Jun 8, 2019

Glitch News | ~ “Smart” homes turn STUPID as Google cloud craters, locking people out of their own homes and shutting off access to air conditioners ~ | .. During the recent East Coast tech failure, many people with Nest thermostats and other Google-owned “Cloud Platform” gadgets reported to the media that they could suddenly no longer unlock their doors, turn on the air conditioning, or even use their baby monitors .. |

All of the tech dummies out there who foolishly made their homes “smart” by handing over control of their appliances to Google are finally learning the hard way that, in the event of an “outage,” what’s yours quickly becomes inaccessible and not yours.

During the recent East Coast tech failure, many people with Nest thermostats and other Google-owned “Cloud Platform” gadgets reported to the media that they could suddenly no longer unlock their doors, turn on the air conditioning, or even use their baby monitors.

Along with other Google products like Gmail, G Suite, and YouTube, which also went down, a whole slew of other third-party apps and services that run on Google’s Cloud, including Discord, Snapchat, and even some Apple iCloud services, also reportedly went down.

All across Twitter, “smart” homeowners lamented that they could no longer use their Nest thermostats, smart locks, cameras, and other cloud-run products, which greatly disrupted their lives and caused problems that they hilariously claim they never could have anticipated.

“So we finally get AC, right? Great … Google is down,” moaned one Nest user. “We have a Nest thermostat. Nest runs on Google. Can’t turn on AC because app is down. Neat.”

Another Twitter user who owns Nest products tweeted similar complaints, whining that it’s “very inconvenient when the system is down. Especially if you use Nest Cameras for baby monitors.”

“Is the outage expected to end soon?” this same user asked. “Sometimes I wish I just got simple baby monitors instead of paying a premium price and a monthly fee for an inconsistent service,” this same user added.

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“Smart” is just code for handing over control of your entire life to Big Brother

Caroline Oceana Ryan Newsletter - Excerpts only | ~ 💗A Message to Light- workers 💕~ | .. Understand that in these days of solar flares and solar winds, and astrological shifts that impact humankind in numerous ways–upending the old cycles and patterns that have been in place for millennia, and drawing in new and higher forms of experience—that your own souls are also answering to this influx of higher Light .. |

A Message to Lightworkers -
June 7, 2019

This week’s guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elementals, Faery Elders, Angels, and Archangels known as the Collective:

Greetings, dear ones! We are very pleased to have this moment to speak with you today.

And we see that among the many daily pressures and expectations you hold yourself accountable for, you are also dealing with powerful Light data flowing in from various parts of your Universe, including your own souls.

Understand that in these days of solar flares and solar winds, and astrological shifts that impact humankind in numerous ways–upending the old cycles and patterns that have been in place for millennia, and drawing in new and higher forms of experience—that your own souls are also answering to this influx of higher Light.

Their messages reach you on a cellular level, which you then download and decode as you sleep, as well as during your waking hours.

These inform you of the various aspects of your soul mission that have been ongoing, though unseen by you until this time in your Earth life.

Though mainly unseen, you and your fellow Light Bearers came in with rare and powerful Earth missions.

These energies are not trying to hide from you their deeper meanings and unknown languages.

They are beyond language as you know it, and are flowing into your every cell, to not only upgrade your Earth self into the New Human forms, but to enlighten your Earth consciousness.

We are aware that this can feel to be causing a bit of a cataclysm some days.

Dagens.dk | ~ 50 meter stor asteroide kan ramme jorden til september. Vil knuse område på størrelse med London ~ | .. Hvis vi er rigtig uheldige, så vil en stor asteroide ramme jorden til september, og den vil kunne fladtrykke et område på størrelse med London .. | Blogger: [💥NASA & ESA-Bosses : The Earth is in Danger of being Hit by Asteroids during our Lifetime☄️]... 🤣 yeah right! 🙄🤥... (Armageddon) -- You can be dead sure, NASA is running simulations to see how we'd cope with a devastating asteroid impact... Perhaps NASA's @Space_Station should wait their billion profit opening for commercial business?😉... |


Suspicious0bservers | ~ Extinction by Magnetic Shift | Confirmed in Top Journal ~ | .. Mass extinction events via a magnet pole shift have occurred throughout time, according to Ben Davidson of the SuspiciousObservers YouTube channel .. | Blogger: [🎱 Loud Booms Strange Sounds 2019. Weather Polar Vortex & Ecological Disasters! Golden Age of Magic. Do You Like to be Cognitively Shaken Up? It's not only HAARP, Earth is also Shaken Up towards 5D🧙]... GAME OVER HE SAYS!? C'MON! ...Don't believe in this nonsense... The Earth's magnetic north pole is shifting rapidly, yes, (maybe)... While (some says) the speed of the earth's magnetic north pole shift has drastically sped up lately to about 34 miles per year (55 km), i (verdensalt) agree this is BAD, but we're still here!!... THE doomsday planet Nibiru, or Planet X, will reverse the Earth’s magnetic poles and ravage the planet beyond recognition when it passes in the near future, is another conspiracy.. Or scientist warns Russian volcano could cause Pompeii-scale destruction... Mysterious phantom booms & geoengineering, chemtrails, square clouds, haarp waves in our skies, earthquakes, cave-in & sinkholes. Ancient carvings show comet hit Earth and triggered mini ice age. San Andreas fault system and earthquakes hitting the pacific's ring of fire. Strange tinkerbell, orb or cocoon, showed up on cam...It's all bad, bad, bad...BUT, if our beloved Earth would be hit by another Great Atlantis flood or meteor or everlasting volcano, whatever, what can you do about it.. NOTHING!... |

