Dec 13, 2017

RT \\ Dianne Cheney YouTuber \\ MSM World Media | Dec 12, 2017 | Criticism After Danish School Cancels Christmas To Avoid ‘Preaching’ To Non-Christian Children | Blogger: Islamophobia?? Veeeery strange decision, story has also hit the mainstream worldly news.. 'Educational committee at Græsted School has decided to drop the church entrance to the students at school, according to a message to the parents as a result of the fact that at school there are students with a different belief than the Protestant. The decision is now meeting critics from several local politicians'... Has sparked some angry comment on social media. One comment: 'One could be tempted to believe that the school leader is converting to Islam?'.. Our PM, Lars Løkke Rasmussen has clearly stated his concerns, #Stoejberggate, Veeeeery quit... In other news -- The Danish Immigration Authority has added Saudi preacher Abdullah bin Radi Almoaede Al-Shammary to a ‘blacklist’ of 10 foreign clerics barred from entering the country amid allegations that these individuals promote hate speech. ""The country’s Minister for Immigration, Inger Stojberg, welcomed the announcement Tuesday.""... |

Se den udsendte besked fra skolen herunder:
Netavisen Gribskov har forsøgt at få en kommentar fra Skoleleder Marianne Vedersø Schmidt til artiklen, men hun er desværre sygemeldt. Vi har dog sendt en mail og opdaterer når der er svar...