Jun 18, 2020

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🤑💊🦠 ~ How a price hike for a copy drug Lamotrigine, to treat epileptic seizures in adults and children raised 2,000 percent in 2020 during the worst virus crisis to mankind and it's not the only medicine ~ | Blogger: [👉Lucky for us, that Martin Shkreli, who drew national scorn for hiking the cost of a life-saving drug 4,000 percent overnight, has been arrested, but what about Teva CEO Kåre Schultz's total pay hit $11.6 million after a $33 million year in 2018?👈] ... The Rockefeller Medical-Industrial Complex is "sickening" ... |


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From the Mouth of Babes…

Greetings my friend,

I have a story for you.

I’m walking into Costco without a mask. “Ma’am, do you have a mask?” I do, I say, as I continue to walk in without a mask. Now minding my business on an empty aisle, I hear a voice say “Ma’am, I’ll need you to wear a mask if you’re going to shop in the store.” I get closer to him, look him straight in the eye, and say, ok, but why? It’s store policy ma’am.
This is how our conversation went… (btw, he’s a key person, management of some sort, a nice guy around forty years old)

Me: I understand you’re protecting the company and just doing your job, but on the real, man to woman, what are you doing? You know these masks don’t protect us from a virus. Besides, COVID is not a virus, it’s a bacteria. It’s crazy that you have to wear this mask eight hours a day…
Him: mostly nine.
Me: Oh my gosh! That’s so detrimental to your health. Don’t they care about their employee’s breathing in their own Co2, causing brain damage and bacteria build up in your lungs?
Him: I know, believe me, I hate wearing these masks all day, but I have to feed my family. I want to move up and have my own store.
Me: I understand, but every employee here is sacrificing their health. You guys should get together and protest. Present the facts. Ask why the company is supporting this Luciferian agenda. You’re stronger in numbers.
Him: I know. Some employees have refused to work. The company has changed its sick leave policy down to nine days. It’s never been like that. It doesn’t make sense. I have had to stand up against company policy that didn’t make sense when we allowed shoppers to come in early while forklift drivers were moving pallets around.
Me: I had a friend who had a forklift accident where the lift went up his behind. (as you can see, we’re bonding)
Him: A lot of these policies don’t make sense, but I have to follow them. But in reality, all a person has to say is that they can’t wear a mask because of health reasons. There’s nothing I can say to that. We have to let them be. We’re not allowed to ask why.
Me: That’s exactly what I was going to show you!
Him: Oh! Well then, enjoy your shopping and have a great day!

He walked away without saying another thing! And there you have it! Your get out of jail free card! If you’re done with the lies, back-peddling from the CDC, and you KNOW this whole epidemic is a sham, use the card. Put your full faith and trust in God. Walk with confidence, and don’t allow anyone to bully you or put a guilt trip on you because they don’t know the facts.

But wait, there’s more…

🙈🙊🙉 ~ Mysterious Places That Will Leave You Baffled (THAT IS IMPOSSIBLE) ~ | Blogger: That IS actually impossible, many would say and for good reason, but at SoTW - no such limitation exist! I have been studying the Inner Earth theory for many years and I do, believe... 🙀 PS: Check out the videos embedded into this blogpost... AGARTHA - INNER EARTH ENTRANCE - This is the First Movie ever to be seen of the Polar entrance & the powerful Aurora Borealis like energy field that is occurring at the entrance. This is literally looking into the 5th Dimension from the Russian MIR space station. A truly Celestial vision more beautiful than we could have ever imagined, simply breathtaking (Both POLES are - No Flight Zones - so this extraordinary document has been made accessible by a courageous russian Whistleblower)... |



Below pic - Best video, now deleted/censored by NASA:

More info search on Verdensalt...'Inner Earth', Hollow Earth', 'Agartha'...

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A Message to Lightworkers - 
June 12, 2020

This week’s guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elementals, Fae Elders, Angels, and Archangels known as the Collective:
Greetings, friends! We are very pleased to have this time to speak with you today.
We see many of you in a state of despair, of questioning, of wondering “when this madness will end,” and we would say many things in response to that.
We would say that though you have chosen to be here on the planet at this time, that nevertheless you are still in the process of shifting from living on one kind of planet to an entirely differently kind, and that the shock of that shift is affecting you even on a cellular level, as well as a mental/emotional and etheric one.

Nearly all of you came in at this time specifically to anchor calm and steadiness in this time of transition—a sense of “All is Well” into the Earth Herself, and for those around you.

