Mar 22, 2019

B.T. FNYS NEWS | ~ Minister køber liebhaverlejlighed midt i Købehavn ~ | Blogger: [🚴‍♂️Ugens scoop og høj pistolføring💰] ... {Økonomisk frihed, flere penge til indiv- idet, mindre til skat - LA} ... Jesus' lignelse om den rige mand og Lazarus: Ole Birk Olesen og rådmand Bünyamin Simsek prøvekører elektriske løbehjul i Aarhus, som er trygt og sikkert, siger han. Ministeren har lige købt en liebhaverlejlighed til 10 mio. kr. på 285 kvadratmeter og undlader at snakke om de personlige oplysninger, der har 460.000 brugere af el-løbehjul i omløb og er blevet lækket... Men hvor skulle han også vide det fra, det var dengang... Han er sikkert i lommen på lobist- erne og interesenter, som alle andre i Folketinget!?... PostNordGaten: En skandale er bare en skandale... Arrogancen er hans værste fjende...BT: "Tre eksempler på, at Ole Birk Olsen som journalist var frækkere end de fleste. Han var dengang fanatisk optaget af, at Anders Foghs VK-regering ikke var liberal nok, og det var svært at indpasse i objektive artikler. I 2007 stopper han på Berlingske og springer helt ud som liberal debattør. Han udgiver debatbogen »Taberfabrikken« - et frådende angreb på velfærdsstaten, som er skyld i »opløste familier, en eksplosion i krimin- aliteten, ødelagt arbejdsmoral, og forværrede sociale problemer.« Han starter også den højreorienterede netavis 180grader. Det forretningsmæssige talent lever dog ikke op til de ideologiske visioner. Efter det første leveår kommer netavisen ud med et underskud på 900.000 kr. To år senere træder Saxo Bank-stifteren Lars Seier Christensen dog til, skyder et ukendt beløb ind i avisen, og køber 40 pct. af selskabet igennem sit holdingselskab Seier Capital. Siden Ole Birk Olesen bliver kandidat for Liberal Alliance i 2010, får 180grader lov at leve videre som et brugerstyret medie, som kun brugerne selv interesserer sig for. Men Ole Birk bliver ikke rundere. Tværtimod. Årets efter er det hele kvindekønnet, der må stå for skud."... |

TSOTH The School of the Heart | ~ Drunvalo Melchizedek and Daniel Mitel about Flower of Sunlight ~ | Blogger: IF you don't have a Tayhon chamber nearby, there's so many other products, like Quantum Infused Energy Oil!?.. As i have only heard it's great, i have no experience myself and maybe, a little pricey... sooo... for the cheapest choice without the secrets and without interventions from the medical mafia, use cool products, like Colloidal Silver, MSM, Natron and other alternative healing stuff to makes you a new human by 100% detoxifying and purified... |

Verdensalt | ~ How To Keep Your Spiritual Stealth Missions Quiet ~ | Blogger: [🌱Principles of word of mouth healing marketing. The Tachyon Chamber is designed for human evolution only🌹] ... (PS: Please be aware, other companies provide services to similar Tachyon healing products, which is not originated from Pleiad- ians starbrothers and starsisters)... There's things i'm not allow to talk about in details, because you know, that someone else is listening in. Sorry to be so cryptic about it... I can disclosure however, sixth time has verdensalt entering the THC with trusted friends.. But, as your properly aware of, planetary network of Tachyon Healing Chambers is being supervised by Cobra, locals to enforce it and supported by Pleiadians and other cosmic civilizations of Light. You can now schedule Tach- yon healing sessions worldwide... Here's ONE version, how to explain THC: A Tachyon Chamber is a portal that delivers tachyon energy to the human body. Using advanced, Pleiadian technology that configures sacred geometry, noble metals, and crystals embedded with “wormhole technology,” the Chamber attracts tachyon particles from beyond “near Earth orbit” and funnels them directly into the person occupying the Chamber. The effects of Tachyon Chamber sessions are permanent. Each session experience is very individual, from enhancement of their general energy field, increased feelings of well-being, greater emotional and mental clarity, and increasing ease with physical issues etc. etc. ... 'Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened'... With that i mean, if you're really, really serious and pushed by your guides, and would like to know about or wish to try a Tachyon healing chamber, there's ways of make an appointment, for locally interests and a wider, in depth information source is already given and provided in my own local language, just seek, and ye shall find... 🗒️ NOTE: MedBeds, Star Trek's replicators, time machines, quantum teleportation technologies and other high-tech space rocket systems (Quantum Vacuum & Zero Point Energy), laser satellites and Direct Energy Weapon (which have been traded with other extraterrestrial civilizations for 70 years, etc. etc.) has nothing to do with tachyon energy... |

