Mar 13, 2015

The David Icke Videocast: The Tesla Factor - March 13, 2015

SaLuSa via Mike Quinsey: March 13, 2015

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A whole series of changes lay ahead of you now that the dark Ones plans have been thwarted.

They can no longer dictate the course of Humanity’s future, and can only concede their position to the Light. It has meant that progress can now more or less proceed unheeded or impeded, and activities can be more open and made known to you.

There is much to do and our plans are to produce results as soon as possible. Hitherto we have had to be guarded where they were concerned, but now we can let you know without any great fear. You will also see more of our craft openly moving through your skies, where previously we have mainly kept our cloaks of invisibility on to avoid any confrontation with your craft.

We now await recognition from your political leaders but know that many are scared to be revealed for what they really are. However, in time all will be revealed and no individual will find any hiding place. The higher vibrations are no place for any lesser Beings as there comes a point when only the truth can exist.

The dark Ones have had their day and in spite of all you may know about them, as with any other soul we offer them the opportunity to turn to the Light without any recriminations. They will however have a long way to go to fully recover their position in it.

As you will have undoubtedly realised, our prime desire is to see every soul fully returning to the Light, and every opportunity will be given to them. You will notice that we do not talk about punishment for wayward souls, but compassion by giving them every chance to return to the Light. No one is beyond redemption except that they refuse to accept the opportunities we give them.

Shockwaves (Part III) - Flashback 1990: Bibi Netanyahu the KGB Agent, hard core Bolshevik and Operational Head of the Khazarian Mafia - March 13, 2015 CET

VT Today - Shockwaves (Part I) - Historic Speech in Damascus sends Shockwaves around the World - January 1, 2014

VT Today - Shockwaves (Part II) - Khazarian Mafia.

Operational head of the Khazarian Mafia (KM), Bibi Netanyahu. This is the monster who ordered the 9-11-01 attack on America which killed 3,000 Americans outright with 39,000 dying from radiation caused cancers afterwards with 70,000 now fighting for their lives with radiation caused cancers. This man is evil beyond imagination and represents an the Worldwide Organized Crime Cabal known to Intel insiders as the Khazarian Mafia (KM). Unless these Parasitical Psychopathic Monsters are stopped cold, America will soon be destroyed economically, and up to 90% of all Americans will be mass-murdered in DHS run FEMA Camps, or by their KM engineered nuclear WW3.
This interview with Gordon Duff by Mike Harris is now sending shock-waves around the world and when you consider the content that Gordon Duff disclosed for the first time anywhere publicly, you too will be shocked.

By Preston James and Mike Harris

When Gordon Duff delivered the keynote address at the Damascus Conference on Combating Terrorism and Religious Extremism, this sent major shock-waves around the World among World Leaders and Top Intel Officers.

Within minutes communiques were being sent back to leaders and Intel of most major nations, and within 24 hours all World Leaders of any significance had received memos on the content of Gordon Duff’s historical speech.

A significant number of World leaders have since admitted that they should have seen the indications for this insight before, but now understand it with remarkable clarity, just as Gordon Duff had explained it.

We now know that the Khazarian Mafia (KM) has paid billions to set up and deploy major acts of World Terror to serve as a big smokescreen which has created great cover for the real root problem, which is actually a large Organized Crime problem actually caused by the Khazarian Mafia (KM) and its main action agent Israel.

What did Gordon Duff present in his speech that was so earth shattering?

For the first time in any public forum, Gordon Duff explained in the clearest terms that the real problem was not World Terrorism, but was a large Organized Crime syndicate associated with the nation Israel.

This truthful disclosure sent shock-waves around the World that are still reverberating and have caused many American Intel Officers and Agents to take a whole new look at Israeli espionage fronts inside America and which specific elected Politicians they control through bribery, human compromise and blackmail.

Not only have these honest American Intel folks recently been working at identifying these Israeli espionage fronts like AIPAC, the ADL, JINSA, the Defense Policy Board and the like, they have been identifying key Israeli-American “Israeli-first” Dual Citizens who have been doing espionage inside America in association with these Israeli espionage fronts.

Even more than that they have come to the stark understanding that these same folks were involved in the planning and deployment of the attack on America on 9-11-01 which it turns out was nuclear and used W-54 Davy Crockett nuclear pits stolen out the back door at Pantex in Texas by Israeli Intel Agents and assets.

And not only are the actual perpetrators who did the 9-11-01 attack on America being identified, a great deal of smoking gun irrefutable evidence is actually now emerging from multiple independent sources which fully corroborates it and makes it bulletproof.

A major change has now occurred within American Intel, the high military command and top Law Enforcement.