October 21, 2018

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A Message from my Higher Self | Oct 21, 2018 | Channelled through Mike Quinsey |

Kanaliseret af Mike Quinsey
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October 19, 2018

As the new cycle continues to impose itself upon the old one, great conflict has occurred between the two as new ideas are emerging whilst there are those who are prepared to hold onto the old ones at any cost. In consequence progress is very slow and sorting out the entanglement of the old and the new is proving a difficult task.

However, the new must be established to move mankind forwards, and introduce new ideas that will completely change the way of life. The changes are going to be pronounced and there are already moves to change the fabric of Humanity so that they are prepared for them.

As one might expect, the changes are going to alter your very way of life, making it much easier and bringing you new ways of living that place minimal demands upon your time, leaving you with so much more for your personal leisure. As a result people will become more independent, and the long term future will see them coming together in much smaller groups.

Be assured that out of the apparent chaos a way forward will become apparent, and as the vibrations continue to increase will bring you a greater peace than you have previously experienced. Harmony will grow and happiness taken for granted as you all work for the benefit of everyone rather than the individual. Gone will be the spectre of homelessness and everyone will have a suitable dwelling. Everyone will have exactly what they need to live a comfortable and healthy life.

These things will take time to manifest but you will find the results well worth waiting for. More and more you will find that your ability to “think” things into being will increase, and eventually it will become quite automatic. In the same way you will also dispose of that which no longer serves you, and the land and seas will cease to be blighted by rubbish. There will also be a point reached where you will be able to “talk” to animals and also understand them too.

Inessa S \\ Simon Parkes | Oct 21, 2018 | ~ Putin Handles Corruption Like A Boss ~ |

The war against Putin stems from the sudden inability for crooks to plunder Russia's resources as well as get away with stealing budget funds - and - God forbid - have to pay taxes via their independent companies (often, contracted to government projects!) The man mentioned in the first clip, Mr. Belalov, ran away and was granted asylum in the UK. He cited political reasons for his inability to stay in Russia, when he was simply siphoning money from the government.

There are many outtakes like these - I picked only a couple for this compilation.


Verdensalt.dk | 26. Aug 2018 | ~ Velkommen til Søndag Morgen. Det alternative politisk-militære overblik ~ | Blogger: [🇩🇰DANMARK - Det nationalistiske, militante, racistiske, autoritære og antidemokratiske broderskab 🏴‍☠️] ... (🍔NOTHINGBURGER- Widespread evidence of a massive criminal conspiracy with a hostile foreign power dismissed by another group of people suffering from a spell of delusion and blind partisanship🍔) ... Krigslidende danske og udenlandske partisoldater græder krokodilletårer over senator og tidligere præsidentkandidat, John McCain a.k.a. ‘Hanoi Hilton Songbird’ - zero NOT hero ... 'Alle børnene fik tinnitus af støj fra våbengny og kampfly, undtagen Claus, han gav det et Applaus!. Russisk-frygt-indtaget defekte ørebøffer, demens light og torskegilde, Claus Hjort Iceman Vader Frederiksen sammen med kampflykontoret og konsulenterne, lyver videre om støjniveauet fra F-35 kampflyet for at få flere penge og vildleder Folke- tinget (igen, igen) ... Ny bog kritiserer PET: Efterretningstjenesten har hovedansvaret for, at Omar el-Hussein kunne angribe Krudttønden. Hvis PET bevidst har haft omgang med Omar el-Hussein, flere måneder før terrorangrebet, så kan denne bog 'muligvis' bevidne, noget som verdensalt.dk har sagt i flere år, at det var et politisk motiveret politi-militær FALSE FLAG OPERATION. Simpelthen for, at frem- provokere højreekstremisme - et korstog mod afrikansk og muslimsk indvandring til Europa, der har stået bag ALT terrorisme i EU og USA. Sådanne lyder parolen, fra Borgens partitårn, og det paradoksale er, at selv samme partisoldater, har skabt flygtninge- og migrationsstrømmene, med krig og ødelæggelse samt en anti-muslimsk bevægelse, så vi altid, har en fjende, for såkaldt terrorisme... 🚩 PS: Nøjagtigt 1 år siden, afviste Statsadvokaten erstatning til fire mænd, der blev frifundet for at hjælpe Omar el-Hussein med angreb i København. Hvorfor tror du de får et klart og rungende nej? Undskyld, ønsker ikke at i hverken råber af mig eller skifter kanal, men det kan godt være, at 'man' måske skal overveje at gentænke mediernes sensationshistorie og den politi-research for, hvad der faktisk skete på det debatarrangement på Krudttønden på Østerbro i 2015. Den 22-årige Omar el-Hussein gik i første omgang amok på Krudttønden, hvor han affyrede 27 skud mod kulturhusets glasfacade og resten af historien kender vi jo. Der findes heldigvis hjælp at hente, blandt andet fra Ole Dammegård, Veterans Today og en hel del andre, som har sat sit spor af konspirationer om Falsk Flag på krudttønden. Siden det stadig, er en smertefuld erindringsoplevelse, siger jeg ikke mer.. Vil dog provokere lidt med et billede af verdens ledere... 😎 Du kan søge og finde, via verdensalt, det som er kendetegnet surrealt og ufortalt... |

