Mar 15, 2018

The Daily Caller (just in ) | Mar 15, 2018 | ~ Broward County Sheriff Releases Video Of Deputy’s Inaction during Parkland Shooting ~ | Blogger: [Government releases Nikolas Cruz video that shows Nikolas Cruz doing target practice at home & officer Scot Peterson’s inaction during the Parkland shooting, in order to CALM DOWN the population] ...(Disgraced Parkland Officer Lied, Radio Dispatch Recording Reveals) ... I know that these so-called 'facts' will trigger a lot of emotional response. What happened in the Florida school shooting was an ATROCITY. In order to stop these events from reoccurring we need to look at the facts without emotions and agendas. Nothing is what it seems ... FACTS: -- there was NOT one 👮 - but FOUR 👮👮👮👮 of the (broward co.) sheriff's deputy officers at the Parkland school shooting, that never went in 🚓.. School shootings in the United States is about gun control and improving security in schools (school violence prevention, school security, school threat assessment, and school emergency planning best practices = control & police militarization to take people's rights and the governmental body will save us all) .. Second Amendment - The idea is that if the Second Amendment is gone, so will be the right to own guns in the United States ... One of the reasons why conspiracy theories spring up with such regularity is due to our desire to impose structure on the world and incredible ability to recognise patterns. That may be true - however, false flag ops are sometimes sloopy and has many clues to unknown factors which leads to investigations...Fact: an "Active-Shooter DRILL" at same High School in Florida, hours BEFORE "actual" shootings which "killed 17" another Fact: QANON: #BrowardCountySheriff and Hillary connections ... |

The Broward County Sheriff’s office released new video Thursday of school safety officer Scot Peterson’s inaction during the Parkland shooting.

“Important breaking news into us right now,” CNN host John King told his audience before playing the clip. “New video from outside the Parkland, Florida high school where … the shooting took place last month, and new evidence the armed school resource officer did nothing.”

According to CNN, a judge ordered the Broward County Sheriff’s office must release the video.


In the video, Peterson can be seen “standing outside the school” as Nikolas Cruz killed 17 students and staff members at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

The sheriff’s office released a statement along with the video, saying “the video speaks for itself.”

“His actions were enough to warrant an internal affairs investigation, as requested by Sheriff Scott Israel on February 21,” the statement continues. “After being suspended without pay, Peterson chose to resign and immediately retired rather than face possible termination.”


WATCH: New video shows what happened outside Parkland school shooting

New surveillance video shows deputy outside during Parkland school massacre (CBS News)

Right Side Broadcasting Network | Mar 15, 2018 (Streamed live 3 hours ago) | 🔴Pedestrian Bridge Collapses at Florida International University - LIVE BREAKING NEWS COVERAGE | Blogger: [ has no clue if this assessement is correct - not trying to get anybody upset 👼] ... Please NOTE: The 950-ton, 174-foot-long pedestrian bridge was installed Saturday morning - 5 days ago (that's a fact). However, very strange. How often does a brand new pedestrian bridge, consisting of steel or concrete, engineered with newest technology (with titanium dioxide) from the finest and best companies in the world, collapse, just 5 days later? 1 to 1 million? Just imagine the lawsuits that Munilla Construction (MCM is a family business), one of the companies that worked on the bridge, could get now (check out the Time lapse of the official video submitted by FIU on the bridge installation - link below. PS: RSBN is saying now - that government trying to REMOVE these videos - AND - FIU Press release - gone missing) ... AT THE SAME TIME - Putin inspects Crimean bridge - connecting Crimea with mainland Russia (also a fact - but has The Deep State sent Putin a warning? - that they can blow up Bridges? NOBODY within Washington DC and UK wants to see Crimea with mainland Russia integrated and connected).... Check this out: """ Florida International University is a Top Choice for Students From Russia According to 2017 Rankings for International Students!!! (acc. to""" ... 🏴‍☠️ There you have it 🏴‍☠️ ... The FIU-Sweetwater UniversityCity Bridge is connecting the university, which holds russian students 🤔 ... I know, i know ... veeery far-fetched - however, you have nooooo idea what the 'hidden hand' are capable of with occult symbolism and illuminati numerology etc ... Today's date = European date format/US format (it doesn't matter) 15/03 = 9 = 2018 = 11 = 9/11 ... In a Tuesday news release, the university said, "The 174-foot, 950-ton section of the bridge was built adjacent to Southwest Eight Street using Accelerated Bridge Construction (ABC) methods, which are being advanced at FIU's Accelerated Bridge Construction University Transportation Center (ABC-UTC). This method of construction reduces potential risks to workers, commuters and pedestrians and minimizes traffic interruptions. The main span of the FIU-Sweetwater UniversityCity Bridge was installed in a few hours with limited disruption to traffic over this weekend." ... MSM media outlets is saying that several dead and 8 injured after the new walkway falls on busy road - ALL i'm saying - did anybody really get hurt or was this a staged event? .. Well, i'm sorry, i don't believe that Parkland Florida high school shooting, was real either (at least a False Flag Operation - maybe real casualties) ...You be the judge ...PS: USAToday: U.S. sanctions on Russia cite 2016 election interference — but remain largely symbolic. The AMN: Trump sanctions Russia for election hacking and malicious cyber attacks ... |