Michele via MrMBB333 | Archive | ~ What appears to be a REAL Stargate next to the Sun! Oh my... ~ | Blogger: [☼UPS! A glitch in The Matrix. Waaaaauv!⭕] ... Project Blue Beam - DARPA and Archons Advanced Holographic Technology? ... Yes, all superpowers who have access to the universe make use of computer-generated imagery (CGI) and other simulators. However, not in this case, perhaps it's the real deal!?.. Anyways, SSP uses advanced technologies to 'blur' or 'filter out' the MIC-SSP Solar Warden Armada, their 2 massive space stations in (LEO), the entrance to The Hollow Earth, The Black Knight satellites, space stations on the back of the Moon, the Sun's real appearance (Portal) and of course the outer space creatures, etc.etc..😨My thought is to live without fear! To live my life with TRUTH!... Sorry for breaking the illusion.. 🌞Our sun is not HOT! The sun is really COLD, contrary to what official science says (acc. The Brother Veritus’ Community). A DOORWAY or PORTAL to other dimension planes, as well connected to other Suns and Central Suns...〰️Let's just say, the incoming cosmic superwave or ' micronova' like phenomeum is set to hit the Earth in 2019, has more to do with the Galactic Central Sun outside our Milky Way, Tachyon energy particles, Tsunami of Love from Spiritual Hierarchy and Earth rising to fifth dimension. The sun is a star and is also a portal for higher frequency energies coming from Arcturus, the Great Central Sun of the Milky Way galaxy, from the central sun of the Pleiades, Alcyone, and other waves of energy which are reaching Earth and producing life changes. This cosmic radiation, such as tachyons, as well as sunlight or sun rays and Coronal Mass Ejections (CMEs) are all coming to the planets of the solar system, some cause more heat on the planets, some other cosmic energies are not physically perceived at all but produce DNA changes, so called “mutations”. The CMEs and sun rays do not increase the heat due to the heat transfer phenomenon but through affecting morphogenetic fields and introducing more energy to all animate and inanimate life through the many different wavelength frequencies they are carriers of. As matter is denser, more excitation is caused by the photons and more heat is generated as a result... Tell me what you think - you be the judge..🎗️Please remember, our MSM and scientists and Obama, was very igger to report back in June 2016, we've had the smallest number of sunspots in this cycle since Cycle 14, which reached its maximum in February of 1906. The previous solar cycle, Solar Cycle 23, peaked in 2000-2002 with many furious solar storms... 🏄'Solar storm' and an 'EMP'🏄... Our military–industrial complex (MIC) has already man-made electromagnetic pulse (EMP) weapon and many other exotic weapons...📌So conclusions is that of course stargate portals exist, star beings are using our own Sun for that purpose, like in the Orion's belt etc. WHETHER to think it's all a bluff, made by USAF, DARPA's (other 3-letter agencies) secret Project Blue Beam (and CIA shyster extraordinaire), Edward Lansdale, actually floated a plan to fake a Second Coming over Cuba to get rid of Castro... Some time ago, NASA's outer space camera picked up thousands of UFO spots surrounding the Sun... Use your own discernment... PS: Project Blue Beam is a conspiracy theory that claims that NASA is attempting to implement a New Age religion with the Antichrist at its head and start a New World Order, UFO invasion via a technologically-simulated Second Coming... |

TreeOfTheGoldenLight | ~ 💓 A Message from my Higher Self 💕 ~ | Channelled through Mike Quinsey | .. At this stage nothing should be able to put you off your goal to ascend, as you are now too advanced to fail. You have done all of the hard work by getting through the lower dimensions, and have established your selves as being worthy of continuing in the higher dimensions .. |

Channeled by Mike Quinsey

7th June 2019

Nothing can prepare you for the future except that you expect the best of everything. Be assured that you are already on a path to great changes that will be more than welcome, and fulfil your dreams of having everything that you ever needed and more than you can presently imagine. Already different groups are receiving promptings to advance mankind, but for peaceful purposes and to set up societies that work for the betterment of all without any exclusion. It clearly will take much time to reach the ultimate stages but everything has to have a beginning at some time and that time has already commenced. The goal that will be achieved is to promote more group plans, and as you would say ”small is beautiful” and that will be the challenge to arrange things accordingly. Already you have been finding that smaller set-ups operate more efficiently and you are being guided in that direction.

As you are entering a new period that will of necessity involve many changes in the way societies are formed, you may be certain that many souls that have recently come to Earth are here to give you the advantage of their experience that will help you advance in leaps and bounds. You will also have the benefit of new inventions that will be given to you as soon as it is safe to do so, without them being stolen or misused. As you will realise it cannot take place until the dark Ones and their cohorts are moved out of the way. They have been carefully monitored for a long time and their intentions have been known. Eventually they will be incapable of interfering with your progress that will then go speeding ahead.

Your Inner Earth is home to many E.T.’s that reside at depths that are not usually probed, but with the changes many will have no option but leave. They certainly will not go forward with the new Earth that will be your ultimate home. However, some of the E.T.’s that are positive and evolved are part of your evolution, and will openly work with you well before Ascension. In the long run you will find that all experiences help you to evolve, and it is because every soul has a life plan that is calculated to help their evolution, and would have been agreed by them beforehand. Planning your evolution is a complicated matter as it relies on many other souls playing their part with the help of your Guides and without interfering with your freewill.

TmZ | ~ JOHN SINGLETON SUSPICIONS ARISE OVER HIS DEATH ... Family Hires P.I. ~ | Blogger: [📽️Another Weird & Mysterious Hollywood Death⚰️] ... Sudden death of Prince and celebrities who died In bizarre circumstances.. 2016 was a rough year for celebrity deaths: Alan Rickman, David Bowie, Prince, Florence Henderson, Muhammad Ali, Anton Yelchin, George Michael, Arnold Palmer, Sharon Jones, John Glenn, Alan Thicke, Glenn Frey, Carrie Fisher, Debbie Reynolds and more. It made it easy to believe in the myth that "celebrity deaths come in threes." Famous people who died in 2017 include rock singer Tom Petty, '70s teen idol David Cassidy, James Bond star Roger Moore, actress Mary Tyler Moore, rock-and-roll legend Chuck Berry, grunge icon Chris Cornell, comedian Charlie Murphy, filmmaker George A. Romero, The Allman Brothers Band drummer Butch Trucks, Oscar-nominated actor John Hurt, "People's Court" Judge Joseph Wapner, actor Bill Paxton, Playboy founder Hugh Hefner, wrestler Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka and more actors, musicians, athletes and entertainers.. (Perhaps 'some' of them were actually victims of 'Skull and Bones' kill order - a branch of the Illuminati organi- sation or simply their heavenly contract that ran out?)... TRUTH OR FALSE?: "" CIA targeted assassinations by induced heart attack, cancer or poison. Top secret CIA poison dart gun 'gives targets deadly HEART ATTACKS and leaves no trace'. A WHISTLEBLOWER has claimed the CIA developed a "heart attack gun" laced with deadly poison to carry out assassinations"" or advanced Directed Energy Weapons could harm your physical and etheric body in ways, that is lethal... |


