Sep 27, 2021

πŸ’±⚠️πŸ€‘ ~ (A Dire Warning to the Lions In The Jungle) Greed Will Kill The RV (SP) ~ | Blogger: I guess this video is aimed at all the HIGH ROLLERS (SELLERS) who has bought container full of German bonds, The Zim Bonds, or Zimbabwe Dollar, Iraqi Dinar, Vietnamese Dong etc; take the deal or exchange rates which is offered that will make them multi Billionaires overnight or leave with NOTHING... We know for a fact, Banksters like Central Banks will try to derail it all or make their own similar QFS-system... - Simon says; "If this GREED will not STOP "they" will pull the plug on the whole thing!" (GCR / RV AKA Global Currency Reset / Revaluation / HARP AKA Historical Asset Redemption Program)... For the last 10 years has turned down the postings of RV/GCR scamtastic scammers like Zap Office of Poofness, Dinar Chronicles Blogs, TNT Tony, Landa China Global, KP, Karen Hudes, Dave Schmidt, etc... SoTW is 100% for Humanitarian Projects like "Healing Centre" and if/when I exchange my Vietnamese Dongs it will all go to Projects for HU-manity (+/- a very small amount in order for my family to survive)... so be it and so it is... |


πŸ™ ~ πŸ’ (From California, Australia, Spain, La Palma, Canary Islands, Crete) Todays Inspirational Spiritual Quotes & Videos (SoTW) ~ πŸ’• | Blogger: [🌟BIBLICAL EARTHQUAKES WORLDWIDE! ~ Jason A World News🌟] ... PS: Yesterdays Schumann Resonance ⚡️ Power πŸ’₯ 62 πŸ’₯ 75 πŸ’₯ 80... Today Massive M6.5 #Earthquake (later downgraded to M6) struck Greek island of #Crete... Megatsunami Scenario - La Palma Landslide - A slide from this mountain could kill millions of people in Europe and along Northern America’s eastern seaboard... SoTW don't want to cause people to fear. Volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and wild fires. Be prepared--both prophetically and naturally, but it's actually very common phenomenon, all over the world. And there's nothing, we can do about it. It's a wakeup call, Earth is awake and aware. As it peels away from the earth, the old reality will fall away as she ascends her consciousness from the 3D into the 5D, creating a new reality for new explorations, evolution, and growth here. The challenge - and the opportunity - for all life on the planet, is to move through the departing 4D veil, and join her in the 5D New Paradigm. So don't be afraid. And yes, pray to avert as much of the disaster as possible... |

πŸ›‘️πŸ›⚔️ ~ (The battle is still raging) Food Shortage Has Started (The Prisoner) ~ | Blogger: ... (SoTW) Once again... Don't panic... If you do - a new 2020 lockdown toilet paper shortage kinda situation... Will global lack of food, fuel and semiconductor deficiency and also on cardboard that can create long prospects for world consumers far worse than expected?... You see, there's a Spiritual warfare and i'm not talking about the Christian concept of fighting against the work of preternatural evil forces... It's aggressive ET's and their earthly minions against Earth Alliance and Light Forces from places in the universe we're never heard of... We are NOT out of the woods yet... πŸ’―(PLEASE PAY ATTENTION!)πŸ’― If I may add, CC had themselves a special Sunday treat from Simon Parkes & Dr. Charlie Ward in Denmark, and the final blow is yet to come... Simon and Charlie have been waiting for Audit from Arizona and that MSM had said that they would convey the right result. It has not happened! On the contrary, they still proclaimed Biden as a winner.. If "they" (ET's, Dark Hats etc.) don't set things straight and play ball, lack of a better word, there will be 7 days without the Internet and 3 days without power. There are 10 underground Tesla plants that cover the whole world and we will go over to FREE ENERGY! (makes sense since oligarchs is in panic mode right now and prices on oil, gas and electricity are going up and up).. After that, a "Presidential Announcements" over TV / Broadcast over 5 days, with videos and information will be coming out.. Simon expressed that he was VERY surprised that nothing has happened yet! He had expected it would have happened in summer of 2021. He was not disillusioned, but it is a much harder struggle than some of them had anticipated!.. It will take 2 years before everything is implemented.. There is still talk of economic collapse (also to awaken people). Simon doubted the part, as it will go beyond my man. But it is in the cards that it is very imminent... (there's much more - I'm not sure it's allowed to share more notes from the 1 hour update for DK CC members only)... |

"The news is starting to broadcast the food shortage...problem is if they are reporting on it... It is already too late." ~ The Prisoner


Global shortage of food, fuel and products about to get far worse

Mike Adams

You may have already noticed surprising shortages of food, fuel, home care products and even vehicle parts. But based on what we've learned over the weekend, it's about to get far worse.

The collapse is being engineered and accelerated, and the mass deaths being caused by covid vaccines are now decimating the labor pool that runs factories and deliveries.

Making it worse, we've learned that half of US employers plan to push vaccine mandates on all their workers, which means the entire US workforce is about to be assaulted with a deadly biological weapon.

Notice that non-workers are subject to no such requirements. This is how Biden is murdering the productive members of society as a kind of sick, twisted purge to eliminate those who are still willing to work.

See the full story in today's feature story by Ethan Huff.

