Jul 12, 2023

🙏 ~ 💝 (Anderson warns WHO globalists: “We are millions and we will bring you down") Todays Inspirational Spiritual Quotes & Videos ~ July 12, 2023 (Free Guy: BOOM BOOM SHAKA LAKA BOOM BOOM BABY! BRING IT ON! MR. VLADIMIR PUTIN - PRESIDENT OF THE UKRAINE!!) ~ |

Ukraine news: "Vladimir and I... Mr Zelenskyy and I" says Joe Biden at NATO summit | World News | Sky News
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🎥🙈💊😎 (Just another distraction?) Yes, it might be so. However, I do not think that is the case anymore. That is SoTW take on it and I will stick to that. Check out what my Higher Self told me about Sound of Freedom (SoF) ~ July 12, 2023 ~ |

Derfor bliver kontroversiel Mel Gibson-film ikke vist i Danmark | BT Samfund - www.bt.dk

Free Guy: Yes, both of these gentlemen have been part of Hollyweird and the illuminati movie industry. Not anymore. I don't believe in The Quantum Healing Center (first scalar wave center in Copenhagen) either. I have meet DK-people behind it, and their product line is unbelieve costly ($300,000 ++). With all due respect, Hvass Ingwersen, has had a long scientific career from 35 years in Novo Nordisk A/S (Out of the ashes and into the fire? Or smooth as a baby's bottom?). Buuutt, that doesn't mean, Jason Shurka, are wrong about AC not working during AMC theatres and regal cinemas (owned by China) screenings across the country. Tarot by Janine on July 10th 2023-world news has asked the Cards! Is SoF movie good to watch and been shown to mankind to expose all the nefarious activities going on? The Universe answered "yes" to that part and think they could have expose so much - at least 50% more. It's "soft disclosure" only. The White Hats thinks SoF movie is very strong and Jim are working with the WH's. This is NOT a Deep State move, the cards say... |

🧛‍♂️🏰💌 ~ (Sharing is Caring) Most Romanians are honest people, good people, hard working people that keep pushing and hoping for a better life. Random acts of kindness can go a long way. That's Romanians. This morning talked to one of my friends Monica from Romania (used to live in USA) and what a joyful moment. I love Romania. It’s a travel destination that is almost unknown to European tourism. Romania has many "gems" and natural treasures, not many know about. In the ranch of The Bucegi Mountains there's a very important alien base inside. Dr. Michael Salla, which Monica and SoTW have met IRL, talks about the Bucegi Hall of Records and Space Arcs etc. However, Denmark, like many other countries, are looking at The Romani people, as good and cheap labor, but else, unwanted individuals. They absolute hates "Gypsies". I know, corruption in Romania, is considered a major problem, but every country has corruption. ~ July 12, 2023 ~ |

Free Guy: ❤️‍🔥Me, on SoTW, on the other hand, think they are the most wonderful and kind and beautiful as anybody else, living and breathing on Mother GAIA. Not because I had myself a ex-girlfriend from there, Emy, she is long gone, and I don't fit in her spiritual narrative anyway. I have visited the spiritual mountains vortexes aka The Mountain Sphinx – Bușteni, Romania aka The Alien Base Discovered Inside Bucegi Mountains. Bucharest, and the breathtaking mountain city Brasov, and many other places and always felt safe and secured in Romania, nomatter the rumors of The Romanian mafia or Romanian organized crime. When you are foreigner, they will treat you if you had lordship titles. And as a tourist, with spectacular scenery of nature that are more beautiful than Scotland and Switzerland and everything is so cheap. Monica, just told me about Hanu' lui Manuc Restaurant they have live traditional Romanian music and dancing (The dancers invited people to get up and dance with them) Hora is a big circle formed by a group of people that hold hands. Romania is 54% cheaper than United Kingdom and the average cost of living in Denmark is 184% more expensive than in Romania. With the correct airline company the basic price for a return ticket from Denmark, is as low as, €35. Yes that's right, you heard me.. Just remember, when you get a car rentals to buy comprehensive insurance cover (I got cheated last time)... |

Monica: "A beautiful fountain in Bucharest close to Hanul lui Manuc Restaurant in Unirii Square. We got there too late, after the last show. We went out to dinner for my birthday and then we went there. (The water moves through music similar to Belaggio Fountain in Las Vegas)."

😆🕺💕😘 (Mistede-Mammon på Latterlige-Lauritz?) Latter og Linedans, hjælper! Av, for helvede (Gud nej, der blev det helt punk'et). I Shu-bi-duas verden var det at være folkelig noget godt. ~ 12. Juli 2023 ~ |

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Trump displays altered weather map showing Dorian could have hit Alabama - ABC News (go.com)
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Free Guy: Blev helt glad i låget efter at have snakket med gammel rumænsk / amerikansk REIKI-master ven til morgen jeg mødte på en USA-konference i Mount Shasta i 2015. En af de bedste konferencer, jeg nogensinde har været på. Imens spillede Shu-bi-dua Rap Rap på Retro-Radioen (eneste radiokanel uden reklamer). Og fik migselv en svingom mens, skybrud og lyn, slog ned udenfor mit vindue (cloud seeding). Tog mig tilbage til de gigant Bank-fester på Egeskov Slot hvor Shubberne spillede, for fulde huse. Selv ateister må bøje sig i støvet for denne lille perle. Og nej. Der skal ikke så meget til. Jeg værdsætter de få højfrekvente venner som vil menneskeheden det absolut bedste, og jeg har tilbage, på denne hårde spirituelle rejse. Har mistet 5 venner på 10 år, hovedsageligt til kræft og det er ret hårdt, i min alder. Du styrker kun din iboende spiritualitet, intuition og hjertes visdom, ved at lede efter sandheden. Når man skiller fårene fra bukkene. Fårene er de retfærdige spiritualister uden religionstilknytning, og bukkene er de fortabte satanister, som tilbeder Djævlen, Satan eller Lucifer, som himmelske væsener, men er en flok tabere... |