Oct 2, 2019

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🚓 ~ Road Trip USA 2019 : Spiritual Retreat, 3 States, 2000 Miles Round-Trip, Primary Objective, Sedona, AZ ~ | Blogger: [🧳We're back, we're bad, you're black, I'm mad🤪] ... In short, this time, i spent some time in the car, but it was worth it after search of awesome US hiking trails and mountain-biking. Unexpected sickness as it turned out to be, after 26 hours of no sleep, driving from L.A. to Primm, Jean and ghost-town, near Vegas. Not recommended in weekdays, no grocery stores, no shops, all restaurants closed at Hotel, a empty-hearted, Casino desert. I knew my cold was coming, a energetic relief & boost, since I was planing to visit a Master of (Choa Kok Sui) Pranic Healing retreat in Sedona at metaphysical B&B (Sedona Sacred Rocks). HIGHLY recommended... Next stop, before Sedona were hiking in Mojave National Preserve (Teutonia Peak Trail)... After that, Grand Canyon hike - wauv!.. Next, Flagstaff, Sunset Crater Volcano and the river of lava... Finally, Sedona, and unfortunately i didn't visit my friend, Rahelio Rodriguez, an native american shaman, to sick, but Superhost Meaghan and her team at the Airb&b toke me in their arms, which was formerly a Buddhist Retreat Center, rests on two secluded Red Rock acres adjoining two thousand acres of the Coconino National forest.. Many hikes at different places, it's a incredible place, Sedona - are the crystals, vortexes, UFOs and psychics of Sedona reality or lore? Nooo... The Vortex energy here is the most powerful anywhere on the planet, like Mt. Shasta and Mt. Adams (near ECETI Ranch - not been there yet)... For baffling and unforgettable UFO sightings, try "Sedona Ufo And Vortex Tours". Best and cheapest. Equipped with $5000 special forces military night vision goggles, turns night into day, besides we could hear or had warnings of rattlesnakes, javelinas, bobcats, wolves, foxes, coyotes and skunks, in the skies, we saw at least 30-40 objects, in 1 hour time, that was NOT planes, satellites and weatherballoons. Guide had satellitetracker and the equipment to make us, believers (seen UFO's many times before). Not long from old mining town of Jerome, between or next to Cathedral Rock Sedona Vortex - a feminine energy affecting both mind and body creating a cleansing experience, generating immense masses of energy and The airport mesa vortex energy, a masculine energy strengthening the internal spirit to take charge of their own lives, and live in self-confidence. Our guide, were claiming, that our UFO friends were attracted to the crystal gem and minerals in the area etc... Well, much could be said about Sedona, manage to spend a 4-6 hours of mountain-biking with a German guy and a US resident and to make it short, left Sedona, towards Los Algodones, which were a strange experience, like entering The Twilight Zone. US citizens only enter this place, of a population of 2500 Mexicans and 500 dental care shops, guess what (dental, optical & prostitution). Of course, i didn't do any of that, but cheap Mexican food and frozen Margarita's, both food drinks only at 4 bob... After a day of Yuma hiking trails, final stop were Palm Springs, used to have been Hollywood's desert playground for celebrities to relax and escape from the hustle and bustle of showbiz. Here, a few trips to Clara Burgess trail, in which i both walked and were running up and down in the mountain-belt, tough, but amazing experience... 🧭 PS: BACK AT HOME, in Denmark, entering a grocery store, people never smiles, nobody is talking, people are irritating of the staff, skipping queues, bumping into each-others, ruthless egocentric and has no moral or ethnics and no compassion for the fellow-citizens... O-M-G i miss America, already and their people... Thx to all the people i'll meet (over-there) and so grateful for the experience! Namaste!... |

🛦 ~ One Nation May Have No Choice But to Buy the F-35 Stealth Fighter (nationalinterest) ~ | Blogger: [💰Program Cost : US$1.508 trillion (through 2070 in then-year dollars)💰] ... {OMG! Verdensalt has said this for years and years. This article, shows more or less, how Denmark, also was FORCED years back in time, before decision was final, to order F-35's, instead of Boeing’s F/A-18 Super Hornet or other competitors, stealth fighters. A contract that will cost taxpayers 100 billion or danish kroner for one-time-cost, personal schooling, operating and maintenance costs, new hangers and all the lies they need to paid out to Mainstream media (MSM) etc. etc.} ... Under its biggest-ever weapons purchase, South Korea is to buy 40 F-35 fighter jets from Lockheed Martin by 2021. Japan is committed to buying 105 F-35As and 42 F-35B models and most of NATO's European countries, has also bought a plane, that can't fly... Always been fascinated with military planes, perhaps because i used to serve in Royal Danish Air Force as military police K-9 handler security forces... |

Canada may simply have no choice. Here's why.

Canada may be the next nation to buy the F-35 stealth fighter.

The F-35’s competitors are dwindling.

