Feb 13, 2019

🔴 Fox Breaking News | Tucker Carlson Tonight 2/12/19 | Blogger: REPUBLIC NOW - GALACTIC NEWS - Tucker Carlson: There Was No Russian Collusion, Period!!!! ... Democratic members of Congress are more dangerous than any foreign entity right now! Except the EU cabal Rothschild countries who played along, with the crooked Hillary as their Leader... BREAKING JUST-IN: US Senate Introduces New Sanctions Against Russia - Statement. The new restrictions would target Banks, Russia's LNG projects overseas, the country's cyber sector and sovereign debt, according to the legislation, Senator Bob Menendez's office said in a statement on Wednesday, Feb 13st, 2019... |

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The GoldFish Report | No. 332 | ~ Casual World News Updates From America, Australia and Austria ~ | .. On The GoldFish Report No. 332 Louisa welcomes back co-hosts Steve in Austria and Tim Emslie in Sydney Australia to talk about Geopolitics. Tim reports on the state of censorship in Australia, historic flooding and aftermath, extreme heat and freezing temps all the while during an 8 hour blackout in Syndey! Steve reports on the environment in Europe with respect to finance, yellow vest revolution Venezuela and Q Anon's global influence and the Great Awakening. Louisa reports on the state of affairs in the U.S that have a global ripple effect .. |

THE QANON HUB: Where We Go 1 We Go All | ~ U.S. SPACE FORCE ~ |

RT | ~ ‘Space is not your property!’ Beijing blasts US report on China & Russia ‘weaponizing’ space ~ | .. A new US intelligence report portraying Moscow and Beijing as trying to bring warfare into the heavens has drawn the ire of China, which insists that space is not Washington’s “private property.”. The US, China, Russia, and dozens of other countries are parties to the 1967 Outer Space Treaty that bars weapons of mass destruction from being placed in space and installing them on the Moon or any other celestial body.. | Blogger: [🏴󠁡󠁦󠁷󠁡󠁲󠁿Pentagon space agency poised to ignite turf wars ~ spacenews] ... O-M-G! Trump - listen, spare me the battle giggle, a show-off operation as a veiled display of military power of scare tactics... We both know it's a SNAFU & FUBAR... You know as well as me and the rest of the Secret Space Programs, The military–industrial complex (MIC), we already have overwhelming incredible power in SPACE, both China and Russia included, as well as some EU countries... Why this drama? Come clean, Mr. president |

Pentagon space agency poised to ignite turf wars

Space observing system | ~ SR Update peaks above 40 Hz. ~ | Blogger: [〰️ The Earth is vibration higher and higher, just like verdensalt.dk!〰️] ...Did our light forces blasted the planet with another series of 40-hertz, gamma-state, 5d light beams overnight!? Michael Love says so, and others... There is definitely something up, getting hot & cold flashes & my head feels as though its inflating somehow, painful nightmare last night too! boo-hoo... Tuesday we have seen quite a copy of mondays activity, started at 7 until 10:30 am UTC and the maximum peak has been at 37 Hz. at 9:45 UTC. Today, several white spikes starting at 3 am UTC and continues during the day... |

Dependences Amplitudes Schumann Resonance February 12 2019

ASHTAR | ~ Preparations Continue ~ | Channeled by James McConnell | .. Just With A Thought, Or Even A Visualization, You Can Bring Yourselves Into The Higher Vibration .. | Blogger: Oh... i just discovered, that this is my 14.000 number blog posts published and 14.044 in total. 1444 and 144 as numerology - The Awakened State... |

Ashtar Command Final Transmission to EARTH <<<<<< 🛡️ENOUGH🛡️ >>>>>> "This is a warning we sent to you. Disengage or face your own destruction". Victory of the Light!!!! ... Verdensalt is bond by a Light Warriors knighty oath: Protect the weak and uphold the good. This code states that knights must defend the weak and the innocent, must protect women and children, must fight fairly and honorably, and obey their lieges. I will hold this energy of protecting the sacred feminine, as well. So be it, and so it is!... ⛨ |

ASHTAR: Preparations Continue

I am Ashtar.

