May 9, 2019

The Daily Sheeple | ~ NEW EVIDENCE PROVES HILLARY, DNC SOUGHT TO COLLUDE WITH UKRAINIAN GOVERNMENT DURING 2016 ELECTION ~ | Blogger: Blogger: [🛡️Trump; The Antidote To The Deep State/Cabal or World's Worst Enemy???⚔️] ... Verdensalt will not censor anything on this blog, not even the elefantastic incredible american popular spiritual site 'Golden Age Of Gaia', with Steve Beckow, a founder and editor-in-chief (formerly the 2012 Scenario, lives in Vancouver, B.C., Canada), in which verdensalt has been followed for many years... GAOG truly believe, that former Pres. Barack Obama is still and has always been, their saviour (quotes from Matthew Ward, Archangel Michael and many others)... But yes, Trump may be laughable, but he's also do not (seem) taking orders from The Deep State, and negative military might, as other presidents has in the past. Trump may be laughable, and we know that there was exposure of Saudi-Israel alliance' with proof of protectionism supports from US inc. Riyadh respon- sible for murdering dissident journalist Jamal Khashoggi, Trump has argued that punishing the kingdom hurts the US more as it would alienate the key Middle East ally and jeopardize billions of dollars in arms sales. In accord with these facts, verdensalt finds it absolutely repulsive, but nobody knows the real truth behind the scene, except i truly believe, that Obama, Bushes, Clintons, Netanyahu, Macron, Merkel and other wordly Deep State players, is the worst barbarians of the Earth (sorry, my language). Trump may be laughable, Qanon (could) still be a CIA Psyop and the lobbying swamp of GoLDMaN SLaCKS, Rothschild banking is flourishing in Trump’s Washington, but Trump is NOT like ANY other presidents and (perhaps) Donald Trump is the only one that has the balls to hit a home run for the American People?.. I've seen enough evidence for a lifetime, The Three Stooges are Obama, Hillary & Bush, most dangerous species on Earth, if you ask me. But, every soul on the planet is working through some kind of karma. Whether you were the perpetrator or the victim, it’s inevitable that you’ll have experienced traumatic past life events that created karma (or call it something else). In this life your soul will seek to heal from the consequences of those actions. Karma is simply the universe seeking balance, and an opportunity for the soul to achieve profound spiritual growth by healing the events of the past. Karma and your soul are inseparable!.. Yes, Trump may be laughable, egocentric behaviour or narcissistic personality and breathtaking self-admiration, but like Obama, entered office when divisiveness, bigotry, greed, deception, corruption, violence, impoverishment and war mentality still were rampant. Trump may be laughable, verdensalt still thinks Obama became a slave of the 'system', keeping that third density pot boiling, the Illuminati were able to derail or dilute everything he wanted to do for his country and the world, and he made compromises or complied with their demands because of death threats to his family and primary supporters. Trump may be laughable, no Christian Messiah, like Obama and other presidents, however, he has pushed the Cabal/Illuminati up into a corner, whether you like it or not, supported by benevolent souls, who wants to see the world change, to a peaceful place in the universe...☮️|

Fox News host Sean Hannity opened his program Thursday night with a bombshell: The Ukrainian government has admitted that the Democratic National Committee and the campaign of Hillary Clinton attempted to reach out and collude with officials during the 2016 election.

“The boomerang of justice is in full motion,” Hannity began, noting that for all the Democrats’ gnashing of teeth and proclamations to the contrary, the ‘Russian collusion’ hoax has been fully exposed and put to bed.

Message from Saul | Channeling through John Smallman | ~ 💕 Truly Life for All on Planet Earth is About to Become Far More Harmonious 💕 ~ |

Saul is an ascended Master just like Jesus, Buddha, Mary and many many more. BTW you are all on your ways to becoming ascended masters so stand up and celebrate your greatness.

channeled by John Smallman 
© 2019 johnsmallman

As all are very well aware enormous changes are occurring all across the world in politics, in business, and in religious, social, and charitable organizations, as aspects of their affairs, about which they have for so long been very secretive, are now being widely disclosed by myriad whistle blowers for all to see. And while these disclosures are long overdue, many people have been amazed to hear how much has been going on that is almost beyond the bounds of belief. People in positions of trust and authority, placed in those positions because of their apparent honesty and integrity,and who have been seduced by the sense of power that their positions have bestowed upon them, and who have then totally misled those to whom they are supposed to be answerable, are finally being compelled to answer important questions about processes that they were charged with overseeing, and which have not been carried forward with the honesty and integrity for which they were instigated.

