Oct 28, 2019

🎭 ~ Alle bløder for DKR : Speaker Allan får et ildebefindende med brevåbner i benet og Zissel's blødning fra cysten springer ud med hende og Nina's slåskamp skaber røre i studiet sidste stik før lukning truer. Skal Commie & HBTQ-aktivisten, Mattias Tesfaye, ind og votere? ~ | Blogger: [🎙️B.T., Euroinvestor, Weekendavisen og Berlingske Media overtager programmer fra Radio24syv, men ingen plads til Den Korte Radioavis?🔘] ... PS: (Vandsvulster på æggestokkene:) - Ser vi bort fra satiren på DRK, så har "Cyster på æggestokkene" triggered mig, eftersom min 18-årige niece har været på et lokalt sygehus i weekenden med frygtelig konskvenser af sundheden, der drukner i bureaukrati ... "Ca. 10 % af kvinder før overgangs- alderen har cyster på æggestokkene og oftest giver de ingen gener eller symptomer, siger patienthaandbogen" ... Skal gøre det kort : Egen læge (praktiserende læge) kontaktes og opdagede cysterne tilfældigt efter min niece havde smerter... Uden henvisning, akutnummer og uden hospitals adgang til lægens journaler, bliver min niece (indlagt) sidder og venter (i alt) 18 timer (2dg) på Børneambulatorium, som overhoved ikke har kendskab på pige / unge området omkring underlivssmerter, derefter skal hun sidde igen og vente på alm. afdeling for voksne, sygeplejersker, læger, kirurger og endelig en gynækolog som efter min søster har råbt og skreget, siger det "muligvis" kan være en cyste og ikke blindtarmsbetændelse og alle andre mærkelige diagnoser. Når, så alt er klaret, hospitalet og lægerne kan ingenting gøre, skal hun afsluttes ovre på Børne- ambulatorium (selvom hun er voksen af natur) og ventetid, vrede og smerter, forlænger opholdet. HVOROFR lyttede de ikke til hvad den praktiserende læge, sagde?.. SÅDAN fungerer vores elskede sundhedssystem... Tager vi de alternative spirituelle 5D-briller og holder 'Metafysiske årsagsforhold' i hånden, så kan man sige, at Rod- samt Harachakraet, (aldersbetinget 0-3 år, 4-12 år) har en del at fortælle os omkring hvad vi oplever i form af chok, traumer, fobier og sorg og i det hele taget negative oplevelser, sætter det spor i vores krop. Hara-chakra hører til vandelementet og er repræsenteret ved værdier som forandring, fleksibilitet, bevægelighed, spontanitet, frihed, muligheder og lyst. Her hører vores oprindelige, ufiltrerede følelser til. Ud af mange ting, tilhører harachakraet underlivet, nedre tarme, lændehvirvlerne, bækkenområdet, hofteområdet, tyktarmen, blindtarmen, kønsorganerne, blæren, binyrer, kønskirtlerne og her, har hun en negativ ENERGI-ophobning eller forstoppelse. ENERGI-blokeringen (som jeg ved hvad er - privat) skal naturligvis, bearbejdes... Men, men, men, det kan jeg af gode grunde ikke snakke om med min niece, hvor hverken hendes mor og far, støtter eller tror på noget som helst, andet end lægevidenskabens klare lys... I kan selv slå op på "De metafysiske årsagsforhold" via Livets Værksted og få en teaser... Jeg er reiki-healer og har også konsulteret med min egen naturlæge, resten er viden... |

Den Korte Radioavis 28-10-2019

👶 ~ 💗 Lebanese Protesters Sing “Baby Shark“ to Toddler, Hilarity Ensues (HNN) 💕 ~ | Posted by Erin Elizabeth | Oct 28, 2019 |

Isn’t it amazing that people can come together by the thousands, or hundreds of thousands, in other countries to protest their government, but it sure seems like most people here in America are ok with drinking the fluoride and the Kool-Aid. And what a cute little baby.

