Part 3 (This is probably one of the best 'truth-like' explanation out there) - May 11, 2015

Financial Reset: Pre-Event phase (moneyless society in the near future)

US Secretary of State Kerry going to Russia, set to meet Lavrov, Putin - RT

In Talks With Merkel, Putin Calls for Improving Relations With Europe - NYtimes

Finansielle Akronymer

Slagplanen fra de Primære Skabere, frigivelse af St. Germains støttefonde i 2014 & 2015 

On this planet everything and everybody has something to do with money, because life has been organized like that by intent, everybody has to fight for survival. Already now there are many technologies available that would allow all of humanity to live in abundance without the artificial construct of lack-consciousness. Up to now money has been used as an instrument to control and not as a tool to exchange energy. It gets presented to the masses as if it would be a tool for exchange, in truth it is used for sustaining the old power structures over the masses.

The Event is a financial new beginning and now we are in the Pre-Event phase. What is happening right now within the financial system is the creation of an alternative reality through the Eastern Alliance/BRICS states. As you can see this has permeated to the news of the mass media. The BRICS states have created the Development Bank. Last Friday (20.3.2015) the rate for gold exchange has been redefined, it now gets determined from Shanghai also and not only from London. This means that the Eastern Alliance determines the gold price as well. Throughout history, the financial system was always gold backed and only in the last century this was different. During the Reset the gold backing of the financial system will get reintroduced again. At the moment, the new infrastructure is growing steadily : the light forces and the Eastern Alliance have created the Development Bank, the new gold exchange rate, and different alternative paying systems. This has been accomplished especially through China and Russia. Everything happens step by step and gets prepared for the moment of the Event, so that the global financial system can be shut down. The institutions of the old system have been created by the cabal and are working only for them: Worldbank, IWF, FED, Swift. Nearly all of the money goes to them through a branched self-contained computer network. Only the Resistance Movement has special access to that system : in July 2012 they created a specific virus which can be activated at any time, so it will destroy the complete computer network of the old financial system. As the virus gets constantly updated to the cabal financial computer system, it can be activated at any moment. When the button gets pressed nothing will work in the financial system : no money will come out of the machines, no credit cards can be used, no stock market... Everybody will be excluded from access to all of that at the time of the Event. The purpose of that is to cut off the cabal from their access to the money of the world. This is a major part of the Reset. All debts will get deleted (except some debts between private people -after approval). Most of the debts are illegally created, they have their origin in the abusive money system of the cabal.

Who owes money to whom ? For example: Greece is in debt to the European Central Bank (ECB). Behind the ECB are the Jesuits and behind the Jesuits are the Chimera who use it for the Secret Space Program (SSP). Everywhere else the way with the debts is the same. This will change physically at the day of the Reset.

Example of how the abusive cabal-money-system creates money out of nothing : when we want to buy a house we go to the bank, we borrow the money, we make a contract. It only takes a few minutes on a computer to write this, and 200.000 Euro are "created" out of nowhere. The home bank never sees any of the physical money described in that contract and we now work 20-30 years of slave work to pay that "money” back. This slave work is made of OUR life energy, a "9 to 5" job. A huge amount of that money already gets diverted to the SSP (secret space program) automatically and through "credit" even more. Taxes and insurances go all to the SSP. We would also not get it for the retirement, it just vanishes. With the Reset this game stops completely. The central banks will be unable to go on as usual. Now it just takes time to built the new system through the BRICS countries and the light forces. At the Event the banks will be closed up to 2 weeks. It is good to have some cash money. Silver or gold is the best for this time period. We are prepared to possibly have some kind of human chaos and we are working already to reduce those probabilities to a minimum. Financially and technically everything is going to be fine. The unpredictable thing here is the human psychological factor. Shops which will still be open will accept cash money and shortly afterwards only gold and silver, when confidence in money is destroyed. Exchange of goods will happen, and neighbors helping each other. Mass arrests will very quickly follow the reset (or happen at the same time) and the light forces will go to the media and tell the masses what is happening. Parts of disclosure will get released and massive processes of de-programming will start.

News Special Edition: Big Pharma Being Sued for Unethical Practices… Again! - May 11, 2015


May 11, 2015 By Gavin Harrill  ( Source GAOG)

Welcome back from the weekend …hoping yours was grand. Thank you Alex and Lindsey for your wonderful contributions over the past few days –most obliged.