In August, Britain’s Ministry of Defense and European manufacturer Airbus withdrew the Eurofighter from Canada’s competition to pick a replacement for its 35-year-old CF-18 fighters. In 2018, France’s Dassault withdrew the Rafale from the contest.

That just leaves three contenders: Lockheed Martin’s F-35, Boeing’s F/A-18 Super Hornet and Swedish manufacturer Saab’s Gripen. The winner is slated to receive a CA$19 billion (U.S. $15 billion) contract for 88 jets in 2022.

David Pugliese, who covers defense for the Ottawa Citizen, has chronicled how the F-35’s competitors have dropped out one by one. In May, Canada’s Department of National Defense changed the procurement rules after the U.S. warned that the F-35 program barred the aircraft from being sold to nations who promised industrial benefits in return for selecting the Lightning II.

👼 ~ 💗 October 2019 Energy Chart (Jason Estes) 💕 ~ | Blogger: A handy reminder - lots of dates to navigate through...Thx to theearthplan... |

⚔️ ~ 5 Unanswered Questions that Still Remain 2 Years After the Vegas Shooting (AP) ~ | Blogger: [🕵️And therefore Cabal's "Lame Stream" Media round the World and in Denmark, has concluded : Las Vegas shooting suspect's motive remains a mystery🤻] ... {⚠️Please note, verdensalt.dk has already many times, send prayers and condolences to all the victims of this mass atrocity and their families and friends in Las Vegas} ... Soooo...Yoo-hoo!!!🗣️ Attention!!!!.. According to A View to a Kill FBI bluebook, it's still a mystery(FBI investigators have 22,000 hours of surveillance and cellphone footage and 250,000 photos to look over, amounting to about 40 terabytes of data) ... First of all, I'll been visiting Vegas 2 weeks prior at MGM resort and other different hotels (conferences and shows - Michael Jackson ONE by Cirque du Soleil - Mandalay). Let me tell you, there's LOT of security, high tech cameras etc. etc.. There's no freaking way, a SHOOTER could have fired his weapons with 1,000 rounds munitions for way over an 11-minute period, with nobody noticed it, Hotel police security was aware of it, and SWAT had killed him, immediately - no WAY!!. Have you seen how many cops, securing in that town city center?? It's the most protected in U.S. Inc. due to the billions of money in circulation.. On top of that, CBC News has interviewed Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock's brother, Eric Paddock, who talks to reporters in Florida Vegas and dumbfounded by mass shooting (He's TOTALLY CALM and crazy talking).. So, let me get this straight... That particular sunday's horrific mass shooting in Las Vegas once again shines a light on a nation awash in guns, Democrats are jumping straight into the gun-control debate (surprise?) ... What about the woman wandering throughout the crowd at the Route 91 Harvest Festival warning people they were about to die, around 45 minutes before Paddock opened fire on the crowd - that's a NO NO ❓ ... We can also limited out the fact, that two cryptic emails Paddock sent to himself which have puzzled investigators and fueled the "gun deal gone wrong" theory - yeah a hoax, acc. to FBI ❓ ... And Shepard Ambellas that gives proof of the helicopters in the following video with sheriff's office lying - FBI is STILL not talking, why ❓.. There are so many speculations, about motives and theories surrounding Vegas shooting. I just don't know.. I do believe that Paddock worked for Lockheed Martin in the 80's and he's a gambler, but winning millions upon millions on video poker and then opens fire, like terminator 2 with a (minigun), then kill himself with a suicide note, in his hand (and then the police finds 23 rifles and one handgun inside his rooms... Whaaaaat!!!!😲).. It's so, so, so strange and weird in so many ways- i'll give you that... Most crazy unsolved mysteries of them all is about when INTELLIHUB.COM (and Baltimore Post Examiner noted last year) noticed some insane weird stuff going on at Las Vegas coroner's office and Paddocks autopsy... READ MORE... 🔦 PS: under verdensalt's extensive investigation, many video proof has been censored, but check out my many posts, use search bar... |

The “victim” with blood going in the wrong direction on her legs. This is the only picture with any blood and the blood goes against Newton’s “Law of Gravity”. It should be running down her legs, not across them.
Blogger (danish): Officielt siges det, at skyderiet fandt sted på 32. etage i Mandalay Bay Hotellet (hvor jeg har været et par gange som turist) - men flere og flere amerikanere står frem og siger, at skyderierne foregik på 3-4 etage og også på gadeplan. Tonsvis af videoer modsiger de officielle forklaringer. Nu har flere amerikanske efterforskere fundet mystiske spor efter en mobiloplader, som ikke matchede, Stephen Paddocks mobiltelefon. En anden efterforskning indikere, at en af Paddocks nøglekort blev brugt til at få adgang til sit værelse, mens hans bil var uden for hotellets parkeringshus. Ifølge en casinoejer, var Stephen Paddock ikke en problem-gambler, men blot en rig millinær som vandt 31 millioner i 2015 via casinospil. Fotografierne som viser Paddock's lig med en våben over hans fod, uden blodspor samt et mystisk stykke papir (formodet selvmordsbrev) er blevet spottet ud for den døde krop (præcist som et movieset, hvor alting er nøje planlagt?). Nogle har indikeret, at Las Vegas SWAT team, ventede i evigheder, før de tog aktion på Hotellet.. Denne sag om Vegas skyderiet, er meget sparet og viser, at vi ikke kan stole på myndighedernes udlægning. Bare vent, flere og flere beviser kommer frem og vil blive nøje gennemgået, her på bloggen.. |