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👀 Your Must-Listen Alternative News Broadcast 🙏 | Aired Oct 28, 2019 | ~ Simon Parkes: Connecting Consciousness ~ | Blogger:... () = Verdensalt... Simon says {headlines only}... 🚩 "No FF Op" - There were no attacks on European cities claimed by ole Dammegard and SP have a whole diff. angle on the matter at hand (neither did verdensalt, just run with the story, only submitted, what Ole sent of warnings and told me / us F2F at a meet-up)... | 🚩 "Fire Started By Cable" - The broken PG&E wire was found near where the Kincade Fire started, California utility says, but why the PG&E blackout ask SP... | 🚩 "CC Members & Meditation Helped" - Amazon rainforest fires has been significantly reduced due to the meditation Connecting Consciousness was part of... | 🚩 "Criminal Investigation Into RM & Russian Collusion" - Plans under way for subpoenas and grand jury trial. SP has been told that there should be enough evidence to convict. If so then any spying against the President could lead to death penalty or long prison terms... | 🚩 "Sales Of Anti-5G Devices Through CC & Chernobyl disaster" - Russian scientists trust Simon and CC could be first source outside Russia to sell and distribute hand-made anti-5G devices.. Listen to more... | 🚩 "Simon Parkes Official Website (.ORG)" - apparently many fake SP url's / youtubes etc. exist and misleading people to give money away to SP. But CC don't want money mixed with LOVE, so there's only 1 official website, all for free... | 🚩 "39 dead Vietnamese & The Telegraph" - heartbreaking and tragic case of poor dead young Vietnamese, texting last messages to their moms, failing english border checks, human trafficking gangmasters (smugglers) mixed on British daily broadsheet newspaper, The Daily Telegraph's frontpage, with richest woman of the planet, secrets of the Queen's dresser together with Essex lorry deaths of poorest souls... | 🚩 God bless and thank you all, says Simon... |

Simon Parkes is a life long experiencer of aliens, shadow people, elementals and ufo's, these include Mantid (Mantis) beings, Draconis Reptilian, Feline, small and tall Grey creatures, Crystalline beings and other creatures that can't be identified. Simon is an elected local politician in Britain and was elected to office AFTER he went public. Simon's biological mother worked for the British Security Service, often called MI5 between 1965 -1979. However while she was managed by British Intelligence she was in fact working "jointly" for the National Security Agency (NSA) of America. Her job was to type out documents that related to crashed ufo craft that had come down all over the Earth's surface and had then been retrieved by American special forces/recovery teams...

🆘🔥 ~ More than 2 million people expected to lose power in PG&E blackout as California wildfires rage (CNBC) ~ | Blogger: [⚠️THIS is DEAD serious this time in California and all ATTENTION and PRAYERS should go their WAY🙏] ... {"As Californians Brace For 10 Years Of Blackouts, One Company Is Soaring" ~ ZeroHedge} ...It's a FACT, Pacific Gas and Electric company started cutting power to 1 MILLION (yes you heard me) people’s homes as ideas spread that power lines were causing the fires and it's all bad, bad, bad news (but TRUE) ... 🙉 LIsten, listen listen👂... Verdensalt DON'T promote fear-based, unsound stories, from Pastor Paul Begley Prophecy, or any other gossip and repeaters, or like 'The Weekly World News' that featured in the 1997 film “Men in Black”, and the cover story of The World: "ALIEN STOLE MY HUSBAND'S SKIN!".. Point being is that, you CANNOT trust what comes out from censored Mainstream media (MSM)... Point being, if the aggressive U.S. military acting as henchmen to the Cabal or the Dark Alliance, had planned these fires, in advance, NOBODY, would tell you from our beloved press or overpaid scientists, working for the governments... Verdensalt was caught smack in the middle of the 2015 California wildfires, later on 2017 and 2018, that was ignited from Direct Energy (Laser) Weapons (maybe)... I have been on road trip down California's Highway 1 all the way to Mt. Shasta and back.. Been sneaking in the Back Door to Area 51, seen Camo Dudes, license to kill. And meet-up with a EG&G IT-specialist, at MUFON i Vegas, which company, provides Janet Air transport (and SAS - Scandinavian Airlines), weaponry and technology to the area 51.. I used to talk to my old buddy of mine, a (active) Spec Ops (in the Frogman Corps & Huntsmen Corps, both yes) and seen shit and heard stuff from my time at The Royal Danish Air Force.. Not to mention 3 people died at The International UFO Congress in Arizona, by DEW's some say, where i've attended, like at Awake & Aware 2018, London, where Black helicopters and DEW's neutralized Simon Parkes, voice... I'M NOT saying that verdensalt knows ANYTHING what's going on, just saying --BE OBSERVANT, BE AWAKE AND BE PREPARED... What's going on in California is very, very, very IMPORTANT - watch it like a HAWK... |

  • PG&E’s planned power shutoffs would leave as many as 2.7 million people without electricity, in what could be the state’s largest planned blackout in history.
  • Los Angeles County and Sonoma County have been under a state of emergency since Friday.
  • The Kincade Fire that started on Wednesday night in Sonoma County had spread to 30,000 acres and was 10% contained as of Sunday morning. About 180,000 people have been ordered to evacuate.
  • Widespread dry, hot and windy weather is expected to affect the utility’s service Saturday evening through Monday.

