Jun 7, 2019

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The Latest From ECETI & James Gilliland ECETI.ORG | June 5th 2019 | ~ Contact in the Desert ~ | Blogger: [🤗There are three kinds of business, your business, Gods business and other people’s business. Other people’s business is God’s business. We don’t have the luxury of getting into other people’s business if we are going to move forward in our own healing and awakening. We would all take a quantum leap if we applied this in out daily lives, karma works, forgive and let it take its course🙏] ... O-M-G! First Jordan Sather, now James Gilliland...{Verdensalt spent 4-5 days with James Gilliland in 2015 at Mt. Shasta conference, and i can personally vouch for James} ...🛐IN REGARDS to this True and False Gurus or first time you encounter the “guru syndrome.” -- I used to follow very intensely, Cobra all over the world, until i realised he turned to something like having an aggressive personality, profit was more important and been around the core group of Cobra and seen some nasty stuff going on as of jealousy, revenge, spiritual immaturity and what have you... Cobra is STILL during a perfect job, being the "trustee" as of official communicator to Resistance Movement section, dedicated to the global movement working for freedom and truth and against oppression and slavery, liberation of Earth, but i'm tired of all this secrecy and non-disclosure forms, the repeat in the conferences and The New Tantra (TNT) is NOT his strongest force. etc. etc... Cliff High,(Jay Weidner), verdensalt turned him/them down a looong time ago, Michael Horn and the Billy Meier group, never been a part of that, and James tells us Semjase, is also a biblical name we are warned to avoid as a deceiver. ECETI have even been called pot smoking drugged out hippies by Cliff High, a dangerous cult to avoid, Steven Greer has also jumped on this band wagon... 😮Wow! As James is saying -- Gossip, Jealousy and self-righteous condemnation have no place in self-mastery... 🤸On a personal note (verdensalt), I also used to follow Divine Cosmos, big time, others like DarkJournalist, Alex Jones, Jeff Berwick's Dollar Vigilante, Neil Keenan, Dave Schmidt etc. and i'll most say, while the (inner) spiritual awakening process can feel painful and disturbing at first, it ultimately helps you to have a (outer) experience, perception and discernment, to understand, when you've been deceived. WHEN there's money involved or people in the spiritual communities are bitch-slapping each other, be very scrupulous about who you should trust and devote your life too. The sensation that your life doesn’t make sense anymore is the product of having all of your former beliefs, desires, and paradigms challenged and often disproven. This is traumatic, but a necessary part of your expansion, but not all GURU'S are able to always hold your hand around the campfire, singing Kumbaya and getting the joy joy joy down in your spiritual beating heart for you, to evolve!💞... |

James Gilliland is a minister, counselor, an internationally known lecturer, best selling author with the books, Reunion with Source, Becoming Gods, and The Ultimate Soul Journey. James appeared in Contact Has Begun, His Story, The History Channel, UFOs then and Now, UFO Hotspots, ABC, Fox News, BBC Danny Dyer Special, Paranormal State, ECETI Ranch a Documentary, and the new movie Thrive have all featured James and ECETI which he is the founder. He has appeared on Coast to Coast, Jeff Rense, and to numerous other radio shows to mention also being the host of, As You Wish Talk Radio, www.bbsradio.com and Contact Has Begun, www.worldpuja.net. He is a facilitator of many Eastern disciplines, a visionary dedicated to the awakening and healing of Humanity and the Earth and teaches higher dimensional realities from experience

The Latest from ECETI and James GillilandECETI.ORG

First, I want to thank Victoria, Paul and the staff for putting on an amazing and massive event. I don’t know the numbers but it looked like over 4 to 5000 people attended. Organizing and keeping an event like this flowing takes a monumental effort. I wish I could thank and hug the staff along with everyone who participated. It was hard for some of us to come down from our mountains, step out of our comfort zones, give up our privacy and walk among the masses. Some thrive on notoriety, others would rather be more secluded or in nature. I fit the second category. You get pulled in a hundred different directions, seems everyone wants a piece of you, some love you, some hate you. Then there are the rumors. I have heard them all mostly perpetuated by victims refusing to take personal responsibility. There are also people who falsely believe they can climb up on the backs of others like a crab in a net yet it only pulls both down. There are three kinds of business, your business, Gods business and other people’s business. Other people’s business is God’s business. We don’t have the luxury of getting into other people’s business if we are going to move forward in our own healing and awakening. We would all take a quantum leap if we applied this in out daily lives, karma works, forgive and let it take its course.

What I observed is the nuts and bolts, back engineering, NAZI craft guys want to pigeon hole everything into their be lie f system. The abduction, they are all evil demonic groups who want to keep the fear and victim game going be lie ve it is all negative. The contactees and spiritual folks, to be honest where I am more aligned with and spend most of my time be lie ve it is all good. Some just would rather not hang out in the darker or negative energies yet are aware of them. The fact of the matter is they are all right. It is all happening at the same time. There are nuts and bolts craft, ARVs alien reproduction vehicles, NAZI Craft from the past, a secret space fleet, abductions, contactees, non-physical ships, pure energy ships, Merkaba ships, beings physical and non-physical. We also need to factor in time travelers.

The main message we gave at the conference is we need to all work together, put all our research on the table, learn to cooperate, be open to other opinions and ideas to truly get the big picture. Put cooperation and kindness first, there are no exclusives with God or ETs.

Which brings us to the Michael Horn and the Billy Meier group which actually believe Billy is the only true prophet of God and the only true contactee attacking all other contactees and researchers demanding 20% of your assets and income to join their group. Sadly, his Pleiadian/Plejaran contacts turned out to be the Dean Martin backup singers.

