May 13, 2017

Galactic Connection | Aired May 9, 2017 | Alexandra Meador interviews Sheldan Nidle | Consciousness and Coming Changes: There Are No Rules: All is Flow | Blogger: In this timely and exciting interview, Sheldan Nidle speaks with Alexandra about the big changes that are impending in our immediate future. The demise of USA, Inc. is imminent, according to Sheldan, and the establishment of the new NESARA Republic will closely follow. Sheldan and Alexandra discuss the desperate ploys recently undertaken by the failing forces of darkness to delay this plan, and especially their antics surrounding North Korea. Taking into consideration the many factors of uncertainty, Sheldan gives here his best estimate as to when the political system will be overhauled and prosperity funds will be released. Alexandra and Sheldan also discuss the ultimate galactic and spiritual stages of the rapid transformations of Earth and society now already upon us: Ascension and the New Earth etc. etc. ... |

Sheldan Nidle Biography

Sheldan Nidle was born in New York City on Nov. 11, 1946, and grew up in Buffalo, New York. His first extraterrestrial and UFO experiences began shortly after his birth and were highlighted all through his childhood by various modes of contact phenomena, as well as accompanying manifestations - light-form communications, extraterrestrial visitations, and teaching/learning sessions on board spacecraft. During most of his life, he has enjoyed ongoing telepathic communications and direct 'core knowledge' inserts (etheric and physical implants). Sheldan has visually observed and physically experienced spacecraft throughout the years... [READ MORE].

Greetings from Galactic Heart . . . (Newsletter)

Earlier this week Sheldan was interviewed by Alexandra Meador from Galactic Connection. They enjoyed a great conversation:

In this timely and exciting interview, Sheldan Nidle speaks with Alexandra about the big changes that are impending in our immediate future. The demise of USA, Inc. is imminent, according to Sheldan, and the establishment of the new NESARA Republic will closely follow. Sheldan and Alexandra discuss the desperate ploys recently undertaken by the failing forces of darkness to delay this plan, and especially their antics surrounding North Korea. Taking into consideration the many factors of uncertainty, Sheldan gives here his best estimate as to when the political system will be overhauled and prosperity funds will be released.

Alexandra and Sheldan also discuss the ultimate galactic and spiritual stages of the rapid transformations of Earth and society now already upon us: Ascension and the New Earth. They ponder whether we will be taken aboard the ships or into Inner Earth when Gaia experiences her great changes. Despite some uncertainty about the modality of our planetary transformation, Sheldan and Alexandra emphasize that the victory of light over dark forces is already sealed. They also agree that Nibiru does not present any present danger, and that there is no cause for existential fear and dismay about any of the coming changes, but quite the reverse. Joy and celebration are most appropriate.

Sheldan discusses how the galactics have been keeping the worst abuses and catastrophic intents of the Illuminati in check, while allowing Earth's inhabitants and starseeds to effect those planetary and political changes whose responsibility they took on with this incarnation. He also gives an overview of the future roles and tasks of our galactic 'mentors', once the 'landings' have commenced, or we are taken aboard the ships. The inner earth Agarthans also will play a major role in these events, according to Sheldan.

A great deal of the conversation revolves around Sheldan's deep understanding of physics, both the true physics of the universe taught by his own galactic contacts, and also the mistaken views of conventional science. In fact, the world is much simpler than our arcane and complicated scientific disciplines make it out to be. Sheldan is writing a new book on consciousness, the most profound and fundamental aspect of our many worlds, and the basis for all physical manifestation. Here there is but one rule, he says: there are no rules. Rather than the hard and fixed objects of our Cartesian paradigm, in reality, Sheldan says, speaking of the energy that lies beyond matter, "everything flows." Or at least, it should. This is our birthright; it is what we all once knew and it is that which now awaits us, with New Earth.

For the interview, click on image below or here a several other links (cut and past) to accesss this timely interview:

UFOmania - The truth is out there | May 11, 2017 | The Entrance to ‘Inner Earth’—Meet the EVEREST of Caves |

With a total length of cave passages reaching a staggering 13,232 m, the deepest explored parts of Krubera-Voronya reach 2,197 m. It remains the only known cave on Earth deeper than 2,000 meters—rightfully earning the title as the entrance to Inner Earth.

NN | May 12, 2017 | Huge backlash against Boston Herald calling for mass murder of vaccine safety advocates | ...

Huge backlash against Boston Herald calling for mass murder of vaccine safety advocates
Mike Adams
The Boston Herald is being pummeled today by a massive backlash from the holistic health community, following the paper's call for what would essentially be government-run execution squads to mass murder scientists, holistic doctors and journalists who oppose mercury in vaccines.