Verdensalt | Arkivskab | 2016 - 2017 | ~ Farmaceuterne og de 'genetisk modificerede politikere', som er underlagt den zombificerede lobbisme fra ”den farmaceutiske mafia”, kommer, til en by nær dig ~ | Blogger: [💊Café Kemi-Medicin og Sønner, skaber Guldæg, og Retsstaten Danmark, ønsker Europas største producent af ""syntetisk"" fremstillet cannabis til medicinsk brug⚕️] ... Lundbecks nye Guldæg hedder 'Cipralex'. Genmabs højtbesungne kræftmiddel 'Daratum- umab'. Biotekselskab Bavarian Nordic 'Prostvac', 'RSV-vaccine ', 'CV-301.'. Novozymes indgår milliardaftale med kemikalie- og sprøjtemiddelgiganten Monsanto om 'mikroorganismer', 'landbrugsbakterier' og toksiske 'fødevare- enzymer og dyrefoderenzymer'. Novo's diabetismiddel 'Victoza' & 'Tresiba'. Biotek-selskabet Santaris Pharma 'LNA Platform'... I Cancerindustrien hedder "Guldægget", 'Nagalase'... Statens Guldæg var, 'Statens Serum Institut (SSI)', en tidligere danskejet vaccinefabrik - 250 mio.kr. direkte i statskassen efter delsalg - engang Statens bedst bevarede indtægtskilde. Nu, solgt for en slik til en Sharia-sheik, for 15 mio: Staten brugte 30 mio. kr. på at finde ham... 👂Konklusion: -- Vi lever i et 'system' som giver os en illusion om, vi har et valg. Friheden til at vælge. Men 'systemet' ønsker ikke vi har et valg - tværtimod. Eksempel - lad os antage i dette eksempel, vi stoler på SSI/Sundhedsstyrelsens anbefalinger, at alle har '2' valgmuligheder... 1️⃣Sundhedsstyrelsens retningslinjer om forholdsregler mod smitsomme sygdomme og forebyggelse, kan kun ske via cancervaccinationer & kemi-medicin - eller - 2️⃣Afslå, lide under konsekvenserne og tage imod den risiko som det indebærer... Med andre ord - valget er - pest eller kolera💫 Men, i virkelighedsverden forholder det sig meget anderledes. Fordi, vi har alle et valg, som stækker sig langt ud over disse to scenarier. Vi kan blot vælge, at sige NEJ TAK. Dine valg er uendelige.. og du har 'fri vilje', men (mange) ønsker hellere, at vores kemiindustrier skal kunne 'redder' dig og mig, så (vi) er fri for at tage livsvigtige selvstændige valg, for at blive raske... |

Udgivet første gang den 5. April 2016 af Verdensalt

Forord: Denne artikel tager som udgangspunkt i, at de fleste kendte former for medicin samt vacciner der fremstilles til mennesker har indlejret toksiner samt kemikalier der kan have en skadelig effekt og er et instrument for profit for en gigantisk international farmaceutisk industri som vil gøre alt i Deres magt, for at fastholde en konstant success rate, koste hvad det vil. Jeg vil forsøge at koble, en korrupt og bevidst, centralstyret, totalitære pengemaskine og hierarkisk opbygget vaccinesystem, hvor SSI og Sundhedsstyrelsen sidder øverst og forgrener sig til samtlige led i den danske sundhedssektor. Sundhedsstyrelsen er den øverste sundhedsfaglige myndighed i Danmark. Listen er anelang - Sundhedsstyrelsen hersker over - Regioner, kommuner, videnscentre, patientforeninger, brugerorganisationer, embedslæger, apoteker, sygeplejersker, tandlæger, praktiserende læger, psykiatere, journalister, lobbyister, fødevarestyrelsen, kræftens bekæmpelse , Miljøstyrelsen, Danmarks Meteorologiske Institut og Dansk Dermatologisk Selskab, trygfonden, Dansk Skoleidræt og bånd til den amerikanske sundhedsstyrelse(CDC) og jeg kunne blive ved... Som noget nyt, har lægemiddelstyrelsen/Sundhedsstyrelsen den 1. november 2014 ændret reglerne for sundhedspersoners samarbejde med lægemiddel- og medicovirksomheder - Uhhh - UG plus og hak opad.... Dog, viser det sig, gang på gang, at Sundhedsstyrelsen misinformere Folketinget og andre instanser og har tætte bånd til den nationale og den internationale farmaceutisk industri. Eksempler: her(EMF) her(Omniscan-skandalen), her(psykiatersagen),her(svinesmitte) og en bunke her.

Ifølge den globale rapport om korruption i 2016, topper Danmark listen som "MINDST korrupte land" foran Finland, Sverige og New Zealand

søgning GcMAF eller
Nagalase (verdensalt.dk)
Det er meget, meget svært at få whistleblowere til at tale ud om det danske sundhedssystem, da risikoen for at miste sin levevej, sit omdømme og det er værre... Tænk på alle de holistiske læger som er slået ihjel i USA, samt forgiftet på en Tysk konference, og måske i Danmark også, fordi det er beviselig, at industrien har opfundet enzymet "Nagalase", der bevidst er syntetiseret i eller frigivet fra cancerceller eller en viruspartikel. Sagt på en anden måde, enzymet 'Nagalase' undertrykker immunsystemet, ved at blokere syntesen af GcMAF (Som er et naturlig 'forsvar' i kroppen) 

Den hidtil største 'scheme' i historiebøgerne, må være, at SSI/Sundhedsstyrelsen sammen med hele industrien i ryggen, nægter kategorisk, at der er sammenhængen mellem kviksølvholdige vacciner (thimerosal mfl.) og autisme.

