Jan 14, 2016

Former Danish prime minister to run Save the Children International 2016. (From Public Sector to Private, gives Helle Thorning a compension of $39.931 USD / DKK 2.301.638 yearly, more than 100 pct salary increase... Who REALLY owns the fund?. We know now that "Save The Children" organisation is based on Fraud.. 90 pct goes to administration, expenses, salary cost and to telecom collecting the money from fundraising TV shows etc. Cabal's common Scam game...)

Fury over £234,000 salary of the top boss at Save the Children: Charity chiefs' huge wages must be reined in, say MPs
  • High earner, thought to be Jasmine Whitbread, among 20 earning over £100k
  • Another nine on six-figure salaries at charity's UK arm
  • Surpassed by highest paid employee at Marie Stopes - who earns £290k
  • MPs today condemned the pay rates and secrecy surrounding figures
Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2550648/Fury-234-000-salary-boss-Save-Children-Charity-chiefs-huge-wages-reined-say-MPs.html#ixzz3xDvJnXx2
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By Ellen Wulfhorst

NEW YORK, Jan 13 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Denmark's first female prime minister is to become the new head of Save the Children International, one of the world's leading charities that works in some 120 nations, it announced on Thursday.

Helle Thorning-Schmidt, a Social Democrat who led a Danish coalition government from 2011 to 2015, succeeds Jasmine Whitbread as chief executive of the umbrella charity organization, the London-based group said.

Thorning-Schmidt said she looked forward to working on Save the Children International's "bold but simple" goals that children do not die from preventable causes, have access to quality education and do not live with violence and abuse.

"In recent decades the world has made unprecedented progress in reducing child mortality, and the work of organizations like Save the Children has made a huge difference," she said in a statement.

"But as we see every day, there is still much more to do to rescue children from suffering and danger and give them a future."

Thorning-Schmidt, 49, led the Danish Social Democratic Party for 10 years and stepped down after losing a parliamentary election in June last year to Liberal Party opponent Lars Lokke Rasmussen.

With more than 25,000 staff and a budget of more than $2 billion (1.4 billion pounds sterling), Save the Children International is the umbrella organization overseeing programs that reach more than 55 million children in some 120 countries, according to a spokeswoman.

Whitbread stepped down last month after five years in the post. Thorning-Schmidt will take up her position on April 4 and will be based at Save the Children International's headquarters in London. (Reporting by Ellen Wulfhorst, Editing by Belinda Goldsmith; Please credit the Thomson Reuters Foundation, the charitable arm of Thomson Reuters, that covers humanitarian news, women's rights, trafficking, corruption and climate change. Visit www.trust.org)

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/wires/reuters/article-3398464/Former-Danish-prime-minister-run-Save-Children-International.html#ixzz3xDsrmSmx
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Solari Report Update - 2015 Annual Equity Overview - Jan 14th

However bad things were in the oil patch, the year 2015 was worse for the coal miners. What is happening to the market for coal is an indication of the kind of “creative destruction” occurring throughout the global economy. As of 2011, more than one-half of U.S. coal production was attributable to the top four coal producers. Peabody Energy Corporation (BTU), Arch Coal Inc., Alpha Natural Resources, and Cloud Peak Energy (CLD) together supplied 575 million tons, or 52 percent of total U.S. coal production. Today, Alpha Natural Resources is bankrupt and the three others saw their stocks drop by 78 to 94 percent during 2015.” ~ Solari Report 2015 Annual Financial Markets Round Up
As discussed in our Annual Wrap Up, the economic ground is shifting under our feet. This has implications for global valuations – indeed watching global valuations offers important insights on the transition underway. The challenge this year, as bulls and bears collide, is to discern volatility and events of economic warfare from deeper trends.