The Boston FBI and Boston Police are being alerted with a flood of complaints, Natural News has confirmed. We need your help to file more complaints with law enforcement authorities who can conduct criminal investigations into the Boston Herald editorial staff.

Also, share this list of contact details for the Boston FBI, Boston Police, 

Massachusetts Attorney General and the Boston Herald.

We have a lot of additional news today about massive food crop failures, a new HPV vaccine film being released, and an alert for toxic dog food found to be contaminted with powerful horse drugs.

COBRA | May 12, 2017 | Situation Update ~Cobra Interview by Rob Potter | Blogger: Link to Audio, Full Transcript enclosed... |

Hvem er Cobra: Stifter af bloggen ; Denne blog er den officielle formidler af kommunikation fra modstandsbevægelsen.

Eftersom jeg for længst har givet efter på disse højst usædvanlige fænomener og trosberetninger for vores forfædre samt galaktiske venners færden, er det en god ide som nybegynder, at læse eller slå tingene op via (google søgeord og vælge dette site) eller ( for at forstå hele sammenhængen.

Cobra is a Pleiadian contactee and has been in contact with the underground for over 35 years. He has been told to remain anonymous by The Resistance and has ongoing communications with beings from Planet X that assist The Resistance Movement. As an earthly representative of the Agarthan network and the light forces, he strives to prepare humanity for the up and coming event horizon.

There was immense opposition to this interview being posted. Two engineered emergencies during the recording and two computer hacks during the editing and publishing process were not enough to stop this, but the posting was delayed nevertheless. Make note that the first 35 minutes of the interview were recorded in early April, the second half in early May. Obviously certain interest groups mentioned in this interview did not wish this information to be released, but here it is, in audio format and as a transcript:

If Rob's website gets hacked again, the transcript is available here:

Monthly Cobra interview by Prepare for Change has been delayed also and we expect to publish it by the end of the month.

Victory of the Light!


Radio Show with Cobra and Rob Potter

Rob Potter: Hello, ladies and gentlemen, welcome to another Victory of the Light Radio Show. I’m your host, Rob Potter, broadcasting from here on the island of Maui. And I want to thank you all for tuning in once again.

It’s my honour and my pleasure to welcome Cobra back to the Victory of the Light for a very special interview this month.

I’d like to thank my editor, sound modulator expert, Chris Spell, and, of course, my translator, Sam Ritchie, both of who are doing a fine job of helping me on this interview and getting this out to you on the Cobra interview as soon as possible.

We had some sound issues and, unfortunately, this has taken a little longer to get to you than planned. Due to deadline This interview will be in two parts. I hope you will enjoy the show coming up.

As always, I do hope that you will check into my website and check it out. We do have a nice Activation coming up in Bolivia. It’s actually like a 10 day tour with Luis Maertens, . I mention this every week. We’re getting down to the nitty-gritty on who wants to go – the second conference is going ahead at the end of August, 24th- Spt. 2nd the so check that

And we do have some great stuff lined up for you. We’ll talk about that towards the end there.

Cobra Support

Because this show is an hour with technical difficulties we lost 35 minutes of original content so I will have more info her before and after interview than originally planned,

Verdensalt | 13. Maj 2017 | Dialog med mit Højere Selv | Hvad fortæller mit Højere Selv om 2017, om forudsigelser som påvirker os globalt |

Udgivet den 13. Maj 2017 af Verdensalt
Højere selv er et begreb forbundet med flere trossystemer, men dens grundlæggende forudsætning beskriver et evigt, almægtig, bevidst og intelligent væsen, der er ens virkelige selv. Blavatsky formelt definerede det højere selv som "Atma den uadskillelige stråle af universet og en selv....
Dit Højere Selv er dig. Dit Højere Selv er den virkelige dig, din samlede sjæle-bevidsthed. Den del af DIG der lever her på Jorden er blot en projektion af bevidsthed i dit Højere Selv. Dit Højere Selv er den mere komplette del af dig, den ene, der ikke bliver frustreret over sløret, der trækkes ned over os, når vi inkarnerer, der får os til at glemme, hvor vi kom fra. Det højere selv er den ene del i din besiddelse af din åndelige kontrakt, den plan du har lavet for dig selv, før du inkarnerede. Dit Højere Selv besidder den guddommelige plan, selve brugsanvisningen over dit livs plan, i sin hule hånd.
Dit Højere Selv er som en tilbagetrukket bevidsthed, der tilbyder sin visdom og anvisninger om, hvor flasken peger hen. Sommetider kan disse retninger tage lang tid at komme igennem ind til dit underbevidsthed. Men der er måder at få adgang til visdom og dit Højere Selv direkte ved at omgå ens underbevidsthed.