Las Vegas massacre survivor dies abruptly after posting her detailed eyewitness account of multiple shooters on Facebook

5 Unanswered Questions that Still Remain 2 Years After the Vegas Shooting

The Free Thought Project: Vegas Police Captain Behind Gunfire Location System Reported Missing, ‘Endangered’ | .. During the middle of one of the most secretive investigations in history, a Las Vegas police captain has disappeared and is considered "endangered.".. The Shotspotter program is part of a one-year pilot that uses sensors to triangulate the source of gunfire. It was brought about in response to the horrific shooting which took place in October | 

OOM2 \\ YourNewsWire  Las Vegas Shooter Stephen Paddock Ran CIA Child Trafficking Ring | .. Alleged Las Vegas shooter, Stephen Paddock, ran a drug running and child trafficking company – making millions of dollars in the process – according to explosive new evidence that threatens to disrupt the official narrative and prove law enforcement and mainstream media are colluding to misinform the public about the Las Vegas attack |

intellihub.com: Fmr. military intel analyst: ‘Saudi Arabian-based risk management company was on the ground during the Las Vegas shooting’|

Tom Heneghan, International Intelligence Expert: Tom Heneghan just reported one of his sources said Stephen Paddock never fired a shot and was a Patsy! That was my guess when I saw the muzzle blasts of what appears to be at least 2 shooters at the lower levels (probably floor 8-10) near the center of Mandalay Bay! Get this out everywhere |

Simon Parkes: Simon Parkes, life long experiencer of aliens, ufo's (family worked at MI5, NSA): After the dreadful attack in Las Vegas, shares in gun stocks have risen 3% as people believe it was staged to stop the lawful selling of guns and as a result have flocked to gun shops to buy them and ammunition making stock and bonds rebound at the exchange |  

Mike Adams the Health Ranger: First, ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attack which has now killed 59 and injured 500+. Secondly, there are five things that just don't add up about the official reports on this event. Why did one "lone wolf gunman" have ten rifles? How did he get ahold of a full-auto machine gun? Dozens of concert-goers reported the presence of multiple shooters? Who warned concert-goers they were “all going to die” a full 45 minutes before the shooting started? The weapon you hear on videos was FULL AUTO, which is almost impossible to acquire through legal means? Why were the exits blocked, trapping victims like rats in a maze? Why did the shooter have as many as 10 firearms in his room? |  

The Guardian: Facebook and Google promote politicized fake news about Las Vegas shooter. The spread of rightwing blogs, claiming the shooter was an anti-Trump liberal, on to mainstream platforms is the latest example of hyper-partisan trolling after a tragedy | Fast Company: YouTube’s Top Search Results For Las Vegas Are Already Littered With Conspiracy Theories YouTube’s search results proclaim this week’s shooting was a “false flag.” | 

| Fox News: Las Vegas shooter described as 'unstable' sent tens of thousands of dollars overseas. Why? |

Document.no and TheGoldFish Report: Blood on victim which is rather unusual, as a standing position when shoot, blood should have been running vertical (downwards) NOT horizontal on her legs. Jim (veteran, former marine corps officer, supervision of 300 marine recruits, marksmanship training at Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton) is not convinced that the shooter fired live rounds. Also very suspicious that the victims(s) on this pictures has been declared dead, that's a violation of medical protocol, they should have been rushed to a hospital, where doctors can make that determination (they did the same thing at Sandy Hook and Boston bombings). This Country & Western concert has a probability of 90% trump supporters, shooter had a Asian or foreign girlfriend, which must likely did NOT support Trump, all considered. Early rumors tells Jim, that the shooter was a far left Hillary Clinton supporter, so this could be a complete setup, if real, a huge embarrassment to the left-wing politics |  

Beforeitsnews: I’m not positive if this is real or bogus yet. But to all those in search of blood, guts and gore as evidence…..gunshot wounds are not like what you see in movies. It is very feasible to be shot and not spray tons of blood. In truth, some bullet wounds don’t bleed on the outside much at all... etc. etc. | 

x22Report: Certain facts in the Vegas event do not add up, there have been reports of shooting on the 4th floor, many witness say there were multiple shooters and how did the people here the gun shots over the concert noise. The corporate media is really pushing the gun control angle on the whole thing. Before the shooter identity came out, the authority came out and told all that he had 23 guns in his Hotel (including rifles, which has no long range effect to the concerts crowd). He legally purpose these many weapons. He has no criminal background, no mental illnesses, pensioned former accountant, they can't figure out a motive as of yet (besides he has converted into Islam, 1 month before). HighImpactFlix youtube channel listen in to the police scanner, there seem to be MULTIPLE gunman around (fairground and in the floors in the Hotel). Many local Vegans confirms this theory with multiple shooters, including an Australian citizen living next door to the shooter, Paddock (just like with JFK assassinations) |