Sweden's Stefan Löfven, Denmark's Lars Løkke Rasmussen, Norway's Erna Solberg, Findland's Juha Sipilä and Iceland's Bjarni Benediktsson (left to right) posed for a photo in Norway on Tuesday touching a soccer ball
Donald Trump posed for photos with Saudi King Salman and Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi as they placed their hands on a globe on May 21


theearthplan | Oct 21, 2018 | ~ Floating Light Pillars ~ |

Source: SpaceWeather.com

FLOATING LIGHT PILLARS: On the night of Oct. 16th, Vincent Brady of Paradise, Michigan, went outside to look for auroras. He saw something similar--yet completely different. "There were colorful pillars of light floating over Whitefish Bay," he says. "What a pleasant surprise."

These pillars resemble auroras, but they have nothing to do with space weather. Light pillars are caused by ice crystals in the air which intercept manmade lights and spread them into colorful columns. No solar activity is required for the phenomenon. The only ingredients are ice and light pollution.

"The red lights are from wind turbines around the Canadian island Ile Parisienne," explains Brady. Other colors correspond to high pressure sodium lamps (warm orange) and modern LED lamps (blue-white).

Light pillars are a common sight at northern latitudes, especially when freezing winter air fills with crystals of ice. Normally, however, light pillars spring up from the ground where the urban lights are located. "These were floating high above the ground," notes Brady. "That must have been where the ice crystals were on this early autumn night."

Lauren Bright | Oct 21, 2018 | ~ Who needs a lifeguard when you have Kaiser? ❤️🐶 ~ | Blogger: VIDEO of dog pulling 'drowning' girl out of pool by her hair goes VIRAL ... |

AskAngels | Oct 21, 2018 | ~ Full Moon Angel Card Reading! What You Need to Know About October 24th! ~ | .. October Full Moon Ascension Angel Card Reading. What do you need to know to step into a new level of fulfillment and embodying your highest light? .. | Blogger: 🌕🃏🔮🙏💜... |

Project Camelot Portal | Oct 21, 2018 | ~ CAPTAIN MARK RICHARDS INTERVIEW NINE: TOTAL RECALL NINE ~ | .. I interviewed Captain Mark Richards for the ninth time and this is my total recall. Mark Richards is a political prisoner in the War of Worlds going on here on Planet Earth .. |

I interviewed Captain Mark Richards for the ninth time and this is my total recall. Mark Richards is a political prisoner in the War of Worlds going on here on Planet Earth. For the written transcript SEE BELOW.

🔴 BREAKING | RT | Oct 21, 2018 | ~ At least 17 dead, 120+ injured in catastrophic train derailment in Taiwan ~ | Blogger: My prayers go out to Taiwan 🕯️😔💞... Let us also sent prayers out to the world's affected populace in regards to water pollution, earthquakes, extreme weather, drought, and fresh water shortages, where people are suffering and worse... ❤️💜💚💙💗😇🙌👼🏻🙏☄️💥🌪💦☔️... |

File photo of Taiwanese emergency services. © Reuters / Tyrone Siu
Taiwanese authorities have confirmed that at least 17 people have been killed and more than 120 others injured after a high-speed train derailed in the north east of the country.

The Puyuma Express derailed as it traveled between Shulin and Taitung shortly before 5pm local time on Sunday, according to railway officials.

Video footage from the crash site shows several carriages overturned on a coastal railway in Yilan County, an area popular among tourists. Rescue services are at the scene.