Keep it up Big Pharma …conducting business like this means that it won’t be long until you’re closed down for good. And the world will be a much better place, in my humble opinion. One week ago today, I wrote a Special Edition about how antibiotics do much more harm than good in the long run to our bodies.

Not to mention the vaccination industry injecting us with mercury and other toxins, leading to autism and other yet-to-be-attributed diseases. “Other toxins” include MSG, aluminum phosphate, formaldehyde, bovine cow serum, sorbitol, gelatin, sodium chloride, thimerosal, human albumin, and phenoxyethanol. (1)

“In 2010, poor production procedures lead to McNeil, a branch of Johnson & Johnson, pulling children’s and infant’s liquid Tylenol, Motrin, Zyrtec, and Benadryl. The company called the probability of harm ‘remote,’ right before recalling about 50 different products made in one Fort Washington, Pa. plant.” (2)

Some reasons for the recalls were A. containing too high a concentration of active ingredients in the “medicine,” B. containing ingredients that were never tested for human consumption, and C. containing tiny particles of metal …if you can believe that!

“A subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson has pleaded guilty to a federal criminal charge that it sold infant’s and children’s liquid medications that contained metal particles. McNeil Consumer Healthcare, of Fort Washington, Pennsylvania, acknowledged producing adulterated bottles of Infants’ and Children’s Tylenol and Children’s Motrin. The company agreed to pay $25 million to resolve the case. Court documents say metal particles, including nickel, iron and chromium, were introduced during the manufacturing process in 2009 and 2010. Prosecutors said McNeil failed to take immediate steps to fix the problem.” (3)

Sadly, Big Pharma is clearly motivated by profit, rather than genuine well-being and health of the people they serve –us– who pays for their lifestyle through the purchase of their products. Just like politicians –and for the same reason, it seems: money– ethical practices have gone to the wayside by corporations we’ve trusted over the decades.

The Arcturian Group: May 11, 2015 CET

Billede af Arcturians iflg.
Arcturians er en race, der kommer fra den blå planet, der kredser den røde kæmpestjerne Arcturus i Bootes konstellation. Arcturus kredser cirka 36 lysår fra vores solsystem. Arcturians er den mest avancerede civilisation i galaksen, transcendere ind i 4. og 5. dimension. Mange kender Arcturians, som velvillige væsener. Men hvad kun nogle ved, er læren som Arcturians følger. Indhyllet i mystik, og tabt i de åndelige oversættelser gennem kommunikation og kanaliseringer af Arcturians til mennesker, en race af væsener synes at eksistere og kommunikere fundamentale love, der styrer eksistensen af ​​fred, kærlighed og glæde. Denne grundlæggende lovgivning tillader Arcturians at skubbe i retning af højere planer af eksistens og give mulighed for fortsat vækst i et begrænset fysiske univers. Arcturians menes at komme fra en kredsende himmellegeme, der ikke har været opdaget af jordiske astronomer.

Kanaliseret aMarilyn Raffaele 10. Maj 2015 PST

Greetings Dear Ones,

We observe that all is proceeding according to schedule, and most of you are beginning to recognize and experience the new and powerful energies of transformation.

Everyone’s experience may well be different, so try not to compare yours with what you may read or hear regarding the spiritual experiences of another. Every person is unique by virtue of having lived different experiences through many lifetimes, finally arriving at their present state of consciousness.

You are clearing the residue of hundreds of lifetimes lived in ignorance and no one person is exactly the same as another.

Most of you are now beginning to see and experience the world from a higher dimensional viewpoint which is manifesting as new ways, forms, and ideas of those things you are already familiar with. The reality (Divine Idea) of everything in the outer world always remains present and infinite in Divine Consciousness. Spiritual evolution allows you to interpret and manifest these Divine ideas on new and higher levels.

(Repost&Reblog) COME OUT LIGHTWORKER (I-AM law of attraction) - May 11, 2014

by Angel Wings and Unicorns

Your days, your lives of hiding are over. There was a purpose to hiding your light in the past, but it is a new day. You are safe. The world is safe now for what you have to share. If you are in your balance of masculine and feminine, and you are trusting your wisdom and knowledge, which, if you are reading these words, you are trusting more and more, you will attract the right energies, the right people to you and your teachings.

