Jan 27, 2017

Boom! White House Getting Cleaned Up! Removes All Islamic Symbols and You Won’t Believe the Satanic Rituals That Obama Ordered! (Video)

Thursday, January 26, 2017 14:24

January 26 2017

The White House has removed all religious symbols and leaves only a cross in the Chapel. America is once again one nation under GOD.

Getting rid of the symbols and pratices is so very important not only physically but certainly spiritually!


Trump Orders Removal Of Islamic Symbols, Practices In The White House

500.000 skatteyderkroner brændt af på endagskursus i Helsingør Kommune – Champagne til alle 900 deltagere! -- Ingen kvaler, skatteyderne betaler

Masser af Champagne - du betaler

The genetically-modified CYBORG dragonflies that can be remotely controlled to spy on people

A genetically modified cyborg dragonfly that can spy on anyone has been unveiled. Dubbed the DragonflEye, the half-insect, half-machine is fitted with a fingernail-sized backpack, powered by a solar panel and remotely controlled by an operator

  • Cyborg insects are fitted with fingernail-sized backpacks that control them
  • They contain electronics which then activate a messenger-neuron inside the fly
  •  These neurons then carry steering commands to the wings, guiding it on a path
  • They can be used for 'guided pollination' as well as 
  • surveillance missions

Simon Parkes News & Blog Updates - Jan 27, 2017 CET

Simon Parkes is a life long experiencer of aliens, shadow people, elementals and ufo's, these include Mantid (Mantis) beings, Draconis Reptilian, Feline, small and tall Grey creatures, Crystalline beings and other creatures that can't be identified. Simon is an elected local politician in Britain and was elected to office AFTER he went public. Simon's biological mother worked for the British Security Service, often called MI5 between 1965 -1979. However while she was managed by British Intelligence she was in fact working "jointly" for the National Security Agency (NSA) of America. Her job was to type out documents that related to crashed ufo craft that had come down all over the Earth's surface and had then been retrieved by American special forces/recovery teams......

Professor Ted Malloch - Predicted Collapse Of Euro Currency

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Professor Ted Malloch, soon to be President Trumps Ambassador to the EU has predicted the collapse of the Euro currency within 18 months - personally I think it will come sooner - but well done Ted for speaking truth

Washington DC Detected Radiation Signatures

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

The radiation signatures that were detected during the inauguration process were dummy bombs containing just enough uranium to be detected. So it was designed to disrupt not kill.

President Trump Orders Gold Audit

Monday, January 23, 2017

President Trump has ordered an audit of all government and non-government held gold. He is considering (if possible) moving back onto The Gold Standard. If not possible then a silver backed currency. 


NWO BUSTED! Fake Ft Lauderdale Airport Shooting Crisis Actors EXPOSED!! (Blogger: I know, i know.. our cognitive dissonance (ego and subconsciousness) will not let go to the facts given by our authorities, MSM news media. In the same time, it's hard to be presented with piece of evidence that contradicts this line of facts.. So, what's Real and what's Fake?)

By ·

Just another staged, fake ‘nwo mass shooting terrorist attack’ brought to us by the TSA, DHS, NSA among many others.. The governments around the world are all using the same playbook to create tension and chaos. This will result in more power and control for the military-Congressional-Industrial Complex and “we the people” lose more of our privacy and rights

Nov. 2016 Chattanooga Fooled You (Chattanooga Bus Crash Hoax)

Fort Lauderdale Airport Shooting – “Nwo Mass Casualty Drill?”

Military Industrial Complex Tests Bio Warfare on American Cities

The lies have kept the dream of a nwo alive along with the crisis actors. Why is the local and mainstream media reporting fake stories, and who dollar is paying for the crisis actors that help to make it all happen?
Martial Law Takeover, U.S. Fake Cities, Gun Confiscation, Papacy Persecution (Exclusive)!!!!!

Nov. 2016 Chattanooga Fooled You (Chattanooga Bus Crash Hoax)


DARPA Genetically Modified Humans for a Super Soldier Army(VIDEO) (Blogger: Pentagon Is building the 'Enhanced' super soldiers of tomorrow, that's a fact.. According to what i've heard for years and years, DARPA program is childplay in compare to Military Industrial Complex SSP (MIC SSP) where super soldiers has been 'grown' like humans are grown in the Fetus fields (Matrix movies). As many cannot comprehend these facts of today's society, the concept 'super soldiers' in the SSP Mars military base (Acc. to Tony Rodrigues, Dr. Michael Salla) are actually treated as a “slave soldier” from earth failed military program. You might think, powered exoskeletons, armored suits, re-grow limbs lost in combat, possess a super-strong immune system etc. only exist in games like Battlefield, Titanfall, Gears of War, Dead Space and movies.. I think we cannot exclude the basic fact, that the different factions of MICs has much much more advanced technology that we see on the telly, similar to the movie: Captain America - The Winter Soldier..)

You’ve seen it as science-fiction on TV or in the movies, but now it's science-fact.

by Paul A Philips

I’m talking about the Pentagon’s DARPA (Defence Advanced Research Project Agency) creation of a super soldier army with super human abilities achieved through genetic modification.

Going on for some years, shrouded in secrecy, these mutants will make future wars totally different games.

The genetic modification of specific human genes will give these soldiers certain characteristics advantageous on the battlefield, giving rise to the most amazing abilities and performances.