A pedestrian bridge has collapsed at Florida International University (FIU). There are multiple fatalities and cars are trapped underneath the bridge. The bridge had been installed at FIU on Saturday. We have LIVE BREAKING NEWS COVERAGE of the FIU bridge collapse.

3 day old FIU Press release - gone missing... (suddenly)
Police asking helicopters to stay away so first responders CAN HEAR trapped victims

Som links:


Putin inspects Crimean bridge as Bridge the Cat inspects the president

Just run with it | Feb 16, 2018 | ~ IMPORTANT MESSAGE FROM KEN O'KEEFE ~ | Blogger: [I'm happy to see in Denmark, they have their own currency and not EURO] .. Who is he? Ken O'Keefe is an American-Irish-Palestinian citizen and activist and former United States Marine and Gulf War veteran ... |

The Rumor Mill News Reading Room | Mar 14, 2018 | ~ Mr. Ed's Intel Update via Email - "CURRENT SITUATION UPDATE" ~ | Blogger: As always, use your own spiritual discernment on my blog... |

Received via email from Mr. Ed...... 

INTEL Update (Real News) via email - "CURRENT SITUATION UPDATE" 3/14/18
Posted By: Mr.Ed
Date: Wednesday, 14-Mar-2018 20:13:41

We are currently in an Intel Blackout...which indicates how close we are to 'The Event' occurring.

Positive Forces can not disclose details of ongoing operations without compromising their missions.

Clearing of Deep Underground Illuminati Secret Complexes continue as we speak.

There have been 6,000 arrests since Saturday. (3/10/2018)

Another 190 chose suicide.

4 high value targets were arrested in LA and had to wear Kevlar vests, helmets, and a hoodie.

All of this is being kept quiet to prevent riots and destruction.

All past timelines are being placed into the 'Akashic Records' for posterity. (historical records)

The records are the "Book of Life" or a 'Universal Supercomputer System' for all Thoughts, Words and Actions since time began.

You will be able to go back in time and attend historical events to see what really happened in real time.

The purified waters of Antarctica will be used to 'turn the deserts green' and 'restore mineral life' to all plants and living things.

These rains will have a silver to copper color when they fall to earth.

The future will be unbelievable complete with Cards for our own Personal Credit, Replicators (suppressed) that can make everything and 'a new awareness' of the 'power of our minds' to 'manifest' our needs.


March 14, 2018 by Edward Morgan

After these interviews, “official disclosure” from Trump, Putin, or anyone else will almost be a non-event. Just sayin’. In fact, we may be able to tell them a thing or two because the “META Files” should go viral.

I don’t know the name of the interviewer because he is keeping a low profile, but he’s a really nice young man and does a super job, with minimal interruptions. Questions for META from the chat are excellent, too, so thank you, whoever you are, and kudos to you both for bringing this information to the public.

Don’t let the initial Spanish in the beginning of the videos throw you—it’s all in fluent English AND, as he says, he spent his weekends creating transcripts! for these 90 minute+ videos.

Now that’s a labour of love, and I provided links to the transcripts below each video where you will find them at his blog. The Spanish is for the listeners he is doing a live translation for so they know what’s going on when Skype interruptions happen.

A huge thank you on behalf of my Starship and Captain’s Blog readers who have hearing issues, or don’t have the time to listen to the audios. I recommend listening, however, because the voice contains the personality and sincerity of META.

You know the censorship on YouTube is heavy when you put a link to a specific video in the search box and it loads all kinds of other unrelated crap (like Taylor Swift) above it and you have to scroll down to find what you searched for.