I bring you greetings from the one known now as KaRa. She will not be with you at this time, but will be with you again shortly. For she has much to do with all of you, much planning, much preparation to do.

But I now, as this point, continue the process, the process that has begun. For we can more fully share with you, come closer to you, be more with you, and yes, even to the point of being physically with you. That is coming. But it will require that you continue to raise your vibrations higher and higher, and find yourself more and more living in the perfect NOW in the moment, being in that neutral state. Because it is that neutral state that will allow you to be able to be in the vibrations along with us so that we can make that connection.

We have been preparing you, you have been preparing yourselves, for some time now, knowing that these moments would come some day. So long ago when you all volunteered to come here, you knew at a time much, much later that you would reach these moments, would reach these end times, and you have reached these end times. It only takes a bit more of your patience, as well as the manifestations behind the scenes that are occurring now. For all is coming together, all is being orchestrated and brought forth.

It is time now for each and every one of you to begin to prepare yourselves within. Prepare yourselves for all that is yet to come.

I am Ashtar. I leave you now in peace and love, and a continued calmness to come over all of you as these changes continue move forward.

Thanks to eraoflight 

Operationdisclosure | ~ RV/INTELLIGENCE ALERT - "Emergency" ~ | Blogger: [👄RUMORS AND GOSSIP REPEATERS👂] ... It's all about replacing the old corrupt financial system with a new QFS; a new hack-proof, super-conscious, Quantum Computer Global Financial System... US Financial Executive or Legislative Bodies like - I.M.F., FED, U.S.T, C.T., B.I.S., WORLD BANK, U.N., M M.O.U.S.E., is to be removed, "cause Kansas is going bye-bye!"... Second, introducing and ratify NESA- RA. GESARA - the secret GESARA Treaty(disguised as the 2015 Paris Agreement on Climate Change) ... You cannot rely on Bitcoin cryptocurrency either (NSA has a backdoor).. Benjamin Fulford says, George Soros, has been dead for 14 months and family has already divided his money stash. Bill Clinton is also death of AIDS... No- body has seen Bill Gates either, presumably death, as well (It's all a pretend, KM Khazarian Mafia Zionist need to keep the wheels going - Psychological operations (PSYOP) - Political decoys, body doubles and cloning....We've heard it all... Endless waiting has been in play for the RV, the financial rest, GESARA, NESARA…or what- ever you want to call it. The main concept at play here IS the liberation of Human- ity/Earth from forces of evil and limitation... So be it, and so it is!...🙏 |

RV/INTELLIGENCE ALERT - "Emergency" - February 12, 2019

(Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation based on intelligence leaks received from several sources which may or may not be accurate. Other confirmed sources may also be included in this overview.)

Rumors suggest the military exercise in L.A. last week was an actual operation to bust a biochemical false flag attack.

Special Forces were seen carrying two objects out from the building and into the MH-60 Black Hawk.

Recorded footage shows decontamination protocols being performed on one of the MH-60 Black Hawk helicopters.

However, other reports claim the operation was related to human trafficking.

The declaration of a national emergency in the US and martial law in the UK will trigger the rest of the world to fall into a state of an emergency.

Expect Trump to declare a national emergency after the US government is shutdown once again.

Also, expect the UK to declare martial law if another no-vote occurs on Brexit.

The public will be shocked from the massive data dumps and arrests.

The new quantum financial system will be announced almost immediately to calm the public.

Zimbabwe is expected to introduce a new gold-backed currency in advance of the QFS announcement.

The RV remains expectant at anytime between now and the predicted events above.

