May 8, 2022

🙏 ~ 💝~ (Let's Dance For Freedom, Equality and Justice Yeeeah Baby!) Todays Inspirational Spiritual Quotes & Videos (SoTW) ~ 💕 | Blogger: [✨Waiting For A Star To Fall: A Tribute to 80's Entertainment✨] ... ✌️PUTIN has already declared May 9 as the "END" of the war in Ukraine ... Taiwan then Israel!... 😵‍💫"2000 Mules" - I've seen Christians, Americans who just woke up to a reality check, even voters, for the Dems, getting themselves really pissed after they are finding how the election was stolen from the, We, The People, by these govt officials. And following in the slippery footsteps of Crooked Nancy, the failed author and wife of CCP Joe Biden, will make a 'good-will' trip to Romania, Slovenia and Ukraine, this week (WTF?) - still haven't figured out that “Joe Biden” is an actor, First Lady Dr Jill, knows this, he's not the President of the United States of America, Inc. She's together with Justin Trudeau (Dead Man Walking? - All DS, Cabal and Nazis at one place). When Obama, sets his foot on Danish soil, is NOT his original, but a clone?? And the REAL story about Johnny deep + Amber, is about "Adrenochrome" everything you can imagine of satanical stuff, heard trial are Airing non-stop... Full trial. And you only get colored sketches of the Ghislaine Maxwell trial and few excerpts from the trial and everything is redacted in the released files is about... 😘Sooo, let aaall the anger go now, blow off steam, aaaaand let's partyyyy!... 🤱Happy thoughts, happy, happy (Mother's Day)... 🤗SoTW do LOOOVE the 80's and everything about it... 🎵Whitney Houston concert with Crown Prince Frederik in 1988 at Valby Hall in Copenhagen, among the rich from (Herlufsholm - i'm kidding). Parties, my first true love, America + my soul-friend, football, school time, friends, dancing, nightlife, girlfriends, music, movies, sports, traveling, freedom, no digital age, no tv addictions, no worries - if I could Reliving Groundhog Day over and over and over again - I would choose the (late) 80's... |


👩‍🚀🚀🌌 ~ (Semper Supra: Cabal will fight to the very end or escape out of Mars portals - Val Nek thinks they are crazy and it's not gonna happen!) Galactic Federation: Australia, Mars, and Intergalactic Confederation Intervention with Val Nek (MR) ~ | Blogger: I loooove Megan Rose and her channelings... Aaaand SoTW do not really care, about Elena Danaan, rejected MR (her protégé), also Dr. Michael Salla, has dissociated from one of their best buddies (Alex Collier also mentioned the break-up). It happened about 5 months ago, they all were sitting and nursing each other, on YouTube, now, RM, is a no go!. That has raised a few eyebrows on SoTW and my Danish friend utterly confused, to say the least. I think RM is AWESOME and she resonate with me on SoTW... So be it and so it is!... PS: Similar to Tarot by Janine with Catherine Edwards (what did go wrong? I really miss them together)... |