From META, a Dark Fleet recruit of nearly twenty years, we learn about The Event, Antarctica, positive and negative ETs, mind-blowing “special abilities”, the Minnesota “meteor”, the effect of meditation on the Compression Breakthrough, the RV/GCR, what time travelers can and can’t do to change timelines, and so many things we didn’t even know we wanted to know.

META said some of the ships in the video game, “Elite Dangerous Horizons” are very similar to the craft he saw in the Dark Fleet. Interesting name for the game.

My jaw was on the floor for these discussions because there is so much confirmation of what we’ve been hearing for years and we’ll never see our fake reality the same again. You will also find META’s information validates things you weren’t sure about because of all the disinformation on the Internet.

Because of his ability to astral project, he visited Atlantis, Mu, and Lemuria. He gives a chilling account of how similar the final status of Atlantis was to our situation today on Earth, what happened, and why we have to turn things around NOW. History must not repeat.

Best of all, it’s not a downer kind of disclosure. META assures us The Event and our liberation, are very close. He has been in the presence of Light Beings and knows the power of the forces here to dismantle the dark.

(Now that I am into the third video, I must revise the above because META says he has consulted with his SSP friends and he agrees he needs to speak of the darker side. For example, he says if someone went off the reservation and was insubordinate and not a candidate for rehabilitation even after torture, they would simply “space” them, which is throwing them out of a ship like jetsam.)

We live in a free-will Universe, and META had a choice. He could do the bidding of the dark ones who recruited and trained him to use his abilities against the Light, or he could work for the Light.

Fortunately for us, he chose the latter. When the dark ones finally realized he had betrayed them, they age-regressed and mind-wiped him and sent him back to Earth. He explains why they didn’t kill him and how he got his memories back.

BREAKING | Mar 15, 2018 | RT - Russia Today | ~ France, Germany, US, UK say Salisbury incident a violation of UK’s territorial integrity by Russia ~ | Blogger: [Comments from the Conversation trail:] .. "UK, France, Germany, US" - Aren't these the bunch that led NATO's Operation Gladio's terror attacks in Western Europe framed to blame the USSR? The Orwellian West knows no lows...PS: The danish governmental body is still considering a strong Danish reaction to Russia - the danish PM, will support the brits, for solidarity reasons - It awakes memories of the Cold War, says Lars Løkke about the tense situation between the British and Russian affairs ... PSS: Russia says the UK is 'misleading' the world over spy poisoning ... |

© Geoff Caddick / AFP
A joint statement by the UK, US, France and Germany says the poisoning of ex-double agent Sergei Skripal was a violation of Britain’s sovereignty by Russia and was the first offensive use of a chemical agent since World War II.

The incident, in which Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia were poisoned in Salisbury on March 4, involved “a military-grade nerve agent, of a type developed by Russia,” said the statement issued on Thursday. The four countries said the incident constituted “the first offensive use of a nerve agent in Europe since the Second World War.”

David Icke | Mar 13, 2018 | ~ PROVED RIGHT AGAIN: David Icke predicting the war on Russia and explaining why ~ |

David Vaughan Icke er en engelsk forfatter, foredragsholder, og tidligere medie personlighedbedst kendt for sit syn på, hvad han kalder  "who and what is really controlling the world". Beskriver sig selv som den mest kontroversielle taler og forfatter i verden, han har skrevet mange bøger der forklarer sin position og er døbt "New Age conspiracism". Har tiltrukket en betydelig skare af følgere fra hele det politiske spektrum. Hans 533-siders "The Biggest Secret(1999)" er blevet kaldt konspirationsteoretikers "Rosetta Stone".

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ZeroHedge \\ Paul Craig Roberts | Mar 14, 2018 | ~ Paul Craig Roberts Goes There: "World War 3 Is Approaching" ~ | Blogger: Yes, sorry, it's all bad news 🤢 - but important to understand the betray by some rogue elites who wants to destroy the world and elimite the world population (by Wars, Chemtrails, HAARP and Agenda 21/2030). don't belive in end-of-the-world scenario, but that's what the end games comes too.. It's hard to see the fog of deception and lies from the Dark side of the Force - trust me the light will shine through and win the battle, once and for all ... 💪🖖👍 |