Source: Operation Disclosure

White Hats Report #67 | ~ Trump’s Mid-term report card ~ |

As we reach and pass the two year mark for Trump’s presidency, it’s time for a performance review

Economy: A-

The unrelenting attack on the over-reaching, ridiculous and business killing regulations has been swift and decisive. The tax cuts for both individuals and businesses are also a contributing factor to this grade. More people have jobs as record numbers of employment across all sectors are being experienced. Wages need to continue to increase but at a faster pace. This should occur once the impact of the tax cuts on businesses becomes more apparent as upgrades to existing facilities and the development of new ones continues.

Another round of tax cuts is due as this will continue to put more discretionary income into the economy, driving competition, innovation, investments and technological advances. This country was built by entrepreneurs and putting more capital into the hands of Americans will restart that trend that has been stifled by the cabal sponsored presidents going back 50+ years.

Finance/Banking: B-

After staying virtually silent during the campaign and much of his first year in office regarding the Federal Reserve, Trump has FINALLY started shining the light on this criminal organization. The raising of rates since he took office is not surprising as its time people realize the Federal Reserve is responsible for EVERY downturn, recession, depression and WAR since they came into existence in 1913. The raising of rates is to (1) stifle the economic growth of the US (2) to recover some of the money aka “quantitative easing” (shell game) of the pathetic Soetoro years when they printed funny money like drunken sailors as the debt doubled from $10T to $20T under Barry’s watch and (3) to provide ammunition to their paid, deep state contractors in the House, Senate and Media to use against Trump in the run up to the 2020 election.

We’ve provided Trump with ample evidence of the fraud the Federal Reserve has been perpetrating since their creation under cover of darkness before Christmas in 1913. The two contracts we released in White Hats Report #63, one a trading program agreement between Yohannes Riyadi of Indonesia and the Greenspan headed Federal Reserve in 2003 and the one executed in 2013 to pay Riyadi the money and profits they stole from him in the preceding 10 years as per the 2003 contract. This, however, is just more Federal Reserve fraud as they have no intention of paying Riyadi, only extending their con game a few more years and running out the clock before another fraudulent gambit is employed.

The bankers are the cancer that infects the entire planet; their usurious practices know no bounds and their theft of our hard labor, efficiencies, discoveries and futures must be stopped now! If Trump wants to go down in history as the best of the best, he’ll need to scatter them to the winds. This is his toughest assignment by far and will be his biggest accomplishment if he can pull it off. The fate of human kind on this planet hangs in the balance.




Draining the SWAMP: C
This sector has been one of the most ongoing issues that remain unresolved. The Mueller investigation highlights the need to do this and the snakes and alligators in the form of Comey, McCabe, Strzok, Page, Ohr, Baker, Yates, et al is a good start. However, there is much more to be accomplished before the reputation, effectiveness and confidence in the DOJ (and FBI) can be restored. It’s become quite clear that once you reach a certain level on the food chain, you are ABOVE the law and you are not accountable for your actions, whether they be treason, fraud, murder, extortion, theft or blackmail.

This has to change and change fast if Trump wishes to get a second term and save the US from cabal destruction. Draining the swamp is one thing, holding people accountable for their crimes is completely another.

Lock her/them UP: F

BT Nyheder | ~ Dansk Mars-kandidat holder fast håb trods konkurs ~ | .. IT specialist Christian Ohlendorff Knudsen is among the last 100 candidates for a single ticket to Mars with the project Mars One, but fizzles Into Bankruptcy .. | Blogger: [👨‍🚀Biggest joke in the universe. 'First Man' and 'The First' focus on the moon, on Mars 😂] ... The Moon is made of green cheese, little green men of Mars, and where do planets download music from? Neptunes... Who is the first man to go to Mars? Not Christian Ohlendorff Knudsen, since the Secret SPACE, ruled by MIC-SSP and other off world factions, has been on Mars at least 70 years time and other planets in our solar system. Mars is like a slave system of (millions?) transported by Mars jump room - a teleportation device used to travel from the earth to mars via a reported wormhole of sorts... “Project Pegasus was the classified, defense-related research and development program under the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) in which the US defense-technical community achieved time travel on behalf of the US government – the real Philadelphia Experiment.” – Project Pegasus Mission Statement... Before you ridicule verdensalt, these facts are from whistleblowers, UFO community and alike, Corey Goode & David Wilcock figures... "Secret Space Program whistleblower, “Corey” Goode (aka GoodETxSG), has revealed astounding details involving classified activities on Mars and the Moon. Most disturbing are his revelations about the influence of a secret NAZI breakaway civilization that successfully infiltrated the US national security system. His responses go into great detail of how secret space program activities in the US and globally, have been co-opted by unscrupulous forces and institutions that are denying humanity the benefits of the technological secrets acquired over the last century." ~ Dr. Michael Salla... But of course as always, please use you own spiritual discernment, reading on my blog... |