READ MORE: https://www.rt.com/news/441862-train-derailment-taiwan-video

wakeup-world | Oct 21, 2018 | ~ Astrology Forecast October 21-28 2018 Twists and Turns ~ | .. Very quietly, under the radar, a huge collective and personal karmic shift begins at the Taurus Full Moon whose impact will be inescapable over the next 7 years. Pluto – the Great Eliminator of everything and everyone who has had their day — sinks below the ecliptic plane for the first time in 250 years: the God of the Underworld is returning to the Underworld. The last time this happened was in 1770 at the time of the Boston Massacre .. |

October 21st, 2018

Guest writer for Wake Up World

The Full Moon in Taurus; the Sun in Scorpio conjunct Venus and oppose Uranus in Taurus.

Very quietly, under the radar, a huge collective and personal karmic shift begins at the Taurus Full Moon whose impact will be inescapable over the next 7 years. Pluto – the Great Eliminator of everything and everyone who has had their day — sinks below the ecliptic plane for the first time in 250 years: the God of the Underworld is returning to the Underworld. The last time this happened was in 1770 at the time of the Boston Massacre. The outlying storm ripples are already reaching us now. On the collective level, the karmic levers of power are shifting gear. In its shadow form, Pluto is associated with underworld figures, networks, criminal cartels, transnational bankers and foreign power brokers.

Globally, nationally and personally, we are now totally engaged in the search for the sacred medicine — the antidote to the poison. It is a quest for soul retrieval – for the soul of a nation and for the healing of your deepest wounding. The fact that this time Pluto’s descent is happening during the Evolutionary Burn and with Earth transiting within the massive Photon Band of super high transformational Light, means that this Ecliptic crossing by Pluto will not resemble any previous ones.

Up close and personal in your own life, Pluto will shine an unblinking light on weaknesses and blind sides so that whatever isn’t working — health, toxic habits, limiting beliefs, relationships – can be burned away, offered up and released to the Solar winds. What’s left, what does work will stand clearly and be enhanced with a pure energy. Pluto is all about truth, congruence, stripping back to essentials, loss, healing, and regeneration.

On Tuesday October 23rd, the Sun enters Pluto’s sign of Scorpio and immediately opposes unpredictable Uranus. On Wednesday, the annual Taurus Full Moon conjuncts Uranus opposing Sun conjunct Venus in Scorpio both square the Nodes of Fate. This is a Fixed Grand Cross in early degrees and the image that comes to mind is powerful energy that has had the lid kept on too long and is now about to explode.

Scorpio tends to operate behind the scenes covertly and secretly as exemplified by the Russian state poisoning of a UK citizen or the murder of a journalist inside the Saudi embassy. Venus is at the midpoint of her retrograde descent, in the shadowy underworld.

The Full Moon seismic window lasts from October 20–27th so expect to feel either extra sensitive and hyped up or to be flatlining.

Chandra Symbol for Moon/Uranus: Wilting flowers that form a graceful pattern in a vase.
“This is a way station chosen strictly for the purposes of being allowed to be spared any fire of needing to get it together, in order to heal on the inside slowly and in ways which are outside the loop of destiny or any forward movement. This can be just the right place to be, but even then, it is laced with regrets and a deep down feeling of so much being lost and fading away. Nonetheless, if we do choose to take up this pattern, we have our reasons. It may be true that we don’t always need to be happening in some powerful sense. Just to be at rest and to embrace the stillness with equanimity is a rare virtue.”

READ MORE: https://wakeup-world.com/2018/10/21/astrology-forecast-october-21-28-2018-twists-and-turns/ 