--- THIS IS 'NOT' A THC ---
1. SSP MedBeds - Grow Limbs, Age Reduction, Health.
2. Star Trek replicators to synthesize meals on demand.
3. The Magnetic Engine and anti gravity propulsion system, Free energy, zero point energy etc.

Tachyon Healing Chamber (taken from a official cobra site):  

'Pleiadians and other cosmic civilizations of Light use tachyons as basic source of energy: as hyperdrive energy source for their spaceships by creating hyperspace wormholes, for healing, information transmission and for other purposes. Tachyon belt that represents the border between the entropic and syntropic universe is now surrounding our planet. High energy cosmic rays enter this Solar system from interstellar space and carry tachyons with them. Some of these tachyons reach the surface of our planet through a hyperdimensional wormhole that we have created with a quartz oscillator crystal aboard Genesis II spacecraft and these tachyons can be utilized in our Tachyon healing chamber that we have developed in cooperation with the Pleiadians. This special Tachyon chamber enables the arrival of tachyons from higher dimensions into physical matter.

Tachyons have an extraordinary healing and harmonizing effect. They can harmonize completely all energy fields that are result of gravity, electromagnetism and weak nuclear force. This reflects practically in multitude of ways. Tachyon energy harmonizes and enlivens the energy matrix which shapes all matter and thus also our mental, emotional, etheric and physical bodies. All this affects greatly our physical health and well-being. Since it harmonizes all electromagnetic emissions it is also an excellent protection against all forms of electrosmog. A healing session inside the Tachyon chamber takes 20 minutes and has irreversible positive effects on all aspects of our being'.. (..)...

PS: (verdensalt): I will not give you the direct link, to book, sorry... not allowed... many other great web sites exist and supports THC... 

Chaos Navigator | ~ Pretexts for War ~ | Blogger: On-the-spot ... Great Stuff! ... Please Wake Up!...😴🐏 'Chaos Navigator' YouTube kanalen, er styret fra Google bloggen ''. Kan varmt anbefales.. Nååååå, du tror stadig- væk ikke på der findes Falske Flag operationer, en retsstat, en militariseret politistat og en politisk centraladministration, med bankerne som hovedejeren, som snyder dig i Danmark og den vestlige hemisfære? Måske kan denne video, sætte nogle tanker igang... |

Verdensalt: Should we add Venezuela on this picture as well? 

Strange Things | ~ Scientists are able to shrink objects for the first time in history ~

#shrinkobjects #science2019 #technology2019 For the first time in history and with our current technology, researchers have produced nano-objects that can shrink "alone". First, the researchers assembled 3D objects in a special hydrogel, then an acid caused the gel and its contents to shrink. The 3D design thus became an object ten or thousand times smaller, without distortions or defects.

DR FNYS NEWS | ~Før var Alexander CS-spiller, nu flyveleder: Forsvaret søger og rekrutterer flere gamere ~ | .. - Hunter, approach... Hunter roger, report established .. | Blogger: [🛩️US Military Recruits Gamers To Fly Killer Drones & DK Hire Gamers as Air Traffic Controllers🕹️] ... Makes sense? Or is there a more sinister plan for these so-called 'gamers' to interact with drones and what have you in danish territories... One thing for sure is, that Denmark’s TDC shuns China's Huawei for 5G rollout, but leave Chinese company DJI, which the US military and several public authorities in the United States have banned. Just as it can pose a threat to Huawei building our telecommunications network, there may be a risk of using Chinese drones, says military analyst. An inventory from the Defence Command Denmark shows that 25 out of 29 drones purchased since 1 January 2016 are produced by the DJI. In addition, the Danish Defence Forces have purchased one or more drone systems which, for reasons of military operational security, cannot be disclosed. According to the US military, "DJI drones in August 2017 were banned for all parts of the military and collected for landfill because of" increased awareness of cyber vulnerabilities in DJI products "... |

Fra kontroltårnet i Karup har Alexander Hundegger overblikket over det midtjyske luftrum. Som flyveleder skal han kunne samarbejde, bevare overblikket og træffe hurtige beslutninger. Evner han tidligere trænede som 'gamer' eller computerspiller.