🧘 ~ 💗 New Emergency meditation focus: Super typhoon Bualoi (Peace for Lebanon, Ecuador and Chile) 💕 ~ | .. By We Love Mass Meditation .. |


🛃🧠🚸 ~ (DK) Højt ulovligt fravær kan betyde, at børnechecken inddrages (tvmidtvest.dk) ~ | Blogger: [🙅‍♀️Totalitarian Control : no, no, no noooo... Have you EVER??? I have NEVER! A 'modern' racist social engineering✔️] ... Pernille Rosenkrantz-Theil is the current Education Minister of Denmark and former communist (yes she was) who wish, to "punish" public school children, especially high absenteeism from school with withdrawal of government funded Child benefit payment (Børne- og ungeydelse). If it turns out that a student has an illegal absence of more than 15 percent, then it should be reported to the municipality. It can lead to both social measures in relation to the child's family and to the family allowance involved... So, in other words, which category of children will this new proposal mostly affect??? All other nationalities than danish, and of course, kids with parents after traumatic divorces, poor or vulnerable children and adolescents etc... DID YOU KNOW, the danish Gymnasium (a secondary school which prepares the student for higher education at a university) has so strict rules about absence, that if you are late, let's say 5 minutes, the teacher are obligated to strike you as 1 day of absence... Sickening... How much absence at a danish gymnasium, until you are thrown out? You usually get an oral warning at 10% of absence, then you get 1 in writing and if you then continue to cut class, you are thrown out of the school... |


👪 ~ 💗 Elina ST-ONGE: HOW To Change The World' 💕 ~ | Blogger: [💟Hvis vi alle tog et øjeblik for blot at observer verden som den er, ville udviklingen af vores arts potentiale, ske natten over🌎] ... Tjek Elinas gratis e-bog 'HOW To Change The World' ... Det starter allerede ved indskolingen og 0. klasse og slutter aldrig, før du selv siger STOP!. Elina siger: ".. Få år efter vi er født i frihedens tegn, bliver vores umoden og barnlig adfærd (friheden til at lege og udforske), brat afbrudt af behovet for, at aktivt, at træne os selv til den "virkelige verden" (slippe leg og frihed). Vi kan være så heldige, at blive født frie og uden et begreb om begrænsning, men at overleve i denne tidsalder, kræver, 'mandsmod'. Når livet pludselig bliver til 'noget', vi skal gøre os fortjent til.. Vi skal hurtigt tilpasse os samfundet, som er et meget fortralvende, konkurrencedygtig overlevelse-orienterede spil..."... |

📶 ~ 5G: The Final Assault (New Dawn Magazine) ~ | Blogger: [🤯This might be the MOTHER of all articles on 5G😧] ... If you don't (got it) the first time, please read it and weep... Besides the danger of implementing 5G, and new “system of systems” - the infrastructure of electronic totalitarianism, just the blueprint or implications of a future with 5G as involving the creation of a new global “electronic ecosystem.”. Augmented Reality, network of electronic “intelligence”, next generation VR technology and haptic vest, 3D holographics, global electronic “brain,” innocuously called the “Internet of Things,” etc. etc. already gives me the creeps... I have on a personal note, held many positions in the Banking industry, including Network specialist and firefall expert, together with much clever guys than myself, build, operated and managed, one of EU's biggest Cisco banking infrastructure and let me tell you, 5G-networking is going to be as devastating, as they predict... But don't take my word for it, research yourselves... |

Excerpts: ..(..).. But if 5G promises to radically alter the experiential world we inhabit in these ways, there is something further that we must understand if we are to grasp what is really being prepared. At the same time as increasingly sophisticated technologies increasingly disconnect human beings from the natural world, a network of electronic “intelligence,” global in extent, gradually emerged. At first it was under close human supervision, but it has steadily grown more autonomous. Consider the difference between radio broadcasting and the Internet: the former is under tight human control and serves a very specific purpose, whereas the latter has established itself as a permanent, constantly available electronic infrastructure of undefined scope and reach. What has been happening over recent decades is the increasing co-ordination of intelligence-endowed machines, so that they operate without need of human supervision.