Verdensalt.dk | Arkivskab | 12. Nov 16 - 21. Okt 18 | ~ Staten bruger milliarder på udenlandsk politisk korrekte 'konsulenthuse' -- Med venner som Venstre og “blå Bjarne”, behøver kapitalismen ingen fjender. Da KK blev omvæltet fra en ræverød kommune til et Blåt monster ~ | Blogger: 🙈 Konspirationsfest hos Statsadelen 🙈 Europæiske regeringers foretrukne rådgiver, det britiske finanshus NM Rothschild, Plesner, LEAD Agency, Bilderberg, Mckinsey, Goldman, advokatvirksomheden Kromann & Reumert (beskikket af Justitsministeriet i Danmark ).. Dansker hjalp Goldman Sachs med Dong-salg: Nu er han topchef og partner i investeringsbanken, Bjarne Corydon, partner i McKinsey & Company.. Udlandsdanskeren fra USA's kapitalismes mekka, første kvindelige modtager af Kronprins Frederiks Harvard-legat (MBA) og konsulent fra McKinsey & Company, Venstres politiske stormløber, Cecilia Lonning-Skovgaard, bliver Københavns nye borgmester for beskæftigelse og integration (stakkels de svage og arbejdsløse)... :""Du kan sagtens narre alle folk i nogen tid, og nogle folk hele tiden, men du kan ikke narre alle folk hele tiden, Abraham Lincoln"".. 'Rothschild Banking Empire' har en værdi på $100 billioner kroner (Trillioner). Vi har allerede fået etablerede kontakten mellem Finans- ministeriets 'eneste' finansielle rådgiver N.M. Rothschild & Sons Ltd. og Deres enorme indflydelse på dansk politik samt beskyttelse af programmer i favør for corporatocracy samt krigsherrerne. En af de største underafdelinger til Rothschild familien er 'McKinsey and Company' som er et amerikansk management- konsulentfirma og The Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. (NYSE: GS) som er en amerikansk investeringsbank. Et besynderligt sammenfald mellem McKinsey & Goldman og det danske erhvervsliv, hvor samme brodne kar cirkulere rundt blandt magteliten. Vennetjenester og tætte personlige relationer, har du foden indenfor "GoLDMaN SLaCKS" og gør det godt, får du med garanti en toppost i det danske banking cartel eller erhvervslivet (eller omvendt fortegn)..: "... Direktørskifte i Nordea bekymrer bankansatte. Den nye Nordea-direktør Casper von Koskull før 2010 har en fortid i den amerikanske investeringsbank Goldman Sachs, der har ry for at have skarp fokus på profit... Bjarne Corydon forlader dansk politik og bliver ny global direktør for The McKinsey Center for Government... Marie Louise Kirk er i en alder af 36 år nyudnævnt Partner i Goldman Sachs i New York og dermed blandt virksomhedens øverste 2%, fik Kronprins Frederiks Legat på Harvard... Danske Bank har ansat Michael Zeier i en nyoprettet stilling som global chef for Corporate Finance, direkte rekruterede fra Goldmans Sachs... Bjarke Staun-Olsen er ny investment manager i Creandum med ansvar for Danmark. Han har tidligere gjort karriere i bl.a. McKinsey og Goldman Sachs... De tre skandinaviske regeringer engagerede i fællesskab tidligt i 2012 den internationale investeringsbank Goldman Sachs til at yde rådgivning i forhold til staternes ejerskab af SAS... Russiske kunder i Tinkoff Bank samt Goldman Sachs står til en milliardfortjeneste som den danske medsponsor på Bjarne Riis' cykelhold tilbage i 2012... Goldman Sachs har hyret Anders Fogh Rasmussen som rådgiver i den betændte DONG-sag... Henrik Poulsen er administrerende direktør for DONG Energy. Han har tidligere været leder hos Bjarne Corydons nye arbejdsgiver, McKinsey & Co.... Medarbejdere i Finansministeriet har ladet konsulentfirmaet McKinsey betale for en middag, der »ligger uden for normal god adfærd«... Den øverste ledelse i Goldman Sachs giver tidligere finansminister, Claus Hjort Frederiksen (V) lov til at give Folketingets Finansudvalg fortrolig indsigt i investeringsbankens køb af Dong-aktier sidste år... Det bliver finanshuset Rothschild, som skal rådgive Finansministeriet om børsnoteringen af Dong... Goldman Sachs investering i Dong steg fra otte milliarder kroner til 17,4 milliarder kroner i værdi i løbet af de to år, hvor amerikanerne var aktionærer... Vi kunne blive ved og ved.."PS: Tjek lige Kromann & Reumert, der er noget ufuldkommen og besværende 'råddenskab' ved det advokatfirma... |

Michael Specht Bruun (yderst til højre) var sammen med Martin Hintze (med briller Goldman Saachs to ankermænd bag købet af aktier i Dong Energy. Arkivfoto: Søren Bidstrup/Scanpix
Danske Michael Bruun var en af ankermændene bag salget af Dong-aktier til Goldman Sachs. Nu er han blevet partner.