DAHBOO777 Youtuber: has discovered that there were a 'MANDATORY ACTIVE SHOOTER TRAINING' at Sep 30th, 2017 in Las Vegas.|

Blogger: We've seen it before a FF Ops, drills takes place same day or days before (Precisely same template used under 2015 Copenhagen shootings Krudttønden attack). This is all orchestrated to push gun control and take your rights away in US. Many, many countries has already gun control, but NOT helping, since people who wants to buy guns, get it on the black market 


The Richie Allen Show: Meria: "It's Too Early To Say, But Las Vegas Shooter Has Classic Signs Of Manchurian Candidate." |

ABCNews: Hillary Clinton slams NRA, gun silencer bill in wake of Las Vegas shooting |

David Wilcock: LET'S NOT FORGET- Vegas was a horribly botched "false flag" incident intended to disarm the American public and make body scanners as commonplace as doorways... |

Other unanswered questions, besides Activistpost, from verdensalt's own research:

💚 ~ Climate activist Greta Thunberg proclaimed “Successor of Christ” by Church of Sweden (wattsupwiththat) ~ | Blogger: [🛐O-M-L. What the heck is going on here? It can only get worse😑] ... |

From the Climate Activisim crosses the religious threshold and YGBFKM department comes this inanity.


💰 ~ Finanslov: På disse områder kan det blive dyrere at være dansker (TV2 FNYS NEWS) ~ | Blogger: [🙉#DisinfoWeek : Bevidst MISINFORMATION i det danske politiske mediebillede for, at skrappe flere afgifter ind fra uvidende borgere🙊] ... {socialister / kommunister / borgerlige / (neo)konservative = egen "renhed" EFTERLYSES. De naive og hjernevaskende borgere, tror at kommunister, er bedre end borgerlige} ... Lars Løkke skattetænkning og ulovlige holdingselskaber, ligesom Martin Rossen's ulovlige lån i egen virksomhed, Henrik Sass's chef for beskidte og farlige kapitalfonde. Suicidal demokraterne skrotter endegyldigt Irak- og Afghanistan-kommissionen for at skjule ulovlighederne omkring Danmarks ulovlige krige. Mette Frederiksen vil øge kontrollen med bankerne, men der sket ikke en skid. Klimarådet opmærksom på, at FN's opgørelsesmetode ikke altid sikrer reelle reduktioner, mens S-regeringen falske mål og umulighed er, at reducere udledningen af drivhusgasser med 70 procent i 2030 i forhold til 1990-niveauet. LGBT homo ørnen Obama landede i Aalborg og snød virksomhedslivet for millioner. Nyrups organisation scorer millioner af skattekroner - uden at kommuner kender ejerforholdene. DRs generaldirektør, Maria Rørbye Rønn, fastholder gigantløn på over 3.600.000 kroner om året og tvinger alle dansker til at betale licens, og grundet Socialdemokraterne, skal der ikke spares... o.s.v. o.s.v. o.s.v... 🤔 HØR EN GANG, HVORDAN fungerer politik og økonomien? Meget, meget simplificeret så sker der følgende (uanset hvordan du vil 'slice and dice' kagen) : Staten får penge ind via 4 metoder: 1️⃣ -- Direkte Skatter 2️⃣ -- Formue og Ejendomsskatter 3️⃣ -- Moms 4️⃣ -- Afgifter (og en femte: politiske pengedona- tioner fra Magteliten of Guld1000 virksomheder).... Så godt så langt... Talte tit med mange af mine tidligere kollegere i bankbranchen, hvis man er snusfornuftigt normal tænkende handelsuddannet, ved man, at posteringer, både i debet og kredit, sørger man altid for, at regnskabet, stemmer... 🔍Tror det var politisk kommentator, Søs Marie Serup, der på Radio24syv's program, 'Det, vi taler om', sagde: 'Vi har 750 milliarder kroner på plus og minus siden. Altså små, 1.500 milliarder kroner, hvert år på de offentlige finanser, vi har T-O-N-S-V-I-S af penge, selv, skattekisten i kommunerne topper, men det skal HEDDE sig, at vi ingen penge har.. OG DET er den største løgn, overhoved... Der er kommet en VOLDSOM kritik af Mette F.'s åbningstale: "Hvor er håbet, Mette Frederiksen?". Det var den mest deprimerende tale, jeg nogensinde har hørt, fra en statsleder... |


🕵️ ~ Stewart Swerdlow ~ Survivor of the (Laura Eisenhower) ~ | Blogger: [🤯Top Secret Montauk Project Conspiracy💫] ... |

Check out this interview from Laura Eisenhower with Stewart Swerdlow, it enters exactly into what's happening on our planet and in our Solar System at this moment (you can find more info on Laura Eisenhower herself at http://www.whatonearthishappening.com/podcast/33-guests/320-laura-eisenhower and https://youtu.be/a3RoZZGzGNo)

We talk about the Montauk Project, how he is the last of the Montauk boys; we talk about Timelines, ET's and Aliens, 5-G, CERN, the Q movement, DNA, Ascension and more!