It is utterly apparent that it is now absolutely essential to replace these corrupt and self-serving organizations, along with those who have been using them and running them to deliver their own self-serving agendas, with ones that act with honesty and integrity for the benefit of all humanity. Vast multi-national organizations clearly do not operate in the best interests of humanity or of Planet Earth, and as they start to collapse or fall apart, due to their moral and actualfinancial bankruptcy, there are already in existence many smaller organizations being run competently and honestly that are well-placed to provide the necessary services, services on which these mega-conglomerates have for so long had a virtual monopoly, far more efficiently and economically.

Truly life for all on Planet Earth is about to become far more harmonious, as new ideas that address the needs of all are put into effect by new leaders all over the world, leaderswho will be operating with far more honesty and integrity than has ever before been seen on your beautiful planet. Many of them are, as yet, unaware of the new roles that they will be taking on, but, as they are guided to step forward, they will be joined by other like minded individuals who have long been preparing themselves, often unknowingly, for these new and most important roles.

Bridget Nielsen | ~ How To Exit The Matrix And Still Help Humanity! ~ |

The Verge | ~ Blue Origin is making a mysterious Moon-related announcement today ~ | .. This afternoon, Jeff Bezos’ spaceflight venture Blue Origin is set to make a big announcement about... something. The company hasn’t provided any details yet, but speculation is high that the announcement will be related to Blue Origin’s plans to explore the Moon | Blogger: "the only clue we have about this event is a cryptic tweet"🤔... |


StrangeSounds | ~ Giants roamed the Earth as shown by enormous skeletons discovered around the world ~ |

Researcher Graham Hancock coined the phrase, ‘we’re like a species with amnesia,’ and it’s true. Despite the fact that it seems the story of human history is well uncovered, every single year there are new discoveries made that challenge what we once held to be true. In some cases, there are discoveries which are concealed from the general public for various reasons. There also seems to be amazing discoveries that are completely ignored by mainstream media as most of these discoveries would shake the foundations of human history… Like GIANTS


Naturalblaze | ~ New Data Reveals 19 Million People In 43 States Exposed To Toxic Chemicals In Drinking Water ~ | Blogger: NOT only in America -- Even with EU's Legislation called 'The Drinking Water Directive' (Council Directive 98/83/EC of 3 November 1998 on the quality of water intended for human consumption), and EU falske claims for better quality and access, call for strict health rules on ‘water contact materials’, there's still plastic fibres, pesticides, chlorination etc. which could be unhealthy drinking water, contaminated with PFAS chemicals... The more north you travel up through Europe, the more cleaner, but even in Denmark, one of TOP cleanest, findings is too high a level of pesticide residue in every tenth of 1,698 tested drinking water wells. Not to mention, some bottled water brands are actually high in sodium and other things, cleanest water i've tasted was natural spring water in the mountains of Turkey and in Mt. Shasta in California (with or without chemtrails from the skies)... |

While those who lead our cities, towns, and public utilities companies continually reassure us that they’re doing us a service and require payment to continue doing so, it is glaringly obvious that most Americans are getting a poor return on their investment.

A new report by the Environmental Working Group (EWG) and Northeastern University has found that people in 43 states in the United States have access to unhealthy drinking water, contaminated with PFAS chemicals. According to the CDC, those very same chemicals have been linked to major health issues like birth defects, cancer and infertility. “PFAS compounds are a family of thousands of chemicals used in a wide array of consumer and industrial applications” that most of us have in our homes right now—cleaning products, waterproof clothing, nonstick cookware, textiles, grease-resistant food packaging, leather, paper goods, paint and more. One of the most notorious PFAS compounds is PFOA, which was previously used to make DuPont’s Teflon.