Torsdag 10 nov. 2016 kl. 12:00

Danske Michael Bruun, der spillede en nøglerolle i forbindelse med salget Dong-aktier til Goldman Sachs, er netop blevet forfremmet til partner i den amerikanske investeringsbank.

Det skriver Berlingske Business.

Michael Bruun var en af Goldman Sachs' to ankermænd på investeringen i det statsejede energiselskab DONG Energy, der affødte massive folkelige protester i 2014.

Skandaleramt bank

Banken opkøbte aktierne gennem et selskab i skattelylandet Luxembourg.

Fire danske pensionskasser havde også tilbudt at købe aktierne i Dong Energy, men det blev afvist af daværende finansminister Bjarne Corydon (S).

Salget medførte en større politisk krise, hvor SF's formand blandt andet gik af og trak sig fra regeringssamarbejdet med S og R.

Goldman Sachs har været involveret i en række skandaler i forbindelse med finanskrisen, hvor man med den ene hånd tilbød højrisikolån til boligkøbere, samtidig med at man med den anden hånd spekulerede i, at boligmarkedet ville kollapse.

Det er dog stadig en af verdens største investeringsbanker.

LÆS VIDERE: https://www.avisen.dk/Pages/Guests/Articles/ShowTemplatedArticle.aspx?ArticleID=414974&shareAgID=0

Kilder: 👉

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Verdensalt.dk | 21. Oktober 2018 | ~ Favre nye billeder med mørkets dybe Stat som sponsor af det Wall Street ulovlige bankkartel, en korruption der overgår folks vildeste fantasier ~ | Blogger: GLÆD jer til Tæt på sandheden med Jonatan Spang i aften... |


MATT ROGERS | Oct 21, 2018 | ~ RE - UPLOAD VIDEO OF WHAT NEEDS TO BE SEEN ~ | Blogger: ".. Before the climatology scam began, the CIA wrote a memorandum named “Climate Control“. Unter the conditions of post WWII and ongoing cold war. After 20 years of research the development and usage of climate control methods was proposed and the official implementation started with this memorandum. . The paper reveals not only the intention of global water grabbing (GWG) for desert farming and climate control as WMD of “Goephysical Warfare“, but climate control as the main reason for the development of nuclear energy! . According to this paper the nuclear power plants are proposed as the source of magnitude energy, required for climate control! . Definitely, climate control is the backbone of BPMED (Bankster Pervert Military Empire of Deception)! Just to give the monster a descriptive name .." (VT Today: CIA 1960: Memorandum for Climate Control) ... |

🔴 PFC | Oct 21, 2018 | ~ 👻 Benjamin Fulford: Khashoggi + Gruesome Halloween Tales 🎃 ~ | 50 minute interview | Blogger: [🕳️From: The fall of the Zionist house of Saud plus possible coup attempt in Russia -- "First, the murder (or psy-ops staged murder) of Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi is part of a move to remove the Zionist/Satanic house of Saud from control of Saudi Arabia and Middle Eastern oil, according to Pentagon and CIA sources. The operation is also aimed at grabbing funds to keep the bankrupt U.S. afloat, CIA sources say."🔮] .. "Trump Says He Now Believes Khashoggi Is Dead, Threatens 'Consequences' : NPR" ... "ZERO HEDGE: Khashoggi Murder Suspect Dies In "Suspicious Car Accident" ... "Who Killed Khashoggi?" (forbiddenknowledgetv)" ... "Khashoggi Was ‘High-Level Saudi Spy Tied To Bin Laden, Member Of Muslim Brotherhood’"(BATR RealPolitik ) ... "Saudi Who Arrived In Turkey Day Of Khashoggi’s Disappearance Dies in “Suspicious Traffic Accident” (The Washington Standard) ... "

A surveillance camera has captured Hatice Cengiz while she is still waiting for her fiance, Jamal Khashoggit, 17.33 PM Photo: Sabah Newspaper Handout / Ritzau Scanpix

On October 18, 2018, Richard and Meg of PrepareForChange.net continued 2018 interviews with Benjamin Fulford.

The transcript will be posted here, in a week or two, below the links to the previous 2018 interviews.

⚠️Warning: There is some graphic information described in this interview. 