Forsvaret vil rekruttere gamere

Forsvaret går nu målrettet på jagt efter unge gamere, der ofte har udviklet evner, som er i høj kurs i flere af Forsvarets job og uddannelser.
Det er for eksempel evner som rumlig intelligens, strategisk sans, hurtige reaktioner og samarbejdsfærdigheder.
Derfor indleder Forsvarsministeriets Personalestyrelse nu et samarbejde med Esport Danmark, som er det danske forbund for elektronisk sport.
Målet er at skaffe flere dygtige ansøgere til blandt andet pilot-, flyveleder- og kontrol- og varslingsuddannelser.
Kilde: Forsvarsministeriets Personalestyrelse

Forsvaret køber stort ind af kinesiske droner – USA forbyder dem af sikkerhedshensy

Starchildglobal | ~ Crystalline DNA Alignments and Codes : The Original Template of Divine Creation emerges at Equinox March 2019 ~ | Archangel Michael chan- neled through Celia Fenn | .. This Equinox/Full Moon, with its emphasis on 1degree of Aries and Libra, focuses on the New Masculine (Aries) and the Sacred Marriage (Libra) within your cells and your DNA. Masculine and Feminine seek equality and balance and a new way of being that will allow the Divine Human Template of the Elohim Creators to emerge and to activate the true purpose of each human and the New Earth itself .. |

image by Meg Archambault 
Archangel Michael through Celia Fenn, March 17, 2019,

Beloved Family, as you move into and beyond the March Full Moon and Equinox, those of you who have chosen New Earth as your destination are experiencing the reactivation of your Divine Human Template within your DNA. This is a powerful process that involves receiving powerful incoming Diamond Light Codes that are not only activating the original template, but also throwing off all and any distortions and alterations in the DNA Genetic Key patterns.

The Elohim Angels were the original creators of the Divine Human Template, according to the Divine Plan. In this original Template, Humans were created as guardians and caretakers for the Sacred Planet Earth. They were created as Peace Loving and Gentle, designed to live in harmony with their fellow beings and the environment.

But, you should know, Beloved Ones, that there was a race of beings that we will simply call the “Draco-Sumerians” who coveted the planet and decided to make it their own and to divert it from its original purpose. To do this, they altered the Genetic patterns and keys of the human “keepers” on the planet, so that they ceased to be peace loving and harmonious and became greedy and aggressive. They did this by altering the patterns of the Masculine energy flows, so that where the masculine and feminine had been in perfect balance before, now the masculine was designed to seek domination and control through money, sex and power. All other beings were seen as subject and subservient to the human masculine energy.

Now, after thousands of years of this imbalance and distortion that is perpetuated through the DNA and its records, the incoming Diamond Light Codes are becoming so powerful that they are simply washing away the distortions and manipulations to the original DNA and allowing the Divine Human Template to emerge again. The Elohim knew that in time this would happen, and they designed the process of Ascension to bring the “Earth Keepers” back to an awareness of who they were and the inherent power and empowerment within them.

So, Beloved ones, you have reached that point where your DNA is being purged and cleansed, and you are reconnecting with your Divine Power. As this process continues, you throw off the old masculine pattern that was imposed on you and embrace what we call the new Divine Masculine, which was modeled for you on Earth by Jeshua as he walked the path of the Christ consciousness as an Avatar. Together with Mary Magdalene, they showed how the Masculine and Feminine could be brought into balance to create the Golden Star/Light within the Human Body and DNA. As these energies come into balance again, you will feel the Golden Light within your cells illuminating your life and your path.