Using information compiled from the Pentagon and water utility reports, the researchers have shown that around 19 million people are currently being exposed to contaminated water, with contamination sites ranging from entire public water systems to military bases, airports, industrial plants, garbage dumps and firefighter training sites.

CoreysDigs | ~ Measles, Masterminds & Millions Part II ~ |

The media, HHS, WHO, and CDC are all up in arms over why people are concerned about vaccinating, and going so far as to proclaim “the measles outbreak is the anti-vaxxers fault, they are conspiracy theorists spreading misinformation, and this is dangerous!” The problem is, they only wish to portray selected statistics while being very deceptive and exaggerating the danger – which has played a major role in huge public distrust.

For the past 26 years, since 1993, there have been 5,788 cases of measles reported in the U.S., and 4 measles-related deaths, two of which had other complications and was only determined after death

• The CDC, WHO, and mainstream media report 0.1% – 0.2% measles death rate in the U.S., when in fact it is 0.07% over the past 26 years

• 483 Claims of injury or death from the MMR vaccine have been paid by the U.S. Government since 1988

• 77 Individuals that contracted the measles in the 2019 “outbreak” were already vaccinated

• 963 Cases of the measles were reported in 1994, only 338 were laboratory tested and 109 did not have the measles – they still report 963

Part I covered how the Clintons masterminded the mandatory free Vaccines for Children program back in 1994. This was important information to lay the groundwork for how the program and vaccine industry works, as well as the government having complete oversight. More information on the government’s involvement will be presented in subsequent reports. This is a 6-part investigative report, and it is highly recommended to readPart I prior to moving on to Part 2, below.

Prophet's Prey | Official Trailer | SHOWTIME Documentary | Blogger: [😞So shocking, unbelievable cruelty and disturbing, that it leaves Church of Scientology & Jehovah Witness and other Cults of Lamb and Lion Ministries, False Christs in the End Times, as the one and only TRUE saviour - NOT!🛐] ... EVEN when FBI's Most Wanted, President of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (FLDS Church), Warren Steed Jeffs & his 87 wives, with hundreds of cases for child molestation, were caught but hasn't confessed to anything & currently serving a sentence of life plus 20 years. He STILL rules his empire from prison, like a mafia-boss and brainwashed 10.000 followers with millions of stolen people's money... THIS is 2019 folks!...😫 PS: I know in person, people, who's been in for 20-40 years in danish branch of Scientology and lost E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G, friends and money, homes... This is the thriving cult of Greed and Power... |

Prophet’s Prey is a disturbing and shocking examination of Warren Jeffs and the Fundamentalist Church of Latter Day Saints. When Warren Jeffs rose to lead the FLDS he brought his dictatorial and sadistic desires to bear on a society that was all too vulnerable to exploitation. The FLDS was already a paternalistic religion with a history of polygamous and underaged marriage, yet Warren managed to expand these practices in unprecedented ways, bridging the gap between sister wives and ecclesiastically-justified rape. Like any good religious tale, it boils down to sex, greed, and the preservation of wealth.

Prophet’s Prey explores what others have not. Berg looks beyond the atrocities in an attempt to understand how the man behind the curtain came to be there. Experts Jon Krakauer and Sam Brower lend further explanation on how a man like Jeffs raised himself to lead an entire religion.

Blossom Goodchild | ~ AND NOW - YOU ARE ALL AWARE - Blossom Goodchild & the Federation of Light - May 04, 2019 ~ |

THAT IS IMPOSSIBLE | ~ This Just Happened In Miami, And You Won't Believe What Happens Next ! ~ | Blogger: [🌀Extreme Weathers, HAARP, Chemtrails, DARPA, NASA Secret Blue Beam project, Ghosts, Booms & Unexplained Aerial Phenomenons🛸] ... Sorry, but this is the REAL matrix in the world, we're looking at... Wooow!... |

Infinite Waters (Diving Deep) | ~ HOW TO STOP ABSORBING OTHER PEOPLE'S ENERGY *life changing* ~ | Blogger: [🦶'Kick the cat down the road syndrome'💢] .. |