Benjamin talks in this interview about how the disappearance of the Khashoggi, the Washington Post columnist, is related to other unrest in the Middle East as well as even Japan, that Crown Prince Bin Salman was taken out in April, and he discusses other recent worldwide evidence that the old order is not working any more.

Benjamin Fulford Continues to Work to Liberate the Planet

Benjamin Fulford continues to work to liberate the planet from the bad guys. He is literally fighting to bring freedom and new life to humanity.

This interview is about 50 minutes long and we hope you enjoy it.

Let’s take our cue from Benjamin Fulford… and turn our world into a wonderful place!
Donate to Children in Malawi. They Have No Parents.
We are an all-volunteer organization. We do set aside a little money to support our website, but nearly all of your donations to PrepareForChange.net support about 400 children in an orphanage we funded in Malawi, Africa.
Think about donating to these children, who have lost their parents. The donation buttons are on PrepareForChange.net.

Previous Benjamin Fulford Interviews In 2018:

Verdensalt.dk | Arkivskabet | 21. Oktober 2018 | ~ Destroying the Illusion: I'm About To Graduate High School - What Should I Do?! (COLLEGE OR NO?) ~ | ~ Hvordan fører vi krig mod uvidenheden i os alle? Hvordan overvinder vi hjernevaskelse af vores MATRIX ~ |


Betsy DeVos To Bring Sweeping Change to the U.S. Dept. of Education

Published on Feb 21, 2017
On this edition of The Daily Sheeple's "Daily News Brief", Joe Joseph discusses the systemic failure of the U.S. Public Education system and where specifically it fails. The education system is a HUGE part of the reason why we are witnessing the continued decline of the standard of living.

Published on Nov 19, 2016
World Tour Tickets - http://www.TheWorldWideWakeUp.com 2016/17

Folkeskole - Jens's Forum



Published on Sep 23, 2013
Mine "eventyr" i folkeskolen har fået mig til at tænke på et par ting.
Alt den drama eller underholdning. ...eller, egentlig ville jeg bare lave en video ;D
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Vlogs: http://www.youtube.com/jensverden


Hvordan fører vi krig mod uvidenheden i os alle? Hvordan overvinder vi hjernevaskelse af vores MATRIX

Udgivet første gang den 16. Juli 2014 af Verdensalt

Jeg kunne sagens skrive om Justin Bieber, World Cup, Contador, Lockout, GGGI, halalslagtning for at øge min skare af tilhængere på min hjemmeside... har heller ikke løsningen på universets gåder, er heller ikke paranoid, isoleret, selvoptaget af konspirationsteorier, men jeg er vågnet op til vores Matrix...

"Dette er din sidste chance. Herefter er der ingen vej tilbage. Du tager den blå pille – historien ender, du vågner i din seng, og tror hvad du ønsker at tro. Du tager den røde pille – du bliver i eventyrland, og jeg vil vise dig hvor dyb kaninhullet er"

Nogen vil sige MATRIX blot er baseret på Illuminati / Hollywoods-Masonic-Mind-Kontrol. Det er ikke alene min egen overbevisning. Til alle som ikke lige genkender eller forstår MATRIX trilogiens symbolik og dens enorme betydning, inspireret fra kulturhistorien eller populærkulturen, et kort plot intro til filmen her

"I den nærmeste fremtid, "vågner" en hacker ved navn Neo op og opdager, alt liv på Jorden blot er en omfattende facade/illusion skabt af en ondsindet cyber-intelligens, med henblik på at udmanøvrere os mennesker ved at "dyrke" os som brændstof ind i et forvasket Matrix af dominans og slaveri, for at undgå vi ser den "virkelige" verden. Når han kommer ud til den "virkelige" verden, slutter Neo sig til ligesindede oprører krigere, Morpheus og Trinity, i deres kamp for at vælte hele Matrix" - Sjovt som det ligner vores egen verden.... 

For at provokere din egen bevidsthedsdannelse eller mindfulness:
  • Hvordan finder vi sandheden som sætter os fri?
  • Hvordan løsriver vi os selv for frygt, blokeringer og berøringsangst? Hvornår begynder vi at forstå, det vi har lært fra skolen, nyhedskanaler, vores institutioner rundt om i verden, vores basale indlæring om verdensorden er forkert?
  • Hvordan vågner vi op fra vores fastforankret virkelighedsbillede, når vi ikke ved, vi skal vågne endnu?
  • Hvordan løsriver vi os væk fra den totalitære enhed af kontrol, magt og dominans?
  • Hvordan skaber vi, som Werner Erhard citere; En Verden, Der Virker For Alle?