Verdensalt | Arkiv | Sept 2, 2018 | ~ ‘Biggest fan’: Bill Clinton trolled for ‘ogling’ pop star Ariana Grande at funeral & Bishop Charles H. Ellis III, for groping on her. Beta Sex Kitten - Monarch Mind Control Programming ~ | Blogger: [⚜️Sorry, we need to talk about PedoGate STARS & Illuminati PEDOPHILE Agenda.They call it; Hillary's #Pay-to-Play, Podesta's #Pizzagate, #Spirit-cooking of secretly shady occult sexual acting. The taboo that continues to grow and cannot be silenced. The pictures bel- ow, speaks for itself 😶] ... (We've all seen them at John Mccain's funeral - the fake and phoney Deep State assets, Bush, Clintons, Obama, DNC trolls, Al Gore, Joe Biden, Bob Dole, Mitt Romney and Henry Kissinger, all together at John McCain's Funeral. Trump were NOT invited, but Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner (WAS) ... 🚩FACT CHECK: The feminist agenda of Misandry, the #MeToo shockwave and #TimesUp movements (and other George Soros' #LivesMatter campaigns) might've found their start in Hollywood (but is in fact a Deep State misleading agenda to keep Clintons out of jail). A MUST to stop men's sexual lust (YES), but they certainly didn't end there. #Metoo is ONLY the outer skin of the black chocolate-covered confectionary bar, while the hidden soft part of the nougat core, is the monolithic pedophile order, that includes terrible and far more destructive crimes against children and adolescents ... 🚩 FACT CHECK: Their Own Little Beta Sex Kittens of Pop Culture (Ariana Grande) - The Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin's Funeral, Manchester Fake Terror Attack & other events in fact rallying the youth around the occult elite ... 🚩 FACT CHECK: Bill Clinton jumped aboard disgraced sex offender Jeffrey Epstein's 'Lolita Express' plane for junkets 25 TIMES in just five years ... 🚩 FACT CHECK: Growing story involving 1400 underage children, some died under these paedophile orgies. All shared among VIP's, some of the most powerful people in the world, like Bill Clinton, Prince Andrew, Jeffrey Epstein, presenters with the BBC, members of parliament and many, many others . Newly released flight logs and sex slave books, show former US president Bill Clinton were frequent flyer on convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s infamous “Lolita Express” jet, without Secret Service Detail ... 🚩FACT CHECK: Texe Marrs - John McCain, Rothschild Puppet, Zionist Warmonger."John McCain is a vile, wicked, deceitful man, a warmonger and a sexual deviant. Make no mistake about it. If this man wins the presidency, America is finished as a nation. Forever. In a 60-minute investigative report, I detail the awful truth about this inept, savage-hearted, lying travesty of a politician, and I document what I say with irrefutable evidence." ... 🚩FACT CHECK: CROCODILE TEARS - Meghan McCain, Obama knock Trump at John McCain's funeral service: 'America was always great' - Meghan, a conservative pundit and co-host of ABC's "The View," delivered a fiery eulogy that did not name, but seemed to take aim at Trump and his past hits at her father's sacrifice in service to the US Navy ... |

Grande is often dressed innocently in accessories that could be used in the elite’s “Eyes Wide Shut” parties where Beta Kittens are involved.