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πŸ‘Ό ~ πŸ’— ('A: the system of "programming" has been dismantled - like radio, television, memes, apps, songs, advertising, gaming and distorted lower vibration that was ‘beamed’ into the planet.') Ashian: What we would like you to know now (Jennifer Crokaert) πŸ’• ~ | Blogger: Selamat Ja!... Thanks to the newsletter of PAO / Sheldan Nidle / Colleen for sharing is caring...πŸ™ |

Source: Jennifer Crokaert

J: Hi Ashian, as you may be aware, the energy is all over the place and those of us who are holding the light are tired and overstretched – that’s the kindest, shortest version! What can you say to help us along?

A: Greetings and blessings to all who feel this message.

J: Actually, why do you say ‘feel’ and not read?

A: Because when you (or any channel) channels a message, you draw into the field of consciousness a particular vibration; the higher that vibration is, the greater its resonance and the more people are affected by it, even if they have not read the channel.

That is why being thankful is good, because gratidude changes the amplitude of humanity’s vibration. That’s also why we would encourage you all to do free writing/speaking/drawing/dancing/daydreaming, because in your creativity, you are channeling; you are drawing down insight and vibrations from higher dimensional aspects of yourself and the ‘invisible team’ that work with each of you.

J: That’s brilliant! Thank you. Now I know you’ve discussed the ‘invisible team’ with many of our clients, but I think it would be great if you could explain that to those reading this blog.

πŸ‘©‍πŸš€πŸš€πŸ€” ~ (Is DW Planet Earth liberator? Project "Snapper" & "Ben" greatest air-space"craft" designer in the world!?!) David Wilcock's New Anti-Gravity Prototyping and Testing Facility??? (AlienScientist) ~ | Blogger: RIIIGHT.... Sorry folks!... SoTW is not trying to ridicule "Dr." Wilcock and his team, but I do have some questions... Soooo... David Wilcock recently announced that his team has purchased a facility code named "The Snapper"... Which looks to be a concrete reinforced empty aircraft hanger... DW's first so-called "VIP disclosure 4-hours experience video" had a "pricetag" stuck on it and free promo videos asking for "crowdfunding-money" for his new project that got over 200K views that will be taken down and replaced with below FREE video called "The Revealing -- Conscious Energy Fields" another 4-hours waste of time & "The Culmination -- 4D Activation and Being a Spiritual Warrior" (awesome David now you got the money)... πŸ™‹‍♂️SoTW Questions: Why the heck is DW building a NEW anti-gravity spacecraft (in secret) when Nazi Germany that were successfully building antigravity space craft capable of interplanetary flight since the 1930??... πŸ™‹‍♂️Isn't DW aware of Reverse Engineering (also known as backwards engineering or back engineering) and TR Series Space Craft: TR-3B/G, TR-4, TR-6, TR-10 Triangle TR-3B's?... πŸ™‹‍♂️Have you been wondering why Google / YouTube allow DW so much airtime?... πŸ™‹‍♂️If the Dark Fleet has been overtaken by Earth Alliance and DW is now a "Controlled Opposition" (by White Hats) why not just reveal the hole thing about MIC-SSP factions and Solar Warden Armada - a secret space program run by the U.S. Space Force dominance of the planet and the solar system?... πŸ™‹‍♂️Did Elon Musk tweet revealed Solar Warden / Earth Alliance Spacecraft?? Or do we have to pay Dr. Michael Salla for his 6-hour Webinar Intensive on Saturday, October 9, 2021, to get to the truth?... So many questions - so little time... Let TRUTH be something that is FREE of charge - nobody wish to stay any longer on prison Earth where everything has a price... πŸ’ŒBtw, SoTW loooove Tarot by Janine - her monthly income is - $3.200/YR$38.000 alone on YouTube (revealed in the channel called "how much")... πŸ’°However, David Wilcock earns by selling his books on amazon. He also has a YouTube channel and a website and makes movies etc.. He has an estimated net worth of $5 million (is that okay?)... |


πŸ§‘‍⚕️🀒 ~ ('Our children are sicker than other countries') Former Merck Sales Rep Brandy Vaughan Speaks From The Grave: The Truth About The Criminal Circle Of Vaccines (Video) ~ | Blogger: Thanks to my holistic ND for sharing is caring...πŸ™|

Former Merck sales representative turned anti-vaccine activist Brandy Vaughan was found dead in her home in December of 2020. She had been exposing the dangers of vaccines and been a vocal activist against Big Pharma. In a video produced in 2015, Vaughan provides a summary of how she came to see what was happening to people, especially children, via vaccines and how Big Pharma controlled 30-40% of advertising of the Mockingbird media and thereby controlling what was reported on their drugs and what was not.

Silenced By Murder: Vaccines Are So Advantageous That Those Who Expose Big Pharma Are Stalked And Then Murdered!
This Woman Died In 2020 Attempting To Warn The People About Vaccines, Big Pharma Pimps & The Propaganda Arms Of The CDC & FDA (Video)
The Mysterious Death of Vaccine Safety Advocate Brandy Vaughan (Video)
PCR Testing & The Mysterious Death Of A Vaccine Safety Advocate

In a more lengthy presentation,Vaughn revealed the dark side of Big Pharma

She also recounted the methods of intimidation she faced as a single parent in her own home from those who tried to silence her.

πŸ‘€πŸŽ­πŸ‘Ί ~ ("C-list" actor 82-year-old Arthur Roberts, behind silicone mask braindead Joe) BIDEN UNVEILED - BORIS JOHNSON WHISPERS "YOU'RE NOT JOE BIDEN - WHO THE BLOODY HELL ARE YOU" ? (Wil Paranormal + Raw News) ~ |