March 08, 2020

🤖 ~ Italy to QUARANTINE 16 MILLION in Eleven States... Until April!.. Meanwhile, Italians Fly to CPH Airport, Goes Straight Into City Copenhagen without ANY Restrictions... (SoTW) | Blogger: [👋Can You See👀] ... Tyler Durden at Zero Hedge has put out a question: "Things Get Interesting - Will Trump Be Forced To Postpone The Election?"... A good question it is... In the meanwhile the two "Grumpy Old Men" from the Muppet Show is still standing... has posted stuff about, that Joe Biden, warned supporters about “the Bernie brothers” running an “increasingly negative campaign” and that a “bloodbath” between the two candidates (as Tulsi gets lost in the shuffle) will only help re-elect Donald Trump... 🙇‍♂️PS: Please! Father/Sky God as a Source of Divine Transformation, not inner Fear and Limitation. Let us kindly receive your Blessings and Love Tsunami to get rid of the Coronavirus and change the POWER, EGO & GREED in Earth's politicians and people, who do not care of Humanity's need and GAIA's expansion towards the New 5D Planetary Liberation... So be IT and so IT is. I AM ~ SoTW...💜 |

🛸 ~ US Navy responds to politician's UFO query ~ | Blogger: [💬Ben Rich: It will take Act of God for Disclosure🔱] ... Excerpts: "The letter seems to sidestep any mention of the USS Nimitz Incident or other well-publicized UFO cases and instead focuses on concerns posed by conventional unmanned aerial drones."... No shit Sherlock!... During a 1993 Alumni Speech at UCLA, Ben Rich, Lockheed Martin (and UFOs) stated: "We already have the means to travel among the stars, but these technologies are locked up in black projects and it would take an Act of God to ever get them out to benefit humanity"... |

What does the US Navy have to say about high-profile UFO incidents ? Image Credit: US Navy

The full unredacted letter, which was sent to Rep. Mark Walker, has now been released to the public.

Back on July 6th, 2019, Walker wrote a letter to the US Navy requesting answers regarding sightings of unidentified flying objects and in particular, high-profile cases such as the USS Nimitz incident.

A response, which was originally sent to Walker on July 31st by then-Undersecretary of the Navy Thomas Modly, has now been fully released to the public.
"There have been a number of reports of unauthorized and/or unidentified aircraft entering various military-controlled training ranges and designated air space in recent years," Modly wrote.
"The Department of the Navy (DON) takes these reports very seriously and continues to log sightings and fully investigate the accounts."
"The wide proliferation and availability of inexpensive unmanned aerial systems (UAS) has increasingly made airspace de-confliction an issue for our aviators."
"Naval aircrews have been provided reporting guidance to determine the frequency and location of UAS operating in training areas."
"The guidance supports objective, data-driven analysis of incursions. The DON continues to dedicate resources to the tracking and investigation of reports that could affect the safety of our aircrews."

😨🛒🏃‍♂️ ~ Real Threat or 'Preppers' & Grocery Industry Delight?: Stockpiling for the Coronavirus. Italy, Australia, Hawaii, New York and now, Denmark. Mackerel in tomato sauce. Tuna in oil. Pasta. Biscuits and Toilet paper (SoTW) ~ | Blogger: [👋Can You See👀] ... CNN: "'Preppers' have endured years of mockery. Coronavirus fears have given them a booming self-survival business"... Do we need to worry or is it all a HOAX!???... This excerpts comes from a reader called (P) at Rumor Mill News with the title: "OUT OF STOCK" purposefully by the Cabal, and ABOUT BORAX" (if you don't know what Borax is just look at the many natural "life preserving" things that the "Food industry" and "UN Codex Alimentarius Commission" has eliminated in our food products) and it goes like this;..."We believe the readers should know why the shelves are 'OUT OF STOCK' and this is a perfectly orchestrated ploy by the CABAL. Some would believe FEAR purchasing causes this, no that is not true, or some believe the 'corona virus' is causing this, not true either. This has been setup for many many years. Every Grocery Store, convenient store, or any store that sells products in NA was designed this way. The actual thing causing the shortages, is not the actual supply, but its the method of supply. This is called 'JUST IN TIME' shipping. Its designed to allow the stores to re-designate their once used supply storage areas which usually would be packed with supplies that would meet demand for weeks, now only last less then 24- 72 hours. These stores were tricked by the CABAL, to give up their supply storage capability under the guise of more usable 'active' space. This is the true reason why the shelves are empty, its not manufacturers at all. You might think big stores like COSTCO might have more of a supply, but even they do 'JUST IN TIME' shipping, just more volume. This 'corona virus' is just another ploy, maybe it will bring in the GCR, RV. Since the communist government in China had to be annihilated in order for the GCR to happen, a.k.a GESARA compliant. This is a mixed bag of tricks, tied into everything the CABAL has been pushing at us. Here is a good hint, one of the things that most likely will still be on the shelves and is more useful then 90% of the 'food' out there is BORAX." (READ MORE)... |

