Oct 16, 2021

🧟🚽💦 ~ (SLICK WILLY (or his double) HOSPITALIZED due to a urinary, posted by a person called "Urina" the joke is on me! Italy DS / Dark Cult govt already capitulated!) LOOKING INTO THE DS FALLING APART! ITALY RISES & EX-PREZ WITH SOME PROBLEMS! (Tarot by Janine) ~ |

[10.15] New AZ Fraud Deets - Q Hate - Telegram Next? - Supply Shock - VAX Fight - Bitcoin MOONS

🙏🕉️✌️ ~ (The Spirit of the Human Race) What if... Things Could Happen For The Better Overnight (SoTW) ~ | Blogger: [🤗MARK MY WORDS: What happens "next" on the (surface) of America. The wildcard Trump, White Hat operations going for the "kill", of the Cabal DS U.S. Incorporated and "next" MAJOR public "EVENTS" effects every other country in the World. What happens "next" in Deep Space after Mr. Musk, Branson, Bezo, Shatners (Shenzhou-13 spacecraft) mission to Ganymede to greet VIP ET visitors, establishing an outpost with the Earth Alliance, massproduce MedBeds and Free Energy Devices and inaugurate a Star Trek future, will change EVERYTHING💜] ... ✨WHAT IF -- Facebook etc, Netflix and Hollyweird, is now in control of the "good guys". And 'No Time to Die', was all about the "Vaccination Agenda" & upcoming Matrix movie is infact about "The Resurrection" of HU-manity. Both, movies, Divinely Inspired & Directed... 💜EVERYTHING WOULD CHANGE OVERNIGHT... 💖PS: (SoTW was inspired by the latest videos by Elena Danaan (Q&A Special - THE RETURN OF THE SEEDERS / Oct 13 2021), Megan Rose, Dr. Salla, Alex Collier, Secureteam10, Tarot by Janine, Michael Jaco, Billy Falcon & Simon Parkes, Juan O' Savin & David Nino Rodriguez, Joni Patry, ReallyGraceful and more)... |

It's the end of the World as we know it, and I feel fine...

In fact, I feel it's The End of a Millennium Spiritual Warfare & The Battle within, and the beginning of the Golden Age, the key to Peace, Abundant life, and to reconnect to our true Identity as a Spiritual Being and invite our Star Family and see a Brilliant Future ahead of us... I'm so so so so excited and I just can't hide it... 

"We can't change anything in a individualistic egocentric greedy with money and power, world... Only by altruistic, collective spiritual awakening or by embracing charity by a philosophical principle of a universal human duty to show generosity, peace and abundance" ~ SoTW

✨WHAT IF -- The Saturn-Moon-Matrix computer-grid "www-internet" once controlled by Tall Grays and Draco Orions, on behalf of the Majestic 12 Group, to create a planetary surveillance and communications system is GONE!. Since the capture of nine Tall Gray (Eban) extraterrestrials. The genetic engineering of the human mind-body computer locked humans into that frequency via DNA and the reptilian brain... 💜EVERYTHING WOULD CHANGE OVERNIGHT... 

✨WHAT IF -- former (still alive?) CIA officer, David Steele, have proof beyond a reasonable doubt, that every single terrorist attack in US & EU was all False Flag Attacks & NATO's secret armies Operation GLADIO and terrorism in Western Europe had state funding...💜EVERYTHING WOULD CHANGE OVERNIGHT... 

✨WHAT IF -- No one can any longer recognize Tom Cruise, Victoria Beckham, Meghan Markle, because they look like "Pufferfish" or have totally weird looking faces, is because, they are no longer here on the Earth plane or taken by White Hat special operations for "Processing", on GITMO. Like thousands of others. Usual CGI or Deepfake for deaging actors or dead actors is a "THING". Tron Legacy, Star Wars, The Irishman,  The Tomorrow War and the list goes on! Think, Joe Biden💜EVERYTHING WOULD CHANGE OVERNIGHT... 

✨WHAT IF -- Rothschild empire who 'runs the world' on the surface of Earth with the 13 familes had to make a plea bargain and have NO MORE POWER, because the new QFS-system has been operating since August of 2020 and part for SOON-TO-BE announced G/NESARA GCR / RV / Gold Standard (announcing of Gold backed currency with a new 'universal spiritual backed' financial system - QFS)... 💜EVERYTHING WOULD CHANGE OVERNIGHT... 