Super god start - Tjek Elinas gratis e-bog "HOW To Change The Worldher - Det er et fantastisk sted at starte... Mener een af de bedste beskrevet øjenåbnere som jeg er stødt på...

Ligesom den verden "vi" lever i nu, skaber vi intet, ved at hvile på laberbærene og være egocenteret. Vi kan gå i vores egen Matrix dag ud og dagen ind, på et tidspunkt bliver vi tvunget til forandring, lad os bare sige via love tsunami(men ikke alene), og i form af indikationer på forandring i verden. Vores syn på geopolitisk eller nationale politikere, whistleblowere som Edward Snowden som vi bedst kender, oprør og modstanden stiger, global-og transnational virksomheder samt den finansielle sektor slipper heller ikke mere, bøderegn og arrestationer. BRIC landene er blevet enige om ny verdensbank, snart ser vi valutanulstilling og snart kommer der et nyt finansielt system, og med de nye styreformer helt ny struktur og velstand til alle.

Read More... 

🔴 Verdensalt.dk | 21. Oktober 2018 | ~ En UFO nær Melby, den 20. Oktober 2018? ~ | Blogger: (received by mail and can be confirmed by verdensalt) ... Verdensalt.dk kan bekræfte dette billede, fra en god ven, endda UFO-nægter, dansker af tysk afstamning og dygtig fotograf 🛸👽🖖|

Steve Nobel | Oct 21, 2018 | ~ Golden Lemuria Transmission: Remembering What Has Been and What Will Come Again ~ | Blogger: How beeeeeautiful... Highly recommend to use these transmissions... Thanks to Steve Nobel... 🙏 |

Lemuria was a high vibrational 5D civilisation situated in the continent of Mu in the Pacific Ocean many thousands of years ago. Lemuria experienced a long Golden Age before its eventual decline. This was part of the collective descent from a more feminine 5D consciousness to our present more masculine dominated dense material world. Lemurians had less dense bodies than we now have on this earth-plane. They were very attuned with the Goddess energy of the Earth and the Elemental Kingdom. They had an extensive understanding of the many healing properties of the earth, especially crystals. Many understood that the civilisation of Lemuria would end. Some decided not to experience the fall in consciousness and moved to the inner earth where they created a new civilisation. Those that chose to descend into 4-3D consciousness left by sea to populate other lands. The peoples of a number of the Pacific Islands, including Hawaii and New Zealand, are descendants of Lemuria. Also, some North American Indian tribes originate from Lemuria. As the light increases on the planet, many Starseeds are remembering lifetimes in Golden Lemuria. This is all part of the awakening process and bringing heaven once again to this earth-plane. This transmission will assist you in remembering your participation in Golden Lemuria. This in turn will assist you in stepping more gracefully into the higher frequencies of light in this time of transition from dark to light on the planet.

Verdensalt.dk \\ PFC \\ TruthEarthOrg \\ COBRA | Oct 21, 2018 | ~ GALACTIC GODDESS AND THE SISTERHOOD OF THE ROSE 💫🌹 ~ | ~ Enya - Water Shows the Hidden Heart in 432Hz (Goddess Energy Video) ~ | Blogger:[In memorial of Isis Astara, Cobra's beloved soulmate, that had left the physical plane 🕯️😔🙏R.I.P.] ... PLEASE remember - The Cabal is very well aware of the power of Goddess energy in the manifesting the EVENT... Goddess Vortex is the ultimative technology of the light forces which will finally dissolve the Matrix on the astral and etheric planes around our planet ... 🌹💓💕.. |


Mysteries of Isis

Mysteries of Isis are the remnant of the original Goddess mysteries that were brought to Atlantis by the Central Race many hundreds of thousands of years ago.

These mysteries were practiced uninterrupted for countless millennia on the surface of the planet in sacred temples dedicated to the Goddess. Living contact with the Goddess presence, the clear divine feminine archetype originating directly from the Source, was the basis of stability and harmony of the society.

After the interferences of the dark forces started on the planet, and especially after the Archon invasion 26,000 years ago, that perfect connection with the feminine aspect of the Source got interrupted.