No more excuses, that you are not ready, or you have issues, problems, or someone else is keeping you from your spiritual work. Many of you are walking your talk, and even so you have your moments of doubt. As long as we are human there will be doubts.

Your teaching may take the form of classes, writing a book, a website, a blog, art, music, a business, A product, or it may be the way you live your life, just being in the moment and enjoying the sensual qualities of life. You may be in the process of healing your physical body, or bringing your finances back into balance. It may be just getting reacquainted with your soul self. Wherever you are, you are ready. Ready to share what you have learned, what you are going through. Do not underestimate who you are. Do not compare yourself to those still deeply entrenched in the world of materialism at the expense of their soul. Do not be tempted to compare yourself with those in the esoteric who seem to channel entities. Everyone has their area of specialization.

Our soul speaks to us in a subtle voice, or through feelings. You are channelling your soul even when you do not realize it. Whenever you are doing something that brings you pleasure, you are channelling your soul. It could be a walk in nature, singing, and any of the simplest acts of joy. Your soul is always there, but the easiest way to connect with her is through feelings, especially joyful ones. But sometimes you have to go through the darker ones to get there. And you are deeply honored for doing so. Very few humans are bold enough to feel on such a deep level. Why do you think psychiatrists dispense antidepressants like candy? Isn’t it interesting that people will go to dangerous lengths to avoid those dark feelings? The whole movement to ‘think positive’ in an attempt to bypass the sadness, the anger, and the other so-called negative feelings is in misunderstanding of the law of attraction. To get to the joy we sometimes are required to sift through the not so joyful feelings, and to understand that slapping on a happy face when you are sad or feeling hopeless isn’t going to work. It’s the understanding that we are energy movers and we are able to transmute any feelings and any energy.

Nyheder fra ZAP og andre angående forestående Revaluering af Valuta og TRN - May 11, 2015 CET

Finansielle Akronymer - Latest updates:  THE BRETTON WOODS SYSTEM


bear with me, stripped away everything that was unnecessary info from song lyrics and quote from Susan...
-------- Original Message --------
From: 2goforth
To: 2goforth
Subject: Fwd: MOTHER'S DAY
Date: Sun, 10 May 2015 20:49:52 -0400

Greetings and Salutations:


I am now settling in to the fireside chat that you always have on Sunday's. Here is the latest. These sessions will be ending soon. The need for them will no longer be — all will be known and all goods delivered and those who have moved or died will have to do some sleuthing but that too can be done. If family members remember and produce the information they have, it still most certainly be reviewed. There was never an intention to not have all participants receive who followed the "Yellow Brick Road". And that is exactly what it was. Pay attention to how it even is that today : the" Yellow Brick Road." Kudos to you — you did it; how many of your friends would have gone where you have gone? Not to many!! No, not so many. You did it on a nebulous faith but you knew somewhere in your soul that it was the right thing to do.

Are we there yet.? Always the same question. Yes! You are there. But here is not here. Here is where you are today; and here is a good place to be. There will be a manifestation and that will seem so surreal compared to all the long years of waiting. Just realize that the wait has been worth it. The cogs in the many tiny pieces and the machinations of many personalized issues are the obstacle that you can’t quite see. If you could you would have never been so intensely shouting about having it now! Better to have the conservative moves than rash ones. You can continue to build a feeling of satisfaction, of wise decisions made years ago and very soon begin implementing whatever plans you have made for yourself. That is a given! You ask, or wonder, “But is it?” Yes it is a given. Many ways the ruling forces could derail you; if you knew the ways you would not be sarcastic nor rude nor uncivil. If you think, you already know those but you don’t want to hear them well make it your business to just be ready when the other shoe drops. For drop —it will!! With humble appreciation to all of you….P….




Obama's Entire Account Of bin Laden's Death Is One Big Lie; This Is What Really Happened - May 11, 2015

Seymour Hersh: Obama's Entire Account Of bin Laden's Death Is One Big Lie; This Is What Really Happened


"The White House’s story might have been written by Lewis Carroll: would bin Laden, target of a massive international manhunt, really decide that a resort town forty miles from Islamabad would be the safest place to live and command al-Qaida’s operations? It was inevitable that the Obama administration’s lies, misstatements and betrayals would create a backlash... High-level lying nevertheless remains the modus operandi of US policy, along with secret prisons, drone attacks, Special Forces night raids, bypassing the chain of command, and cutting out those who might say no." - Seymour Hersh

US going after Russia, Venezuela as it loses global influence – Maduro to RT - May 11, 2015

Still from RT airWashington is losing its weight in the international arena and this makes it target Russia and Venezuela, as well as attempt to curtail China’s growth, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro told RT's Spanish-language channel in an exclusive interview.