Din Højere Selv er ikke "derude" i æteren omkring dig. Dit Højere Selv er dig, din bevidsthed, i din krop.

Det er kun dig, der sætter gang i hjulene og oplever, det du kom her for at lære, før du blev inkarneret, igen og igen. Det er dig, der har dine egne følelser, som reaktion på dine tanker, der skaber din virkelighed. Det er dig, der sætter det op som en mekanisme og kan bruge dem som en 
"spiritual" feedback om, hvor du er på vej hen, i dit liv.
Fik lidt hjælp fra min holistiske læge til, at spørge ind til større begivenheder som påvirker os globalt. Og nej, jeg er ikke Nostradamus, men lytter og stoler på mine intuitioner, hvad mine skytsengle og Højere Selv fortæller mig.  

A Message from my Higher Self | May 12, 2017 | Channelled through Mike Quinsey |

Kanaliseret af Mike Quinsey
© 2017 treeofthegoldenlight

It seems that the negative forces are being driven out of their underground bases and unable to maintain global control. The cleansing will continue until they no longer represent a threat to Humanity, allowing greater control by the Forces of Light. It can only be a matter of time before their control over your news sources is released, and enable the real news to be given.

Up to now you have to scan the Internet for the truth when many websites feed you false information. However, if you have already identified those sites that are reliable, you will at least have a reasonable idea of what is really happening.

So much news is waiting to be released and it will cover the events of the last seventy years or so that have been covered up. In general people will not just be amazed but actually shocked to believe that the truth has been held back for so long. The Illuminati have prevented you from evolving and at the same time they have “stolen” your money to fund their enormous secret projects.

It is not just free energy that would uplift your lives immediately, but advanced technologies such as the food replicator. At a stroke these two advancements would lift people out of poverty and starvation. However, do not despair as it will not be much longer before beneficial changes will be introduced, and you will then know that the Light is in total power.

The Illuminati are ruthless and stop at nothing to hold onto their power but they have now more than met their match. While progress is being speeded up many beneficial projects are going ahead, and preparations have been made for the coming time when they can be publicly announced. Your main timeline is strong and leads to Ascension, and it can be confirmed that nothing can now stop it from fully manifesting. It still looks certain that major events will be announced and commence before the end of the year. Certainly rapid progress is being made that will enable the Light Forces to achieve their objective to get matters underway very soon.

YouTube - ModernGalaxy | Mar 16, 2017 | Channeling Message | Kryon Teaches Exactly How to Instruct Your Cells to Heal |

In this video kryon teaches how to drop your karmic ties and teaches how to instruct your cells to heal. Portland Oregon November 22, 2014

We are obsessed with the Kryon books that Lee Carroll has Published. Its a different way to absorb the same amazing information and it also helps support Lee in his effort!


Scientific American | May 9, 2017 | The Search for Life on Mars Is about to Get Weird | ... Astrobiologists ponder sending gene sequencers, weather stations, drilling rigs and more to the Red Planet ... | Blogger: Can we trust NASA? There is an increasing number of people who believe that NASA's rovers never left the Earth in the first place, and the pictures they are allegedly sending back from Mars are taken in remote areas of our planet. Perhaps Devon Island, Canada.. Secret Space Program MIC-SSP) is there a clandestine space program designed to save the elite from a global catastrophe? In 1977, Anglia TV in the UK broadcast an edition of its popular Science Report strand that uncovered a story so colossal it would change the world. The episode was titled Alternative 3 and began with an investigation into a string of mysterious disappearances amongst top scientists. What followed was sensational. The scientists, the show discovered, had been recruited into a top secret clandestine space program, designed to build a base on Mars in anticipation of a forthcoming ecological catastrophe on Earth. In 2001, British hacker Gary McKinnon claimed to have found astonishing evidence that such an out of this world program really does exist. Hacking into top secret Pentagon military computers, McKinnon says he found a crew manifest file detailing ‘non-terrestrial’ officers... Yes it's very confusing, would in many minds be treated as hoax and conspiracy theories. Truth can be VERY painful, please take a moment and think, would You be the ostrich and put your head in sand or perhaps heads in the cloud, so you don't see what's really true? Discovering and embracing your ultimate truth, stop the mind, listen to your inner guidance and feel it, after that, there's no going back. When you learn the truth of something, you can make a clear decision, but really really important to understand, there's not one future to pick from. You're not a like big buffalo herd, that someone is forcing over the cliffs, even though, the large majority of non thinkers, will be part of a buffalo herd, that will go over cliff and lose everything... |