Daily Mirror | ~ Mum's warning over Netflix show 13 Reasons Why after daughter, 12, killed herself ~ | .. EXCLUSIVE: Grieving mother, Rachael Warburton, says her 12 year old daughter, Jessica, left a suicide note with six reasons to kill herself after watching the Netflix show .. | Blogger: [Very, very sad tragedy. All our hearts, donations and prayers, must go out to the youngsters who has taken their own lives and their families... 🕯️😔💞] ... {"Global figures for suicide in [adolescents] show that it is the second most common cause of death after road-traffic accidents—it is the third most common cause of death in male adolescents (after road-traffic accidents and violence). Globally, suicide is the most common cause of death in female adolescents aged 15–19 years." "Self-harm and suicide in adolescents," Keith Hawton, Kate Saunders, Rory O'Connor} ... Did Netflix’s '13 Reasons Why' really increase suicide rates? Yet another suicide O-M-G!... At Netflix we laugh at their comedy series, cry for their dramas and hide behind the sofa of horror to their thrillers. It's great entertainment - but it's bad energy, because at Netflix the story has a nasty backside: they promote violence, LOTS of violence and apparently to the executives at Netflix a cartoon using adult voice actors portraying children who engage in sexual activity, doesn't constitute child pornography. Furthermore, youngsters NEVER EVER uses the parental controls of course, nobody checks it, all the way down to small kids. Netflix's hit shows spotlight gruesome violence, disturbing messages in childrens' videos (subliminal messages), it can leave 'lingering fear' that can cause sleep disturbances and much worse things, not to forget, that Teens viewers can't get enough of trilogies and multipart series that keep them on the edges of their seats, waiting for the next installment. Whether it's a dystopian series or a science fiction, fantasy, horror, or historical saga, these shows immerse viewers in other worlds and keep them hooked... |


Helbredssikker-telekommunikation | ~ Advokat konkluderer: ”5G vil være i strid med regler i Menneskerettighedskonventionen, FN´s børnekonvention, Bern- og Bonnkonventionerne" ~ |


Rådet for Helbredssikker Telekommunikation har i samarbejde med EHS Foreningen, MayDay samt Dansk Institut for Folkesundhed afholdt 5G Konference på Christiansborg d. 4. maj 2019. (Se programmet her)

Udenlandske og danske oplægsholdere fortalte bredt om de mange forskellige menneskelige og miljømæssige konsekvenser, som 5G teknologien givetvis vil medføre vurderet ud fra den robuste forskning, som allerede viser biologiske effekter fra 2G, 3G og 4G.
Dagen blev afsluttet med et oplæg fra advokat Christian F. Jensen fra Bonnor Advokater i Holte.

Citat fra det juridiske responsum:
Konklusion og afsluttende bemærkninger.
Det konkluderes i nærværende responsum, at etablering og aktivering af et 5G-netværk, således som det p.t. foreligger beskrevet, vil være i strid med gældende menneskeretlige og miljøretlige regler i Europæiske Menneskerettighedskonvention, FNs børnekonvention, EU-regler og Bern- og Bonn-konventionerne. Årsagen hertil er den meget betydelige, videnskabelige dokumentation, der foreligger for, at radiofrekvent elektromagnetisk stråling er helbredsskadeligt og -farligt for mennesker (og særligt for børn), dyr og planter. Dette gælder også, når strålingen holder sig indenfor de retningslinjer, som anbefales af ICNIRP og som anvendes af Danmark og bredt i EU. De nøjagtige helbredsmæssige skadevirkninger af 5G-systemet er ikke kendte, idet der ikke er tale om et eksakt defineret system, men det er på baggrund af den foreliggende forskning i radiofrekvent elektromagnetisk strålings påvirkninger af f.eks. menneskers og dyrs kroppe, herunder ved fremkaldelsen af DNA-skader og oxidativt stress, stærkt usandsynligt, at det ikke skulle medføre tilsvarende skadevirkninger som de hidtidige systemer, særligt al den stund det er baseret på samme grundlæggende stråling. Den danske stat tjener betydelige beløb på at tillade oprettelse og drift af kommunikationssystemerne, bl.a. ved beskatning af overskud og auktioner over de frekvensbånd, som teleselskaber benytter til at opbygge den kommunikationsinfrastruktur, der kan indbringe selskaberne selv milliarder i overskud. Alfonso Balmori er én blandt mange forskere, der har udtalt sig på følgende måde om den iboende interessekonflikt i dette strukturelle problem, jf. Balmori 2005 p. 116: ”Controversy is frequent when the scientists recognize serious effects on health
Læs selv det juridiske responsum her: 190504 Responsum med bilag 1.pdf