Verdensalt | 13. Feb 2019 | ~ Forretningskonceptet, feministisk blogger, hykler, farisæer og aktivist, Amalie Have, tager til eftermæle og rager ned på radio24syvs seniorkorrespondent Kirsten Birgit på Den Korte Radioavis og Dan Rachlin ~ | Blogger: [👯‍♀️"I'm a promiscuous slut. full stop." she writes on her twitter account & Danish shopping centre in twist over Michael Jackson figure after making inter- national news🕺] ... ("Se-Mig-egoismen" ... krænkelsesparatheden.... krænkelses- diktaturet) ... Og på sin instagram, via Berlingske's debatindlæg, en del af en »pro et contra«. Det modsatte synspunkt, skrevet af dj Dan Rachlin, går hun skridtet videre, at siger, hun har hørt Michael Jackson for sidste gang - sluk for lortet, skri- ver hun... Måske, måske har hverken vendekåben, Rødovre centrum, som næsten blev opkøbt af verdens største BlackRock Kapitalforvaltning eller Amalie Have, sat sig ind i om det overhoved er sandt, om Michael Jackson er pædofil, som vor elsk- ede falske jøder Kabbalah samt the deep state establishment, fabrikerer af falske nyheder, ønsker os alle til, at kigge i den retning. Jeg har set én af de fedeste show i mit liv; ONE show by Cirque du Soleil på Mandalay Bay i Las Vegas. Skal jeg så også i skideskuret nu, fordi jeg ikke følger trop med resten af den danske selvoptaget, naive krænket befolkning?. Og det kan da godt være, at Amalie Have blev vold- taget i 2014 og bruger Instagram til at fortælle sine 50.000 følgere, hvorfor voldtægtsofre ikke skal føle skam og skyld, men hendes metoder er absolut fordummende og feministisk sludder for en sladder, som ALLE skal fortærer, lidt ligesom Linse Kessler, der åbner Bed&Breakfast i Mijas, Málaga, væk fra skattefar og har ufine venner, som danske forsikringsmægler Preben Rueda Martin, der hjælper Linse Kessler og hundredvis af andre danskere, med papirarbejdet i sin virksomhed i Spanien og var "måske" hovedmanden bag, Scandinavian Star skandalen.. Selv, Amnesty International Danmark udnytter den unge blondine flittigt (mod kapital?), hvorfor vi skal have ændret den danske voldtægtslovgivning, så den er baseret på samtykke, siger hun i et væk, mens danske politikere, ser på, om de kan følge i fodsporet af Sverige... Er vi blevet et kvalmende samfund af et misforstået og undervurderet krænkelsesparatheden hos kvinder i Danmark, hvor MeToo-debatten har skabt en ondartet feminisme, (der er heldigvis også en godartet) er gået så meget amok, at kvinder nu åbenbart har ret til at være krænkede med tilbagevirkende kraft, og det er altid mandens skyld? Vi må heller ikke konspirere, vi må ikke sige noget forkert, fravige fra majoritetens synspunkter og holdninger, vi skal være regelryttere i statens retsstat og vi mænd, er dømt, nogle svin, eller det, der er er værre af en Hollywood kultur, som virkelig har pædofil som hverdagskost, men er det så slemt i Dannevang, NEJ!... Heldigvis svarer "kisser" godt tilbage på Amalie Have's dødstrusler... |

Den Korte Radioavis 13-02-2019Amalie deler sin voldtægt med verden: Jeg nægter at få min stemme taget fra mig
Danish shopping centre in twist over Michael Jackson figure after making international news Jeg har hørt Michael Jackson for sidste gang

Verdensalt | Arkivskabet | 13. Feb 2019 | 5 minutters læsetid | ~ De to ulve som altid slås....Hold en super god konfirmationstale, men hvordan? Her er hvad jeg gjorde, som onklen... ~ |

There are two wolves who are always fighting
An old Cherokee chief was teaching his grandson about life...