Stewart Swerdlow Website -- www.expansions.com

A gifted Hyperspace Intuitive, Stewart A. Swerdlow focuses his consciousness beyond time and space to determine your foundational mind-pattern upon which all your life experiences are based. His great-uncle, Yakov Sverdlov, was the first president of the Soviet Union, and his grandfather helped form the Communist Party in the United States in the 1930s. Yakov’s son, Andrei, created the KGB. Stewart’s grandmother was a Soviet spy against the Germans in WW2. To ensure that his loyalties stayed with the US government, he was “recruited” for specific government mind-control experiments, including 13 years at the Montauk Project, which enhanced his natural abilities.

Stewart, a linguist who speaks ten languages, is an expert in deprogramming and determining which Illuminati programs are embedded in the mind-patterns of any individual. His mission is to help others heal themselves in a positive way, thus avoiding the negativity he experienced.
Stewart has been knighted twice and is the Ambassador to Europe for The Sacred Medical Order of the Knights of Hope and has been named Grand Prior of the New Templar Order of the Chaldean Church.

Stewart has 4 doctorates and has a medical license in Indigenous Medicine. He is an associate professor at the Panamerican University School of Medicine. He and his wife own Expansions Publishing Co.

💸 ~ 💓 GLOBAL CURRENCY RESET & RESTORED REPUBLIC 💕 (Paradoxman 316) ~ | Blogger: [🔜Ron Van Dyke aka Paradoxman316 broadcasts daily Youtube videos about our Evolution, Revaluation, based on Spirituality and Awakening🔙] ... I do agree with Mr. Dyke, about we shouldn't be on our toes of constant worrying to the fact, will we ever actually seeing the manifestation materialize of a New Financial System (QFS), GESARA / NESARA in our 3-D Matrix of illusion???. In which, both Abraham Lincoln and Kennedy were assassinated while they held the high office of President of the United States. Both of these former presidents had also created their own money system to run the United States while they were in office. There's no doubt in my mind, that families like of Rothschild, Warburg, Rockefeller and the others, own us all and the first sign of recession, is by de facto, designed by these families, to make a buck... 🕊️ PS: Andy Dufresne: [in letter to Red] Remember Red, hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies.... |

Possible Timeline: On Mon. Sept. 30-Tues. Oct. 1 Restored Republic and Gold Standard Announcements, plus release the codes and 800#s; under Martial Law and Mass Arrests activate Exchange/Redemption appointments for 45 days, meaning Redemption Centers would close and general public exchanges would begin in the banks around Fri. Nov. 15 2019, with 180 days to activation of GESARA/ NESARA, or around Sat. March 28 2020. Mon. Sept. 30 was the end of the fiscal year for the World Monetary System. It was also the deadline for the Cabal to pay their Quadrillions in debt to the Chinese Elders, or they would be forced to declare bankruptcy – that would end the Federal Reserve and IRS – and thus they would lose control over the Global Banking System.

Prosperity Packages were still being delivered, with recipients told they would have liquidity by Tues. morning Oct. 1 – not coincidentally the beginning of the fiscal year for our new Quantum Financial System.

🧑 ~ Hvad er fysisk & psykisk vold i hjemmet? Hvor får man hjælp henne? Findes der ligestilling mellem mænd og kvinder (og kønsneutralt) på dette område? (Verdensalt Arkiv) ~ | Blogger: [🤲Ligestillingens eksistensbetingelser - Me Tarzan, You Jane, Our Child - No Mercy👼] ... {En lille reminder, medmindre man er en "hen, hæn eller høn" og voldtægtsdømt kvinde med mandligt kønsorgan, der tvinges i et mandefængsel}... NY LOV : Ikke blot fysisk vold, nu også psykisk vold - skal kunne give op til tre års fængsel... Ser vi nu på ligestilling, når det gælder kvinder og deres børn i vores samfundsorden. Puha - for en stank af ulighed (hvis man er mand) ... Hvis vi forholder os til vores emne, i Danmark er ALLE kvinder med deres børn, defakto uskyldige, indtil andet er bevist. En mand er ALTID skyldig, indtil modsatte er bevist, når der er vold og børn imellem. Hvis en mand skal overbevise enten Statsforvaltningen eller kommunerne omkring en Moders fysisk eller psykisk overgreb mod sit barn, så skal vi bage mange landgangsbrød til turen, for den bliver lang, bumpet og besværlig ... Forsøger dog også i denne artikel, at fokusere på børn som er kommet i klemme hos Deres forældre, fordi forældre (mor og far) har 'magten' over børnenes liv og velfærd. Børn er jo altid uskyldige og er magtesløse overfor hvad de bliver udsat for... ✋Giv aldrig op, når børn mistrives! Selvom vi ved, kommunen, ikke magter at håndtere, sådanne en STOR opgave... 🏳️‍⚧️ PS: VIL SLET ikke gå ind i kampen omkring Interkønnet, ciskønnet og queer, non-binær kønsforståelse LGBTQ-bølgen og krænkelser af menneske- rettighederne, syntes ærligt talt, det er så laaangt ude, at jeg får hovedpine. Er nok bare for gammeldaws... |