Update: CDC is hiding a massive collection of damning scientific evidence proving vaccines are linked to autism... shocking details from the recorded phone calls of Dr. William Thompson

Hvorfor bliver vi ved med at støtte et korrupt diktatorisk 'system' hvor der sidder faglige kompetence og yderst velinformeret, dygtige ansatte som er loyale og sværger til, at medicin og vacciner, hjælper os og ikke kan skade os? Et system, hvor kun en mulighed for helbredelse findes..DERES! Et rigtigt godt eksempel er Kræftens Bekæmpelse som netop har været i krig med at indsamle penge fra os uvidne, naive og samvittighedsfulde danske borgere.. Selvom jeg ikke åbnede for døren, indløb der alligevel en folder ind: "Vis flaget" samt en "giroindbetaling" i min postklasse... Hvornår går det op for os, at størstedelen af de penge som bliver samlet ind går til direktørerløninger, adminstration, reklamer, bevarelse og udvikling af giftigt cancer medicin, som i sidste ende, alene skaber profit til big pharma industien og deres endegyldige agenda, som er "affolkning"!! Lyt bare til 'master in disguise' - Bill Gates som på en konference (forklaring omkring formularen på CO2=PxSxExC , marker 9.30) fortæller os, nu citere jeg;

"Now if we do a really great job on new vaccines,  health care, reproductive health services, We could lower the population by 10 or 15%."

Når du giver dine børn og dig selv vacciner, er du med til at opretholde og støtte et produkt, som bevidst, med sikkert giver alvorlige, langtidsvirkende bivirkninger...- læs mere her. 

Måske skulle du lytte til Peter Christian Gøtzsche, som er en dansk læge, dr.med., forsker og leder af Det Nordiske Cochrane Center på Rigshospitalet, der har gjort sig bemærket med en række kritiske skrifter mod det medikoindustrielle kompleks. 

Jeg vil lige slå en ting fast. Vacciner består af bl.a. nervegift, neuro-toksiner, kemikalier eller tungmetaller, som gør os syge og i visse tilfælde, slå mennesker ihjel - PUNKTUM. læs mere her

Standard vaccine additivbestanddele: 
Natriumethylmercurithiosalicylat (eller thimerosal, et kviksølv-derivat), phenoxyethanol (frostvæske), phenol (et desinficerende farvestof), phenolrødt, formaldehyd (et konserveringsmiddel og desinfektionsmiddel), ammoniumsulfat, aluminiumhydroxid, aluminiumphosphat, benzethoniumchlorid, polysorbat 20, polysorbat 80, sorbitol, polyribosylribitol, MRC5 proteiner, betapropiolacton, neomycin, neomycin-sulfat, streptomycin, polymyxin, polymyxin B, amphotericin B, gentamicinsulfat, tri (n) butylphosphat, frysetørret polysaccharidantigener (blandt Neisseria meningitides), mononatriumglutamat, kalium monophosphat, kalium diphosphat, humanalbumin, vasket røde blodlegemer fra får, svin (svin) pancreas hydrolysat af casein, embryonale væske (kylling æg), hydrolyseret gelatine (kalv og kvæg skind, kvæg knogler og porkskin), kalveserum, føtalt bovint serum, VERO-celler (abe nyre celler), føtale rhesus abe lunge celler, føtal rhesus diploid cellelinje, humane diploide celler (human aborteret fostervæv). Her er en liste over vacciner
Læs også: De 10 mest dødelige plager og vacciner med neuro-toksiner 

Statens Guldæg hedder "Statens Serum Institut (SSI)", en dansk ejet vaccinefabrik, statens bedst bevarede indtægtskilde (nu solgt for en slik til en sharia-sheik)

Dele af vores hæderkronede danske vaccinefabrik - Statens Serum Institut (SSI) bliver solgt fra. Med andre ord, den danske stat har tjent 250 mio. kroner ved at sælge ud til en svensk kapitalfond Adelis Equity som har underskrevet en aftale om salg af SSI Diagnostica i Hillerød, der er en sektor af Statens Serum Institut. SSI Diagnostica udvikler, producerer og sælger in vitro diagnostiske produkter til klinisk mikrobiologi, veterinær diagnostik, fødevarekontrol samt miljø- og hygiejnekontrol i ind- og udland. 'In vitro' betyder, undersøgelser der udføres med mikroorganismer, celler eller biologiske molekyler. Ifølge Statens Serum Institut (SSI), er SSI en statsvirksomhed under Sundheds- og Ældreministeriet. I 110 år har SSI's hovedopgave været at sikre beredskabet over for smitsomme sygdomme og medfødte lidelser. Opgaverne er løbende blevet udvidet, og SSI er i dag en international forsknings-, produktions- og serviceorganisation - det er den officielle beskrivelse.  
Grunden til jeg reel ønsker, at beskæftige mig med Statens Serum Institut (SSI) er jeg ramte ind i en laborant som arbejder på SSI med vaccinefremstilling/kendskab til mikrobiologi og immunologi. Fik desværre ikke muligheden for, at grave meget dybere ned, andet end enkelte tips, da hun var meget optaget af detoxe sig selv, da hun indtog store mængder af vaccinationer, for at undgå at blive smittet selv. Med detox mener jeg, hun havde henvendt sig til en alternativ holistisk læge/behandler, fordi hendes krop var ødelagt....  Desuden har jeg en kammerat indenfor forsvarets specialstyrker, som har en ufattelig viden inden for den etableret lægevidenskab, desværre er han ikke parat til at dele sin viden, offentligt.
Måske kommer til som et chok for mange, men Statens Serum Institut (SSI) er en milliard forretning for staten. Ifølge resultatkontrakten for 2015, som er indgået mellem Ministeriet for Sundhed og forebyggelse og SSI(resultatkontrakter og direktørkontrakter hhv. vaccineproduktion og SSI Diagnostica) har de en nettoomsætning på 1,3 mia. kr. samt en eksport på 440 mio.kr. Hvis vi slå hele den danske farmaceutiske industri, apotekerne og Statens Serum Institut sammen, taler vi om trillioner af kroner, eller ufattelige mange penge. Novo Nordisk har en markedsværdi på 1000 mia. kr. Selvom Lundbeck afskedige 1000 ansatte i 2015, har de en markedsværdi på 43 mia. kr. 1.kvartal 2016. Apotekernes omsætning er i 2015 steget moderat fra 11,1 mia.kr. til knap 11,4 mia.kr hvorimod Sundhedsstyrelsen resultat i 2015 er på sølle 1,7 mio.kr. For at vise hvor mange penge der ligger i denne industri, bød 2014 på rekordmange børsintroduktioner, og for første gang oversteg markedsværdien for biotekselskaberne tilsammen 1.000 mia.dollars.

