Mar 29, 2018

TV2 FNYS | 29. Marts 2018 | ~ Det vil skade produktet, siger kritikere af DF's flytteplaner for Radio24syv ~ | Blogger:[Kultstjernerne Kirsten Birgit og Rasmus i topform - ret skal være ret] ... 'Kirsten Birgit er meget begejstret, nærmest euforisk, for hun er forudseende som en moderne Charles Darwin. Hvad kan hun ellers forudse? Hun ved, at det er meget vigtigt, at få på plads inden de skal ned i Morten Messerschmidts vinkælder, under bakken. Kristian Thulesen DARL, smider nemlig Radio24 på porten og de skal nu ned hos kloak-folket. Hele medieDanmark bliver rykket op med rode, folk bliver sendt i lejre, Kirsten Birgit og Rasmus skal ned i Mortens vinkælder og arbejde med Mortens MELD-fabrik om dagen, om aftenen som journalister og bogholderske, og det ene med det andet. Kirsten Birgit spørger, hvordan det STORE skifte bliver, når Dansk Folkeparti smider Arabic ned i kloakkerne og alting smuldrer... |


BREAKING | Sputnik News | 29. Mar 2018 | ~ (just in) Car Attempts to Ram Into French Military, Suspect Escapes (PHOTO) ~ | .. The incident took place near a military barrack just days after the terrorist attack in southern France; manhunt is underway. .. | Blogger: UNBELIEVABLE (🏴‍☠️) many crazy attacks and unexplained events, unfolding around the western hemisphere, at this time. YOU CANNOT exclude the presence of possibility of false flags operations (and im trying to be polite here) ... PS: Denmark has had their share, every single day a 'urgent' og 'breaking' police alert is sent out, and the outcome is = NULL = 0 = nothing happens, except the 'new norm' of Freetown Christiania police-raids, domestic violence, pub fights and gang related issues ... A few weeks ago, The Island of Funen with Odense and Danish police forces, Preparedness Funen and a host of other authorities simulated a CHEMICAL ATTACK, at the Odense Congress Center and an terror accident at Odense University Hospital.. 1 week after, a REAL attack happened in same island, where Fyns police action forces, with bomb squads and chemical preparedness, together with other authorities, completed a police operation in an apartment at Jægermarken in Svendborg ... Please don't buy into their FEAR-MONGERING ... "wake up sheeple" ... |


Niels Harrit Official FB | 23. Marts 2018 | ~ Niels Harrit Foredrag: ”Det Syvende Tårn – en skæbnesvanger historie fra nutiden” ~ | .. (FB opslag:) - Niels Harrit påtog sig i 2007 den opgave, at oplyse befolkningen, om destruktionen af World Trade Center Bygning 7. Medierne havde i de foregående seks år ignoreret, og dermed fejlet i, at informere befolkningen om en af de vigtigste hændelser der skete d. 11. September 2001. Begivenheden, som skabte det grundlag som vi gik, og stadig er, i krig på... | Blogger: [💣 FULL LECTURE LENGTH - IN DANISH ONLY - SORRY 🎆] ... Let's just say, beside the AE911TRUTH Movement and the many great scientists etc., Niels Harrit, is WITHOUT A DOUBT, the best known professor in the world, who's been ridiculed by the danish government and court systems, censored by BBC and has spend over 11 years examining what happened to (WTC 1 and 2), WTC 7) ... (PS:) - 11 years after, he held this lecture, over 350 times in 15 different countries ... |


Part 1: BREAKING!!! Niels Harrit Goes to Court on 9/11 skeptics - Niels Harrit Sues Danish Newspaper for Libel - February 27, 2015

Part 2: Follow-ups on Niels Harrit courtroom drama in 9/11 'crackpot' libel case - The court will rule in four weeks time - March 12, 2015

Part 3 - Niels Harrit courtroom drama in 9/11 'crackpot' libel case - Dr. Niels Harrit Performs a Master Class in Danish High Court - March 24, 2015


Part 5 (NOT Final) - Niels Harrit's Statement on Danish High Court's Decision - March 4, 2015
Part 6 - Josef Hanji on the Harrit court case_ on 9/11 Free Fall - April 26, 2015

Watch all the related video and public court papers (danish site)  -->

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The Guardian | Mar 12, 2018 | ~ Crowds watch as tallest building in Kentucky's capital is demolished - video ~ | .. The tallest building in Kentucky's capital city came crashing down in a controlled implosion on Sunday, delighting onlookers who then quickly scurried away to avoid the dust cloud that billowed overhead. Demolition of the 28-story Capital Plaza Tower will make way for a new modern five-story office building and a 1,100-space parking garage. The tower opened in 1972 as a state office building and closed in 2016 .. |