LÆS VIDERE: https://bit.ly/2OuI53m

Udgivet den 23. Juni 2015 af Verdensalt

Efterhånden som jeg graver mig igennem emnet, virker det uendeligt stort og uoverskueligt.

Børns mistrivsel og forældres vaklende medansvar

Forsøger derfor i denne artikel, at fokusere på børn som er kommet i klemme hos Deres forældre, fordi forældre har 'magten' over børnenes liv og velfærd. Børn er jo altid uskyldige og er magtesløse overfor hvad de bliver udsat for. Bryder det ned til, børn i trosse alderen eller brydningstiden fra ens mor eller far, men stadigvæk komplet og total afhængighed fra deres biologiske forældres omsorg, støtte, søvn, næring, opdragelse - så vakler vi stadigvæk et sted på det nederste lag af  Maslows behovspyramidens fysiske behov og på vej op i pyramiden. Så kommer vi vel nærmere børn i alderen mellem 3-7 år, ungefær. 

Der er videnskabelig vidensbyrd på, eller sagt med andre ord, andre klogere folk end mig selv, har en ide om, at 0-3 års-pædagogikken eller den motoriske og sanselige udvikling er ekstrem vigtigt for hvordan børns udvikling præger dem på livets vej. Børn suger viden ligesom en svamp og jeg vil vove pelsen at sige, alt, den fundamentale indlæring og erfaring, får børn når de er mellem 0-3 år.  

3 år og opefter sker der en masse med børns personlige udvikling. Særpræg, evner, prøve grænser af, brydningstiden, udforske mere, tør mere og 'spørgejørgen' driver os til vanvid, alt sammen kender vi jo til. Lige netop her, kan kæden hoppe af hos nogen forældre.  
Jeg tror ikke jeg behøver, at sige meget mere end, efter min egen overbevisning har alle børn en gammel sjæl, for nogen forældre, kommer oplevelsen tæt ind på livet, når børn forudsiger nogle ting og ser og hører noget, som forældre ikke kan forklare. Vi behøver ikke gå længere ned i materien omkring regeneration og vores spirituelle vej, men så er det sagt.
Lige en anden ting, hvis børn har en gammel sjæl, som de kæmper med, så har voksne forældre også en gammel sjæl, som de slås med. Vi er opslugt af vores egen daglige forfængelighed, afhængigheder af at tjene penge og stresse os igennem livet, måske bliver vi blot mindet om, gemmerne af vores tidligere liv som hele tiden dukker op til overfladen og giver flashbacks, hvis det ignoreres og fortrænges, 'kan' det til sidst blive til en omfattende forladthedsfølelse (ensomhed), som ofte bunder i en følelsesmæssigt distanceret og afstandstagende tilknytning, hvor børnene ikke møder nærhed. I stedet for, at feje alle sine idiotiske problemer til side og blot være lige her i nuet, for sine børn..   
Forældres magtesløshed, stresset hverdag, deres perfektionistiske 'over-jeg', følelser, mønstre og gamle “triggere” kommer i spil og kan projiceret videre over på børnene, som er helt uskyldige og forstår intet af hvad der sker med far og mor. Forældre til særligt sensitive børn, oplever det måske endnu værre. Lidt af det samme som familiehunden, der får et los i R.... Barnet får en tur over gulvet, lussing, råbt gentange af, trusler, osv. Fuldstændigt unødvendigt og kendetegner blot, den enorme byrde som voksne mennesker er underlagt. Det, at 'miste' kontrollen. Man skal nok vise, hvem som har bukserne på (magten) i huset og børn som ikke har respekt, returneres med en kort lunte hos mange forældre. 

Man skulle måske overveje, at læse "John Grays principper" som indgå i hans Bog ”Børn er fra himlen”. 

Der er ikke nogen former for logisk forklaring, der kan retfærdiggøre overgreb på børn.