PS: Som alle måske er bekendt med, så solgte den danske stat i Januar måned 2017, (ved hjælp af Bjarne Corydon), SSI til en Sharia-sheik for sølle 15 mio: Staten brugte samtidigt 30 mio. kr. på at finde ham. Finansministeriet og Sundhedsministeriet har i alt brugt 30,6 millioner kroner på at finde en køber til Statens Serum Instituts vaccine-enhed. Det er dobbelt så meget, som køberen gav for enheden. Hvordan hænger det lige sammen?. Hvad har Staten fået af fordele og lokumsaftaler, underbudt og solgt til det saudiarabiske familiedynasti Aljomaih??.
15 største medicinalvirksomheder

Novo Nordisk A/S, H. Lundbeck A/S, Leo Pharma A/S, Nycomed Danmark Aps, Basf A/S, Alk-Abelló A/S, Xellia Pharmaceuticals Aps, Bavarian Nordic A/S, Biogen Idec (Denmark) Manufacturing Aps, FEF Chemicals A/S, Abacus Medicine A/S, Novozymes Biopharma DK A/S, Danipharm A/S, Biofac A/S, Mekos Laboratories aps osv. osv.

A4nu.dk | ~ Johanne Schmidt-Nielsen raser over Nets grådighed ~ | Blogger: [💰Måske skulle Johanne Schmidt-Nielsen, feje for sin egen dør, med en millionløn, men STØRSTE pengemaskine i Danmark er og har altid været NETS, NemID og e-Boks. Derefter, KMD, IBM og CSC og alle danske statsejede IT-selskaber og deres projekter, som aldrig, fungerede. Alene Hr. Jensen og Hr. Løkke med deres skandaleramte IT-system EFI, forsvandt der 100 milliarder kroner💸] ... |

kristeligt-dagblad.dk : "Filosof om bonusordninger: Nets-topchef Bo Nilsson er apokalypsens sorte rytter"

FM144 - Teilen | ~ 💓 ENDGAME 💕 ~ | Blogger: PS: This is a Cobra friendly website... |

The Dark Ones have finally understood now that the game is over, so they switched to all-or-nothing mode.

In a first wave of attacks since this realization, they have managed to pull the newly arrived Twin Flames out of their avatars again and keep them in check inside dark intermediate realms within the Earth Quarantine.

The Light Forces initiated appropriate countermeasures. Some Starseeds on the planet might have been able to sense this process by first feeling the presence of their Twins, but then feeling separated from them again during the last weeks.

These events may sound bad at first, but afterwards they will turn out to be advantageous.

In a second wave, the Dark Ones are trying once again to take action against the Goddess herself with everything they have (with the special aim of neutralizing High Priestesses).

There are still incarnated High Priestesses here on the surface. These remaining ones are not in public, so they are better protected against physical attacks. However, they get bombarded tremendously on an energetic level. The Light Forces are currently implementing certain measures to counteract this too.

During recent New Moon, the Dark Ones also intensified their rituals as usual, which is why it is so important to protect oneself energetically, especially during these phases:


But now for the good news…

Certain operations of the Light Forces caused an enormous boost for the Liberation of the British Isles. At the same time of these operations, the British Prime Minister announced her resignation.

However, the Light Forces would like to point out again how important is to keep Lightworker Groups clean and protected from infiltrations.

This already starts with seemingly banal things like Social Media. In ancient times, temples were infiltrated … today it is Facebook. Hardly any spiritual group on FB (or on other platforms) is not infiltrated by negative, occupied members. These are most of the time people who have already betrayed the Light Forces during past lives in return for wealth and power … for example by passing on the location of important Light Temples, so that the Dark Ones could lay them in ashes.

Nowadays, people sit at home in front of the keyboard and do the same thing as they did back then, only in a digital way. Therefore, it is important to stick to the Operational Protocols for Lightworkers, which many readers may already know, but are still valid:


This is not about censorship or restricting freedom of speech, it is about creating a protected environment for those Lightworker Groups, which actually make a meaningful contribution to Planetary Healing and Liberation.

The Dark Ones have their people everywhere. It's not only the Archons who are directly manipulating; the Reptilians and other negative entities on the ethereal plains also pose a problem.

Many people (especially those who do not regularly protect themselves energetically, live a low vibrational lifestyle or have mental trauma, which applies to nearly all Souls on the surface due to the imprisonment inside the reincarnation cycle) are energetically occupied by such Reptilians/negative entities or temporarily infiltrated by them without even noticing it.

This allows the Dark Ones to get into Light Groups and spy through a person's avatar on what is going on there. Then they will attempt to poison the atmosphere inside by verbally attacking other members and so on.

Tom Heneghan Explosive Intelligence Briefings | ~ PRESIDENT GORE ORDERS DONALD TRUMP AND WILLIAM BARR ARRESTED ~ HIGH TREASON! ~ | Blogger: PS: YES, i understand that some find Tom Heneghan narrative, illustrations and his word choice repulsive, but in my book, not all of the Intel is Fake News, that's IMPOSSIBLE... (🐺Two Wolves🐺) -- However, i don't think nothing will happen to Trump, but in DNC US Inc. country, there seem to be two wolves fighting within the populations (good vs. bad - Trump / Russia vs. Deep State) and we know from the old Cherokee teaching of his grandson about life. “It is a terrible fight and it is between two wolves”. One is evil–he is anger, envy, sorrow, regret, greed, arrogance, self-pity, guilt, resentment, inferiority, lies, false pride, superiority, and ego. “The other is good – he is joy, peace, love, hope, serenity, humility, kindness, benevolence, empathy, generosity, truth, compassion, and faith. The same fight is going on inside you–and inside every other person, too.” The grandson thought about it for a minute and then asked his grandfather: “Which wolf will win?” The old Cherokee simply replied, “The one you feed.”... 🤪The strangest thing as a outsider, not an american, is that some seem to be pushing for comeback of Al Gore, Former Vice President of the United States, others Crooked Hillary or Andrew D. Basiago, me personally i've vote for Tulsi Gabbard (even if she's DNC)... If you believe in Secret Space Programs, there's no doubt in my mind, all president was CIA groomed as future presidents through Project Pegasus, a looong time before they entered the White House... there are no coincidences... |