This recent self-portrait from NASA’s Curiosity rover shows the robot shortly after it retrieved a sample of dark sand from shifting dunes along the flank of a Martian hillside. Curiosity is a rover designed to look for evidence of the Red Planet’s changing habitability over time, but future missions to the Martian surface may instead engage in more direct searches for past and present life. Credit: NASA, JPL-Caltech, MSSS

Nils0770 YouTube Channel | 12. Maj 2017 | En Typisk Bytur Fortalt Med Videoer Af Politikere | Blogger: Ny trailer ude!!! Ved ikke om Nils er kendt for 'Doctor Harvig' trailerne eller 'Wolf of Venstre Traileren', men humor, har han. Det er bestemt ikke alle videoer som jeg blåstempler, men lidt sjov i gaden, er vi simpelthen nødt til at ha' med, især når det gælder de til tider, lattervækkende, frådende psykopatiske magtmenneskers orgie, som tager røven på os alle. Jeg har faktisk altid stemt på partiet Venstre, men for ca. 15 år siden, blev jeg en del klogere.. De nye skandaler vi konstant bliver udsat for, kan kun forventes at tage udgangspunkt i dødssynder som griskhed, ladhed og nydelsessyge.. Fiktion eller fakta, journalist Knud Brix, politisk journalist, der har udgiver digtsamlingen om livet på Borgen: »Christiansborg æder sjæle op«, om ’moralsk fordærv’ og ’menneskelig forråelse’ i magtens centrum, er helt sikkert, ikke skudt ved siden af... |

En Typisk Bytur Fortalt Med Videoer Af Politikere

Star wars The Danish One (Lavet Til TV2-ZULU)


Wolf of Venstre Trailer

BT | 12. Maj 2017 | Chok i USA: TV-stjerne idømt livstid for voldtægt af småpiger | ... Fra succesfuld forretningsmand med sit eget TV-show på Discovery Channel til livstidsfange. Det er den chokerende skæbne for amerikanske 51-årige Will Hayden, der er blevet set af millioner som våbensælger i reality-serien 'Sons of Guns'. Men det er nok ikke mange, der har ondt af ham, når man hører årsagen til hans triste skæbne. Hayden er nemlig blevet idømt to gange livstid plus 40 år for at voldtage to piger under den seksuelle lavalder ... |

Cosmic Vision News | May 12, 2017 CET | ※Weekly geo-political news, analysis "With news around, upon, within and beyond our planet, it is the first newscast making disclosure" | Headlines -- South Korean Shift: New president offers hope that corruption is a thing of the past, and a new diplomatic course can be charted | France Fallout: In the wake of presidential election both candidates face challenges in dealing with the current reality | China And The World: First official global forum for the belt and road initiative welcomes all to participate | Vexing The Vaccines: More bad news as compensation claims for injuries and deaths rises dramatically - despite protections against big pharma |

Cosmic Vision News: CVN vært, Geoffrey West tilbyder nyheder, kommentarer og lejlighedsvis diskussion om de seneste begivenheder, der udspiller med hensyn til, hvad der formodentligt er den vigtigste begivenhed for at forbedre den menneskelige og planetariske tilstand: AFSLØRING. CVN fremmer og tilskynder til modig dialog på verdensplan, mens de forbereder alle til re-introduktion af vores galaktiske familier. CVN behandler også aktuelle begivenheder, der understøtter et skift til en fredelig planet. Geoffrey West er en del af det team som står bag:, kan lyttes til direkte/downloades eller via MP3, smides på en USB nøgle/iPhone og lyttes til på din vej. Husk tidsforskellen på udgivelsen. Direkte Link her (blogtalkradio)

About Geoffrey 

A global citizen, born into Canadian and Irish heritage. Geoffrey has lived in Canada, Sweden and Costa Rica. He has a Bachelors degree in Radio and Television, and a Masters in Peace Education, from the UN-mandated University for Peace. His work experiences include the broadcasting, airline, and computer reservation systems industries. His travels include N. America, Europe, Scandinavia, as well as Russia, Egypt, Thailand and Australia. His passion has come from the challenges he has observed throughout the world, and also from his own personal experiences. He aspires to assist individuals in awakening to their connection to, and deeper energetic relationship with LIFE, and empower new choices of living based in honouring Self, others, our planet, and LIFE beyond Earth also. 

His mission statement for this LIFE-path is as follows: 

"To be, to the best of my ability in each moment, an example for all that will inspire them to remember their connection to, and energetic relation to the ONENESS of LIFE. To assist lovingly in empowering them to honour their own LIFE-path and serve LIFE with choices that honour Self, while also honouring others, our planet and also our galactic families in each moment of 'now', creating experiences of health, love, harmony and peace".