"A fight is going on inside me," he said to the boy.
"It is a terrible fight and it is between two wolves.

"One is evil - he is anger, envy, sorrow, regret, greed, arrogance, self-pity, guilt, resentment, inferiority, lies, false pride, superiority, self-doubt, and ego.

"The other is good - he is joy, peace, love, hope, serenity, humility, kindness, benevolence, empathy, generosity, truth, compassion, and faith.

"This same fight is going on inside you - and inside every other person, too."

The grandson thought about it for a minute and then asked his grandfather,
"Which wolf will win?"

The old chief simply replied,
"The one you feed."

Udgivet første gang den 1. Maj 2016 af Verdensalt.dk 

Fik lavet en forside til et nyt blad med min niece
En konfirmationstale findes i alle afskygninger, lige fra de tåkrummende pinlige over de langstrakte ligegyldige til de fantastisk morsomme og rammende. Alle forældre vil gerne kunne skrive en tale til konfirmation der rammer plet… og det kan faktisk være 'sværere', end det lyder! Glem den forstokket-gammeldags-onkel-tale, der med pegefingerens skreven og påtegning om, at konfirmandens overgang til de voksnes rækker kommer med et ansvar samt kristendommen og dens religiøse aspekt. Og nu skal du høre på Onkel Peter, min unge konfirmand. 

Har luret den. Dog, er det naturligvis meget forskel på hvem af familien man tilhører. Jeg har den opfattelse, det er svært for mor og far, at holde en tale uden den bliver følelsesmæssigt afstumpet eller det stik modsatte, grundet det er svært at sige "jeg elsker dig'" indpakket i cellofan, uden det går hen og bliver pinligt, klammo eller med gråd. Det er langtfra alle, der elsker at tale foran en større forsamling. Hører du til dem, der får svedige håndflader bare ved tanken om at rejse sig og slå på glasset, så gør det sjovt, levende og anderledes og inddrag gerne konfirmanden direkte i talen. Husk på, konfirmanden selv er lige så spændt på hvad der bliver sagt.   

De voksnes 'Core Values' der ikke harmonere med de unges behov

Min forestilling er, vi skal hele vejen tilbage til vores egen konfirmation og de 'Core Values' som 
krævede vores opmærksom dengang. Energierne ændrer sig hele tiden, det gør vores 'Core Values' også, men ikke nødvendigvis vores "adopterede tankemæssige mønstre", som næsten alle voksne lider af (de tankemæssige mønstre er de indoktrinerede mekanismer som hobes op i vores hjerne når vi hele vores barndom er tvungen opdragelse fra præsten, læreren, forældrene samt alle voksen-autoriteter for at følge en kollektiv tankegang og meningsdannelse, etik og moral)  
Typisk eksempel:  familiens tvang med børn - "spis nu op", men det er ikke hensigtsmæssigt fordi grundværdien skal være "vi skal være frie individer og stoppe med at spise når energien tillader det". "Du skal lære at lytte til mor og far". "Du må ikke svare igen". "Vi bestemmer, fordi vi er voksne". osv. Mange af vores værdisæt er baseret på "Janteloven" og "kollektiv bevidstheder" i forskellige familiegrupper... Mange danskere lider under mindreværdskomplekser eller ikke så stor selvtillid og underspiller os selv, fordi vi ikke stoler på vores egne evner... Vi er dog en tid hvor vi skal udrense vores tankemønstre og være i balance med os selv og omgivelser....Vi skal gøre op med vores kerneværdier (core values) og skabe nye,  f.eks.nye kunne være "hjælpe andre mennesker" eller "gode ting kommer altid til mig" osv. osv.
De ovennævnte ting, er voksne ting. De er svære at  omsætte eller overfører til et ungdomssprog. Jeg er både Onkel, Morbror og Gudfar, så jeg valte ikke, at mine tanker skulle ned på papir. Min idé var simpel. Jeg havde produceret to videoer, ene var en hyldest på ét minut som en video via projektor. Anden video var en længere sjov video med min nieces bedste veninder som medskuespillere. Den første korte video indeholdt billeder af hende som barn m.m. Skulle fange min nieces opmærksomhed og så skabe en platform som kun var for os 2. Derfor, sagde jeg til hende:  "Nu skal vi have en 2-vejs kommunikation, interagere sammen og se hinanden i øjnene", for at fange hendes opmærksomhed.

