Apr 4, 2018

BREAKING NEWS | 4. April 2018 | ~ LIVE: Brand i ambassadbyggnad – 14 skadade | (In English:) A powerful fire from a unknown 50-year old (arson) has ignited a fire inside the embassy building in Stockholm after a quarrel with the staff, which houses three embassies for Portugal, Tunisia and Argentina. 14 injured. A massive area has become encapsulated with police barriers. | Blogger: hmmm... 🤔 |

Brand i ambassadbyggnad – 14 skadade

  • Det brinner i en ambassadbyggnad på Narvavägen i Stockholm.
  • 20 enheter är på plats och arbetar med att släcka den fullt utvecklade branden.
  • Det rör sig i nuläget om 14 skadade, säger Roger Steffen vid Storstockholms brandförsvar.
  • Enligt uppgifter till Aftonbladet har en person avsiktligt tänt på inne på ambassaden – och polisen har gått ut med ett signalement gällande en man i 50-årsåldern.

Fox23 News | Par 4, 2018 | ~ France puts 78,000 security threats on vast police database ~ | .. That response included a spreadsheet detailing for the first time how many discreet checks each European country had flagged up last year - more than 134,000 in all .. | Blogger: Perfectly timing - this comes at the same time, when danish intelligence agency storing sensitive data in secret Stasi-database.. Are YOU on that list?? ... |

PARIS (AP) - France has flagged more than 78,000 people as security threats in a database intended to let European police share information on the continent's most dangerous residents - more than all other European countries put together - according to an analysis by The Associated Press.

A German parliamentarian, Andrej Hunko, was the first to raise the alarm about potential misuse of the Schengen Information System database in a question to his country's Interior Ministry about "discreet checks" - secret international checks on people considered a threat to national security or public safety. He questioned whether and why different countries seemed to apply very different criteria.

"The increase in alerts cannot be explained by the threat of Islamist terrorism alone. Europol reports a four-digit number of confirmed foreign fighters, yet the increase of SIS alerts in 2017 is several times that," Hunko said in a statement late last month when he released the Interior Ministry response to his query....READ MORE

Avisen.dk | 4. April 2018 | ~ Stor mystik: Politi massivt til stede i Københavns Lufthavn | (In English:) The Copenhagen Police are massively present at Copenhagen Airport, investigating a mysterious "robbery-like-condition". At the same time, a burning car has been found at the airport's underground station. Last few days - the danish police ask for help: House shot for the third night in a row and after several shootings: The police establishes more visitation zones in Copenhagen suburbs & Vollsmose etc. | Blogger: Oh nooo - run away ... As i said many times before, Denmark, has become a #DeepPoliceState and i told you several days ago, because of the new laws in which the danish government are able to expel, and criminalize, EVERYONE who rents apartments surrounding #GhettoZones and #VisitationsZones, they are able to expand onto rest of the country, so that the police can, without judicial review, contest privacy and dissolve the rights when living for rent, and has a co-called 'criminal background' and the whole family will suffer as well ... you be the judge ... |

Politiet er onsdag formiddag rykket talstærkt ud til Københavns Lufthavn. Foto: Claus Bech / Ritzau Scanpix
LÆS VIDERE: https://www.avisen.dk/politi-rykker-massivt-ud-til-kastrup-lufthavn_492348.aspx

Sheldan Nidle | 3. April 2018 | PAO - Planetary Activation Organization | Opdatering for Galaktiske Føderation af lys og åndelige hierarki ... |

Hvem er Sheldan Nidle: Sheldan Nidle er grundlægger af Planetary Activation Organization, en UFO religion. Han siger at han er i stand til former for telepatiske kommunikation, samt er i kontakt med rumvæsener. Han er tit kanal for budskaber og formidler af Det Galaktiske Føderation Af Lys.

Hjælp til NESARA etc: - Finansielle akronymer 


Your growth in consciousness, connected to the Light, is now ready to manifest a glorious Victory for all Souls trapped in the darkness that once controlled this globe. Thus, we ask that the collective energy of this blessed season be used to lift up your individual and collective consciousness..

Ummac Dan ~ Galactic Federation 
Symbol For The Sirian Star System

Selamat Jalwa! We are pleased to inform you that there is a strategy that we, the Galactic Federation, have implemented quite successfully. The cabal, arrogantly believing that no one could defeat them and unwilling or unable to change how they operate, has been hanging on to power with all their might. This is changing. Although they now realize that they are losing their stranglehold on Earth's citizenry, they stubbornly choose to fight to the bitter end. While this is a position difficult for most Lightworkers to comprehend, remember that it is in the cabal's epigenetic nature to rule at all costs. For generations their dominance has been undisputed. No one of significance challenged them: anyone who did was merely laughed at. The cabal, especially its western faction, wants this reality to remain firmly in place. Thankfully, your 3D reality is evolving and growing effectively energetic. Change is inevitable. As consciousness grows, it is becoming more and more dynamic.