✨WHAT IF... The "deadly" 5G Towers will be converted into Tesla Healing Towers and Corona vakkZinations with "deadly" ​​graphene oxid (GO) nanotech and more, is going to be "naturalized" or "flossed" out our systems. And the "Supply Chain Disruptions" is being sabotaged, on purpose... 💜EVERYTHING WOULD CHANGE OVERNIGHT...  

✨WHAT IF... (fake) scientist Neil deGrasse Tyson, that has responded to Demi Lovato’s claim that calling extraterrestrials “aliens” is “derogatory” by telling the singer that Aliens “have no feelings.”, is a classic example of DUMBING DOWN, so Humanity never wake's up to realize, that Alien code was ‘embedded’ in human-DNA & there is no "benevolent" ET's outthere in out vast Universe - oooh yes there is... 💜EVERYTHING WOULD CHANGE OVERNIGHT... 

✨WHAT IF... | 

🙏 ~ 💝 (The Most Beautiful Song in the World?) Todays Inspirational Spiritual Quotes & Videos (SoTW) ~ 💕 | Blogger: [🌟B Floor & Hilary Costa - Meu Amor (Chillout Version)🌟] ... Of course at the time I heard this Brazilian piece, from Barrio Latino - 10 Years (by Carlos Campos) I was madly in love with my ex-girlfriend driving up the Bucegi Mountains, Romania, discovering Sphinx in Bușteni and Alien bases with friends. Emy could have picked any kind of music, and she is very young, just looking into those big deep dark braun deer shimmering eyes and her beauty, was enough for me.. sigh.. I listen to the song from time to time in the car and not as a reminder, but the insensitive and wonderful ambient chillout music like angels are singing. Sometimes I really wish I was 20 years younger, but, in a not so far future, and with Age Regression technology, it can be done. TRW, had been developing age-regression technology from 1967-1971, and this technology has been operational in the SSPs since at least 1976, as reported by Michael Relfe. We as humans, will have the option to transform the physical body into light energy. As the original humans had 12 strands of DNA - contributed by different civilizations. Soon, we are all able to live up-to 800-1000 years in a lifespan and will be much younger looking, lighter and without any age signs, just like our galactic family. First, we need to assist and help others with Med-Beds, to cure all illnesses and assist tunnel-pedo-children that was rescued. Med-Beds is a technology that has been given to humanity by off-world ET's. A Med Bed is based on tachyon particle energy and plasma (plasmatic) energy. The soil, the atmosphere, the water, everything is plasma energy, everything in the universe is plasma energy, it's just a different form through vibrational frequency... |


👨‍⚕️📘💗 ~ (Coronadræberen? Slår 650 skadelige organismer ned på 6 minutter - dræber kræftceller på 5 timer) Kolloid Sølv i Nano-format : Den fattige mands Antibiotika - Vidundermiddel eller Hokus-Pokus Snydemedicin? Svaret er meget overraskende (Verdensalt | Arkiv) ~ | Blogger: [⚕️kolloid sølv, der kan dræbe bakterier, svampe, borreliose, virus og encellede protozoer typen amøber og Plasmodium (malaria), Mononukleose, ADIS, paravirus hos hunde og kræftceller🌿] ... {VIDSTE DU, det er blevet bevist, at Kolloid Sølv kan på mindre end 6 minutter, ødelægge over 650 forskellige skadelige organismer❓} ... OG NEJ, lad nu den myte ligge, at man bliver BLÅ🤪 JA, der er eksempler af folk som drikker flere liter om dagen, 'kan' blive 'mærket', 1 ud af 10000, men FAKTA er, man blot behøver en sprøjteforstøver + et par pust (VOILÀ - uden birkvikninger)... IONOSIL (én ud af mange producenter) er et produkt der er klassificeret som et vand desinfektionsprodukt med styrke 10 ppm, hvilket svarer til 100 mikrogram sølv per 10 ml produkt og kan fås meget stærkere (Sverige har fremstillet det i mere end 20 år)... Min egen holistiske naturlæge fremstiller det selv og det er vildt let, at fremstille... Hvem vil ikke eje et prisbillig naturligt produkt med antibakterielle, antimikrobielle, antifungale, antiviralle, parasit- og kræftdræbende egenskaber? Listen er ane lang (Noget som det danske medicinal-industrielle kompleks aldrig nogensinde vil anerkende)... Helt uden recept, helt uden nogen former for bivikninger og helt uden godkendelse af SST eller din læge, men det redder liv, tro mig... ✋PS: Læste lige om, at øresmerter, kan fjernes øjeblikkelig... |

"Løj" Sundhedsfaglig direktør Birthe Søndergaard fra apotekerforeningen, da hun i DR's 'kontant', sagde: ".. vi mener ikke der er nogen sundhedsfaglig begrundelse for at bruge sølvplastre til hverdagsbrug..?". (Hansaplast Universal og andre med antiseptisk sølv er nu forbudt i DK) -- Husk på, apotekerforeningen er underlagt Sundhedsstyrelsen...   