In our Annual Equity Overview this Thursday, I will review the charts for 2015 performance and global valuations in the equity markets. I will also address specific questions:
  • The outlook for the US dollar and the impact of dollar performance on the US stock market;
  • A serious deflationary scenario – could it happen and what would the implications be for your strategy;
  • Solari Report scenarios for planning your allocations in 2016; and
  • Issues and options to consider for your portfolio and investment strategy.
The “Space Based Economy” and “Financial Markets Round Up” sections of the Annual Wrap Up are essential background for our discussion, so take a look if you have a chance.

Catherine Austin Fitts


Hidden beneath the Earth’s surface are the remnants of ancient human civilizations spanning back in time as much as 18 million years ago. While the Inner Earth people look human enough, they are genetically very different to surface humanity. In the January 12 episode ofCosmic Disclosure, Secret Space Program whistleblower, Corey Goode, elaborates on his earlier revelation that surface humanity is a hybrid mixture of the ancestors of Inner Earth humans, residing on the surface, and various extraterrestrials who visited over the course of millennia.

Back on September 23, 2015, Goode issued a detailed report of his participation in secret negotiations with representatives from an alliance of seven Inner Earth breakaway civilizations. In his report, Goode described the very long history of the Inner Earth people, and their relationship with surface humanity and visiting extraterrestrials.

The Inner Earth beings believe that they are the direct descendants of the “original earth human bloodlines,” according to Goode. They developed a very peaceful global culture that used “ancient builder technologies” which were provided by a highly advanced extraterrestrial race called the “Guardians”.

Eventually, they fled into the Earth’s interior to escape four major catastrophes on the surface. They took the most advanced technologies and knowledge from their civilizations with them to preserve these into the future.

Over the succeeding millennia, the Inner Earth beings would occasionally interact with the survivors of the surface destructions to give them help in rebuilding their civilizations. InGoode’s September report, he described how the Inner Earth humans would pretend to be gods or extraterrestrials to those on the surface in order to hide their true origin and location.

The Inner Earth beings have much knowledge about humanity’s true history, and have observed the genetic manipulation being done to surface humans over extended periods of time by visiting extraterrestrials. These genetic alterations made people overly aggressive and easily exploitable by visiting extraterrestrials. The relationship between the Inner Earth beings and extraterrestrials, allied with surface human hybrid colonies, has at times descended into violent conflict, as Goode explained in both his September report and the January 12 Cosmic Disclosure episode.


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BREAKING: Wall Street Markets Continues Death Spiral - Main Stream Media Hits Panic Button


Wall Street continues to crash today. All markets are in the red as of January 13, 2016 at 4:00pm est.

-2.21% 16,151.28 / -364.94 - DOW
-3.41% 4,526.07 / -159.85 - NASDAQ
-2.50% 1,890.29 / -48.39 - S&P

Here are the financial headlines of main stream media and financial gurus!

The Biggest Stock Market Crash Warning Sign We've Seen in 2016
Money Morning-4 hours ago
So what Edwards is forecasting is a full on stock market crash. ... possibly hitting a low of 550 in the event of a 2016 stock market crash.

ALBERT EDWARDS: If I'm right, the US stock market will fall 75%
Business Insider-9 hours ago

SocGen: brace for a 2008-style crash and US stocks to fall by 75pc
In-Depth-Telegraph.co.uk-8 hours ago
Sell everything ahead of stock market crash, say RBS economists
The Guardian-Jan 12, 2016
Stock markets have already come under severe pressure in 2016, with the FTSE 100 down more than 5% in its worst start since 2000.

Sell everything! 2016 will be a 'cataclysmic year,' warns RBS
CNNMoney-Jan 12, 2016

Shift to bonds or sell everything ahead of stock market crash, say ...
Naija247news-Jan 12, 2016
Global Stock Market Crash Goes Wild As Fed Goliath Dies
Gold Seek-5 hours ago
As stock markets all over the globe start the week with more cliff diving, following their worst opening week in history, I'd like to take this ...

Investors told "sell everything" as oil price drop sparks stock market ...
The Sun-8 hours ago
Global stock markets could fall by up to 20% with the price of oil plumetting to $16 a barrel, according to RBS analysts. RBS. Fears grow that the ...