Billy's Pleiadian/Plejaran contacts - the Dean Martin backup singers.

His best photos were analyzed by the creator of Adobe and found to be overlays, fakes. He has some nice UFO models which amazingly look exactly like his photos and videos of UFOs. They have to keep rewriting his failed prophecies to fit what truly unfolded. Last but not least let’s mention Ptah his main guide who said all crop circles were hoaxes and researchers were idiots. In the early days we gave them a video of the activity here to analyze followed by being extremely slandered by Billy? Michael Horn twists this story to make themselves as the victim. Supposedly, Ptah, who no one has ever seen, watched the video in the house with Billy and said there were no UFOs. Then their story changed to they are government, and back again to no UFOs. Semjase is also a biblical name we are warned to avoid as a deceiver. We are going off subject here only because the Horn Meier group went on a tirade against ECETI at Contact. I have to ask why does anyone give this guy and other frauds an audience? It is an industry, name dropping sells yet what about impeccable integrity? Sorry Michael we have a mountain of photographic and video evidence, real UFOs.

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Broder Bilal highlighted this too. Jenny Schiltz's article was posted few days ago (full article here).

Source: Broder Bilal


Want to share an update about this “New Multidimensional Plasma Wavelengths” that where grounded into the Core of the Planet/Gaia today.

Many reported that this energy was felt as entirely different and "New", not experienced by the Collective yet.

These energies could not be "seen" when connecting it organic Grid-systems, which is very unusual for me - few other reported the same.

I had a "vision" and could feel a “Multidimensional Plasma Sphere/Membrane” around the Planet/Gaia now.

What came to my awareness was a message from Jenny Schiltz - I stumble upon 3 days back. She received a quick message from "Sananda" in one of her deep-hypnosis sessions with a client few days back.

This might be of highly interest !

UFOmania - The truth is out there | ~ Unknown flying object at huge speed over Port au Prince ~ |

Nemesis maturity | ~ 2 Newborn Alien Planets Directly Seen Growing Around a Young Star ~ |

NN | ~ BREAKING: Parkland school shooting was set up to maximize fatalities; County Deputy who stood down has been arrested and charged with child neglect ~ |

(Natural News) If you needed any further proof that the recent Broward County (Parkland) school shooting was engineered to maximize fatalities and drive the child-spearheaded gun control narrative in America, look no further than the bombshell revelation unveiled today. Former Broward County Deputy Scot Peterson has just been arrested and charged with 11 counts of child neglect for willfully standing by while children were shot to death in the school.

Local media outlet WCTV is reporting the details of the arrest:

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement has arrested former Broward County Sheriff’s Deputy Scot Peterson on charges of child neglect and culpable negligence as a result of a 15-month investigation into the actions of law enforcement following the school shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

The investigation found, as reported by WCTV:
  • Peterson refused to investigate the source of the gunshots
  • Peterson retreated during the active shooting while victims were being shot
  • Peterson directed other law enforcement personnel to stay away from the building and not interfere with the shooting
“Breitbart News reported on surveillance video that allegedly shows Peterson standing outside building 12 while the attack occurred,” reports Breitbart News.

Breaking911 | ~ NYPD Chief Kills Himself Just Days Before Retirement ~ | .. There are no coincidences! .. |

NYPD Chief Kills Himself Just Days Before Retirement
June 5, 2019

NEW YORK — Deputy Chief Steven Silks was pronounced dead from a self inflicted gunshot wound Wednesday evening. He was scheduled to retire at the end of July after 38 years on the job.

Silks was off-duty and located near Burns Street and 69th Avenue in Queens

This is the Police Chief that handed over the Weiner laptop to the FBI and had seen the contents. As many of you know, some of the officers vomited, some cried and were sickened by what they saw. Two of those officers were shot and killed (more like ambushed). Was he going to be called to testify?

There are no coincidences!

Breitbart | ~ "Lock Him Up: Nancy Pelosi Tells Democrats She Wants Trump ‘In Prison’" ~ | .. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) reportedly told her caucus leaders Tuesday evening that she wants to see President Donald Trump in prison — but that she does not want to undertake impeachment proceedings against him right now .. |


Strange Sounds | ~ Radiation levels 6,000 times higher in giant clams than in open ocean near Runit Dome — a concrete-capped nuclear waste site known by locals as “The Tomb” ~ | .. A few weeks ago, I was reporting that the Runit Dome had some cracks in the concrete from where the nuclear waste stored in it was most probably leaking into the open ocean. Now researchers have found high levels of radiation in giant clams near the Central Pacific site where the United States entombed waste from nuclear testing almost four decades ago, raising concerns the contamination is spreading from the dump site’s tainted groundwater into the ocean and the food chain .. |

High radiation levels found in giant clams near U.S. nuclear dump in Marshall Islands. Photo: Carolyn Cole / Los Angeles Times

E.B. Nyheder | ~ Sass efter skidt valg: Går i tænkeboks ~ | .. Efter det elendige personlige valgresultat vil S-gruppeformanden nu overveje fremtiden sammen med sin kreds .. | Blogger: [🤑PENGESKABELSEN -- Det, mange ikke er bekendt med, er, at Henrik Sass Larsens Mened om Pengeskabelsesprivilegiet! Bevises af partiet JFK21 - JordenFrihedKundskab] ... {RYGTERNE svirrer i Din Korte Radioavis : Enten har drømmen om en 'Sex and the City'-homoven i udlandet fået ham væk fra valget eller også er han hængt ud som narko-køber og misbruger, siger Kisser og Rasmus Bruun}... Et godt råd til Hr. Sass: Grind dig SUND! Latter får blodårerne til at slappe af og for- øger blodgennemstrømningen!... |