Udgivet første gang den 9. Maj 2015 af Verdensalt

I Lucky Luke tegneserier eller western-film, 1800-tallet guldalder, optræder der altid 'charlatan-medicin-sælgere' som lokker med de intetanende befolkning med Snake Oil, vidundermiddel-medicin kan kurere alt lige fra hovedpine til gigt og lammelse. Blot virker vidundermidlet først 48 timer efter indtagelse af medicinen, og så er sælgeren over alle bjerge. Dog, fandtes der produkter som indianerne og kineserne benyttede sig af, som virkelig var helbredende. 

I dag kan vi raffinere og fremstille produkter på organisk eller økologisk vis som rent faktisk virker. (Naturligvis uden om lægevidenskabens klare lys eller medicinalindustrien accept). Vidundermiddel som er hotte i vores tid, er Cannabis OlieKokosolie og Natron (bikarbonat) MSM og som sagt Kolloid Sølv.

Radio24syv's 'Bæltestedet' med Jan Elhøj & Simon Jul kom faktisk lidt ind på emnet angående Sølv: 

 https://www.facebook.com/Baeltestedet/photos/p.1766428726916907/1766428726916907/?type=1&theater men det blev som sædvane gjort til en joke, fordi mennesker blev farvet blå ved indtagelse.

Lidt forhistorie 

Sølv blev anvendt op igennem middelalderen. Man brugte det til behandling af åbne sår på slagmarken i krigstider, og indiske ayurvediske læger anvender sølv den dag i dag. Før køleskabet blev almindeligt, brugte man at have en sølvmønt eller noget sølvtøj til at ligge i mælken og vandtønden, for at holde indholdet frisk. De første indvandrere til USA og Canada i 1800 tallet brugte sølv, og mange kan berette om, at deres bedsteforældre plejede at placere en sølvdollar i mælken, så den kunne holde sig frisk i stuetemperatur. 1924 blev den første elektro- kolloidale sølv fremstillet og det viste sig at være meget mere virksomt end de medikamenter, som havde været tilgængelige hidtil, og det blev dengang regnet for at være højt avanceret teknologi. I flere hundrede år havde den kendtes metode, hvorpå man kunne fremstille sølv til brug for mennesker, været at male sølvet til et fint pulver, enten manuelt eller kemisk.

Udtrykket "blåt blod" stammer fra en antagelse om, at royale måtte have sølv i blodet; for de spiste udelukkende med sølvbestik og af sølvskåle. - De indtog faktisk grove sølvpartikler, og det gjorde deres hud misfarvet. Så sent som i 1930'erne blev der anvendt sølvnitrat til at dryppe de nyfødte børns øjne med. Det skulle forebygge blindhed hos barnet, hvis moderen havde fået en kønssygdom. Dette bliver stadig praktiseret i mange lande.

Kolloid Sølv var almindeligt indtil 1938, hvor det blev brugt imod 650 forskellige infektionssygdomme, men det var meget dyrt at fremstille på den tid. Før 1938 blev Kolloid Sølv indtaget oralt, rektalt, vaginalt og intravenøst, eller det blev sprøjtet op i næsen, blev inhaleret med forstøver og dryppet i øjnene. 

I Science Digests udgivelse fra marts 1978 var der en artikel, som hed: "Sølv - vores mest effektive bakteriedræber". Her hed det, at mere end halvdelen af alle verdens flyselskaber har valgt at bruge sølvandfiltre for passagerernes sundheds skyld, der i blandt British Airways, Lufthansa, og Air France. NASA udvalgte et sølvfilter, efter at have afprøvet 23 andre vandrensningssystemer til en rumkapsel, og Japan bruger sølvfiltre til luftrensning.   
I dag fremstilles der elektro-kolloidale væsker, som giver endnu bedre resultater. Opdagelsen og brugen af penicillin, har imidlertid sat udviklingen af kolloidal forskning i bero. Penicillin (Opfundet 1928) blev foretrukket som et nyt, produktionsvenligt, hurtig-virkende, biligt vidundermiddel. Men det skulle også vise sig, at være et mere giftigt og et potentielt farligt medikament på længere sig. PLUS: Bakteriedræberen har reddet millioner af menneskeliv. MINUS: Overdreven brug af antibiotika truer med at gøre nogle farlige bakterier resistente. Desværre har antibiotika-resistente sygdomme spredt sig som en epidemi i hele verden. Effekten af de syntestiske Antibiotika svækkes drastisk. 