WhoNeedsLight: A Brief RV/GCR Update from The Company of Heaven by Sananda - Jan 14, 2016 CET

Finansielle Akronymer


Greetings, dear Brothers and Sisters. Those of you who have been following the revaluation of currencies (RV) around the world will be very happy to know that we are entering the next phase for the slow roll-out of the financial reforms and Prosperity Programs that will profoundly change your world, beginning in Iraq.

Relax, sit back and watch the indicators roll gradually across the globe, as all the 209 countries involved join together to activate a new banking system that will protect you, rather than enrich the banksters who have controlled all the wealth on the planet. Your Blessings are secure, Beloved Friends, and we could not be more excited about the effects it will have on all those living on Earth. Be patient as you await the signal from your Dinarland friends. You will be exchanging currency as you are called in turn. It will be uncomplicated, joyful, and what you would call a win-win for everyone.

You are to be the new leaders and benefactors who will change everything. Look deeply into your hearts to ignite your love and your creativity. You will be called upon to create imaginative networks and groups who can help each other to help those in need. It will be the most fulfilling and exciting time of your lives, because you, Lightworkers, will be in the driver's seat when it comes to deciding how your town, your country and your world will be uplifted, inspired and touched by kindness and generosity.

Must-See: David Icke's interview on ITV's "This Morning" show back in 2013. (This Morning is a British daytime television programme that is broadcast on ITV)

David Vaughan Icke er en engelsk forfatter, foredragsholder og tidligere professionel fodboldspiller. Han fremmer konspirationsteorier om den globale politik og har skrevet udførligt om dem. Han har lige optrådt på Wembley Arena, skulle efter signede have været et fantastisk 10 timers show.

The Stuff They Don’t Want You To Know About Nikola Tesla - Jan 14, 2016 CET

(Before It's News)

When impoverished inventor Nikola Tesla died in New York City, the U.S. government confiscated his notes. Why? Were they trying to steal his technology ? Did they ever relinquish the notes?

Below is an article about some of the more well known inventions of Tesla, which have helped shape society as we know it:

Perhaps one of Tesla’s most famous inventions deals directly with energy, something that is the talk of many social and political conversations and something that could be free to everyone if we used Nikola Tesla’s invention. Over the years, as more and more people begin to recognize the game being played in our society, Nikola Tesla and his story has been becoming more and more popular. This is natural as the increase in people educating themselves outside of the education system leads them to amazing bits of information that otherwise stay hidden. A perfect example are the inventions below which I came across when reading an article on Activist Post about some amazing inventions from Tesla. All of these inventions do and could make a huge impact on our lives.


Although Guglielmo Marconi was initially credited with the invention, and most believe him to be the inventor of radio even today, the Supreme Court overturned Marconi’s patent in 1943, when it was proven that Tesla invented the radio years previous to Marconi. Tesla demonstrated that radio signals are just another frequency that require a transmitter and receiver. During a presentation before the National Electric Light Association, Tesla displayed this technology. Although Tesla applied for two patents US 645576, and US 649621 in 1897, by 1904, The U.S. Patent Office reversed its decision, awarding Marconi a patent for the invention of radio. Many believe this coule have had something to do with the fact that Marconi’s financial backers in the States were Thomas Edison and Andrew Carnegie. These men could influence the patent decision. This also allowed the U.S. government (among others) to avoid having to pay the royalties that were being claimed by Tesla.

An Exclusive You Have To See: The Last Frontier of Free Press Is Here! No More Censorship, Unlike YouTube and Others!


Jeff Rense & Tim Rifat - The Destruction of Europe (Protocols of zion 'The Plan' ( globalist entities/Cabal in Europe and US) is preparing for the second wave of so-called migrants or for better words - illegal unarmed army )

Published on Jan 13, 2016
Please visit http://www.rense.com/ for updates and information you will never see on Fox News!

Clip from January 12, 2016 - guest Tim Rifat on the Jeff Rense Program. Full program available in Archives athttp://www.renseradio.com/signup.htm