(Tidligere udsendte responsum (og bilag) var desværre en forkert version af dokumentet, vi beklager dette. Det korekte Responsum har titlen "190504 Responsum med bilag 1_0.pdf")

Video materiale med Advokaten forventes tilgængeligt i løbet af 1-2 dage.

Oprettet: 2019.05.05. PS, TG
Opdateret: 2019.05.06. Bilag 1 tilføjet. Opdateret til dokument i korrekt version kl 15:45.
Opdateret: 2019.05.07. Responsum med officiel logo på forside fra Advokat. Ingen ændringer i resten af dokumentet.


190504 Responsum med bilag 1.pdf
and on the environment that cause high economic losses.

Klimarealisme | ~ Krügers brev I: Klimabrev til statsminister Lars Løkke Rasmussen ~ |

Af Johannes Krüger, Professor emeritus, dr.scient., Institut for Geovidenskab og Naturforvaltning, Københavns Universitet, medlem af Advisory Board for klimarealisme

Johannes Krüger har skrevet et brev til statsministeren og andre relevante politikere.

Hele brevet kan læses her, men ellers bliver det bragt i mindre bidder på klimarealisme for at få en grundig diskussion af hver af de mange vigtige emner.

Her er første del:

Kære Statsminister Lars Løkke Rasmussen
Nyhedsmediernes mange historier om svigt i sundhedssystemet, om misbrug af sociale midler og andre tilsvarende historier er ofte kommet frem i lyset, fordi journalister havde viljen til at stille de rigtige spørgsmål. Senest har tre journalister modtaget Cavlingprisen for afsløring af Danske Banks Milliard-hvidvask. Men når det gælder feltet klimaforandringer og global opvarmning, mangler medierne viljen til dybdeborende journalistik; de støtter sig til såkaldte klimaeksperter, der efterlader læserne og seerne med det indtryk, at de udtaler sig på den samlede forskningsverdens vegne. Der er flere eksempler på, at ekstreme klimamiljøer sekunderes af medierne, eller at journalister benytter medierne som platform til kampagnejournalistik og aktivisme, f.eks. da en debatredaktør kategorisk afviste et seriøst modspil til ”Klimarealisme er ansvarsforflygtigelse” i Kristeligt Dagblads Etisk set 4. februar 2019 – og dermed overskred reglerne for god presse-etik. Muligheder for medieeksponering går næsten udelukkende til dem, som støtter FN ́s klimapanel IPCC ́s påstande.
Spørgsmålet om årsagen til nutidens klimaforandringer og de mange følgevirkninger er meget mere kontroversielt, end det fremstilles af IPCC og nyhedsmedierne, for videnskabelige målinger og observationer viser noget andet end de utilstrækkelige computerproducerede klimamodeller. Men det er I som politikere ude af stand til at opfange og reagere rationelt på, for I lukker jer selv ude fra relevant information. Det skyldes vel, at det politiske miljø ligesom medieverdenen er stærkt præget af meningspres og selvcensur. Det gjorde dybt indtryk på mig, da en 9.-klasse elev fortalte mig, at han i skolens klimauge havde valgt at skrive en opgave om den stærkt begrænsede ytringsfrihed i klimadebatten (alle andre i klassen skrev om den ”skadelige” virkning af CO2). Den begavede elev havde interviewet en af klimaordførerne på Christiansborg om den globale opvarmning, og han var blevet forfærdet over, at den pågældende politiker kun kunne fortælle om udledningen af CO2 som det store dyr i åbenbaringen.
Derfor henvender jeg mig til dig og andre udvalgte politikere i håb om, at I vil give jer tid til at læse det følgende, som jeg er sikker på vil give stof til eftertanke. Vi står overfor et folketingsvalg, hvor klimaet står på dagsordenen og trænger til en gennemgribende overhaling.
Mediernes og politikernes manglende vilje til at få et indblik i internationale forskningsresultater, som er ubekvemme for IPCC, forstærkes helt givet ved den stadige brug af de uholdbare påstande om, at der blandt klimaforskere er 97 % enighed om, at størstedelen af den globale opvarmning er menneskeskabt (kaldet AGW) og vil få katastrofale følger for kloden, hvis ikke der gribes ind.

