September 19, 2014

Meddelelser fra Lysarbejdere, Galatiske venner og Opstegne Mestre - 19. September 2014

For at forstå sammenhængen, og føler du dig inspireret, læs alle artiklerne igennem, i stedet for min lemfældige opsummering og uddrag. Der er simpelthen ikke tid til, at oversætte i det enorme tempo som vi får meddelelser fra alle vores Opstegne mestre, vores skaber og den galaktiske familie inden den store begivenhed finder sted.
Denne gang bliver vi taget med på en fantastisk rejse gennem universet opståen fra vores Skaber og invasionen fra Omarrhan.( Noget som jeg ikke har hørt om før) meget spændende. Derefter giver Company of Heaven, et boost i selv-disciplin, om at elske sig selv og alt omkring os - ikke noget nyt emne, men ekstrem vigtigt. Benytter mig selv af "løfter" (
Affirmations) fra Louise Hay - Heal Your Life, har benyttet mig af i en del år nu. Samt metafysisk årsagsforhold. Til sidst St. German, noget det spiller mig et pus - fordi vi endnu engang oplever kærligheds tsunami, denne rislen for ørnene, svimmelhed, utilpashed er lige hvad jeg er fanget i på egen krop lige nu. St. German fortæller os ting som kan virke som konspirationer, har så mange  beviser på det modsatte mht. ISIS, 911 og meget mere. Alt sammen Transskriberet af Kathryn E. Maj, 15. 17. 19. September 2014

Creator:  How Our Universe Began, and The Invasion from Omarrhan

Ok, here we go.  Take a deep breath and come with me.  I have something to show you that will take your breath away.  I want you to find a comfortable place to sit while you read this, where you can remain in meditation afterward to continue the journey with me.  If that is not possible at this moment, then make an appointment for us to meet later in the day, and I will accompany you then as well.  There is no limit to my ability to meet with you, to reassure and teach you.  It is only up to you to call on me.

Now, we are going to take a trip around the Universe - the Universe that is my home and yours.  It is true that a few of you have come from other Universes to be here with us during this monumental time.  We are making history together, in terms of our Universe and all others as well.  Let me tell you how this came about.

We are not the oldest Universe of our kind.  There was another nearby Universe which was under development when I came along - that is, when I came into being as the child/creation of the One.  I was taught about Creation by witnessing the building of that Universe, which I will refer to as Omarrhan.  I saw how intricately the beings, planets and stars are intertwined with one another, and I saw how one tiny mistake on the part of the Creator could explode into chaos.  Such a mistake could lead to the necessity of dissolving the entire Creation, dispersing into nothingness the trillions of years of effort and dedication of the Creator and his/her dedicated team.

It was about the time that Omarrhan began to experience trouble that One encouraged me to begin my own Universe-building, and so began the work of Creation that is my beloved Universe.  I began with galaxies which would contain beautiful planets, stars of magnificent brightness and power, and vast inner space which I filled with the essence of my Love.  It was only after billions of years as you measure it in Earth time that I began to create the first living souls of Light which would eventually inhabit the planets I had made for them.  First, I created groups of planets, like your solar system, so that each living planet soul would have loving company as they danced in their rhythmic motion around their glowing sun, the great light-body which would be their central pivot point.

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The Company of Heaven:  To Love You More 

The Company of Heaven:

Yesterday, Creator gave you a wonderful message.  It was filled with wisdom and Love.  You all read it, didn't you?  And yet today your conversations are still filled with the language of fear - the fear of darkness, conflict and want.  We do not wish for our children to be in a state of worry, anxiety and frustration, no matter how difficult your day might be.

We had high hopes that the series of messages we have constructed for you and the radio shows which weave everything together would help you turn the corner into a higher dimensional way of life, completely without fear.

Creator told you, did he not, that you are made for Light, because you were born in Love and Light.  We know that what he speaks is true. But it is a difficult transition for you to move from the adrenaline-laced state you are so accustomed to, into a state of peace and Divine resignation.

Now, by resignation we do not mean you turn yourself over.  You see how limiting the words are.  We mean that there is a a state of being that is so resolute, so serene, that you reach complete acceptance.  The first level of acceptance upon which the serenity builds is the deep knowledge of your own power - the absolute confidence that you are competent, strong in body mind and spirit - such that you are completely at peace with your own ability to manage whatever comes your way.

The second element of acceptance is based in knowing, without a doubt, that your life has meaning, and that this life is not the only one you have experienced, and you will not end regardless of when this life is done.  In addition to comfort with the knowledge of your incarnations and your eternal life as a soul, it is necessary to see the wheel of life and your part in it as profoundly unique, necessary and an important part of the greater whole.  You also are beginning to see how deeply the lessons of this lifetime have affected you, and how these perfect lessons were of your own choosing, for your own growth and expansion.

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St. Germain:  The Mark of a Master

St. Germain:
Dearest friends and Earth angels, I will bring you important information this night to help you on your way to Ascension.  I am with the Company of Heaven, and we all send you our most intensely loving energy.  You are probably feeling it in your body today.  It might make you feel a bit dizzy, or woozy as you might call it, as if you have been spinning around and just stopped.  You might feel a flush of heat, a bit of ringing in your ears.  Do not be concerned.  It is our love coming through to you, clearing old shadows and lifting your vibration another notch.  Know that what you are feeling is being felt by every human being on the planet, and the result will be tangible in the way people behave toward one another tomorrow, the day after, and next week.
You have ridden out the earlier energy shifts beautifully - in fact, you hardly remember the rough spots, do you?  We have kept a steady increase in the vibrational energy coming through, by increasing the flow gradually and in a wave-like ebb and flow to allow you to catch your breath in between.  This is accomplishing the primary effect that would have occurred if you had been lifted off the planet and given the first treatment in the Light chambers.  The first phase, of course, is to transition from your carbon-based DNA to crystalline based.  It is changing everything about your physical and mental functioning.  Because it has been gradual, you are not as aware as if it had happened in one day, but look back, Dear Ones, and remember how far you have come.
There is a dramatic change in the number of people who are becoming psychically connected to us.  In fact, my channeling schedule has expanded to several people in Europe and other places around the globe.  The same has occurred for all the Company of Heaven, and we are delighted by it, for we wish to reach every single one of you, to be connected to all of you in a deep and intimate way, in constant communication as we are with so many of you who are reading these messages.  The Veil is lifting, little by little.  Check inside yourselves; look at your awareness of your breathing, your heart rate, the thoughts that run through your mind, and your moment by moment emotions.
You are far more aware, more cognizant of your own effect on your moods, your health and your feelings.  As One has told you, it is the mark of an Ascended Master to be completely in command of your thoughts, feelings and actions.  Once you accomplish that, you will never again have a bad day, or an anxious feeling, or a doubt about the importance of your role in the unfolding drama that will change the world.  Yes, even as you look around you to see the much publicized brutal acts of war, know that those who have been treated cruelly have long ago made a contract with Creator to serve as the catalysts for peace.
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