👁️⃤ ⚖️⛓️ ~ (Den sidste Rip, Rap og Hækkerups mystiske exit inden han ryger i kachotten!?!) Lobbyisme er “sugardating” for politikere: Latterlig ubetydelig Direktør for Bryggeriforeningen der beskæftiger knap 10 ansatte. Madness, stunt, hoax, scam... (SoTW) ~ | Blogger: 'Jensens' exit - Green Power Denmark med 125 ansatte.... In the 'NICK' of time... Forlod den sidste generation-Hækkerups, politik, fordi, ellers risikerede han og andre, at ende op med en rigsretssag-gabestokken som #Stoejberggaten, nu hvor satire-rygterne, sætter ham i forbindelse til, kendskabet af alle de, SPRÆNGFARLIGE Mørke-Mette-Møgsagerne? Sager som; Mink-Gate, Slettede sms'er, Syrien-børnene, Danske politikker MeToo-afsløringer og Dubai-rejser (Statsministeren, Khader, Jes Dorph, Christian Bitz samt influencers og sportsstjerner på solferie i Dubai under coronanedlukningen)... Stod Hækkerup i virkeligheden, bag den ulovlige fængsling, af Lars Findsen og det mislykkes attentant på Store Fede Frederiksen, à la, 20. juli-sammensværgelsen, mod Hitler?. Stod han og efterretningsvæsenet, også bag indbrud i Findsens private villa? Gav han ordre til PET og FE, på intimideringstur blandt chefredaktører og udgivere? Noget som Avisledere, kaldte sag, om fængslet FE-chef, skadelig for Danmark!!.. Desuden, er det også VILDT mystisk, at Kristian Jensen forlader en top FN-post for, at blive grøn direktør... Jeg tror personligt på, at DeHvideHatte opererer på HØJTYRK i Dannevang og StatsAdelen, Eliten og Politikere, har fået en "DEAL" - TVIND eller FORSVIND! (Amdi og Tvind-empirelisterne)... HUSK PÅ; Dannevang, er på udenlandske hænder, så korrupt og fordærvet af Den Mørke Stat AKA Frimureriet, ejet af ROYAL DANISH CONSULATE GENERAL, NEW YORK 10022. ALTSÅ, hvis man nu tror på Anders Bak Acephali - Notar - Folkedomstolen - så er Firmaet KINGDOM OF DENMARK ejet fra en Adresse i New York. Hvilken også giver mening for, når man sætter sig ind i de Maritime love og Kongeriget Danmark og Christiansborg Slot (Saxo kaldet 'Insula Maritima' øen i havet eller 'Den maritime ø')... PS: Bliver, brevstemningen, der startede op den 20. April - 28 Maj, om folkeafstemningen om forsvarsforbeholdet den 1. juni, som de "2000 Mules", så MMM, står solbadet tilbage, som vinder??. Hvor ville det være enormt skønt, vi snart ser ændringer i "systemet". Er nødt til, at være positiv... |


✨ ~ 💗 ('3 major cosmic events wield significant ripple effects in the collective field: May 10, 2nd eclipse - a Full Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse May 15/16.') May Day Alert - Eclipse Portal Intensifies (Meg Benedicte) 💕 ~ | Blogger: Did you feel getting BLASTED by Solar Activity and Electromagnetic Waves - the Earth's magnetic field overlap with our brainwaves? The rise of all 4 frequencies, ongoing for hours and hours! Well, SoTW did. A suddenly rush of emotions, came over me and tiredness, exhausted... |



Greetings Tim,

As we travel the eclipse corridor, the intensity is building inside and around us. It feels like we’ve stepped into the ferocious Refiner’s Fire, transforming our vessels from carbon to crystalline. Imagine your energy is being pushed, prodded and polished into the emerging diamond!

During the month of May’s Taurus earthy energies, we typically enjoy the beauty of Venus, the natural world and life’s sensuous pleasures. But while the May eclipse portal is open, you may be feeling the pressure increase in the field. There are 3 major cosmic events coming soon: Mercury turns Rx in Gemini on May 10, Jupiter changes signs and enters Aries also on May 10, plus the 2nd eclipse - a Full Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse arrives on May 15/16.

Any one of these events wield significant ripple effects in the collective field. All three transits occurring during a powerful eclipse portal increases the magnitude of potential output exponentially. How ready are you for the intense heat of the Refiner’s Fire? Are you including self-care during the eclipse portal? If you feel overwhelmed, take a timeout and rest, nourish and regenerate your life force vitality. Embrace the inflow of cosmic energies!

❌🗳️🕵️ (seeing is believing) "2000 MULES" VIRTUAL PREMIERE (SoTW) ~ | Blogger: I AM quite sure many have seen, or heard, of the new film by Dinesh D’Souza, and hundreds of thousands of people, will watch it over next few days... Please enjoy the movie by clicking on the link below, share with friends… A documentary covering True the Vote’s video evidence of a coordinated, funded, illegal ballot trafficking network across critical swing states. And after the 2020 election, government officials and their allies in the media repeated the mantra that the election was the 'most secure in American history,' Dinesh D Souza pointed out before the premiere of his new documentary film 2000 Mules at Mar-a-Lago, Wednesday night... Or just go to Telegram and search for it... PS: Other documentaries are "2020 Election | The Epoch Times" or Mike Lindell's “Absolutely 9-0” is a short film detailing the CCP's involvement in the US election... |