This has opened portals by which our team's strategy can infiltrate or fill in the holes created by Gaia's increase in frequency and the decrease in her magnetic and gravitational fields. We have given you a model of how the earth is transforming from bi-polar to mono-polar environment. The bi-polar eco-system imprisons you in limited consciousness. The mono-polar system will hold your new Unity consciousness in place. This process is being quickened by events observed by climatologists and geologists alike. Your planet's entire magnetic and gravitic fields are shifting. This means that the currents and the aurora borealis (Northern Lights) are migrating southward, covering the surface of Earth. Your geologists have measured the northern magnetic field's migration all the way to the equator. The aurora australis (Southern Lights) are moving inward at the South Pole. Scientists don't know what to make of these roaming magnetic fields because they persist in believing that the Earth is solid.

The change in magnetic fields is in turn affecting Earth's ocean currents, which allow winter to move farther south. This is the prime reason for the many erratic weather conditions around the world. The North Atlantic Current is not acting in a normal manner, resulting in weather extremes - colder winters and hotter summers - across the globe. The Pacific currents, likewise, are exhibiting erratic weather cycles. The Japanese and the Humbolt currents no longer flow the way they have for centuries. This is proving most confusing to your scientists.

Allison Coe | Apr 3, 2018 | ~ Note to self: don't publish any more timeframes - argh! ~ | Blogger: [I love this girl - she's doing a fantastic job 💜] ... Yes - many haters out there, that's why i'll have not activated the guest commentary ... Verdensalt.dk cannot but correlate these Hypnotic Regression Session Client Transcripts with the now deceased, Dolores Cannon, or the many of the channeling messages from our Ascended Masters etc... |

.. Timeframes are as slippery as an oiled pig. I explain this often enough. A few other housekeeping items as well: scheduling, and some referrals. Mike Goldsmith and Ghislaine Borg - I forgot to include you and I'm so sorry. You two popped my hypno-cherry. Thanks fam for all of the love and support today on the community post - you really blew my mind. This video was made earlier today....wasn't sure if I should post it as I may be overly dismissive (overly caffeinated at least). Always my messages are sent with love, and laughs :) ..

Verdensalt.dk | Apr 4, 2018 | ~ Turn on HTTPS for your blog ~ | .. If you want visitors to access your blog over HTTPS, you can turn on HTTPS and HTTPS redirect .. | Blogger: In other wordings - verdensalt.dk is now secure?! 😉 (maybe)... PS: Yes, i'm fully aware my website is slow or having performance issues - sorry about that (need a friendly blogger freak to help clean up) ... 👼 |

David Icke \\ Jimmy Church FADE TO BLACK Radio | Apr 4, 2018 | ~ David Icke on Google, Facebook & Cambridge Analytica ~ |

David Vaughan Icke er en engelsk forfatter, foredragsholder, og tidligere medie personlighed bedst kendt for sit syn på, hvad han kalder: "who and what is really controlling the world". Beskriver sig selv som den mest kontroversielle taler og forfatter i verden, han har skrevet mange bøger der forklarer sin position og er døbt "New Age conspiracism". Har tiltrukket en betydelig skare af følgere fra hele det politiske spektrum. Hans 533-siders "The Biggest Secret(1999)" er blevet kaldt konspirationsteoretikers "Rosetta Stone".

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All David's Books Now Available Here http://www.davidIcke.com/shop Latest News From David Icke - www.davidicke.com

RT - Russia Today | 4. April 2018 | ~ Islamic State in Syria completely defeated – Putin ~ | Blogger: It is a genuine bummer to have the Obama/Clinton/Israeli mafia cartel as the face of governance (hidden hand) in this sorry time in which we live, but at least, Russia, is fighting back at the tyranny of The Deep State, who funded Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) in Syria ... |

FILE PHOTO. © Sputnik
Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) in Syria has been completely defeated, Russian President Vladimir Putin said. However, it retains its destructive potential and can attack in different regions across the globe, he added.

“Despite its military defeat, this terrorist group [IS] retains its significant destructive potential, it can change its tactics and launch attacks in different countries and regions in the world,” President Putin said in a statement addressed to members of the Moscow Conference on International Security.

Other extremist groups also present a big threat to the world, according to the Russian leader.



BREAKING | Activist Post | Apr 2, 2018 | ~ HPV Vaccine Gardasil Kills: Confirmed By Court Ruling ~ | .. “After 8 long years, the government finally conceded that we met our burden of proof that Gardasil caused my death.” .. | Blogger: You don't see this article in the MSM-outlets of Danish censored press ...PS: Example: Merck & Co.'s arthritis drug Vioxx (Rofecoxib) may have led to more than 27000 heart attacks and sudden cardiac deaths before FDA pulled it from the market in 2004. However, studies had been published in 1999 and 2001, suggesting a link between Vioxx and heart problems (check video and link) ... |

“After 8 long years, the government finally conceded that we met our burden of proof that Gardasil caused my death.” [1]

Christina Richelle Tarsell “died from an arrhythmia induced by an autoimmune response to the HPV vaccine Gardasil which [she] had received only days before [her] death. …. This is a precedent setting case. …. Here are the links to the ruling by Judge Coster Williams and the revised ruling by the Special Master.” [1] [CJF emphasis]

Interestingly, in the above ruling order by Judge Williams, this is stated as part of the “Opinion and Order”:

Because the Special Master impermissibly elevated Petitioner’s burden of proof and misapplied the legal standard, the Court remands the matter to the Special Master. [Pg.2]

In this author’s opinion, the above comment/opinion by the Judge is indicative of what has become an ‘accepted modus operandi’ by Special Masters at the Vaccine Court in order to deny vaccine damage claimants their standing at court, which is totally illegal and must be FIXED immediately by Health and Human Services!