What may feel to be missing some days, is that same reassurance ringing through your own inner life, and this is because another reason you came in at this time—to rinse yourself free of the old trauma, density, and other third dimensional frequency that might otherwise delay or distract you from your Ascension path.

We would love to say that there is always an easier way than viewing the rubble and destructive outbursts you see around you now, but that would be doubtful.

Photo by Jennifer Scalia
That is not because you or your Earth or all the beautiful higher vibrational beings, who are cheering you on and assisting where they can, are not doing your jobs.

🖖 ~ Trump Tweeted Out A New Space Force Logo And It's Basically A Copy Of Star Trek's Starfleet Symbol (BuzzFeedNews+SoTW Archive) ~ | Blogger: [🚀That's not all... AFSPC, Russian and Chinese is a direct rip-off from the origin of Starfleet logo. The Stark Industries logo is the lovechild of the Lockheed and Northrop-Grumman logos and Japanese Space Agency Logo with Lockheed Martin's logo, almost identical. 1st Space Kingdom of Asgardia is also present (at my collage of pictures below). Then you have ESA's Axis of Evil (Cosmology) "Planck" Collaboration Space🌌] ...

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 (..).. "There' a group that is out there in our solar system, right now, which is colonizing space. And this group is run by people on Earth. This group has already done what seems impossible, like in movies such as Star Trek and Star Wars. Portal travel, faster than light travel, is all possible and a well-established reality, that has been kept hidden. What we’re talking about here is a secret space program (SSP) that has been kept hidden from the public. But a program that was paid for by the public. When you look at the Apollo moon missions, the Vietnam war, etc, it was all money laundering to fund these programs. Lower level secret space program is funded from money laundering operations on Earth, but the higher level programs are self-funded via their own trading platforms with other groups and ET races. [These higher level groups would be called breakaway civilizations because they are no longer dependent on society to achieve their goals.] During the crash at Roswell New Mexico in 1947 the government grabbed technology and reverse engineered it, but kept it secret so it can be exploited by this hidden group. But one person broke through the ranks and is spilling the beans, as an insider and whistleblower, that’s Corey"..(..)

💠🔫⚔️ ~ Ole Dammegard's SPECIAL Home Delivery Copenhagen (The Ultimate Dot Connector) ~ | Blogger: [🏴‍☠️'100' Danes/Nordics Groomed By CIA After WWII/During Cold War Operation Gladio – NATO / CIA “Stay-Behind” Secret Armies🏴‍☠️] ... "Operation Gladio is undisputed historical fact. Gladio was part of a post-World War II program set up by the CIA and NATO supposedly to thwart future Soviet/communist invasions or influence in Italy and Western Europe. In fact, it became a state-sponsored right-wing terrorist network, involved in false flag operations and the subversion of democracy. The existence of Gladio was confirmed and admitted by the Italian government in 1990, after a judge, Felice Casson, discovered the network in the course of his investigations into right-wing terrorism. Italian prime minister Giulio Andreotti admitted Gladio’s existence but tried to minimize its significance" ~lightonconspiracies... 😓Emotional Roller Coaster for Ole Dammegard, because Ole has just discovered, that Erik his father, were an agent (spy) and mother, honey trap operation, later divorced him to move on next target, to a US special jungle warfare soldier... Both of Ole's parents are dead now, but according to Ole, his father were working & key figure within the Danish resistance movements. Later the Danish civilian spotter group, the Luftmelderkorpset and apparently, a secret agent, trained by Gladio-style groups, and its “stay-behind” networks. He was leading the establishment of Stevnsfort, NATO's most sophisticated electronic doorkeeper at Øresund, controlling sites were weapon depot was stashed and much more... During this private session with Ole, he revealed that, his recent discovery was made by his father's USAFA Class Ring, his father were also gifted with a brand new Chevrolet Bel Air 1957 (which in those days, was considered as a Ferrari, today)... Please remember, we're talking about 1950 - 60's and beyond, all the way up in the 1980's, Erik was on CIA's payroll...🔨Hit the nail on the head was when Ole saw the danish documentary called "Stay Behind - Min farfars hemmelige krig" and talked to the movie-maker, Ida Green. When his father turned down CIA clandestine operations, many years later, the Dammegard had to rush to Sweden, Arnsby, and luckily his father Erik, stroke a deal, to avoid something happened to him and other family members. In Sweden, because Erik turned down CIA and could have been bribed a villa in Rungsted, the Dammegard family lived almost in the swedish wilderness, but later it turned out, that Ole's father had weapons stashed in secret and were friendly with 4 famers, police chief, grocery owner. AND the dot-connectors to Johnson & Johnson, freemonsary, NATO's exercises in Denmark (Supreme Allied Commander Dwight D.), Haslev military barracks during the Occupation (Montgomery), Esso (those who controls the fuel depots), «Quand le stay-behind portait De Gaulle au pouvoir» (The Cuban Crisis, Berlin Wall), False Flags terror attacks, Secret Societies, Bilderberg Group, Mind Control (MK Ultra), Elite families, New World Order, and much, much more... (Once CIA, Always CIA)... PS: We also listen / talked briefly to his buddy "Cody Snodgres" LIVE on skype... |