Paul Craig Roberts

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts was Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy and associate editor of the Wall Street Journal. He was columnist for Business Week, Scripps Howard News Service, and Creators Syndicate. He has had many university appointments. His internet columns have attracted a worldwide following. Roberts' latest books are The Failure of Laissez Faire Capitalism and Economic Dissolution of the West and How America Was Lost

Authored by Paul Craig Roberts,

“In a nuclear war the 'collateral damage' would be the life of all humanity.” - Fidel Castro

The Russians, in their anxiety to show the West how friendly they are, left Washington with a toe hold in Syria, which Washington is using to reopen the war. The Russians’ failure to finish the job has left Washington’s foreign mercenaries, misrepresented in the American presstitute media as “freedom fighters,” in a Syrian enclave. To get the war going again, Washington has to find a way to come to the aid of its mercenaries.
The Trump regime has found, or so it thinks, its excuse in the revival of the Obama regime’s fake charge of Syrian use of chemical weapons. This made-up lie by the Obama regime was put to rest by Russian intervention that made sure there were no Syrian chemical weapons. Indeed, if memory serves, Russia delivered the chemical weapons to the US for destruction. Little doubt Washington still has them and will use some of them with their Syrian markings for what appears to be a coming false flag attack that can be blamed on Assad. In other words, Washington will create a “situation,” blame Assad and Putin, and with or without congressional authorization introduce US intervention in behalf of Washington’s mercenaries
If we can believe James Mattis, the retired US Marine General who is US Secretary of Defense, Syria, a country without chemical weapons and in need of none in its mopping up operations against Washington’s mercenaries, is using chlorine gas “against its own people,” exactly the same phrase as the Obama regime used when Obama tried to orchestrate an excuse to attack Syria. Mattis said that he is receiving reports of chlorine gas use by Assad while simultaneously saying he has no evidence of gas use, much less by the Syrian Army.
The US Secretary of Defense actually accused Syria of “targeting hospitals” with chlorine gas even though he admits there is no evidence. Mattis went on to accuse Russia of complicity in killing civilians, an endeavor in which the US excels.
Stephen Lendman reports that CIA Director Pompeo “suggested a US attack on Syrian forces may be forthcoming, saying Trump won’t tolerate CW [chemical weapons] attacks, adding he hasn’t made a decision on the latest reports about chlorine gas use.” 
US Secretary of State Tillerson joined the orchestrated allegation even though he admitted there was no evidence. 

Økonomisk Ugebrev \\ Euroinvestor | 16. Marts 2018 | ~ Nationalbanken ser dansk økonomi vokse med 1,9 pct. i 2018 - NY3 ~ | Blogger: [Et stærkere Danmark - Venstre- husk på, vi kan se ind i FREMTIDEN] .. Der skydes! Krudtugler og kanonkonger! Der skydes vildt med 'elefantastiske' historier ud fra DNB samt Økonomisk Ugebrev finanshuses magtcenter, for at bevare aktionærens ro og som skal postulere, at KRISEN er slut. De blå faner vejer stolt i ridderkorstogenes tråd med Venstres politik, 'Et trygt og sammenhængende Danmark'. Opsvinget er begyndt - her går det godt! - Venstre og den private Wall Street magnet DNB, har kronede dage, borgerne må for guds skyld, ikke vide, at der kommer endnu en recession eller finansielt makeover, som får 2008 krisen, til at ligne en knaldrød babynumse med svampeinfektion.. Vi må holde sammen, hvor de blå og røde faner mødes og slå gnister, så forbruget stiger og stiger blandt de danske kernevælgere og middelklassens overforbrug. Venstres gode gamle mantra i firsernes børsverden, før fængslet, var "Greed is good" - grådighed er godt. VI VINDER KAMPEN... PS: blahh - Fis i en hornlygte ... Overhørte en nyhedsudsendelse fra Radio24syv i går, hvor nyhedsoplæseren sagde:... "sådanne lyder melding fra Nationalbanken, der styrer Danmarks pengepolitik og trykker landets penge"🤣🤣🤣 .. At tænke sig, man i 2018 SKAL notificere befolkningen, at Nationalbanken (DNB) trykker penge. NEJ - for Nationalbanken har allerede flyttet sin møntproduktionen til Finland og de danske medier, folketingsmedlemmer, embedsmænd og størstedelen af Danmarks befolkning, lider af kognitiv dissonans eller stockholmsyndromet... - Mønter og sedler skabes i Nationalbanken. Det er korrekt for Ca 5% af PENGEMÆNGDEN, mens de digitale KONTOPENGE skabes af private banker. Digitale kontopenge, de 95% af pengemængden, skabes af de PRIVATEJEDE banker, når de laver udlån. - Altså når det samlede udlån stiger, så stiger pengemængden. Når låntager betaler tilbage, så falder den samlede pengemængde... You be the judge... |