The efforts now underway to create a 5G electronic ecosystem are the necessary precondition for developing and perfecting a global Artificial Intelligence network which feeds on the very fast transfer of large amounts of information. This global electronic “brain,” innocuously called the “Internet of Things,” is already impacting on our lives.

Through the Internet of Things, more and more things will be linked to the Internet and made “smart” by being given the ability to function autonomously. On smart motorways your car will drive itself while you, wearing your VR headset and haptic vest, play interactive computer games in the back seat; and in your smart house your fridge will autonomously order more eggs, milk and cheese for you via a wireless connection with a supplier.

But the reality is that the Internet of Things is itself the precursor to what has been called the “Internet of Thinking,” in which human beings will find themselves having to live in relationship to the vast global electronic intelligence. It will be active everywhere in our environment and we shall be obliged to interact with it in order to accomplish the simplest of tasks.21 In the Internet of Thinking it is not hard to see the lineaments of an electronically supercharged totalitarian state, with unprecedented control over the minutiae of individuals’ lives. The possibility of this happening will only be increased by the thousands of new mini phone masts and satellites irradiating every inch of the planet with millimetre waves. For this is what 5G means: it means putting in place not just an improved telecommunications system, but rather a new “system of systems” – the infrastructure of electronic totalitarianism.


🔴 ~ Brexit delayed AGAIN as EU signs off 'flextension' (The Sun LIVE) ~ | Blogger: [🎭Brexit EU Scam : Send in the Crisis Actors & Clowns🤡] ... {Their ultimate aim is to build a totalitarian rule on a global scale, keep EU intact} ... WHY are we again (and again) seeing this Mad Men Magazine Masquerade (extension) in full motion!? Because, if a no-deal Brexit happens and the banking cartel loses (too big to fail), EU will literally break down as we know it and NWO would never let that happen... Do you remember the illuminati card representing the fall of Big Ben? Could we say that this card represents the fall of UK after brexit throwing the entire world in a lethal economic collapse? The people under the Big Ben, in my opinion, represent the five continents so is a very plausible theory... There's three corporations who run the world : City of London, Washington DC and Vatican City... The City of London were all united in pushing for a “deal of the century” post-Brexit, and London, as a global financial hub - the site of the Rothschild & Co London office, New Court, has been home to the Rothschild family business since 1809... |

👼 ~ 💗 Daybreak - Right or Wise? (Council of Love) 💕 ~ |

Spirit Broadcast 

DayBreak Oct 28, 2019

👼 ~ 💗 INERT GAS DEVICES (NE) 💕 ~ | .. Just place it under your bed, and allow the beam to work on your health while you sleep .. | Blogger: No personal experience, but verdensalt only heard it second hand from spiritual chat groups.. |

Inert Gas TherapyJust place it under your bed, and allow the beam to work on your health while you sleep ......


Inert gas devices contain noble gases under high pressure which when exposed to magnetic stimulation can be used in alternative medicine healing. Compressed inert gases which are exposed to magnetic or electrical fields have been observed to result in biological effects.

Inert gas beaming devices have been around now for well over 30 years, and they are considered by many who use them as incredible evolutionary devices for achieving rapid healing in biological matter. Despite some great observations that have been made in applying these devices to specific cases of disease and pain, they are not accepted by the scientific or medical communities due to the lack of understanding in the mechanism by which they work. They work on the basis of a magnetic field being applied to an inert gas or combination of inert gases under high pressure, which results in a beam or energy ray that delivers concentrated ether energy, which can in turn be used therapeutically. Natures Energies have developed a new range of inert gas devices that are considered a lot more effective when compared to any other devices ever made due to alterations in energy properties of the gases used, and modifications to the magnetic devices that run them. From a scientific view point, it is the ether (or AEther) where the scientific community has an issue but maybe it is not clearly understood. Modern scientific theory on matter is becoming exposed in the Large Hadron Collider experiments in Switzerland, which may reveal an energy ether (and not an antiquated particle theory once thought). In fact ether may be confused with modern scientific theory of Dark Energy, which forms the basis of all matter and energy in the Universe. We discuss the mechanism by which these incredible devices work below.