PS: Med filmen "Stay Behind - Min farfars hemmelige krig" og Ole Dammegårds omfattende research omkring hans egen danske far, der var hemmelig agent i CIA, så, kan du selv lave din egen - Ultimate Dot Connector... 

♂️💚🛡️ ~ Green glow detected on Mars for the first time ~ | Blogger: [👉(well) what do you know!👈] ... Sooo.. Mars - The Red Planet - Is actually Green with Blue sky and Breathable air and Human colonies?... A distinctive green glow, like Earth's magnetic field protects us against the sun's firehose of energy?... |

Source (unexplained-mysteries.com)

An orbiting spacecraft has picked up a phenomenon that, until now at least, had only been seen on Earth.

When the astronauts look back at our planet from the International Space Station, they will sometimes see a distinctive green glow - the result of oxygen atoms being excited by the light from the Sun.

Now, for the first time, this same glow has been identified on Mars as well.

💌 ~ 💗 From the desk of GALACTIC HEART 💕 ~ | Blogger: [👉Excerpts from Colleen & Sheldan Nidle Newsletter at PAO/Galactic Heart👈] ... Oh Man!... I wish I had similar experiences in Denmark, but I do not. Some people are "awake" but on very different level of consciousness. I'm not complaining, I do love my country, Denmark, but in the future, where we are able to travel by teleportation devices to other destinations around the globe and to other planets, i'm a goner. In a possible future, like in Star Trek's future, that treats money like “filthy lucre” and food replicators are able to make us anything we wish for in seconds... I have been incredible lucky to have had both danish and foreign girlfriends. My former wife was from Ukraine, so have been to Ukraine and Russia. Dated shortly one from Dominican Republic, Chinese Singaporeans, Romania, Thailand and USA, all by fluke accident going there for work and vacations, and in all of them I sensed some hostility towards Denmark, the ones I brought home for visits. There was no spackle in people eyes, no openness, people and their close proximity and cherishing their privacy, Law of Jante and no spiritual awareness, climate was cold, and people stay in their homes, they told me. That is why I love America, every single person I have meet over there is so polite, open and reseptible for more knowledge and I have learn so so much. America is indeed a land of (equal) opportunity, at least people is much more open minded and spiritual aware in a huuuuge country, where you can find unlimited possibility, as a tourist... |

Greetings from Galactic Heart . . .

As Murphy's Law would have it, I was due for a haircut the day after our world was told to shelter and stay home. My appointment was cancelled. As time went on, many of us experienced the deep desire for a haircut.

When I was at my Chiropractor's, I asked Naomi, "How did you get your haircut?"

"Tanya did it," she responded. "Do you know Tanya?"

"No, but I would like to know her," I quickly stated.

Naomi texted Tanya and yes, she would see me. Yippee!

During my hair appointment, Tanya asked me what I did for work. I briefly told her about Planetary Activation Organization and about raising the consciousness of the planet. That's usually all I say at first to see if there is interest or they get that glazed over look and change the subject.

Tanya was very interested. I told her we had just interviewed Laura Eisenhower. Tanya exclaimed, " I LOVE LAURA."

😨😷🤢 ~ Is Denmark part of Cabal's Agenda 2030, Depopulation Program when they shipped useless respirators to Italy? ~ | Blogger: [👉SORRY it's a HARSH statement to say, I know! Just what kind of world are we living in?👈] ... Buuutt, according to new revelations from a Danish national daily newspaper, Berlingske.dk, has all "proof" by request of Subject Access or Access to Public Administration Files, that Denmark, back in April of 2020 has honored italia's dire wish of asking for free, but ""useless respiratory devices"" that Danish State Administration, DELIBERATELY REMOVED that information, it was "useless". According to the newspaper, "Danish senior officials have actively sought to withhold information that Danish respirators that was meant to Italy were useless against covid-19. The information could "conflict with something that, for example, the Foreign Ministry has said". This is a real coverup, politicians believe"... ☝️PS: We know for a fact, that Counterfeit safety masks and millions of respirators acquired from China unfit for coronavirus fight and has been removed from sales websites. We also know, that N95 respirators, surgical masks, and face masks cannot protect against any "dangerous virus", if such one exist. Wearing a mask can cause hypercapnia and Ventilators could kill you and is the last resort, before taking last breath... etc. etc... You be the judge... |