Makrel i tomat, tun i olie og toiletpapir – nu bliver der hamstret, der bringer varer hjem til folk, oplever et boom i salget af langtidsholdbare fødevarer, efter at coronavirus blev konstateret i Danmark.
CNN: 'Preppers' have endured years of mockery. Coronavirus fears have given them a booming self-survival business

📉 ~ It Smells Like Panic! Government's Bank Can't Stop The Stock Market Crash !! ~ | Blogger: [👋Can You See👀] ... BTW, "Optical illusion" or "Dead Cat Bounce" or not, no crash will happen without the say-so from the Fiat Banking Federal Reserve Cartel and the "mighty eighth" families, who rules them all... The Rothschilds, as the front Men for the Khazarian Mafia (KM) infiltrate and Hijack British Banking and then hijack the whole nation of England and the World, including Denmark, which is MAJOR hub for creating money out of thin air, If you ask me at SoTW. How? The Danish "mortgage finance system" has been a mainstay of the economy for literally hundreds of years and has performed well in extremely difficult circumstances. Danish covered bonds backed by mortgage loans are: of high credit quality; very liquid; and among the best & largest investment alternatives to government bonds in the world... Covered bonds backed by mortgage loans totaled nearly €360 billion at the end of 2013, second only to Spain (just over €400 billion) in aggregate amount. The stock of covered bonds is equivalent to 143 percent of GDP, more than four times as large as in any other country. The covered bond market is also nearly four times larger than the Danish government debt market... So far, apart from the Federal Reserve (FED), it is true that Rothschild owns all central banks. Denmark went bankrupt in the year 1813, by the year 1814, Denmark lost Norway to Sweden by the Treaty of Kiel. Denmark has forced to take huge loans from Nathan Rothschild... Since then, Danmarks Nationalbank is owned by the Illuminati global banking dynasty. 'Centralbanks' across the globe is enmeshed in the Illuminati's global banking network... And of course, Denmark, is one of the biggest money laundering stations in the world, so it seems... (Is money-laundering scandal at Danske Bank and the 1,500 billion kroner the largest in history?)... |

⚠️ ~ Viruses are pH Sensitive - Including Coronavirus - ALKALIZE YOUR BODY (Rumor Mill News) ~ | Blogger: [👋Can You See👀] ... SoTW has posted a looot of stuff about this subject. Some of it in a more detailed and expanded version, after listening in on the many advices and tips from my own Holistic / Naturopathic doctor with 50 years of experience... |

Viruses are pH Sensitive - Including Coronavirus - ALKALIZE YOUR BODY
Posted By: RumorMail [Send E-Mail]
Date: Friday, 6-Mar-2020 11:58:35

Published on March 4, 2020

There are certain important subjects that doctors and world health officials do not want you to know about. The fact that most viruses and all physiological processes in the body are pH sensitive is one of them. Despite the fact that pH medicine offers us a key to treating viral infections that is easy, safe and inexpensive, they and even alternative health care providers just cannot wrap their heads around baking soda as one of the most important medicines we can use to fight the coronavirus.

Researchers at the Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) in the US have uncovered the ‘Achilles’ heel’ of most viruses which plague mankind are on target, there are vulnerabilities that can be exploited but what they are looking at is not practical or helpful in our fight against viral infections. The so-called ‘Achilles heel’ (or vulnerable point) of most viruses can be exploited by pulling the pH rug out from under them.

The ability of influenza virus to release its genome under different acidic conditions is linked to the transmission of influenza virus. The threshold pH at which fusion is first observed can vary among different serotypes of membrane protein hemagglutinin (HA) and may correlate with virulence. The acid stability of HA has been linked to the successful transmission of virus between avian and human hosts.

Coronavirus infectivity is exquisitely sensitive to pH. For example, the MHV-A59 strain of coronavirus is quite stable at pH 6.0 (acidic) but becomes rapidly and irreversibly inactivated by brief treatment at pH 8.0 (alkaline). Human coronavirus strain 229E is maximally infective at pH 6.0. Infection of cells by murine coronavirus A59 at pH 6.0 (acidic) rather than pH 7.0 (neutral) yields a tenfold increase in the infectivity of the virus.