Smarter, sharper, more focussed and more physically stronger than their enemy counterparts these soldiers will be capable of telepathy, run faster than Olympic champions, lift up record-breaking weights through the development of exoskeletons, re-grow limbs lost in combat, possess a super-strong immune system, go for days and days without food or sleep.

Then there’s the emotional side. These soldiers will have the empathy genes deleted and show no mercy, while devoid of fear.

Even more disturbingly, the "Human Assisted Neutral Devices program" involving brain controlling allows the ‘joystick’ remote operation of soldiers from some far away control centre.

All this has been revealed, even in mainstream media. In spite of the secrecy fiction writer Simon Conway was allowed into the Pentagon’s DARPA and given a guided tour.

Doesn’t this suggest that DARPA are well into the final stages and they want us to get use to the idea of a genetically modified super soldier army?


Ron Van Dyke aka Paradoxman316 udsender daglige Youtube Videoer omkring vores Evolution, Revaluering, baseret på Spiritualitet og Opvågenhed.

Published on Jan 26, 2017
If mankind has learned anything at all in our very checkered history, we have learned how to lie. We have been lied to our entire lives, following the horrific example of those who have claimed to be our leaders. I don't claim to comprehend how this occurred – it goes back a very long way. Throughout that extensive history there have been those who tried to tell us of a better way. They gave us a universal standard, which, of course, is love – love one another. Of course we cannot do that as long as we are captive to lies. Falsehoods abound! They permeate every societal structure and beLIEf system. Until we are willing to listen to those with different experiences and viewpoints, we are incapable of loving. We will never find the common ground. We will continue to fall short of the One Universal Standard. What's it going to take for us to wake up?

The CDC's "fake science" and a new video on "political Darwinism" (Blogger: Til dem som ikke kender til den medicinske korruption i Danmark, har masser af artikler på denne blog.. Sundhedsstyrelsen, er den øverste sundhedsfaglige myndighed i Danmark og er grundlæggende indsyltet samt bidrager til internationale samarbejde og indretter sig efter de guidelines, der udgives af fx WHO, European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC), UNAIDS, EU -kommissionen, European Medicines Agency (EMA) og Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Det er et faktum!!.. Når vi så hører om skandaler, hvor Sundhedsstyrelsen er involveret i, kunne være; en læge ved navn Stig Gerdes, der har reddet utallige HPV-ofre, blev frataget sin autorisation for at hjælpe en patient ud af tvangsbehandling og fremtrædende læger og organisationer har opfordret til, at HPV vaccinationsordningen udvides til også at omfatte drenge, så bliver det dikteret fra vores Sundhedsstyrelse og CDC, med følgeskab af andre organisationer. Bedst betragtes som Siciliens mafia.. Det er min allerbedste overbevisning, hvis vi ser trends og følger nyhederne, og kender sandheden bag det medicinalindustriel kompleks.. At helbrede mennesker fra naturlige planter og viden om alternativ behandling(adskiller sig fra konventionel behandling og medicin), er på Sundhedsstyrelsens, forbudt liste. Et meget tydelig eksempel var da Claus 'Moffe' Nielsen, blev smidt i fængsel fordi han hjalp smerteplagede gennem en hverdag, som ellers var ulidelig. Claus 'Moffe' Nielsen har i en årrække solgt cannabisolie til syge mennesker og trædte til med omsorg og råd, hvor det etablerede system gav fortabt. Vi har set en meget stærk intresse fra landmændene til at dyrke Industriel hamp, Industriel cannabis, fordi der virkelig er penge i skidtet. Nu skal vi ikke tage fejl, det gør himmel til forskel om man indtager medicinsk cannabis eller almindelig hamp cannabis, hash, psykoaktive stof THC, CBD-olie samt juicing rå cannabis m.m. Det er en ren videnskab og det kræver lidt, research. Vi ved, at regeringen har givet grønt lys for at få lægeordineret medicinsk cannabis i 2018 (forsøgsbasis). Vi har set flere eksempler på, hvor svært det er for praktiserende læger, at få Sundhedsstyrelsen godkendelse til at udskrive recept på det cannabisholdige præparat Sativex og mange andre (alle er kunstigt fremstillede cannabinoider - syntetisk - meget vigtigt at forstå).. Tror du selv på, det bliver en dans på roser for Klaus Riskær Pedersen at komme drønende ind med CBD-olien i hatten og tjene milliarder med myndighedernes velsignelse? Nu hvor forskere har kortlagt tusindvis af områder i menneskecellers DNA og vi ser genetisk modificeret HPV DNA i Gardasil, bliver det kun værre.. Du kan ikke undgå medicin og vacciner i dag, der involverer DNA, nanoteknologi eller andet selvreplikerende teknologier og smides ud via Chemtrails og gøres obligatorisk snarligt, ligesom i USA. Det er uanset om Du vil det eller ej. Det medicinalindustriel kompleks er en billion stor industri og enorm magtfuld. Før vi selv bryder den onde cirkel, får vi ikke vores utopia - den perfekte verden..)

The CDC's "fake science" and a new video on "political Darwinism"
Mike AdamsWatch out for the CDC's "fake science" ... an offshoot of the agency's corruption and collusion with Big Pharma. (See story link below.)

Also, I've released a video explaining "Political Darwinism" and why bad ideas get weeded out while winning ideas eventually succeed.

Click here for the article and video.
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