In March, the US declared Venezuela a threat to its national security which is usually the first step in starting a US sanctions program. Maduro said the country found great support in Latin America after this attack, which forced Washington to backpedal on its pressure.

“All those countries stood against it even before the Summit of Americas started exactly a month ago and demanded that [US President] Barack Obama repeal the executive order that declared Venezuela a threat. It was very convincing,” he said. “President Obama realized that Venezuela was not alone, that it would have help and support. We were united in our multiplicity.”

The Venezuelan president, who continued a policy of opposing the influence of the US in Latin America that his predecessor Hugo Chavez started, believes that Washington is unnerved by the growth of political and economic power in countries it does not control.

“The US see they are losing influence and it makes them target countries like Russia to find a way to stop them. The US creates barriers and problems for such countries. They try to hamper their natural development. So they continue their attacks on peaceful countries like Venezuela and oppose the development of powerful nations like China,” he said.

According to Maduro, nations can successfully withstand American pressure with enough determination, as evidenced by the example of Cuba. After decades of economic blockade and sanctions, Washington sought reengagement with the Caribbean nation.

Barack Obama was brave enough to admit in his December 17 speech that the blockade and oppression of Cuba failed. But he was also speaking from an imperialist point of view... Now they are trying to influence Cuba,” he said.

“I am certain that, sooner rather than later, the US will go the way the British empire did 70 years ago. It used to be a powerful empire that ruled entire regions of Asia, Latin America, the Caribbean and Africa for 300 years. They ruled the world. But then they had to adopt to new historic circumstances,” Maduro said. “We believe the same thing will happen to America and that they would have to go through a series of conflicts.”

Insurance companies wish to have access to customers' genetic testing in Denmark - What is legal? May 11, 2015

It should be possible for insurers to check potential customers genetic tests for inherited diseasestheir industry association beliefs.

More and more danish people undergo genetic testing, and insurance companies wish access to the result......

Minister of Justice Mette Frederiksen (S) are basically critical of insurance companies access to sensitive health information, however Dept. of Justice will reconsider after Justice Department last met with representatives of the insurance industry as well as critics from the Danish Medical Association and the Consumer Council 'TÆNK' in January to discuss the issue...
- Insurance companies should not have access to more health information than is strictly necessary to offer citizens insurance on reasonable terms......  

What is legal? The law on patient rights

How is the genetic testing of minors regulated? At what age is an individual considered adult, and capable of giving informed consent?
Under what circumstances can medical secrecy be broken?
Is it legal for insurance companies to have access to the results of genetic tests?
Is it legal for insurance companies to have access to other medical records?

Click on an issue to find out more. Click here to view by country

Genetic testing is not specifically regulated in Denmark. Genetic testing can be done so long as the law on patient rights (Lov om patienters retsstilling) from 1998 and the law on practising doctors work (Lov om udøvelse af lægegerning ) from 2001 are followed.

The law on patient rights states, that a patient, who is 15 years old, can give informed consent for treatment. However, the parents have to be informed and involved in the decision of the minor until the patient is 18 years old. In some cases the parents can give informed consent. That is if the doctor finds that the 15-17 year old patient has made a decision without having fully understood the consequences.


1. Genetic testing, New Scientist - gmwatch

The UK is uniquely permissive in its use of genetic test results for assessing insurance cover, leaving a "strong potential for improper use"

The UK is uniquely permissive in its use of genetic test results for assessing insurance cover, says a report, leaving a "strong potential for improper use". The British insurance industry's use of tests has also been harshly criticised by politicians.

Companies are expected to abide by a voluntary code, which allows them to hike premiums or refuse cover on the basis of certain genetic tests.

Several countries, including Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Austria, ban the use of genetic tests by insurers. In many other countries, there is legislation to ensure that no one is refused cover on the basis of their test results.

"The UK stands alone in its position towards insurers," says Anna Dixon of the London School of Economics, one of the report's authors......