Børn er ikke onde og udspekuleret i den aldersgruppe. Jo, hvis de er bange og frygter konsekvenser for Deres handlinger og ved de bliver straffet hårdt af de voksne. Men børn i denne aldersgruppe, er per defakto, er uskyldige, (u)selvstændige, uspoleret individer, hvor alt oplæring, god og dårlig opdragelse kommer fra os forældre. Måske bliver 'nogle' forældre så forfærdet over, de ser Deres egen aftryk af skabelsens DNA og spejlbillede i Deres afkom og genkendelse af ens egen personlighed, som tænder forprygelknaben (de dårlige sider af ens selv). Vi ved jo også, det vi har lært af vores egen forældres opdragelse, også påvirker, det vi videregiver til vores egen børn. 

Det, jeg er overbevist om når forældres stresstærskel er på kogepunktet, inden børnene bliver truet, råbt af, slået m.m. er, at de færreste mennesker går sagte hen og siger; "min lille skat, nu skal far ind på sit kontor og tælle til 10 og meditere, derefter kommer han ud fuldstændigt klar i hoved til modtage dig igen og så kan vi rigtigt snakke med kram og kys".       
Fik selv en endefuld med hårbørsten, da jeg forsvandt uden at få lov med med familiehunden, det opdagede min mor og så var det løb kørt. Der var jeg nu lidt ældre, så en enkelt endefuld gjorde mig blot i stand til at lære af episoden -måske
Jeg ved nu også godt, flertallet af børn og Deres forældre, har en tryg og rolig tilværelse, med faste rammer og sundt fornuftig tilgang til tingene, måske endda forkælet og overbeskyttende i vores del af den vestlige verden. Der findes desværre også, børn og unge som er belastet af seksuelle overgreb, forældre med alkoholproblemer eller kriminelle løbebaner, lever på sultegrænsen. Eller kommer fra forskellige kulturelle og generiske påvirkninger omkring familie og børneopdragelse som 'kan' være af ekstrem hård og gammeldags karakter. Visse situationer, kan især mødre, besidde narcissistiske træk eller borderline, HSP eller subsistensløs offer-mentalitet. Mænd kan besidde aggressive, magtkontrollerende, destruktive, eller selvherskende antræk. 

⏏️ ~ Impeachment…or CIA Coup? (GAOG) ~ | by Ron Paul |


You don’t need to be a supporter of President Trump to be concerned about the efforts to remove him from office.

Last week House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced impeachment proceedings against the President over a phone call made to the President of Ukraine. According to the White House record of the call, the President asked his Ukrainian counterpart to look into whether there is any evidence of Ukrainian meddling in the 2016 election and then mentioned that a lot of people were talking about how former US Vice President Joe Biden stopped the prosecution of his son who was under investigation for corruption in Ukraine.

Democrats, who spent more than two years convinced that “Russiagate” would enable them to remove Trump from office only to have their hopes dashed by the Mueller Report, now believe they have their smoking gun in this phone call.

Is this about politics? Yes. But there may be more to it than that.

It may appear that the Democratic Party, furious over Hillary Clinton’s 2016 loss, is the driving force behind this ongoing attempt to remove Donald Trump from office, but at every turn we see the fingerprints of the CIA and its allies in the US deep state.

In August 2016, a former acting director of the CIA, Mike Morell, wrote an extraordinary article in the New York Times accusing Donald Trump of being an “agent of the Russian Federation.” Morell was clearly using his intelligence career as a way of bolstering his claim that Trump was a Russian spy – after all, the CIA should know such a thing! But the claim was a lie.

Former CIA director John Brennan accused President Trump of “treason” and of “being in the pocket of Putin” for meeting with the Russian president in Helsinki and accepting his word that Russia did not meddle in the US election. To this day there has yet to be any evidence presented that the Russian government did interfere. Brennan openly called on “patriotic” Republicans to act against this “traitor.”

Brennan and his deep state counterparts James Comey at the FBI and former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper launched an operation, using what we now know is the fake Steele dossier, to spy on the Trump presidential campaign and even attempt to entrap Trump campaign employees.

Notice a pattern here?

🐱‍💻 ~ CNBC: FDA Issues Warning on Medical Devices that are Vulnerable to Takeover from Hackers (NNN) ~ |

The Food and Drug Administration issued a warning to consumers Tuesday about potentially serious cybersecurity flaws in some medical devices that could allow hackers to take control of them remotely. 

Medical devices that use third-party, decades-old software called IPnet are at risk, the FDA said. The agency said it’s not sure how many or even which specific devices, such as insulin pumps or pacemakers, are vulnerable to getting hacked.

