Dec 13, 2017

Ole Dammegard | Dec 13, 2017 | UK Critical Thinker | Manchester Attack | Part I |

Ole Dammegard is the author of Coup d’etat, a masterful book on the death of the Prime Minister of Sweden, Olof Palme… tracing all the various angles and connections between that assassination and other hits around the globe. This includes the Kennedy assassination, the false flags Aurora, Sandy Hook and Boston Bombings and more…
Dammegard also discloses how CIA’s Operation 40, originally implemented in 1960 by Vice President Richard M. Nixon, became a super-secret and very deadly assassination squad that was used by the Elite to carry out a swath of destabilizing assassinations worldwide,including the political assassinations of JFK, Robert F. Kennedy, with roles in Watergate and 9/11. CIA Operation 40 was also deployed against visionary musicians like John Lennon and Bob Marley.

For the second hour of this podcast, please click here: "In this episode Ole Dammegard from Light On interviews UK Critical Thinker, a researcher that lives up to his name. Since the Manchester Arena Attack he has refused to accept the official version given to us in main stream media. Instead he has carried out an independent and objective investigation, which has resulted in an amazing documentary called ‘On the Face of It – Manchester’. Here he has provided a thoughtful presentation that can be used with ease to spark discussion about these serious events. This documentary, whilst reviewing the Manchester attack from the 22nd of May 2017, is also an explanation as to why EVERYONE must review anything that is presented to them and not get caught up in the media's whirlwind."

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