💚 ~ Nyhedsbrev fra Biodynamisk forbrugersammenslutning ~ | .. Biodynamiske nyt i 12 pkt .. |


1. Kloden ville været udtørret uden køer
2. Foredrag om dyrenes rolle
3. Jens-Ottos foredrag – kloge ord
4. Klassemedlem – åbent møde
5. Nordisk Forskningsring
6. Søge forskningsmidler fra samme
7. Ny verdens demeter-forening
8. MF Messmann om EM-stråler
9. En biodynamisk vegetars oplevelser
10. Verdensoversigt over økologien
11. Underskrive for natur-behandlere/medicin
12. Påskefest, Frederiksberg.
Følg de røde tal nedad i venstre side.
(Fra pkt. 7 kunne jeg ikke farve rødt mere!)

1. Jorden ville udtørre uden køerne

”Og man gør ret, når man overfor koen har fornemmelsen: Du er det sande offerdyr, for i grunden
giver du vedvarende jorden det, som den har brug for, uden hvilket den ikke fortsat ville kunne
bestå, uden hvilket den ville forhærde og udtørre. Du giver den til stadighed åndelig substans og
fornyer jordens indre bevægelighed, dens indre liv.”
Rudolf Steiner den 21. oktober 1923,
”Mennesket som samklang af det skabende, formende og dannende verdensord”
(oversættelse Simon Wiesner).

Lars: I den danske oversættelse fra Jupiter Forlaget står teksten i det 3. foredrag side 43.
Med ordet jorden sigtes på hele kloden inkl. Jeg ville derfor skrive Jorden med stort (vor klodes eget navn).
Hele foredraget indeholder bl.a. en stor hyldest til koen. Meget læseværdig bog.
I det hele taget er denne bog uhyre visdomsfyldt. 12 foredrag holdt i Dornach i okt.-nov. 1923.

2. Foredrag omkring dyrenes 

9️⃣1️⃣1️⃣ ~ NEO: Nuclear 9/11 can no longer be ignored – It is killing us all (VT) ~ | Blogger: [🔓"Within 10 minutes of posting, Google Corporation shut down the counter on this article" ~ VT🔐] ... Excerpts: ".. By now, the general public around the world should know that official investigations, be they blaming Russia for MH 17 or gas attacks in Syria or the Skripal “poisoning” or so many other stories, are simply made up. All official investigations are fake. The most fake investigation in history, and there are hundreds of fake investigations that are now taught as “history,” is 9/11. First of all, here’s what happened that makes this important to readers now. A German physicist with no access to US media, call it language barrier, laziness or hyper-focus that scientists have, did a study on the events of 9/11. He built on work done by French physicist Francois Roby and a US activist with a strong science background named Jeff Prager. Pommer published a first version of his findings, that the World Trade Center was destroyed by nuclear weapons placed under the structures, in 2017. What we all know is that 9/11 changed everything, war after war, millions dead; but what many don’t realize is that it opened the door to a new level of lying. In today’s world, Iran can have a nuclear weapons program when no evidence supports it and all real evidence supports the contrary. Any nation that fails to submit, and we will probably never know who is really in control, and we are talking Venezuela for one, can be subjected to “shock and awe” because its leaders will, according to the fake mainstream media, start “killing their own people” or using some type of prohibited weapon. Only ending the 9/11 lies can challenge the deluge of deceit that is killing us all..".. 🏆 PS: Some, might also recall, that BBC (who reports 911, WTC 7 Collapse 23 Minutes BEFORE it Happen) censors Dr Niels Harrit, Danish scientist who found unexploded nano-thermite high explosive in all samples of the World Trade Center (WTC) dust examined... |

Source (VT - veteranstoday)

According to the real study of 9/11, specialized nuclear weapons designed to destroy metal were built, weapons that not only rendered hundreds of thousands of tons of steel into dust but also destroyed automobiles over a mile away, while flammables such as paper nearby remained untouched.

..(..). OK, here is what is most important. The results of the 2014 investigation or rather the documents we received of what we later learned was a 2003 DOE investigation of 9/11 that was suppressed, were identical to the results Heinz Pommer came to years later with no access to our data.

This is called “a confirmation.” This means, yes, it’s all true — America was “nuked” on 9/11. It also means that there were radiation victims and that the US government covered it up, that first responders who died by the thousands were given improper medical treatment to cover up a massive crime, just like the Syria gassings, like MH17 and, just perhaps, other incidents, maybe even mass shootings, that might just as well be staged..(...)... 


BBC Reports 911, WTC 7 Collapse BEFORE it Happens

PS: Below video is from a danish mainstream 24/7 TV2 News station (english subtitles)

🛬 ~ Netherlands-Led JIT Biased Towards Russia, Ignored Massive Data on MH17 Crash Handed Over by Moscow ~ | Blogger: [👋Can You See👀] ... Blame it all on Russia... Yes, yes, Sputnik (news agency), and TASS Russian News Agency (ITAR-TASS, RIA Novosti and Interfax) is not to be trusted, because it's broadcast services based on Putin's state-funded news media... You be the judge... |

Source (sputniknews)

Moscow has expressed readiness to provide all the relevant data on the MH17 crash since the day of the catastrophe, including radar data and information about weapons allegedly used to down the plane, but the investigative team repeatedly ignored these offers or disregarded the data obtained in its conclusions.