Muligt stop for rentefald ved 0,60%

Af Bruno Japp d. 15/03
Den omvendte SHS-formation, som der blev bygget op til i sidste uge, blev ikke en realitet. I stedet fortsatte renten nedad, og den holder sig […]

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EUR/USD er nu svagt faldende

Af Bruno Japp d. 15/03
EUR/USD har ikke formået at iværksætte et tredje angreb på modstanden ved 1,252, og valutaforholdet siver nu nedad i en svagt faldende kanal med loft […]

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Finanshus: Kortsigtede forhold bag øgning af LIBOR-OIS

Af Morten W. Langer d. 14/03
Ever since the LIBOR–OIS spread shot up from single digit basis points to well over 300 bps during the financial crisis, the gap between the […]

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LIBOR-OIS spænd på niveau med eurokrisen i 2012

Af Morten W. Langer d. 14/03
  “Libor-OIS remains a barometer of fears of bank insolvency.” —Alan Greenspan Forklaring: the LIBOR-OIS spread is considered a key measure of credit risk within the banking sector. LIBOR […]

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Europæiske obligationsrente fortsætter faldet

Af Morten W. Langer d. 14/03
Kursgraf: Er der en økonomisk opbremsning på vej? Renteudviklingen peger i den retning.

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DAX Future igen på vej over pejlemærke i 12.300

Af Morten W. Langer d. 14/03
Kursgraf: Risikoindikatorerne og obligationsrenten peger ikke i retning af ny Risk Off hos de professionelle  

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TV2 NYS | 14. Mar 2018 | ~ Filmbørn anklager instruktør for voldtægt: Jeg skulle bide tænderne sammen, så det ikke gjorde så ondt ~ | (In English:) - Major Crackdown - The List Of Denmark's 1970s Survivor of Childhood Sexual Abuse From The Movie Industry, Continues To Escalate ~ | Blogger: [translated from the TV2 news articles, berlingske etc.] (Is the crackdown really a shakedown??) - kids from old danish movie productions accuses the movie director of RAPE: 'So it has bitten the bullet, avoiding the pain'... The accused movie director in his responds to the accusations:' - "It was just an assault," says the producer of iconic youth film. Steen Herdel, who was the supreme person in charge of the youth films in the 1970's, and accused of sex charges, does not think he has FAILED (he later regretted that statement) .. For 40 years they have been carrying a deep and shameful secret, but now a number of the 70's children's actors has come forward with stories of sexual abuses ... "Back then ... there was a shop in Nansensgade Copenhagen, where you could legally watch children's pornography" - Steen Herdel was a producer of a number of youth films in the 1970s, from which several contributing children and young people today talk about repeated assaults from the instructors Lasse Nielsen and Ernst Johansen. Despite the instructor's interest in "boys with bare upper body", Steen Herdel maintains that he did not think there was anything wrong. "Maybe I was naive," he says to Berlingske Papers... PS: It's not only woman who steps forward with accusations, Anders Lund Madsen (journalist, famous TV host and lecturer) says that he was groped by the director of children's films, among other men ... |

Stillness in the Storm | Mar 14, 2018 | ~ Another Huge Vatican Linked Pedophile Ring Has Been Exposed ~ |

(Arjun Walia) Pedophilia is a big problem these days, and has been for a while. For decades, and more recently with the Harvey Weinstein case, Corey Feldman’s revelations and more, people in positions of great power have been implicated in this type of activity, but it doesn’t stop in Hollywood.

by Arjun Walia, March 7th, 2018

Pedophilia and child trafficking has plagued the world of politics as well as the military industrial complex for a long time. The recent Pizzagate scandal involving long time high ranking politician Jon Podesta forced many people to look into it more. Jeffrey Epstein is another classic example, or the fact that a recent NBC news report claimed that Hillary Clinton, while acting as secretary of state, shut down an investigation into an elite pedophile ring in State Department ranks in order to avoid scandal and protect the careers of high ranking officials and an ambassador. James Grazioplene, a high ranking retired army general who worked in the Pentagon and as the Vice President of DynCorp, is currently facing six rape charges of underaged persons. As far back as 2005, U.S. congresswoman Cynthia Mckinney grilled Donald Rumself on private military contractor’s (DynCorp) child trafficking business of selling women and children.....READ MORE