verdensalt | ~ Møgbeskidt valgkamp er gået i gang: Falske nyheder, mudderbølge af emotionelt overstyret misinformation og propaganda ~ | Blogger: [🗳️MDGFMA - "Make Denmark Great & Free Of Muslims Again"👳] ...{‘Case not closed, buddy’: Fra Trumps rigsretssag til Sumpen i DK - årets sportsbegivenhed, er skudt igang. Løkke om svindel med udbytteskat for 410 milliarder: - Helt ufattelig griskhed, mens han håber ingen ser ham krydse fingre og hans blæver-gang i dobbelhagen🤞} ... SvindlerLars i Løkkelandet vil på papiret dræne sumpen af paludanister, uden håndtrykket, på grænselandet af DF's samt regeringens kynisme, racisme og liberale listefødder, der ingen ende, vil tage. Fra skattely og korruption til udskældt Smartmatic-koncern: Maskuline SwampLars rejser sig fra sumpen af slambadene og strandvaskere og skyder valgfusk i gang, mens den Feminine SkrigeSkinkeMette ligger på dødslejet, kun iført geisha maske og roskildesyge. S trækker endnu et kort, jokeren, Gucci-Helle, der skaber følelsesmæssige overskrifter i nyt program om terrorangreb i 2015: 'Jeg bliver så ked af det'... Det hele er emotionelt timet og tilrettelagt, som får krokodilletårer og de indre og ydre dæmoner til at rase af farlige følelser, som var det en ny særudgave af Egon's og Olsen-bandens kamp om Skolelærere, Narkomaner og Kommunister... Sekunder inden startskuddet lød, forsvandt kritisk detalje om Marcus Knuth's donationer på hver 20.000 kroner fra Wikipedia (hoax opslagsværk, sandheden på maskerade), mens militariseret stormtropper angriber Nye Borgerlige-spidskandidat, Jeppe Juhl, fordi han er islamkritiker på netmediet Newspeek og Jøden, Martin Krasnik, trækker nazikortet, for at provokere og få flere læsere, med svage spor af den zionitiske bevægelse hos weekendavisen. PaluDansk svarede igen og kaldte tidligere politiker og minister, Mimi Jakobsen, for "nazi-svin" for rullende kameraer.. Dagen efter holder Lars, sumpskildpadden, et indlæg om nye falske regnemetoder på 69 mia. kr. af "optisk bedrag" og "talforurening", for at få opbakning hos naive, svage borgere og Elitenetværket, mens udlandsdanskere, 'uden fast bopæl i riget’, ikke må stemme med, når danmarkshistoriens længste valgkamp trækker tråde til Den Mørke Stat og USA's dyreste og mest beskidte valgkamp... Det, alle, er begyndt at indse, Valget, handler IKKE om klima, naturen, dødsensfarlig 5G, svigt i sundhedssystemet, om misbrug af sociale midler, afsløring af Danske Banks Milliard-hvidvask, falske sensationsvanvid på 24syv og kampagnejournalistik og aktivisme, men om falske løfter, slæbegear uden visioner og forståelse for, at der er en lang række problemer for helt almindelige danskere, som burde løses. Alt imens Nye skandaler kan forventes at tage udgangspunkt i dødssynder som griskhed, ladhed og nydelsessyge, kan vores folkekære politikere, agere sociopater, psykopater, fupmagere, supersælgere, kultledere, forretningsmænd og lignende med et 'Get Out of Jail Free card' i hånden og parlamentarisk immunitet... Gud, bevare Danmark...👋 |