Cosmic Vision News - Show Summary:



  • 1. “Well-managed migration and mobility can positively influence growth and sustainable development, and this positive contribution must be made compulsory.”
  • 2. “Regular migration and mobility can be beneficial because of the skills and knowledge of migrants.”
  • 3. “Through a strengthened cooperation the EU and its member states must assist in the safe and responsible migration and mobilization of people.”
  • 4. “We must implement a better coordinated and more comprehensive strategy to maximize synergies which arise from migration.”





9. ( 55:33 ) FINAL WORDS

New York Post | May 12, 2017 | Hackers Hit Dozens of Countries Exploiting Stolen N.S.A. Tool | ... NHS under pressure over global ransomware cyber attack as weekend of chaos looms ... | ... Information screens from Randers Municipality were turned off after they suddenly showed a message from hackers. Denmark is one of those 99 countries, according to CNN, that have been exposed to a worldwide cyber attack on Friday. According to Leif Jensen, Managing Director of Kaspersky's Nordic department... | Blogger: Blame it on Russia - U.S. Propaganda is embarrassingly bad! The same russian hackers who hit Clinton's campaign are now going after France's Macron.. This time, Russia were also hit by hacks!. The plot thickens... No matter, let's brainstorm a little bit.. Fact is, we need to understand a "more or less hidden" ‘security hierarchy’ or ‘security deep state’ operate behind the scene. Could Mr. Trump be part of it?. Maybe, just maybe, but the hard core from CIA/NSA/Mossad/MI6/Washington D.C. operatives, is not under Trump's control. Perhaps, Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s anti-vaccine crusade hits the Big Pharma industry? Everyone who has seen ZeroDays, knows that Israel, US and UK has an ultra-secret cyber weapon called 'Stuxnet', ( operation called Nitro Zeus, which gave the US access into Iran's air defense systems). We can only assume, United States Cyber Command (USCYBERCOM) has much, much more advanced cyber weapons, today that are able to literally, take down every infrastructure component in the world's grid.. Conclusions most be, it really doesn't matter if Trump is draining the swamp or filling it, the 'security deep state' shows us their faces, with this hacking attack, but surely, and it's not even remotely possible to blame this on Russia. So who is “Shadow Brokers” really? Part of: Anonymous group? ‘The Realm’? ‘Black Hat’? Factions within Bush/Clinton/Obama/Jared Kushner/Kissinger administration? Cyberwarfare from China, India, Russia, N.korea, Eastern countries?.. No, my best guess would be two options. TheDeepState (The Khazarian Mafia (KM) and all their minions) spreading fear and propaganda, once again with False Flag Ops, to boost the Cyber Command and military-industrial complex - OR - the evil Rockefeller drug empire 'panic' (Rockefeller medicine’ & big pharma).. The news only continues to get worse and worse for the pharmaceutical industry when it comes to vaccines. In Denmark, parental consent or authorization has the lowest approval in danish history, when we talk about acceptance of the most dangerous and high-tech, nano-dna-vaccine HPV, forcing the Danish Health Authority (DHA) in panicking mode at this time. Acc. to Geoff - Cosmic Vision News (compassionate journalist and communicator of our galactic families), Sweden's Parliament just rejected 7 motions that would have promoted forced vaccinations. The Swedish Parliament decided forced vaccination policies are contrary to their citizens' constitutional rights.”.. Whopping Vaccine Injury Payouts for US Fiscal Year 2017 Released -- Mike Adams of described the information released this way: “ The government’s own document, reveals statistics of over 18,000 petitions filed for compensation by families of children who were seriously injured, maimed or killed by vaccines in the United States alone.. |

Ambulance staff at a National Health Service hospital in London on Friday. Several hospitals across Britain were hit by a large-scale cyberattack, causing failures to computer systems.CreditAndy Rain/European Pressphoto Agency

Also read: Government under pressure after NHS crippled in cyber attack as weekend of chaos looms

One of the affected info screens before it was switched off. Photo: Peter Koch

The municipality of Randers has chosen to turn off six infrared screens on the roadside in the municipality on Friday evening, usually announcing events or giving other messages from the municipality to the citizens.

Early Friday evening, however, it was a very unusual message that met citizens at two of the screens. Here you could see a box with a symbol of a padlock, and some text where something was done with payment.

It's probably a hacker attack, reports the municipality's communications manager Karen Radmer after investigating the case on the basis of's inquiry....[READ MORE]

Læs også: Danmark forsøgt hacket: - Noget af det mest voldsomme vi har set