😇 ~ 💗 The New 5D Earth (Meg Benedicte) 💕 ~ | Blogger: [👋Can You See👀] ... Excerpts: "The gateway to the 5th Dimensional Field has opened, allowing our consciousness to travel across the divide − out of Duality and into the Still-Point of present awareness. The ‘New Earth’ author and teacher, Eckhart Tolle, describes “The foundation for a new earth is a new heaven – the awakened consciousness. The earth – external reality – is only its outer reflection.” As the mind enters the New 5D Earth hologram, we begin to access the purist Divine frequencies we’ve ever felt. They are free of polarized charge, purely neutralized energy waves that will feed and restore healthy bodies. These ‘New 5D Earth’ energies are truly transformative in nature, catalyzing human genetics to upgrade and evolve into the full potential of ascending humans."... |

View as Web Page, click on link:


I’ve worked with thousands of Spiritual Seekers just like you, and one of the most common symptoms that propel us onto our spiritual journey is feeling empty, lost or disconnected from our authentic Soul Presence. Without soul connection you become malnourished of the spiritual Life Force that energizes your body and fuels your heart’s joy and inner drive. Instead you lack confidence and courage – feeling directionless, vulnerable in an unpredictable world, unable to create or protect yourself.

The healing process includes the resolution and regeneration of the wounded heart. The deep-seeded trauma of the “Fall of Man” and past history of “victim-persecution” has left a beaten and battered human heart. We are barely functioning, doing our best to engage with the world through a guarded, broken or frightened heart. We carry deep within our Core the Original Wound of Separation, which has left its mark − the debilitating grief and trauma of being severed from our connection to our Higher Self, our Soul Family, and the abundant Universe.

As we move into “observer consciousness,” we become more aware of the thoughts, feelings and behaviors streaming through us, in order to clear, release and transcend all limiting programming. This is an ongoing process, as we discover layers and layers of deeply engrained patterning that were blocking or limiting our life potential. As we actively clear discordant energy and replace it with Divine Energy, we can heal wounded Soul fragments, restore Soul Presence, and reclaim lost power.

At this stage of the Ascension Process, we begin to harmonize the human body, heart and mind with the unique vibration and rhythm of the Soul. By actively spinning in the Quantum Vortex, we are blending and integrating all levels of our being into holistic cohesion and coherence. This allows the mind to direct the flow of energy throughout all channels of the body, and proactively monitor and manage the balance of yin/yang energy in a stabilized order template.

✨ ~ 💗 COBRA: MAKE THIS VIRAL! ASCENSION TIMELINE / END OF CORONAVIRUS MEDITATION APRIL 4TH/5TH 2020 💕 ~ | Blogger: Excerpts: "We will be doing this meditation at 10:45 pm EDT on April 4th in New York. This equals 9:45 pm CDT in Chicago, 8:45 pm MDT in Denver and 7:45 pm PDT in Los Angeles. Europe and Asia will already have April 5th at the moment of the activation, which will be 3:45 am BST in London, 4:45 am CEST in Paris, 4:45 am EET in Cairo, 10:45 am CST in Taipei and Beijing, 11:45 am JST in Tokyo and 12:45 pm AEST in Sydney."... |

It is time to take action again! It is time to take the destiny of our world in our own hands! We all agree that the process of planetary liberation is taking too long, and the current timeline is not going in the best direction. Here is our chance to collectively shift the timeline back into our optimal timeline for planetary liberation. Therefore we are using the opportunity of the massive astrological configuration of Jupiter Pluto conjunction on April 4th/5th to create a portal through which we will unify our consciousness and trigger the process that will solidify the optimal Ascension timeline for the planet.

Make this viral! Share it worldwide! Post it on your websites and blogs! If you know an alternative media outlet, you can send it to them. You can create a Facebook event for your local group of people doing this in your part of the world. We also need one main Facebook group for this event. You can create a video about this and post it on Youtube.

However, this time, only people following my blog will not be enough. We need a more worldwide cooperation with more large influencers involved.

This activation is a test for the surface population whether it will be able to manifest unity or not. The Light Forces will be monitoring the level of cooperation and will use that as one of the determining factors for the immediate future plans for the Event.

There are many spiritual leaders with large following and I sincerely hope they would like the coronavirus to be erased and that they would like the planet to shift into the most positive timeline. If they wish to join this meditation, they can contact .

💌 ~ 💗 Ascension Timeline/End of Coronavirus Meditation Promo Video 432Hz 💕 ~ | Blogger: [👋Can You See👀] ... PS: Translated into many languages... TruthEarthOrg is a Cobra-friendly channel... |