Styrelse fjernede oplysninger om ubrugelige respiratorer

Vi begynder med Berlingskes egen historie, der handler om de respiratorer, Danmark tilbage i april ville forære til Italien som en gave i nødens stund. Det er efterhånden ganske velbelyst, at Forsvarets gamle respiratorer var uanvendelige til behandling af coronapatienter, og i går kunne Berlingske beskrive, at man internt i Forsvarsministeriet var bevidst om dette, og at man på trods af det valgte at sende respiratorerne afsted.

Nu viser nye dokumenter, at man ikke bare var bevidst om respiratorernes utilstrækkelighed, men at man også gjorde en aktiv indsats for at holde denne oplysning hemmelig for pressen. Danmarks Radio henvendte sig nemlig til Forsvarsministeriet om sagen, og her blev oplysningerne om, at respiratorerne rent faktisk ikke kunne bruges til patienter med covid-19, udeladt i det svar, ministeriet sendte til mediet.

Venstres Jan E. Jørgensen, som har fulgt sagen om respiratorerne tæt, har til Berlingske sagt, at han mener, de nye oplysninger er meget alvorlige. Ifølge ham er der nemlig tale om et »coverup«, fordi man simpelthen har »fortiet sandheden« over for et medie.

Du kan finde historien her.

👤📓⚖️ ~ BOLTON MUST BE PROSECUTED FOR ILLEGAL BOOK: Trump UNBELIEVABLE Press Conference ~ | Blogger: [👉The cat-and-mouse game👈] ... {Did John Bolton took money from banks tied to cartels, terrorists, Iran? From 'Obamagate', 'Slimeball Comey' to 'Crooked Hillary', why hasn't the enemies of Trump, not been arrested?} ... Sooo. WHAT is the True-True?... Are we seeing what Ralph Smart and thousands of americans are talking about? The next phase of taking down the sitting president of America? For many Democrats, and Deep State (DS), US elections 2020 is (THE) election of a lifetime. Yet the question preoccupying the party for several days this month was whether their presumptive presidential nominee, Creepy Uncle Joe Biden, could get the webcast working in his rec room or hide his Mumbo jumbo talk and 2020 that becomes the Dementia Campaign... 👉FIRST it was the Russian collusion👉Then impeachment👉Then the virus👉On race and riot: Black Lives Matter👉Next is Economic Meltdown👉Asteroids doomsday countdown👉Staged Alien invasion👉What is next❓] ... |

👁️ ~ 💗 What's Coming? (Infinite Waters Diving Deep) 💕 ~ | Blogger: [👉20/20 vision: We're starting to see the Great Split, says Ralph Smart! A lot of people will go further into the Matrix "programmed" (3-D Matrix of Illusion) and even become the "machine", the A.I. The Cyborg, the human Robot, and Fearfully and Blindly accept Authority Govt, but there will be those, who will STILL reject all of this COMPLETELY! 20/20 vision is telling Ralph that the nextgen Contact Tracing App will soon to appear, that are able to tell who's being vaccinated and who's not, says Ralph! It's gonna be the new "normal" for our kids and next generation of control! 1st the Corona then Race wars next and next thing, until a totally collapse of Humanity emotionally, because Cabal and the MASTER of inorganic entities (A.I.) needs to control Humanity. If each human wakes up to see we are all ONE humanity, ONE race, ONE planet and look at ourselves as our own MASTERS or POWER, trust our Uniqueness, reject Authority, there will not any longer be need of the Governments etc. etc. it's GAME OVER for the Cabal! A few months time, the Financial Collapse will be a reality and "people" will be FURIOUS!.. Listen to much, much more great talk from Ralph Smart!👈]... SoTW has of course said this many, many times, but repeat is good, especially if it's true. But it's aaaaaall up to you readers out there! I have made up my own mind and disengaged the Matrix years back. It was "tough" yes it was, but now it's all on YOU!. Will you be "slave" to the Matrix "Machine City" or disengage and be "reborn" from the Matrix into the real world and fight for the last human city ZION?... |

Source (Infinite Waters Diving Deep)