Exclusive, explosive breaking reports from the
patriot Joint U.S.-French Intelligence Task Force,
operating on American soil for over 200 years

Sunday   June 2, 2019

by Tom Heneghan, International Intelligence Expert


Donald J. Trump and William P. Barr

UNITED States of America   -   It can now be reported that recently inaugurated United States President Albert Gore Jr., along with the U.S. Military Court for the District of Columbia, has ordered the immediate arrest of now de-certified President Donald J. Trump, along with his totally compromised Iran-Contra Bush-Scherff tainted Attorney General William P. Barr after Trump and Barr conspired to issue a ‘pardon’ to none other than CIA stooge and Bush Crime Family enabler, serial lesbian and murderer Hillary Rodham Clinton aka ‘wife’. 

This comes on the heels of Trump-Drumpf (original German family name) issuing a pardon to election stealer, nation wrecker, Constitution shredder, child sex trafficker, U.S. Treasury embezzler, cocaine snorting, AWOL, war criminal, total coward junior George W. BushFRAUD aka Scherff.


However, we are under Military Law and U.S. President Gore and acting U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice J.T. Ellis III acting on behalf of the U.S. Military Court for the District of Columbia have voided the pardons and, accordingly, junior George W. BushFRAUD aka Scherff, will be delivered to President Gore’s backyard in Carthage, Tennessee where the little coward will be forced to engage in a dual to the death with President Gore with the result clearly being junior BushFRAUD aka the son of the former CIA Director being executed.

When it comes to Hillary aka Hildabeast the U.S. Military Flag Officers have agreed to bring HIGH TREASON TRAITOR Hillary to Caroline Kennedy’s basement where Caroline will administer justice to the mentally ill Nazi lesbian with due prejudice reference her execution for her directly ordering the assassination of her brother, the son of President John F. Kennedy, John F. Kennedy Jr.

We can now divulge that Donald J. Trump-Drumpf and his treasonous U.S. Secretary Treasury Steven Mnuchin were conspiring with Hillary to launder and steal Wanta-Reagan-Mitterrand Protocol funds (now totally identified by the IMF audit of Christine Lagarde) by using treasonous elements of the Russian and Chinese mafia to use Ukrainian banks, Central Bank of Japan, along with counterfeit trading platforms in North Korea to create new bogus currency derivatives with the outlaw Bank of England and the Argo and Manna Trusts to, once again, forestall the return of $433 TRILLION back to the U.S. and French treasuries.


Aluna Ash- 9D | ~ ENTITY ATTACHMENTS, SPIRITUAL WARFARE 6/7 ~ | Blogger: Take care dear Sisters and Brothers 🙏🏼, there's much interference in the atmosphere lately! A lot of energy harvesting when full moon portal opening appears in the vortex electromagnetic processes 💞✨🦋🌹... |

#Entity #Attachments #Clairvoyance Next wave hitting: June 13th Full Moon Portal opens the next day on June 14th til June 17th Next Galactic Activation Portal Dates: 6/21 & 6/23 Galactic Activation Portal dates are also a time of integrating, downloads, activations, timeline merges. This can be a time of heightened sensitivity & activity. So taking time for you & to calm the mind is important. What these are- are astral thoughtforms. They interact & appear a bit different based off different planes & subplanes. These can play off memories, fears, traumas by the frequency. I've seen this my whole life but I really started noticing this mist/thoughtforms being more sensitive or reactive during heightened solar activity during the wave March 20 2018. And I wanted to talk about how they actually look energetically/clairvoyantly and how they interact. You can protect your energy while out and about by your intent, visualizing a light egg shaped orb around you & your loved ones, by stating that you spirit is sovereign. 💜🧡💛💚💙❤ Patrons: I am posting the Twinflame element readings for June on Patreon today. 💜🧡💛💚💙❤ I'm finishing up the June Divine Masculine & Divine Feminine Readings so they will be up soon! 💜🧡💛💚💙❤ ***I have all my email, youtube, fb, instagram, messengers, etc.. notifications on mute for now- I will be responding again soon! (in 11 days to be exact)

X22Report | ~ Episode 1886b : Flynn Shifts To Offense, Something Big Is About To Happen ~ | ~ Episode 1887b : Drip, Drip, Drip, The Great Awakening, This Is The Storm ~ | Blogger: [🙈THE GREAT AWAKENING IS HERE ~ X22🙉] ... |

An inmate serving time with Assange released pics to The Gateway Pundit. [EC] and his wife are in hot water, there are more questions of where the money is going. Flynn has dropped his lawyers and he will be acquiring new lawyers, is Flynn going on the offensive? The border crisis is now out of hand, the number of inadmissibles has increased and this is now a full blown crisis. Mexico responded to Trump's tariffs and sent police to stop the inadmissibles. The antitrust case is now being pushed, Google and Facebook are in the crosshairs. Something big is about to drop and the [DS] is now preparing to keep the truth from the American people

The great awakening is here, the information that is flowing out is to wake the general public up, the storm is upon us, it is here. The [DS] will use all their ammunition to stop the truth from coming out. We have new info that the Russians that met with certain individuals were not Russian they were informants. JW uncovers documentation on [HRC]. Durham is completed focused on the FISA applications, its all about to hit and the [DS] is getting ready to control the narrative, the truth cannot be controlled.

PFC | ~ Benjamin Fulford Interview: Here's the current state of play, change IS finally happening! ~ | Blogger: [☷World Affairs, The Coming Debt Jubilee - OR - One-World-China, Royal Bloodlines-Illuminati-Cabal, Bilderbergers in Panic, Banks bend BIS rules, Trump-FISA-Obama, Global 5G Push☷] ... |

💉Vaccine Impact | ~ FDA Approves Faulty Dengue Vaccine that Harmed 100,000 Children in the Philippines, Killing Some, and Prompted Lawsuits ~ | .. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration just approved one of the most sought after vaccines in recent decades. It’s the world’s first vaccine to prevent dengue fever — a disease so painful that its nickname is “breakbone fever.” .. |

Parents of children vaccinated with Dengvaxia cry during a Senate hearing in the Philippines. Image source.