Astara was a being from Sirius star system that took upon herself the task of preserving the Goddesss presence on the surface of the planet in the last 26,000 year cycle.

She was known as Aset to the Egyptians, Isis to the Greek and that is the name that is most widely used now.

Egyptian mystery schools tried to preserve the legacy of Atlantean mystery schools as pure as possible. Isis mysteries, as taught in the Egyptian and later Greco-Roman mystery schools, included the following:

The existence of divine plane of creation of pure Love and Light where no darkness can exist, and techniques to access that plane in your consciousness

The immortality of the Soul and the path to become that Soul

The protocol to avoid Archons and reach the realms of Light after death

The protocol to embody the Goddess presence and to become a living embodiment of that Goddess presence in all daily actions

The mysteries of the underground kingdom

The mysteries of the sacred union (hieros gamos).

Mysteries were taught only to the initiates, whereas the masses worshiped Isis as a personified deity, a protector that can help in times of trouble:

In the ancient world two millennia ago, Isis worship was the most popular and widespread religion across the Mediterranean:

Because of its tremendous impact on dissolving the Veil at that time, the Archons have devised a plan to hijack the evolving Christianity, turn it into a mind programming cult, suppress all Goddess worship and enforce the Nicene creed:


The mysteries of Isis had to go sub rosa (undercover).

🔴Secureteam10 | Oct 21, 2018 | ~ ARTIFICIAL MOON To Be Launched By... ~ | ~ Something MAJOR Happened On Mars.. Are They Hiding It? ~ | Blogger: [🚀Rise of the Artificial Moon. Could the moon be a hollow-bodied construct that contains a hidden message encoding the deeper mysteries of our universe and life on Earth?. How do I stop being gullible and naive??. "He who controls the Moon (SPACE), controls the Earth". Is there a clandestine space program designed to save the elite from a global catastrophe?🌌] ... China, Russia, US, UK, Germany, Israel and the NATO alliance (and government space agencies) has the most almighty, advanced arsenal, an Earthly & SSP military might with the most sophisticated high-tech stuff and also lifesaving 6000 secret patents, that could save this entire planet, in 1 day. City size underground D.U.M.B.s exist on Earth in the hundreds, we've already operating in our Milky Way, and in our LEO orbiting cloaked space stations, mining asteroids, upholding Moon & Mars bases, trading with other civilizations, since 1950'ish, maybe before (however - ⚠️'Six different insider sources have confirmed that several spy satellites and computer systems for the Deep State have been blinded… in a stunning attack - David Wilcock'⚠️) ... They also possesses advanced quantum hyperdimensional portals, Archon grid, plasma entities like Archons overlord, Yaldabaoth and other anomalous plasma from the Galactic halo, dark forces (Chimera) controlling human implants and everything you say or do will be recorded and used against you, scalar weaponry etc. etc. ... You know... ☝️ Is it a coincidence that China annonce this breaking story at the International Observe Moon Night 2018, that marks Apollo's 50th anniversary & Venus Global Activations, October 20th, to support the integration of the divine feminine in balance and harmony ... Nooooo Sir!... 🌑China Plans to Launch an 'Artificial Second Moon Simulator ' to Light Up the Night Skies🌕... It is properly the most bizzare and crazy story in 2018... 🤔Did you know, that China and Russia is ahead of U.S in EMP weapons Tech and other DEW's?... 🤔Not to mention geoeng- ineering warfare /Chemtrails/HAARP etc. China has already launching weather-control machines across an area the size of Alaska (china fires rockets for cloud seeding in an attempt to make rain in Huangpi, central China's Hubei province on May 10, 2011 and artificially inducing rainfall in China is not new, the country manipulated the weather over Beijing just before and during the 2008 Beijing Olympics to ensure a rain-free event).. 🤔 But there must be a higher purpose of announcing the new A.I. SUPERMOON!? ... Whats next!? Cow tipping, naked moon dancing, fake alien attack or inviting in 4th Dimensional dark beings through project CEPC (china's version of CERN)??? ... (Initiation of Project Blue Beam?) -- Fake New World Order will use advanced holographic technology in order to create a false flag alien invasion and/or a worldwide religious ‘awakening’ in order to achieve servitude by the masses and acceptance of a one world government and religion, possibly depopulation efforts as well.... |


ARTIFICIAL MOON To Be Launched By...

Something MAJOR Happened On Mars.. Are They Hiding It?

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