Hun var nervøs nok i forvejen og desorienteret over alle de ting som skete omkring hende. Den tale jeg holdt, kom direkte fra hjertet, uanset hvor nervøs jeg nu end måtte være, var den forberedt, indeholdt emner som let kunne trækkes ud, beskeden, talte som voksne-til-ung. Vidste godt i forvejen, hvor meget den visuelle fremstilling eller det digital(e) medie sætter rammen om de unges opmærksomhed, disse dage. Jeg ville netop undgå, at falde i det hul der oftest benyttes om den højtidelige anledning til at reflektere over konfirmandens fortid, nutid og fremtid. Det er far og mor talen.

newspunch | ~ Putin Declares Total Independence From Rothschild-Controlled US Dollar ~ | Blogger: [🔦If there would be a financial banking WW3 between USA and Russia, which side would you choose and why?💸] ... Beyond bots, what does Russian propaganda look like? The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence, you might say? Well, the US national debt has climbed above $22 trillion, which means, since Trump took office, it is projected to continue rising by a trillion each year over the next decade, due to the cost of pensions and medical care for the retiring Baby Boomers (RT)... Please remember that Russia Debt Clock is (only) $200 billion (government debt only) and Gross external debt‎: ‎$529.6 billion (June 2017). Same amount debt as Norway, plus 100 billion more, but Norway has a population of 5 million, Russia 144 millions. Yes that's still a lot of funny money that will never be repaired, but something that nobody recall is, that The Soviet Union and then Russia paid off the Lend-Lease debt in full... UK has still $7 trillion in debt, NE, DE & F $5 trillion, Lux $3 trillion etc. etc... In 2017, the world's biggest state piggy bank passed a major landmark. It was announced that Norway's sovereign wealth fund, officially called the Government Pension Fund of Norway, passed $1 trillion for the first time, due to oil, so why didn't their pay off their debt?? $1 trillion is around the same size as the Mexican economy and it equates to more than $190,000 for every one of Norway's 5.2 million citizens... It's simple, and you don't have to be a genius to figure that out or work for the Economist magazine, held by the powerful Rothschild family... If a lot of us don’t understand this already, here it is in plain laymen’s terms. The money that comes into our economy is not controlled one bit by our government. It is controlled by a private entity that is lending money to the government with interest attached to it, debt as it’s being created basically. The people that make up this PRIVATE entity are not elected by YOU the people but by this secretive group of individuals. Since it’s more than clear that money is what controls this world, the REAL power does not and will not ever lie in the hands of the government, only in the hands of the secretive, unelected few that make up the private banks that operate WELL ABOVE any government or government elected being, including presidents. And of course, where does this private entity get the money to give to the governments? That’s right, THIN AIR. Good deal they have.. |

Two years ago President Putin banned Jacob Rothschild and his New World Order banking cabal from operating in Russian territory “under any circumstances,” and now, following his recent election victory, Putin has vowed to continue “unburdening” Russia’s economy from the dangerous monopoly of the US dollar in order to ensure Russian sovereignty in an increasingly globalized world. 

Addressing the Russian Parliament following his inauguration, Vladimir Putin said that declaring “total independence” from the global banking cartel and Rothschild international money lending organizations would be the “greatest gift” he could give to future generations .. 

History made: US national debt tops $22 trillion Bloomberg: “Secret Banking Cabal Run’s The World?”