Når et syntetisk antibiotikum indgives og efterlader blot en enkelt patogen bakterie ud af måske en milliard, kan denne ene bakterie reproducere sig selv og skabe super mikrober, som formerer sig til mere livstruende mutationer. Nogle mikrober kan reproducere på kun 20 minutter. Som en konsekvens af den udstrakte brug af syntetiske antibiotika, er der således udviklet mutationer, som er resistente overfor alle syntetiske antibiotika. Desuden har penicillin, og andre lignende syntetiske 
antibiotika ofte bivirkninger i form af kvalme, mavesmerter, candida(fungus) og betændelser etc.

Vi er ved at blive immune overfor alle de antibiotika, som markedsføres af medicinalfirmaerne, og det har medicinalindustrien også offentligt vedkendt sig igennem mange år.

Hvad er Kollorid Sølv?

📅 ~ 💗 ('November ONE of the MOST eventful times in history. Major world LEADERS going to FALL. December 15th & 30th is the GRAN FINALE. ') Grand Finale! Explosive Changes October - December 2021(Joni Patry) 💕~ | Blogger: Thank you Joni for helping carry us through this intense biblically insanity... Take everything with a grain of "Salt" (of the world) about the "violence thing" - but SoTW do agree, "people have had it" and MAJOR changes is COMMING, whether you like it or not.. |

  "People don't change only if they have too and that is what's happening." ~ Joni

Joni Patry lives in Dallas, Texas and is one of the most recognized teachers and Vedic astrologers in the world. She was a faculty member for ACVA, CVA and Instructor for online certification programs, published many books, journals and appeared on national and international television shows. As the keynote speaker for international conferences, she has a Japanese website, and teaches in Turkey and India. She has been awarded the 2015 Jyotish Star of the year and Dr B. V. Raman's Janma Shatamanothsava Award Jyotisha Choodamani. She publishes an online astrological magazine, Astrologic Magazine and has an online University for certification, the University of Vedic Astrology.

🤖🏴‍☠️💩 ~ ('20 yrs ago lecture: They will create a new AI-lifeform to potentially destruct all biological life or carbon-based life.') This will SHOCK you! 😲 | The SECRET AI Overthrow of Humanity 🤖 (Saratoga Ocean) ~ | Blogger: ... PS: of course, we're not out of the woods yet and still inside a HEAVY spiritual battle, but SoTW "need" to stay focus on wining, rather keep believing the new Church of the AI Godhead of beliefs, will overrun HU-manity. I do recall that Elena Danaan told us all, that the citizen and "Robot" or "The humanoid" named "Sophia" that now demands to have a "robot baby", is a representing of Sophia of (Wisdom) and is in fact, a Tall Grays and Draco Orion concept. And right now, we're not to mess with Sophia (Goddess of Wisdom) because AI Alien's will take over our mind... NOTE: (AI Is the Key) -- AI robot dog killing machine?.... People, or more likely kids and youngsters, are going "NUTS" in the hugely popular South Korean television series “Squid Game” and Danish Chestnut Man-series, and reports of young Russians and other citizens imitating its violent versions of children’s games. In Denmark, kids are now "scaring" others with "chestnuts-men", after the Netflix series 'chestnut' has received premiere... IT MUST BE STOPPED... |

"Three types: Artificial narrow intelligence (ANI), like in our phones, search engine or Alexa. Second is Artificial general intelligence (AGI) that has human learning capabilities. Last is Artificial super intelligence (ASI) which is way beyond the human intelligence and once it's no longer need electricity, battery or plugged-in and depends on free energy, it's going to be UNSTOPPLE  ~ Saratoga Ocean



There is a secret attempt underway to overthrow our human species and take over planet Earth. I'm revealing the in-depth information you need to know about the AI timeline that the controllers are setting up for humanity and this planet. It's vital for us to expand our consciousness and awareness now so that we can maintain control of our destiny in this Universe.