Here’s why I say that, and the Judge confirms why I do:

Althen Prong Three: The Special Master Raised Petitioner’s Burden of Showing a Proximate Temporal Relationship Between Gardasil and Christina’s Arrhythmia

The linchpin of the Special Master’s decision denying compensation appears to be “timing.” See id. at *7. The Special Master explained: “[t]he order of presentation begins with timing because a gap in Ms. Tarsell’s evidence is most readily apparent in the context of attempting to identify when Christina started to suffer arrhythmia.” Id. The Special Master found:

Ms. Tarsell has not persuasively established a basic proposition of her claim, that Christina did not experience an arrhythmia until after the first dose of the HPV vaccine. Without this foundation, the rest of Ms. Tarsell’s claim cannot stand.
Id. at *1.

In reaching this conclusion, the Special Master ignored medical-record evidence from Christina’s treating physicians that showed she did not have an arrhythmia prior to her vaccine.

🔴 Right Side Broadcasting Network is live now: Active Shooter at YouTube Headquarters - LIVE BREAKING NEWS COVERAGE 🚨 | Apr 4, 2018 (Streamed live 2-10 hours ago) | ~ An active shooter (Identified as Nasim Aghdam) has been reported at the YouTube headquarters in San Bruno, California ~ | Blogger: IF - this was a REAL event with injured or killed - verdensalt.dk thoughts and prayers go out to all 🕯️😢💔 ... Weirdest thing ever.... 🙄. 'SECONDS' AFTER UK scientists have been ""UNABLE"" to prove Russia made the novichok nerve agent which was used to poison Sergei and Yulia Skripal in Salisbury and Trump invites Putin for a talk - a YouTube shooter mad about demonetization went berserk at YouTube H(Q - FollowTheWhiteRabbit AghdamRabbitHole - #QAnon #Breadcrumbs #DeepState), shoting three people before killing herself & 4 crew ‘presumed dead’ after largest US helicopter CH-53E crashes on training mission in California (Energy flows where attention goes) ... Did you manage to see her strange YouTube Channel and Aghdam's bizarre online presence, before it was REMOVED?? (Aghdam had multiple YouTube channels, which featured videos ranging from ab workouts to what she claimed was the 'first Persian TV commercial and music video regarding animal rights and veganism'. check dailymail) ... It's not ALWAYS, by de facto, carried out by a muslim-male, yelling 'Allahu Akbar' (this is for Allah) ... Normal template of a 'staged' TERROR INCIDENT(bogeyman:) --- 👳Immediate comprehensive narrative & national news coverage, including a convenient culprit (easily identified by saturation media coverage) - once again a “lone wolf” male attacker - recently CONVERTED TO ISLAM (or WHITE SUPREMACY - on psychedelic drugs). Sounding Muslim name - big dark eyes, prominent noses, distinctive large black beard - affiliated with either ISIS or Al-Nusra - terrorist shouted Allahu Akbar - likely radicalized inside US (wherever) and STRONG supporting Islamic State (IS). Blood at the scene, but no bodies (injured or killed always at a unknown hospital), police forces on the scene almost immediately, taken care of all the problems, shooter-person 'almost' always killing themselves or cell activated by CIA's MK-Ultra program or psychedelic drugs. (Ole Dammegard on Las Vegas shooting:) - shoes off, open shirts, one leg exposed are symbols of Freemasonic connection. Referring to rituals. Colours too. No communication needed. They communicate using symbols to each other (get the picture?) ... 👳 --- |

🔴 Right Side Broadcasting Network is live now: 🔴LIVE: YouTube Shooter Identified as Nasim Aghdam - LIVE BREAKING NEWS COVERAGE

(PS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oRQPAM5hD6E&feature=em-lbcastemail has been taken down by YouTube or taken down by RSBNetwork itself??)

The shooter who injured several people at YouTube headquarters today has been identified as Nasim Aghdam, a 39-year-old from Southern California. She had a YouTube channel which has been removed, and on the channel she had complained about YouTube discriminating against and filtering her content. She also had a website criticizing YouTube for censorship and demonitization of videos. We have LIVE BREAKING NEWS COVERAGE of the identification of the YouTube shooter as Nasim Aghdam.(PS: Latest LIVE feed with Right Side Broadcasting Network is GONE - check video below)