What can the Inert Gas Devices Do?

The Inert Gas Therapy Beaming Devices available through Natures Energies can achieve many things. The list below is a shortened list of some things that they can achieve;
  • Regeneration and regrowth of bodily tissues (e.g., regrowth of teeth, hips, bone, skin and other bodily parts)
  • Recovery and removal of scar tissue
  • Increased recovery time from injury (e.g., sprains, dislocations, bruises etc)
  • Relief of some viruses (e.g., cytomegalo virus (CMV))
  • Relief from chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Positive effects for some people with cancer
  • Positive effects for some people with epilepsy
  • Alleviates pain from common diseases
  • Provides relief from headaches and migraines
  • Stimulated psychic ability
  • Significant relief from insomnia
  • Release of attachments and negative thought forms
  • Improved immunity, grounding ability and energy levels
  • Improved memory
  • Improved athletic performance
Read the articles below as there are many things that are not included in the above list.

🕵️‍♂️ ~ Ole Dammegard Update: 9/11 op "Sea Eagle" exposed and NATO/Gladio's false flag backbone broken (NewsInsideOut.com) ~ | Blogger: [🚨This Video Contains Part II of The Red Alert on Swedish "Övning Havsörn 2019" a.k.a. Operation "Sea Eagle", exposed and (possible) stopped by multiple Truth journalists and after Ole's swedish / danish tour rooting out the (synthetic) terror. There's no (thank god) plan B of "Sea Eagle" op🚨] ... {Brackets ( ) [ ] = verdensalt commenting} ... There's lot more in the video than the EU's biggest coordinated 9/11-type false flag operation drill. Alfred and Ole also discuss the (great) "chieftain" ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the man with nine lives who reappears after 5 years (largely due to the Americans flying them around where they want them, like staged ISIS videos are the plot of Iron Man 3, Ben Kingsley’s character, The Mandarin) was (suddenly) declared DEAD (Oct 27th) after ONE of the biggest EU's false-flag op was supposedly (shutdown) Oct 23-24, 2019... 💙"May the ENTIRE universe be filled with PEACE, JOY, LOVE & LIGHT. May EVERYONE and especially the ones who hurts us, be filled with PEACE, JOY, LOVE & LIGHT. May the light of TRUTH overcome all DARKNESS, so victory to that LIGHT" ~ Ole Dammegard... Last comment Ole made: "Yeehaa Baby - it's party time. We living in a aaamazing time, on the other side, but I / We need to do this in a beautiful way, or else, it's gonna turn out to be a total massacre, a lifetime of failure and sadness and disappoint- ment of the ones who created all this mess and my own 30 years of disclosure. Be very sensitive, fearless to what's going on, and also as compassionate as possible💙... PS: Please always, use your own spiritual discernment... |

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Ole Dammegard Update: 9/11 op "Sea Eagle" exposed and NATO/Gladio's false flag backbone broken.

WATCH ON TRUETUBE.CO: https://youtu.be/nOXiaYniywc


FROM SPAIN – In this October 27, 2019 update, journalist and whistleblower Ole Dammegard updates his evaluation of the effects of exposing Sea Eagle 2019, a possible 9/11-type false flag operation, tentatively planned under the guise of disaster drills for the Oct 23-24, 2019 period unless exposed, hitting “39 targets in the following five EU cities”: London UK; Manchester UK; Barcelona Spain; Paris France; Rotterdam Netherlands, as well as two (2) nuclear power plants that might have been the targets of a synthetic Terror attack in Sweden within 36 hours of the main Operation Sea Eagle 2019 attack, with an estimated 1600 persons present at planned disaster drills at this location, according to reported false flag coordinator Ola Slettermark’s reported information.

In this update, Ole Dammegard reports that series of apparent emergency top-level meetings at NATO in Brussels following the exposure of Operation Sea Eagle by multiple Truth journalists in the days prior to Oct. 23-24, 2019 successfully shattered the organizational backbone of a NATO/Gladio false flag operation.

By public exposing the false flag operation and its planned Synthetic terror attacks and social disruption, Ole Dammegard states that civil society has also avoided as well the imposition of martial law and substantive controls on free speech and publication on the Internet and elsewhere in civil society.