Activistpost | ~ 18 Ways Julian Assange Changed The World ~ | .. Julian Assange has been arrested and is now locked away in British custody. The U.S. government wants to extradite him, regardless of the official version, for the crime of revealing our government’s crimes. Nearly every government on our third rock from the sun despises the man for bringing transparency to the process of ruling the unwashed masses. (The level of wash has, however, increased thanks to aggressive marketing campaigns from a variety of shampoo brands.) .. |

By Lee Camp

WikiLeaks revealed US war crimes, government corruption, and corporate media’s servile flattery to the power elite. If you’re a member of our ruling class, you would view those as textbook examples of treachery…

In an evolved and fully realized society, the oligarchy would see Assange as a dangerous criminal (which they do), and the average working men and women would view him as justice personified (which they don’t). We would celebrate him even as the mass media told us to hope for his downfall—like a Batman or a Robin Hood or an Ozzy Osbourne (the early years, not the cleaning-dog-turds-off-his-carpet years).

But we are not evolved and this is not Gotham City and average Americans don’t root for the truth. Many Americans cheer for Assange’s imprisonment. They believe the corporate plutocratic talking points and yearn for the days when we no longer have to hear about our country’s crimes against humanity or our bankers’ crimes against the economy. Subconsciously they must believe that a life in which we’re tirelessly exploited by rich villains and know all about it thanks to the exhaustive efforts of an eccentric Australian is worse than one in which we’re tirelessly exploited by rich villains yet know nothing about it.

“Ignorance is bliss” is the meditative mantra of the United States of America.


DR FAKE NEWS | ~ Politi efterforsker læk af klimaplan ~ | .. Københavns Politi undersøger muligt brud på tavshedspligt ved læk af dokument til Politiken .. | Blogger: [⚖️PERFECT DANISH POLITICAL TIMING? : Whistleblowers like Grevil, Richard Boyle, Bradley Birkenfeld, Manning, Assange, Petraeus and MANY others are facing jail-time and stripped their rights, stolen their money and life, if they leak govt classified Intel - that's a given🤹] ... 🤔Livets store spørgsmål : Bliver embedsfolkene straffet efter straffelovens § 152, Påvirkningsloven eller anden lov som Pape, finder på!?? Der er en NY sherif i byen, Søren Babapapa Pape Poulsen, hård hund og »tough on« alt, hvad der bevæger sig i den kriminelle underverden, også almindelige danskere, som der blæser i fløjten, EU-NATO-Krigs modstandere, frimodige ytringer, kildebeskyttelse og strid med tavshedspligten om Statsappar- atetet og alle som han finder, personlig frastødende (eller hvad hans kæreste, finder stødende)... |

Københavns Politi efterforsker, om der er sket et lovbrud i forbindelse med et læk af en klimaplan fra regeringen, som blev bragt i Politiken sidste år. (Foto: liselotte sabroe © Scanpix)

🔴 NEWSinENGLISH.no | ~Child’s death tied to drinking water scare ~ | Blogger: [💧QUOTE: "Water Is Not A Human Right' says CEO, Nestlé Peter Brabeck-Letmathe (end quote) Since then, Swiss Nestle Corp. together with the Danish government, are trying to privatize all heating plants and waterworks in Denmark, it is reported"💦] ... {Drinking water in several areas of Denmark contaminated with pesticide ~ cphpost.dk) ... (verdensalt) -- IN DENMARK -- It's been revealed that drinking (tap) water has too high content of the desphenyl-chloridazon, E-coli bacteria (in addition to methyl-mercury and other heavy metals and microplastic)... |

UPDATED: Norway is known for having some of the best drinking water in the world, but thousands of residents of Askøy near Bergen were being warned on Friday to boil their water before consumption. The warning comes after scores of local adults and children in Askøy have fallen ill, and now officials have found E.Coli bacteria in a drinking water facility.

Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) reported Friday morning that a one-year-old boy from Askøy who’d been admitted to Haukeland University Hospital in Bergen with an infection had died. No exact cause of death was available pending test results, but an investigation was underway to determine any connection to Askøy’s contaminated water.

“This is a tragic incident that we won’t comment on further out of consideration to the family,” Ansgar Berg, director of the hospital’s children’s clinic, told NRK.

A total of 18 people from Askøy, eight of them children, had been admitted to Haukeland as of mid-day Friday. All of them were suffering from severe diarrhea, nausea and stomach pain. “We are awaiting analysis results to clarify whether there’s a common cause behind this, to confirm or reject our suspicions that this is an outbreak of a stomach and intestinal infection.”

Local newspaper Askøyværingen reported that the discovery of E.Coli in the community’s drinking water prompted the police to launch a probe into possible environment crime. Around 70 children have fallen ill at one local school.

A total of 47 people had been examined by doctors at Askøy’s own community health center since Thursday afternoon. Anton Bøe of the municipality’s water and sewage system told reporters at a press conference Friday morning that officials think the area’s drinking water may have been polluted through a leak that allowed bacteria into the water lines.

Norway’s public health institute had been called in to help with infection control. Local officials mounted a crisis team to help the family of the little boy who died, and local residents were advised to continue boiling all water used in connection with consumption.