MilitaryTimes | Mar 29, 2018 | ~ Shulkin out: Trump fires VA secretary after weeks of controversy ~ | Blogger: (PS:) - Cover-up confirmed: Obama officially protecting Hillary, but why is Mr. Trump??? (afraid to be taken out by her Deadly Viper Assassination Squad?) ... |

Veterans Affairs Secretary David Shulkin arrives at a Senate hearing on Capitol Hill on March 21. On Wednesday, President Donald Trump fired the embattled VA secretary. (Jose Luis Magana/AP)


'You're fired!': Who Donald Trump has sacked and who has resigned during his time as president

RT - Russian Today | Mar 28, 2018 | ~ ‘In current hysterical climate, storming of Ecuadorian embassy to get Assange can’t be ruled out’ ~ | Blogger: OUCH! .. British MP Sir Alan Duncan, minister of state at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, denounced Julian Assange as a "miserable little worm" and UK, wants to TAKE OUT ASSANGE by storming the Ecuadorian embassy??? WHAT!! ... They already disconnected his internet access ... |

FILE PHOTO: Julian Assange © Jack Taylor / AFP

.INFOWARS | Mar 28, 2018 | ~ EMERGENCY TRANSMISSION: DEEP STATE DETAINS INFOWARS CORRESPONDENT ~ | .. Globalist insider Ted Malloch questioned about Russiagate .. | Blogger: (PS:) - YouTube says new moderators might have mistakenly purged right-wing channels ( and while Ted Malloch has "disappeared", Alex Jones are saying in this interview, that his security details has a 'unknown' threat in sight to take out Alex ... (PSS:) - It's like Danish Secret Service (PET) helping to arrest the exiled separatist politician Puigdemont.. Catalonia’s parliament said on Wednesday it supported detained ex-Catalan president Carles Puigdemont’s right to again lead the region while he awaits a German court ruling on extraditing him to Spain for directing a banned independence campaign ... |


Alex Jones breaks down the FBI’s detainment of globalist whistleblower Ted Malloch, who frequently joins Infowars to break down key intel inside the Trump administration.

Malloch was was reportedly detained Wednesday after flying into the United States from London.

Right Side Broadcasting Network | Mar 29, 2018 (Streamed live 6 hours ago) | 🔴 Boeing Attacked by WannaCry Ransomware Virus - LIVE BREAKING NEWS COVERAGE 🚨~ | .. Computers at Boeing have been infected with the WannaCry computer virus, which locks computers and files and demands ransom to open them. Boeing is treating this as an emergency with the potential to hinder airplane production and testing, and possibly even airplane software .. | Blogger: (PS:) - RSBN has been banned and partly censored by YouTube/Google by 'Black Screens' and subscription manipulations etc. ... |

KCAL9 NEWS - CBS Los Angeles | Mar 28, 2018 | ~ Corey Feldman Claims He Was Stabbed In Tarzana; Police Investigating ~ | .. Police are investigating claims by actor Corey Feldman that he was stabbed in the Tarzana neighborhood late Tuesday night. .. |

VIGILANT ANGEL | Mar 28, 2018 | ~ LATEST END TIMES NEWS AND CURRENT EVENTS! ~ | Blogger: [📿NOT been censored yet by GoogleGestapo📿] ... 'Vigilant Angel' is similar to 'Jason A World News' - I've been enjoying these channels, like so many others - it's a little bit end-of-time-pessimistic-religious in nature, but they are offering up some good and current footage from US news outlets and unexplained events around the world... |

ETH | Mar 29, 2018 CET | ~ DEVELOPING: Suspicious package in government mail facility in D.C. linked to man in custody ~ |

Another suspicious package was discovered at a government mail facility in Washington, D.C., on Wednesday — and it was sent by the same man who’s accused of mailing a dozen others to different military installations around the nation’s capital. The package was discovered during a routine screening and was deemed to be “no threat” after the FBI took possession of it, law enforcement officials told Fox News.

The FBI confirmed the package was discovered around 7:30 a.m. at a mail facility at 3300 V Street NE, in Washington. Nearby roads were blocked to traffic for several hours while workers were evacuated as a precaution, FOX5 DC reported. The facility was given the all-clear signal around 10:30 a.m. The scare came one day after the FBI announced the arrest of 43-year-old Thanh Cong Phan, who was taken into custody Monday night from his home in Everett, Wash. READ MORE