🎖️ ~ Sweden Revamps 'World's Largest Underground Navy Base' for 'Fear of Powerful Russian Weapons' (Sputniknews) ~ | Blogger: [⚔️Return of The Cold War & Military Secrets & Lies : How Warmongering, Warprofiteering, A.I.'s & The Military & The Intelligence-Industrial Complex, Has Become More Powerful Than Presidents and Governments👑] ... {Why is China or Russia the American & NATO Operation Gladio Enemy #1?} ... Reactivation of Swedish Muskö naval base, Norway's secret naval base, Olavsvern, Finish Porkkala Naval Base, Danish Top Secret US Military Base in Greenland, Camp Century & NATO's Secret War Room, Bunker 7 at Finderup, Denmark's most expensive building... 58 years ago, President Dwight D. Eisenhower famously warned U.S. citizens about the "military–industrial complex" in his farewell address.... In the year of 2019, we have A.I. surveillance Black Knight satellites, laser and other harmful directed-energy weapon (DEWs), like 5G-Crowd-Control Millimeter waves, as an umbrella to refer to technologies “that produce concentrated electromagnetic energy and atomic or subatomic particles", electromagnetic railguns, plasma-weaponry and anti-ship hypersonic cruise missile could eliminate all humans from the skies. D.U.M.B.s - Deep Underground Military Bases around the world, with unbelievable hidden technologies, biological warfare and what have you, and Scandinavia, is so fearful, that they rebuild or reactivate cold war bases and bunkers, just in the case, Russia will attack🤣... |

The Swedish Navy's triumphant return to its Cold War-era fortress fits the country's ongoing militarisation pattern, characterised by budget hikes and the return of the draft, coupled with panic-inducing rhetoric.


🛸 ~ No aliens, no party: Poor turnout for Area 51 raid kills UFO fanatics’ festival (reddit) ~ | Blogger : [📅Down memory lane : When right and wrong are both correct at the same time. ‘Storm Area 51’ Vegas - been there, done that. Never again!?🤔] ... I (verdensalt) did attend the free freak-show downtown Las Vegas Area 51 party and lost money on buying alienstockparking (Alienstock Festival at Rachel, NV) that was a HOAX. Besides the DJ playing house and techno, nothing of the extraordinary happen in Vegas... Should i be mad at Matty Roberts, the man behind the "Storm Area 51" movement, which i spend money on, Little A'Le'Inn or Nevada innkeepers, nooo... I already knew the hole thing was FAKE, back in July of 2019, when the new kid on the block, California resident Matty Roberts, FB promoter and fearful advocating, to break out of the deal. Back then, the Storm Area 51-Commander-in-Chief were having an anxiety or panic attack, that FBI, would destroy his livelihood (sure they could of course) but would they, nooo... So it turned into a cash-cow Budweiser Vegas Event and let me tell you, never seen so much police and security in Vegas, for a few hundreds youngsters, running around and watching, a show of nothingness. But, Lincoln County Sheriff's Office, Nevada land owners and military did a perfect job, trying to SCARE people away. They even tweeted, that the government was ready to use B-2 nuclear-capable bombers to protect the secrets held inside the classified Area 51 facility... |


👽 ~ ‘Pretty sure I’d know if there were aliens’: Musk dashes hopes of finding extraterrestrial life (RT) ~ | Blogger: [🛸SSP runned by USAF / DIA / NRO / NSA / CIA / NASA and their asset, Elon Musk & the effort to return to Orbit, our solar system and beyond🚀] ... 🏁 Rocket Madsen Space Lab a.k.a. Peter Madsen Danish convicted murderer, didn't make it into Secret Space Program's 'restricted' SPACE... 🏁 SpaceX's Starship Project (BFR) has not made it into SPACE, even he / they claim, it's only 6 moths away... 🏁 "Mad" Mike Hughes, only made it up to 5,000 feet... 🏁 The one that DID make it, and allowed by SSP (or other 3-letter stooges) was Red Bull Stratos program, a high altitude diving project involving Austrian skydiver Felix Baumgartner over Roswell, New Mexico, United States, by jumping out of a balloon 128,100ft (24 miles; 39km)... 🏁 Acc. to wikipedia, as of September 26, 2019, a total of 565 people have gone to space... HOWEVER, since approximately 1980, a secret space fleet code named 'Solar Warden' has been in operation unknown to the public. Ufologists believe many technological advances on Earth have resulted from reverse engineering alien craft. UFO Hunters explore the validity of these arguments... Is this nonsense, is it a conspiracy or is it simply so sensitive that it will cause uproar around the world❓... ✴️ PS: Elon Musk is supposed to be worth 20.1 billion USD... He is supposed to be the CEO of Tesla Motors. He is supposed to be the founder of SpaceX. He is supposed to be the founder of Solar City. He is supposed to be the inventor of Hyperloop. I for one don't believe any of it. Elon Musk looks to me like a person totally manufactured by Intelligence as the fake human front for all these fake projects. In this way he is exactly like Mark Zuckerberg, another person I have outed as a probable manufactured entity... |

Elon Musk says there are no aliens in Area 51, on Earth or, indeed, in the entire galaxy, because he’s “pretty sure” he would have seen some signs of them by now.

The SpaceX and Tesla CEO made the bold claim on stage on Saturday night while unveiling his Starship rocket prototype Mark-1 in Texas, which the company plans will one day transport humans to Mars.