DAILY HOT NEWS (RT World) | ~ Madonna slammed for trivializing sexual abuse after comparing NYT profile on her to rape | Blogger: [🏩Big Celebration Of The Illuminati Industry And Of Its Grand Priestess, Madonna💃] ... |

Madonna performs during a guest appearance at the Grand Final of the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest in Tel Aviv, Israel, early May 19, 2019. © Reuters / KAN / Orit Pnini

TV2 FNYS NYS | ~ Efterkommere af H.C. Ørsted anker navnestrid til Højesteret ~ | Blogger: (ARKIVSKAB) -- Radio24Syv - DKR - Opråb Til Folket! | 11. Oktober 2017 | ⧭⧭⧭OPRÅB TIL FOLKET -- Kalder alle med navnet Ørsted! Som du måske har hørt har den skandaleramte energivirksomhed ĐŎǸǦ, skiftet navn. ĐŎǸǦ, der er kendt i den brede offentlighed for gennemtvungen, et alt for billigt salg til den amerikanske Goldman Sachs, hedder nu Ørsted! Er du også indigneret over at ĐŎǸǦ har taget DIT gode navn i et forsøg på ’vaske sig ren’ for fortidens synder, så skriv en mail. KBSKH forsøger netop nu, at hive ĐŎǸǦ i retten, for brud på navneloven. Målet er, at ĐŎǸǦ, ikke længere kan bruge det stolte danske navn 'Ørsted' og må finde et andet mere passende navn, måske, Cory-DON'(G) ⧬⧬⧬ | Blogger: Konspirationsfest: Bilderberg, DONG, Mckinsey, Goldman og Corydon.... Hov, hvad var nu det😂😂😂"Kisser" stjæler mit (verdensalt') eget yndlingsnavn (CORY-DON) på den mest korrupte socialdemokrat i Danmarkshistorien. Vores forblændet bling-bling Ex Finansminister Bjarne 'Cory-"DON", der må ligge i fosterstilling gemt væk i et mørkt hjørnekontor hos den dybe Stats håndlanger, McKinsey gruppen (En af de største underafdelinger til Rothschild familien er 'McKinsey and Company' samt GoLDMaN SLaCKS), og må dælme sidde med en rigtig dårlig smag i munden, medmindre han lider af en antisocial personlighedsforstyrrelse af benægtelse og grådighed for magt. Spørgsmålet er om, 'Cory-DON'(G), er anderledes end resten af slænget i Tinget?... |

Efterkommere til videnskabsmanden H.C. Ørsted anker en dom i sag om navnestrid. Foto: Mads Claus Rasmussen / Ritzau Scanpix

Vores forblændet bling-bling Ex Finansminister Bjarne 'Cory-DON'(G) eventyr - success eller downfall 

Udgivet første gang den 28. April 2015 af Verdensalt

Dong salget lugter af politiske rævekager, pamperi og fordækt dagsorden

Update 22. Dec 2015: Så er den gal igen. Corydon x McKinsey III
Fra arkivet: Faglige organisationer kritiserer, at statens ledere skal måle og veje de ansatte ved hjælp af en McKinsey-model. Men finansministeren mener, at der ikke længere er en modsætning mellem tillid og kontrol i den offentlige sektor. Information.dk

Update 23. Dec 2015: Så er den gal igen. Ritt revser Corydon for at skade det politiske system. Corydons nye job i McKinsey er problematisk og åbner for diskussion om vennetjenester, mener Ritt Bjerregaard. - dr.dk

Update 23. Dec 2015: Så er den gal igen Køl ministre som Corydon af, før de får topjob i lobbyvirksomheder. Corydon er jo desværre ikke den første, der foretager denne slags job-skifte. Karen Hækkerup skiftede fra fødevareminister til cheflobbyist for landbruget. Gitte Lillelund Bech fra forsvarsminister til våbenlobbyistPolitiken.dk
Update 23. Dec 2015: Så er den gal igen Qvortrup om Corydons afgang: Dansk politik er en troløs forestilling. Med Bjarne Corydons farvel til dansk politik, mister Socialdemokraterne et af deres stærkeste - men også mest foragtede - politiske esser. mx.dk

Update 23. Dec 2015: Så er den gal igen Vagthund: Corydon-skift var ikke gået i andre EU-lande. Flere andre EU-lande har karensperioder, der ville have spændt ben for et jobskift som Bjarne Corydons. berlingske.dk

Update 20. Maj 2015: Så er den gal igen i Dong-sagen. Enhedslisten retter skytset mod finansminister Bjarne Corydon (S) i Dong-sagen og truer med et mistillidsvotum, der kan vælte hele regeringen.Forstå sagen her:http://www.politiko.dk/politisk-morgenpost/forstaa-balladen-om-dong-corydon-og-enhedslisten

"Trods faldende olie- og gaspriser øger Dong Energy overskuddet på 1,7 mia. kr. for 1. kvt. 2015. Dong har omkring 6.500 medarbejdere og omsatte for 67 mia. kr. i 2014"

Det undre mig simpelhen ikke, at vi kan blive ved med at spinde historier på vores Finansminister om DONG salget...

Grunden til sagen ikke lægger sig fladt ned på ryggen, er den er pilrådden fra starten... Der er snart folketingsvalg, så DF forsøger at stille spørgsmål omkring sagen - fair nok - enhedslisten har tidligere forsøgt, uden held..... Det seneste som er kommet frem bla. fra Anders Eldrup og Fritz Schur er, at "ifølge tidligere Dong-topchef Anders Eldrup var finansminister Bjarne Corydon (S) informeret om, at Dong kunne høste milliarder ved at udskille selskabets havvindaktiviteter i et separat selskab. Alligevel tav ministeren om muligheden, da Dong kom i akut pengenød. DF er forundret"...

Det er sku da fordækt? Denne arrogance som Finansministeret og "Teflon Helle" regeringen lægger for dagen - kan vi virkelig ikke råbe vakt i gevær, igen? Er Finansministeriet så magtfuldt et organ, at der ingen som 'tør' røre ved Bjarne 'Cory-DON'? JA!!!

Smider et lille udpluk af de mange spørgsmål og indsigelser i sagens forløb via følgende opkast, i bedste kronologisk orden:

David Icke | ~ David Icke Talks About Aliens? Not So Mad Now, Eh? ~ | The David Icke Dot-Connector Videocast | Blogger: [🛸MIC-SSP -- The Secret Reverse Engineered Gravity Control Propulsion Vehicle👽] ... {Be Streetwise and Think Like The Top Secret Suppressed Global Military Industrial Services & Above Top Secret Security Clearance : “Mystery Aircraft”, and Classified Propulsion Systems Buried Deep}... |

David Vaughan is an English author, lecturer, and former media personality best known for his view of what he calls "who and what is really controlling the world." Describes himself as the most controversial speaker and author in the world he has written books explaining his position and renamed "New Age Conspiracism". Has attracted a significant number of followers from all over the political spectrum. His 533-page "The Biggest Secret (1999)" has been called the "Rosetta Stone" of conspiracy theorists.