SITSSHOW | ~ Corey Goode Deceived? MILABs, William Tompkins, Tom Delong, and Gaia TV - Dr. Steven Greer ~ | Blogger: [💜Spiritual warfare🖤] ... Sooo, who to trust?. Your voice is valid and holds the truth only you can tell. Trusting your inner guide is the most empowering and courageous thing that we all can do. Trust the intuition, authentic-self & let your heart guide you ... |

SGTreport | ~ CHRISTCHURCH UNCOVERED ~ | .. Researcher Ole Dammegard and former black ops agent turned whistleblower Cody Snodgres joins me to discuss the "event" in Christchurch New Zealand .. | Blogger: [👡Alters and Triggers - MONARCH PROGRAMMING🎀] ... {Monarch Mind Control is a form of mind control which creates a mind control slave by utilizing the human brain’s trauma response of dissociation to create a form of Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD) wherein various triggers can cause the slave personality to surface and respond to commands given by the master (“Handler” in Monarch parlance)} ..."ALERT: video platform under extreme threat from internet infrastructure providers, forced to delete all New Zealand shooting videos, essentially “at gunpoint” by the globalist controllers of the ‘net ~ Mike Adams" ... Verdensalt is ONLY presenting a possible Truth, not THE Truth... 'Truth isn't truth': so, is that true?... |

"This is a Fight between forces of Darkness and forces of Light. Darkness used Lies, the Light used the Truth. Darkness uses Hate & Fear, the light uses Love ~ whistleblower Cody Snodgres" 

Watch: The nation reflects on the Christchurch terror attacks
Man killed trying to take down gunman in Christchurch terror attack honoured with Auckland mural

Christchurch grieves right-wing terror attack

Broods postpone Christchurch show following terror attacks

Special UK armed soldiers in ‘NUCLEAR-PROOF BUNKER’ have been ‘activated’ to prepare for Brexit
Dutch Populist Party Celebrates Election Win in Wake of Utrecht Shooting

Yahoo News | ~ A Bird? A Plane? Meteor-Like Objects From Film Shoot Have LA Eyes to the Sky ~ | .. Streak of light over downtown Los Angeles 'not an alien invasion,' LAPD says .. |
Residents in Los Angeles were treated to a show in the sky on March 20, when wingsuit jumpers performed a stunt for a film shoot.

Alex Sanger shared video on Twitter of the stunt as the jumpers twirled around, lighting up the sky. The Los Angeles Police Department tweeted that the event was part of a film shoot and was not an “alien invasion.” Credit: Alex Sanger via Storyful

Gnostic Warrior | ~ Walt Disney: The Gnostic Masonic Rosicrucian ~ | .. Like the Rosicrucians, the Freemasons are the secret keepers of Gnosticism and Alchemy .. | Blogger. [🦸Disney/Fox merger HIRES former DNC chairwoman, Donna Brazile, who was fired from CNN after leaked e-mails suggested she used her position to pass information to the Clinton campaign about upcoming appearances. Whaaaat!?🙅] ... {a Master 33rd degree Freemason such as Walt Disney would have fully understood that basic principle of practical magic; that deliberately focused awareness can literally create any world it chooses, a power possessed by everyone} ... The Disney Death Star has finally arrived... Disney consolidating EVERYTHING!... "Disney's $71.3 billion acquisition of News Corp.’s 21st Century Fox film assets will make it the most powerful movie studio ever, but it's also causing a lot of people (4000) to lose their jobs ~ hollywoodreporter" ... Don't get me wrong, i looove STAR WARS ❤️ but don't support the satanic pedophilia cult, behind Disney.. Illuminati hypersexualization of children from the entertainment industry, has been exposed many times over years, but nobody listen... ONE, out of many, reasons Fox News has changed for the better, is that they have cleaned house, fired all the sexual offenders (pedophilie managers) and turned away from our mass media Deep State Operation Mockingbird... 💭 Did you know, that CIA admits using MSM News to Manipulate the Minds of American citizens (1975)!? Operation Mockingbird was a secret campaign by the United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) to influence media, including the itsy-bitsy-mini-putt-lego-state of Denmark, who HATES Trish Regan that said: 'Everyone in Denmark is working for the government'... |

Walt Disney: The Gnostic Masonic Rosicrucian