Oct 12, 2022

🕴️📽️🧍‍♂️ (SSP Next Gen Realistic CGI, DeepFake & AI Image Generators) Public Knows Nothing. Hollyweird is Helping. Who Pulls the Plug? (SOTW; SNOOZERS ARE, IN FACT, LOSERS!) ~ 12. Oct 2022 ~ |

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✨ ('Melania=Mask-Inside=Lady Di. Don't trust TulsiG.=US-Army-Psyops. EBS=US-midterm-elections. E.T.-Earth-Alliance behind The-White-Hats. Pleiadians-are-Here!.') Accurate prediction bridge bombing-Russia-Ukraine president has surrendered-Royals-Media (SOTW; HOLY SH..) ~12. Oct 2022 ~ |

Accurate prediction bridge bombing-Russia-Ukraine president has surrendered-Royals-Media. Utsava was the first real MAGA psychic, who has predicted MAGA events when they have started. Utsava is world-wide known for accurate predictions and prophecies 


💝 ('ShariRaye: G/NESARA, Med-Beds & 6000 Suppressed Techn. 2-Be-Released. She rejects bumpy ride until March 2023. Foretold by Charlie Ward + DC.') Todays Inspirational Spiritual Quotes & Videos ~ 12. Oct 2022 ~ |


Cashless society apocalypse: One of the largest Swiss retailer, COOP, loses 100 million $ in 24 hours after digital card payment fails to work - Strange Sounds

🗿 (Folklore of Human-like Greek-Giants, Nephilim Anunnaki & Sumerian Giant Skeletons etc.) Helmet of a Giant found by accident while underwater diving (SOTW; DID U.S. SPECIAL FORCES KILL A GIANT IN KANDAHAR 2002?) ~ 12. Oct 2022 ~ |

forces giant humans KANDAHAR at DuckDuckGo
(2) giant humans - YouTube


👁️⃤ 🔞🧱 (Unfreaking-believable: Kirk Kristiansen - Master Carpenter, Master Builder & Master Mason?) Knight of 1st degree - Order of the Dannebrog. Oldest Flag and Monarchy in the World. Kirk + family Queen Margrethe & Queen Mary's Bestest-Buddy. LEGO Brand Group acquires FWD Media Inc. d/b/a BrainPOP aka BrainF*ck for $875 million. Dr. Avraham 'and the 'Kadar's BrainSucks hypnotize mind control for kids. Dr. Fauci and medical industry helps students understand Coronavirus, safety and Vax-KillSh0ts ~ 12. Oct 2022 ~ |

Avraham Kadar - President for Fwd Media, Inc. (corporationwiki.com)
lego acquires brainpop - Google Search
BrainPop - Wikipedia
Department Q: The Absent One (2014) - IMDb