Verdensalt | Mar 15, 2018 | ~ CEO Resignations/Notable Resignations/Confirmed Resignations/Retirements/Deaths/Resignation Statistics/Arrests/Helicopter Crashes/Q-Posts/Deaths of Holistic Doctors/etc. ~ | Blogger: Destroying the Illusion 2.0 has announced this yesterday - it's a AMAZING spreadsheet pieced together from a anonymous source. It tracks down all the 2017/2018 MOST notable resignations, deaths etc. from all over the world (with links) ... CEO's, Founders, Chairman's, Board Members, CFO's, Journalists, Political Resignations, Big Pharma, etc. etc... Some of them has a tag/note on them, adding some fuel to why they have resigned, in the first place .. Example: 🇩🇰 DENMARK: Scandinavian Tobacco Group, CFO, Sisse Fjelsted Rasmussen (resigned) .. 🇩🇰 Rovsing A/S, CEO, Cristian Bank (resigned) .. 🇸🇪 SWEDEN: IKEA, Founder, Ingvar Kamprad, died at 91 - Note: one of the richest people worldwide .. 🇩🇪 GERMANY: Stock Exchange, Deutsche Boerse, CEO, Carsten Kengeter, (Resigned) - Note: amid insider trading allegations .. 🇺🇸 USA: Laureate Education, Inc. => Clinton-Related!? ... 🇺🇸 USA: Progressive Conservative Association of Nova Scotia, Leader, Jamie Baillie, (Fired) - Note: Sexual harassment allegations .. 🇨🇦 Canada: Pharma Apotex, CEO, Jeremy Desai, (Resigned) - Note: allegations of trade secret leaks .. 🇺🇸 USA: Police, Mississippi Highway Patrol, Chief, Daren Freeman (Resigned) - Note: amid questions about a videotaped drug bust .. 🇺🇸 USA: Mayor, Seattle, Ed Murray, (Resigned) - Note: after fifth child sex-abuse allegation ... 💭 PS: As a side note - 🇩🇰 Scandinavian Tobacco Group and their CEO, Niels Frederiksen, received in 2016, a CRAZY WHIPPING amount of money of 6.4 million DKK in basic salary, while the other Executive Board received 3.7-4.6 million DKK (Sisse Fjeldsted Rasmussen). On top of that, Niels Frederiksen, has received a bonus of 20-40% of his annual salary, while for the rest of the Executive Board, it was about 25-50% ... WAUV ... Think about it - a danish CEO and his EB of money thiefs, working for one the most disgusting industry in the world - Tobacco, living like ""Kings"" & Queens, with no regrets!!!?. Let's put aside the simplest and most tendentious answer: cigarettes and smoking of tobacco KILLS ... Remembering candy cigarettes is Big Tobacco’s most evil way to turn children into smokers.. In Sweden, Snus Kills, says swedish study (a moist powder tobacco product). Over 20 percent of men between the ages of 18 and 79 are daily users in Sweden. Another facts is that a new studies conclude, that E-Cigarettes are NOT healthy. Researchers at a European Respiratory Society meeting say e-cigarettes can cause serious health problems and don’t help people quit smoking ... FACTS: Cigarette smoke contains over 4,000 chemicals, including 43 known cancer-causing (carcinogenic) compounds and 400 other toxins. These cigarette ingredients include nicotine, tar, and carbon monoxide, as well as formaldehyde, ammonia, hydrogen cyanide, arsenic, and DDT. Nicotine is highly addictive. Smoke containing nicotine is inhaled into the lungs, and the nicotine reaches your brain in just six seconds ... |

Notable CEO resignations -

Other sources:

True Pundit | Mar 14, 2018 | ~ Justice Department Sued for Internal Records, Correspondences on Seth Rich Murder ~ | Blogger: ⚠️ In another story, the strangest thing is, that the family of Seth Rich sues Fox News over retracted article, at the same time??!! ⚠️".. 📰 Due to the unsolved murder became grist for right-wing conspiracy theories about the 2016 presidential race, filed a lawsuit on Tuesday against Fox News, claiming that the network's coverage helped fuel damaging rumors about their son (CNBC)📰 ..".. 💬 Your guess is as good as mine - but suspect 'foul play' .. There's no doubt in my mind that Seth Rich was murdered by either Crooked Hillary's hit squad or other political motive players, behind the scene. My guess is that FBI or the Deep State got to the family of Seth Rich and threaten their existence, if they didn't turn against the conspiracy looney tunes ... An unprecedented censorship is taken place on a level never seen since WWII... Some examples: ☠️CBTS_Stream banned on Reddit ☠️ YouTube Enlists Wikipedia in Its Conspiracy Theory Crackdown ☠️ YouTube Is Limiting How Much Time Its Moderators Spend Watching Disturbing Videos ☠️ EU Works With Tech Giants To Crush Free Speech ☠️ Political and religious censorship by Facebook ... etc. etc. ...You be the judge ... |

America First Media Group’s Attorney Ty Clevenger has filed a Federal Lawsuit today against the FBI and the Department of Justice.

Per Attorney Ty Clevenger:

“This morning I filed a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit that asks a federal judge in Brooklyn to order the FBI and Department of Justice to release records concerning the murder of former Democratic National Committee employee Seth Rich.

Back in October, I wrote about the U.S. Department of Justice ordering the U.S. Attorney’s Office in D.C. to release records about the murder, but since that time not a single record has been produced. Around the same time, the FBI refused to search for records in it’s Washington, D.C. Field Office, even though that is where the records are most likely to be found. The lawsuit notes that the FBI has a history of trying to hide records from FOIA requestos and Congress.

I also asked the court to order the National Security Administration to release all of it’s communications with members of Congress regarding Seth Rich, Julian Assange, and Kim Dotcom, among others.


BT Nyheder | 14. Marts 2018 | ~ Ny sag: V-borgmester købte ydelser hos Løkkefonden - statsministeren kvitterede med at holde tale på rådhuset ~ | Blogger: Hvor længe kan Venstre krybe i flyverskjul, inden de bliver tæppebombet til ukendelighed? Nedtællingen er begyndt! ... Det hele kører bare i ring og politikere mister tillid og opbakning i samfundet 😲😵🌀.. MAGT, er en stærk og vanedannede narkotikum blandt Politikere ... "Som seniorkorrespondent Kirsten Birgit Schiøtz Kretz Hørsholm fra DKWavis udtaler: 'Lars Løkke Rasmussen kan man IKKE få en skovl under. En Politisk korkprop, ligegyldig hvad han laver af dumrian-ting, så kommer han altid ud på toppen' ... Mens, Sloveniens premierminister går af efter domstolsbeslutning om annulering af et resultatet af en afstemning om et togprojekt, bevarer den danske udemokratisk Statsadelen, 'LøkkeSugarFonden'. Sammen med alle statshemmeligheder i Statsministeriets særlige sikkerhedsarkiv, opbevares og gemmes ulovligheder og bedraget på lige fod med Kronjuvelerne i Danmark, i trykkammeret med glasmontre og sikringsglas... Hvorfor, burde vi spørge os selv om? Fordi Lars Løkke er - ""Firmaets Mand"". Han er Papfar for Guld1000-største virksomheders gunst og hovedaktionærers fortjenester. Han kan holde på hemmeligheder, hvor Danmark er et perfekt skjulested for den europæiske underverden. Han beskytter magteliten og deres politiske magtcenter af rævekager, nepotisme og vennetjenester - og det giver genlyd i EU, som holder hånden over statsoverhoveder .. Venstre beskytter alle, som lever under Wall Street Banksters favør og den Khazarian Mafia aka det Babylonske Kabal.. Eksempel? - Ministerium har mørklagt info om kritisk Irak-interview. Oplysninger fra interview i 2007 med Anders Fogh Rasmussen om Irak-krigen er gemt væk. Interviewet blev foretaget i 2007 af journalisten Bo Elkjær, efter at han i Ekstra Bladet havde skrevet, at Fogh havde løjet om grundlaget for krigen. Nu viser det sig, at en række oplysninger om interviewet er blevet mørklagt i et særligt sikkerhedsarkiv i Statsministeriet, hvor kun dokumenter af en helt særlig karakter bliver opbevaret - for eksempel topfortrolige dokumenter tilbage fra Den Kolde Krig, skriver Jyllands-Posten ... |

Ny sag sår tvivl om statsminister Lars Løkke Rasmussens hidtidige forklaring om, at man ikke kan købe sig til statsministerens tid via den omdiskuterede Løkkefonden.